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- A Charlatan/Reyes Vidal Fanmix-

A fanmix put together for what I personally feel represents the man known as both the Charlatan and Reyes Vidal.
The ‘Reyes Vidal’ Section is mostly based on me and @stellarisjay​ ‘s many conversations on our own headcanons regarding Reyes’ past in the Milky Way. Also for the impromptu and unofficial ARTISTS ANONYMOUS FANMIX WEEK <3 

Listen here on [Spotify!]  |  Cover Art by [me] | Tracklist & lyrics under cut:
Disclaimer: Songs picked are simply my own opinion and certainly do not speak for the fandom at all.

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Music Series: All Too Well by Taylor Swift (sequel to The Moment I Knew)


I’m sorry…I’m sure she’s nice, probably…talented songwriter, I think…and I’m all about writing what you know, your own experiences. I incorporate my personal experiences into my writing every day. It’s a part of you that hopefully people can relate to. I don’t like saying negative things about anyone, it’s not how I was raised…but…holy hell…

She just reminds me of that person that is talking to you…and talking…and talking…and you’re just nodding your head over and over and over, saying nothing in return, because you don’t think they are really interested in a response from you anyway, you don’t much care, you’re not really interested, and they’re boring the shit out of you. But I’m sure she’s nice…probably…

So here you go. A sequel to The Moment I Knew. You asked, I’ve given. Not a perfect representation of the lyrics, but I don’t have time to write a novel. This is “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift, which again, you will find NOWHERE on my Spotify playlists, but you can still listen to at this link. Again, I did not listen to the song before posting, never heard it before that I can recall, so I hope the lyrics are correct…all of them…all 5,000 of them… Losing followers? Gaining?




I walked through the door with you, the air was cold,

But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow.

And I left my scarf there at your sister’s house,

And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.

Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze.

We’re singing in the car, getting lost Upstate.

Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,

And I can picture it after all these days.

You sat on the plane, looking out your window, quietly wiping a tear from your eye.

You wondered if Harry knew yet. Had he finally arrived after the party was over? Not likely. But it was a new day there now, and you were far away, wanting to leave every reminder of Christmas, your birthday, and the bitter cold of winter far behind you.

As you stepped out of the plane, smelling the fresh scent of the sea blowing in the warm breeze, you try to smile, but you know healing from a broken heart will take time. Harry was the only man you have truly ever loved…and you left him. It was the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but feeling like he had inadvertently already left you months before, you made the nearly impossible decision to breakup.

And I know it’s long gone,

And that magic’s not here no more,

And I might be okay,

But I’m not fine at all.

'Cause there we are again on that little town street.

You almost ran the red 'cause you were looking over at me.

Wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well.

You walk through the door of the little beach house you had rented, closing it behind you and looking around. Lonely. It was all you had expected, but lonely.

As you walk to the sliding glass doors that lead out to the deck and a picturesque view of the beach and sea, you remember the last beach holiday you were on. Harry had surprised you with it and you both had the best time together. It was your first trip together as a couple. It was a turning point in your relationship and meant a lot to both of you. It was the first time Harry told you he was in love with you.

Years passed…bittersweet…

Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red.

You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed

And your mother’s telling stories about you on a tee ball team

You taught me 'bout your past, thinking your future was me.

And I know it’s long gone, and there was nothing else I could do

And I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to…

'Cause there we are again in the middle of the night.

We’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light

Down the stairs, I was there, I remember it all too well, yeah.

Sleep was not happening. As the old radio alarm clock on the bedside table flashed “3:14 a.m.”, you finally got out of bed and walked to the dark, tiny kitchen, looking in the fridge for anything that sounded good but finding nothing. Beginning to close the fridge door, your mind flashes to an earlier time, when you found Harry standing in front of the refrigerator in the middle of the night, the light from the tiny bulb shining on him like the rays from the sun. You sneaked up on him, causing him to bump his head against the machine, you apologizing relentlessly as he assured you with kisses and hugs that he was fine. Hugs and kisses and sweet nothings in your ear had slowly turned into Harry humming lightly, as you both swayed together in the light of that fridge, ending in a very intimate night.

But reality as it was, you look at the few items on the shelf of the little beach house fridge, a few things you had purchased at a roadside market on your way there, then slowly shut the door to the fridge and the memory. You knew Harry knew by now from the numerous texts and missed calls your phone had been receiving. Each more heart-wrenching than the one before, you had finally tucked your phone away under one of the bed pillows, not wanting to hear the vibration anymore.

What had happened? How had such a beautiful relationship come to such a sad end? You felt you would never be able to stop loving Harry, and that’s why you chose to leave. You never doubted his love for you. But how much were you supposed to accept and look past? For months he had spent more time away from you, making excuses and breaking promises, than you could understand. It wasn’t about his career. You always understood his career being time-consuming and busy. It was so much more than that. You knew eventually you would have to face him, but you just couldn’t…not yet. You needed time…to think…to sort out the confusion and sadness in your mind…to get over him and try to move on.

Well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,

But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up.

Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well.

Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise.

So casually cruel in the name of being honest.

I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here

'Cause I remember it all, all, all… too well.

Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it

I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it

After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own

Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone

You sat in the lounger of the deck of the beach house, looking out at the sea. You think of that feeling you sometimes had as a kid when you would float in water…the quiet sound of the water filling your ears, your body resting lightly at the surface, eyes closed, shutting out the rest of the world in that moment. Sometimes you wished you could find that place in your life, shutting out the noise and clutter and sadness and just enjoy the peace. But that wasn’t reality, at least not right now.

As the sun was setting, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes, trying to shut out the thoughts that were taking over your mind, causing the slightly-nauseating flips in your stomach. You thought how easily it would be to stay in that moment, away from everyone else in your life, just disappearing and starting a new life…somewhere. But your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice cutting through the deepening darkness.

“Hello, love,” you hear Harry say, gently, a sound of relief in his voice.

You look at him, standing next to the deck railing and slowly approaching you, afraid you’ll run if he nears you too quickly. How had he found you? Why was he there? You start to get up as he walks closer.

“Please, don’t go. Talk to me, baby, please,” he begs.

But you keep my old scarf from that very first week

'Cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me

You can’t get rid of it 'cause you remember it all too well, yeah

'Cause there we are again, when I loved you so

Back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known

It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well

Wind in my hair, you were there, you remember it all

Down the stairs, you were there, you remember it all

It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well

You nod, turning in your chair, seeing the sadness and desperation in his face. You knew he had to have gone through a lot to find you. You missed him, you had to admit to yourself. You were as curious as he was to see where a conversation would take you both.

“I’m so sorry,” he starts. “I know I hurt you, and I’m sorry. I’ve not been around for you like before. Not been much of a boyfriend lately. I missed your birthday, your big party, and I feel like a complete ass. I’ve said things and not followed through with them. I made other things more important than our relationship, and I shouldn’t have, I’m so sorry. You deserve better than me for a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I want you to walk out of my life. I love you, please let me prove to you that I’m here.”

You look down, shaking your head, unbelieving that anything would change.

“Please, don’t,” Harry sniffs. “Don’t shut me out. I’ve been searching for days for you. Had to hire someone to help me find you. I’ve been on three planes in the past 36 hours and have had no sleep since I walked up to your house and read the letter on your door. I’m not saying I don’t deserve this, love. But I’m begging you to not shut me out. I want to show you I’m here for you…for us!”

“Harry, I can’t do this anymore,” you say, wiping a tear as your words nearly choke you. “I need someone in my life who is around for me, that I don’t worry about leaving me alone! Someone I can depend on, who puts me first, and.… This is more than just…missing my birthday, and not showing for my party. It’s much more than that.”

Harry, begins to speak as you quickly stand, moving toward the sliding doors, until Harry darts between you and the doors, his hands grasping your arms tightly.

“I’m sorry!” he pleads, his voice shaking. “Baby, I know I don’t deserve another chance with you, but please don’t do this!” You see the tears pooling in his eyes and hear the fear in his voice. “What can I say or do to make you give me another chance?” he asks desperately.

“Nothing,” you say, shaking your head. “There’s nothing…”

“Don’t say that!” he scolds. “I won’t give you up! I won’t! You mean too much to me. I’m here for you, damn it, let me show you!”

“This is more than just me or you, Harry!” you shout. “It’s so much more than us! I can’t depend on you to…”

“You can, I swear!” he argues, refusing to let go of you. “There’s nothing more important than you…than us!”

“I”m pregnant!”


Yep, gonna regret that ending, aren’t I? Thanks for reading! xo


#200 - For anonymous x3 & everyone else

Filling the prompts “Cuddling sans clothes with Van. No smut though, just fluff and Van kissing bare shoulders and shoulder blades. Also maybe some angst, because reader is his childhood sweetheart and he’s been away so long so they haven’t seen each other in ages,” “I was thinking about sth with Well, you can’t get what you want but you can get me/So let’s set out to sea/Cause you are my medicine/When you’re close to me lyrics (Gorillaz). I guess I shoulda just said Van being sad and Reader comforting him,” and “one with a sleepy van because it’d be so cuuute”

Note: 200 fics. That has to be a record, right? This small, pretty thing is for each and every one of you. You’ll never fully understand how much you’ve done for me. 

Van’s skin was a soft landscape of colours. The fairy lights wrapped around the wooden bed frame lit up his hair and shoulder blades in an orange glow. The moonlight shining in through the uncurtained window made the pale skin on his back look blue. The stained glass windchime hanging above the window left small patches of pink and purple dancing across the bedspread and across Van. And, where the blanket had bunched up, a shadow was cast along the base of his spine. The dimples there darker than the rest of his perfect freckled skin.

You watched him sleep. He was exhausted when he finally returned from the longest tour he’d ever been on. He was a boy that belonged to the road, the whole world his home, but even so, he missed you enough that he cried when he crawled into his own bed with you for the first time in months and months and months. Van did what he always did when tired; he got upset about how everything was going to fall into place.

He whispered about the timing of babies and absent fathers. “I want it all, Y/N, and it’s too much,” he said with his eyes closed and body still. You traced invisible lines from freckle to freckle on his back. “I get sick when I think about it,”

“Van… You’re so lucky. We’re so lucky. You can’t have every single thing you want. At least, not all at once,” you whispered back. He nodded and opened his eyes. You watched them go watery and bloodshot.

“I don’t think about it as much when I’m with you. I’m good when I’m with you,”

“That’s ‘cause I look after ya,” you replied, kissing his forehead and pulling the blanket up around him.

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Before The King [Part 1 / ?]

Post-Civil War Series

Pairing: T’Challa x Ex-Avenger!Reader

Request(s): @voynasoldat : oh gosh I definitely need another T'Challa fic I’m sweating over here! Maybe one where Tony hosts a fancy party and T'Challa gets all blushy bc of the reader wearing a very nice dress and stuff and later he sees a guy trying to flirt with her but reader looks uncomfortable so T walks up and just kisses the reader.

@kissofvenom922 : I was thinking that the reader is an avenger and when T'challa comes to visit reader make cat jokes with Sam

Characters: Reader, T’Challa, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Scott Lang, Clint Barton, Okoye (Comic Character), Mentions of Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, and Tony Stark.

Warnings: CIVIL WAR SPOILERS, Suggestive Language, and Use of Alcohol.

Word Count: 5k+

A/N: If you haven’t seen Civil War then I HIGHLY advise to NOT read this until you have! I’m officially transitioning and I loved writing this. I got to grasp T’Challa’s personality kinda as a whole. x. T

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The Raft  |  1 Week After Airport Battle 

           You had been listening to Scott hum the same song for two days straight, his fingers beating against the metal stool they had supplied in the cells you all were locked up in. Your back was pressed against your cells’ wall, your arm propped on the cot just to your left with your fingers wrapped tightly around locks of your hair, often tightening when Scott went from humming to singing the lyrics.

           “..went the distance now I’m back on my feet just a man and his will to survive!” Scott sang, his voice cracking at certain parts as he got into the song.

           You groaned and let your head fall back against the wall before you raised your voice, “Sam, just tell him to shut up already!”

           “Hey! It’s been a week since we’ve been locked in this joint and be thankful I don’t have the damn Spice Girls stuck in my head!” Scott stopped beating on the stool and hollered back to you. You pulled a face and knew he was right.

           Clint spoke up from his cell you weren’t able to see, “The ant dude has a point, Y/N.”

           “Why the hell does no one bother to use my name?” Scott complained loudly.

           “Can you all just shut the hell up?! I think someone’s about to come in,” Sam voiced with annoyance, instantly causing you all to quiet and attempt to look through the tint on the front of your cells towards the entrance. The sound of the heavy duty doors opening echoed through the silence and you strained your eyes to catch a glimpse of who it was.

           “I promised I’d get you guys out of here, didn’t I?”

           At the sound of Steve’s voice you scrambled to your feet and pressed your hands against the large tinted window, narrowing your eyes to—sure enough—see Steve’s figure standing in front of Sam’s cell. He had his hands shoved into a navy jacket, his khaki pants scuffed and spotted with what looked to be blood, but you immediately wondered where Bucky was.

           “Where’s Barnes?” Clint asked what you were thinking.

           Steve turned his head to look at the archer’s cell after putting in the passcode to free Sam. You couldn’t quite see the look he had, but you took his silence as Bucky not going to show face anytime soon. The soldier had grown on you within the short span of time you had gotten to know him and it was slightly heartbreaking that Steve lost his best friend once more.

           While Steve was working on the passcode for Clint’s cell, Sam crossed over to where you were holed-up and easily entered the code into the keypad off to the side. He obviously paid attention when the guards had released you to go on a bathroom break so it was relieving to have the vibranium bars in front of the glass window slide up and then the tinted glass to recede down into the floor.

           Sam’s face was still marked with the nasty bruises he had received from the showdown at the airport and you knew you didn’t look much better than he did. Sam’s lips curled into a smile and he raised his brows. “Ready to get out of this damn place?”

           “I’ve been ready since we stepped foot here,” You said. Sam chuckled lowly and turned to see Steve approaching with Wanda in tow. She looked visibly relieved now that she was out of the strait jacket and you were happy to see your team finally hopeful again.

           Steve met your gaze as he stopped beside Sam and you smiled at the soldier. “It’s good to see you again, Steve.”

           “It’s good to see you too, Y/N.” Steve nodded.

           “I hate to interrupt the powwow, but do you happen to know where our gear is?” Scott peered from behind Clint as they came over, his eyes flickering over the group in hopes that someone would be able to answer him directly for once.

           Steve turned to face Scott. “All of our gear is government property so if we use it, they’re going to force us to sign the Accords. It’s up to you all if you want to return to headquarters and have Tony help vouch for you. I won’t think any less of you all. You already have done enough for both Bucky and I.”

           “And what are you going to do, Captain?” Wanda questioned.

           He blew a steady breath out of his nose before meeting her eye. “I’m going back to Wakanda to lay low there for as long as I need to. T’Challa offered to shelter us and he already has Bucky hidden in a lab so if you want to come with me you can.” Steve let the offer sink into all of you before you, Sam, and Wanda accepted it.

           Scott had enough trouble with the law and Clint was officially retiring for good, no matter what trouble the Team got themselves into in the future. So as Steve explained to them where to find their gear and where one of Tony’s helicopters was stashed, you and Sam both left the cellblock to pick up a few weapons off the guards while Wanda stayed behind to bade her goodbye to Clint.

           By the time Steve led you all onto the Quinjet, Scott and Clint had long since left. You were all pelted with ocean spray and the harsh wind of the sea as you hiked up the ramp and into the aircraft, finally able to let down your guard at the promise of safety. Steve pushed up the lever to raise the hatch behind the three of you and your eyes immediately went to the pilot seat.

           Steve ordered, “We’re clear, Your Highness. Set the route to Wakanda and then I’ll take over.”

           T’Challa spoke up from the control console and you saw his arm lift up to flick on a few switches in order to take flight. “Copy that, Captain.” His smoothly accented voice rang throughout the aircraft and you forgot just how attractive it was the first time you met him, even if he was trying to get to Bucky.

           Sam tapped your shoulder to draw your attention and you turned to see him strapped into a chair, already buckled in for the rough flight over the stormy ocean. You smiled sheepishly before settling into the chair next to him, sliding your arms through the straps and forcing the clamps together to keep you secure.

           Steve paused as he passed and asked, “Are you good, Y/N?”

           You nodded and he continued to the cockpit, taking over for T’Challa. The King of Wakanda picked up his helmet from where it rest by the seat and gracefully moved over to the chair across from you. You saw he was wearing his Black Panther suit as he sat down to secure himself and he must’ve sensed you watching because his dark eyes flickered up to lock with yours, causing your breath to hitch slightly. T’Challa bowed his head to you and his lips curled into a soft smile.

           “I hope this may make up for my actions in the past,” He said, “I was consumed in vengeance and now I know where my fault lies. I apologize for any harm I caused.”

           You recognized how sincere his words were and you smiled at the King.

           “Apology accepted, Your Highness.”

.  .   .

Wakanda  |  6 Weeks Later

           It had been six weeks since you first landed in Wakanda and you could easily say you had been pampered by the King. He insisted that you would have your own villa to stay in while in his country and it was only a few miles from his palace, hidden in the surrounding jungle with a wonderful view of a gorgeous lake.

           Wanda stayed in the villa with you and you both became even closer than you were before. With Sam and Steve off trying to recover HYDRA files, it left you and Wanda to adapt to the new way of life of hiding within the foreign African country. It was normal to have T’Challa or one of his personal guards—the Dora Milaje—stop by and check in, often leaving gifts that were mainly to you but Wanda also received some too.

           You were laying in a hammock strung up between two columns supporting the upper level of the villa, softly swaying side to side as you let the early morning sunlight warm your skin. The jungle was awakening all around you and the air was filled with exotic bird calls that had become so normal to you that you just tuned out the noise.

           The sliding door to the balcony opened and Wanda leaned against the entryway, crossing her arms over her chest. “T’Challa is here. He wants to talk to you.”

           You peeled an eye open to see her wearing a deep purple nightgown, her skin bronzed from being in the African sun, and she held a grumpy expression. You sighed and sat up carefully, lightly hopping out of the hammock to step past her into the beautifully decorated living room of the villa. Your bare feet padded quietly over the glossed wooden floorboards as you moved towards the foyer, picking up a light colored cardigan as you passed the couch. You tugged the cardigan around you and made sure to cover up as much as possible, seeing as you only were wearing a tank top and pair of black underwear.

           You caught sight of T’Challa’s familiar form looming over beside the fish tank, his small platoon of Dora Milaje spread strategically throughout the foyer; all dressed elegantly. You took post beside a small bookshelf, crossing your arms over your chest as you gazed at T’Challa.

           “Your Highness.” The woman who had been personally assigned to watch over the villa spoke up, drawing his attention.

           T’Challa turned to face you, a smooth handsome smile spreading over his features. “Good morning, umhle.” You brushed off the name he had begun to call you by in his native tongue, eyes following his figure as he moved to stand a few feet in front of you.

           “Good morning, Your Highness.” You said, your voice tinged with a light Wakandan accent.

           “Please, call me T’Challa.”

           “Your—T’Challa,” You emphasized his name drawing a nod out of him, “Do you mind if I ask why you are here? This is the third time this week.” You glanced back at Wanda in hopes she knew why he was here, but she just slightly shook her head.

           The King chuckled softly and turned to gesture at one of his Dora Milaje, they stepped forward and handed him a small sack that was weighed down by something quite heavy. T’Challa dipped his hand into the bag and pulled out a perfectly fat and ripe mango, he ran his thumb over the darkened skin of the fruit, and smiled at Wanda.

           “I heard your friend liked the mangoes I brought last time.” He let the mango fall back into the sack before he bunched it up and handed it to the woman who would’ve been the only one to have told him about Wanda’s appreciation of the delicious African fruit. He continued, “But, that’s not why I’ve come. Captain Rogers has requested you both be invited to the dining party held at the palace, it is tonight.”

           Wanda stepped up beside you and asked, “Will we be safe from the UN?”

           “Yes, I personally chose the guest list. Though Mr. Stark and Agent Romanoff will be attending the party, so would you want to have Okoye accompany you throughout the party?” T’Challa gestured to the Dora Milaje woman who had protected you and Wanda since you stepped foot in Wakanda.

           Okoye was a tall, regal woman with flawless dark skin. Her hair had been shaved off as part of the tradition for being a part of the Dora Milaje and in her ears were large gold hoops. She hovered next to the open kitchen entryway, her chocolate eyes carefully watching the exchange.

           You shot her an apologetic look. “No offense, but I think she’s going to be watching over us regardless.” Okoye’s lips curled up at your words and she looked fine with what you said. T’Challa didn’t have anything to say because he knew you were right.

           He pursed his lips and glanced at your own personal Dora Milaje. “I had Okoye confide in what you shall wear to the party.” Another woman stepped up holding two black boxes, you and Wanda both grasped the boxes marked in your initials. T’Challa said, “I have not seen the dresses.”

           “Thank you, T’Challa.” Wanda’s eyes were bright and she looked truly excited about the dress she had received. You then realized that you had to release the cardigan to grab the box and it lay splayed open, exposing your underwear and lower stomach. T’Challa respectably maintained eye contact.

           He slid his hands into the pockets of his slacks and looked to be ready to leave. He slightly bowed his head to Wanda before stepping towards you, causing you to slightly shy way by his looming presence. T’Challa searched your eyes for a moment before he pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket, setting it over your initials.

           He lowered his voice so no one could hear, “A gift of my own, umhle.” You stared at the little box before T’Challa moved back towards the front door. He then waved. “I’ll see you tonight. Hambani kakuhle.” The King disappeared out onto the porch and his form was hidden behind the three Dora Milaje he had accompany him, the women escorting him out to his vehicle.

           Okoye shut the door after them and locked it, turning to face you and Wanda. She approached with an inhuman grace, her heels softly clicking on the floorboards. Okoye’s accent was much different than T’Challa’s and very heavy, but her voice was soothing and held a sense of power; her English not quite perfected.

           “We have very busy day ahead. I scheduled King’s personal stylist to do hair and makeup,” Okoye informed.

           Wanda let the woman take her dress out of her hands before you placed your gifts atop the box. Okoye moved to set them on the large black rock that had grinded down to serve as a coffee table. You followed Wanda into the kitchen and brushed past her as she pulled open the fridge, the sack of fruits lay on the marble center island and you brought it closer to you.

           “Hey, Wanda?” You snagged her attention from grabbing a yogurt.

           She saw you pull out a piece of paper from the sack and Wanda immediately shut the fridge, coming to stand at your shoulder to read the note with you. It was from Steve and T’Challa obviously wanted to keep it between both you and Wanda.

           ‘Y/N and Wanda,

                       T’Challa must have told you about the party already, but he didn’t tell you that Sam and I will be returning to attend. We will update you when you see us, but our efforts have brought us from Siberia to Ukraine. I hope you both have been treated well underneath T’Challa’s care and he mentioned assigning a “Dora Milaje”? I don’t know what that is, but I hope to see you both at the party.

           I promise we aren’t missing any limbs.



           Wanda smiled and picked up a mango when you folded the note and pushed it back into the sack. The red glow of her magic began to twirl around her fingers before the mango slowly levitated above her palm, her magic bunched around the bottom of the fruit as if holding it up before Wanda swiftly cut the mango into even slices. Wanda lowered the slices to the countertop and the red glow disappeared.

           “There is a reason knives exist, Wanda.” You gestured to the cutlery on the other side of the kitchen beside the stove. She rolled her eyes and took a bite of mango, a soft hum of contentment leaving her mouth.

           “Y/N?” Okoye’s voice carried from the living room and you stepped around the counter to lean against a column, seeing she had taken your dress out of the box.

           It was in a special bag but you could full well see the gorgeous gown. Your jaw went slack and Okoye had her brows raised in surprise, staring at the black dress that had glittering diamonds collected all around the neckline and shoulders, before they began to scatter and dissolve into the pure black of the sleeves and waistline. Knowing T’Challa, every single one of the diamonds was real and that dress was probably more expensive than one of Tony’s suits.

           “I believe the cat’s got your tongue, Y/N.” Wanda mumbled from behind you.

.  .  .

T’Challa’s Palace  |  8 Hours Later

           Okoye got out of the SUV first, standing by the door as Wanda slid out behind her. She was unsteady in her heels but she managed to hold her own, brushing her hands over the deep maroon-colored dress when she saw all the people making their way down the beautiful walkway and into the palace. You stepped out of the car and warily took post beside Wanda, fidgeting with the ring T’Challa had gifted you with that was placed on your right hand.

           “Don’t worry. The King make sure you in good hands.” Okoye reassured and it was amazing watching her change within an instant. At the villa she showed more expression and spoke quite often, but she had hardly said a full sentence in the car and now she wore a stoic demeanor. No one was going to touch you and Wanda, even if the both of you could hold your own.

           “Do you think Sam and Steve are here already?” Wanda asked softly as you both trailed behind Okoye towards the commotion.

           You pursed your lips and glanced around at your surroundings, the walkway separated from the gardens by a thick and neatly trimmed bush that acted much like a hedge. The air was scented with the perfume from the exotic flowers and was thick with humidity, something that you had gotten used to in six weeks.

           “We’ll have to see. I don’t want to draw attention and use my powers,” You replied.

           Wanda nodded and you both settled into an uneasy silence, hoping you wouldn’t run into Tony or Natasha whilst inside.

           The banquet hall was massive and brimming with important people, T’Challa’s Dora Milaje lingering in the shadows as elegantly dressed women. You knew Okoye had her necklace designed to be a weapon as well as an object of beauty, the jewelry made of vibranium that was shaped into looking like teeth. The King of Wakanda knew the real power behind women and that made him just that much more appealing to you.

           Wanda kept close to you, her uneasiness roiling off her in waves and you reached back and grasped her hand. Her eyes flickered to yours and a relieved smile graced her deep red lips. You could see her relax and you both managed to wedge yourselves into a place where the crowd had thinned, giving you air to breathe.

           Okoye moved to talk with another Dora Milaje a good distance away so you scanned the hall for any signs of Steve or Sam. You hadn’t seen any of your ex-team members either, which was a relief. That’s when you caught a glimpse of movement in the crowd, you saw everyone stepping out of the way of T’Challa and he was heading straight for you and Wanda.

           “I see Steve. Sam is next to him,” Wanda told you.

           You immediately turned to see where she was referring to in the crowd and sure enough they were there. The two soldiers were dressed in nice black and white suits, conversing with each other and holding glasses of whiskey in their hands. They weren’t the ones to go for wine.

           T’Challa finally reached you and he was dressed in a black-on-black suit and tie, evidently matching you. He held a flute of golden champagne in his fingers and he quickly took a sip before setting it on table nearby.

           Wanda excused herself, “I’m going to talk to Steve and Sam.” She slipped through the crowd and left you alone with the King of Wakanda.

           “You look like a queen, Y/N.” T’Challa said, reaching out for you to gingerly take his hand. He bent slightly and pressed a gentle kiss to your knuckles, running the pad of his thumb over your fingers. You couldn’t help the blush that tinged your cheeks at his words before you tugged your hand out of his careful warm grasp.

           You tried your best to bow in the dress that hugged your form and T’Challa grasped your arms. He straightened you up, before he smiled down at you. You met his eyes and lowered your voice, “T’Challa I know how you wish for me to treat you as my equal, but we are in your own home and surrounded by people who see you as a King. I think it is proper of me to bow.”

           “Umhle, you are supposed to take the hand of Royalty and kiss it. Bowing has been outdated for decades,” He chuckled and you sighed.

           “You are the only Royalty I’ve met so I wouldn’t know that.”

           T’Challa dropped his hands from your arms and opened his mouth to say something when you were both interrupted. He turned to reveal a middle-aged man who seemed to really need to speak with T’Challa, so the King of Wakanda bid you a swift farewell, before he followed the man to a group of business partners.

           You maneuvered your way through the crowd to the bar, but was stopped by a warm hand encircling your wrist. You immediately prepped in defense and whirled to face who it was. It wasn’t anyone you recognized but he was handsome and wearing a bright smile on his features. He dropped your wrist and stepped back.

           “I apologize if I startled you, but I had to know your name.” He admitted.

           You were hesitant as you said, “Oh, well I’m Y/N…”

           “It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” The man flirted and you sensed something off about him. You didn’t know if you were being paranoid but this didn’t seem right to you. The man looked around and offered, “May we go somewhere more private?”

           You swallowed the lump in your throat. “Uh, I was actually going to talk to my friends.”

           He stepped forward and you shied away from him, trying not to bump into the table behind you. The man lifted a hand and gently rest it on your hip causing you to flinch away from his touch. He tried grabbing your waist again and his voice astoundingly stayed calm, “I’m sure they can wait, Y/N. There is a table over here that we can talk at.”

           You weren’t really looking to knock someone out at this party and his hands always managed to grip your hips, no matter how many times you batted him away. The man came ever closer and you tried to look behind him for any sign of Steve or Sam, hell even Okoye. You let out a soft whimper escape your lips when he backed you into the table and slid his hands up your sides.

           Then, a hand wrapped around his shoulder and wrenched him off you. You caught a breath of relief and an arm snaked around your waist smoothly, tugging you into the solid warmth of someone’s side.

           A familiar accented voice was sharp and stabbing at the man, “Do not lay a hand on my woman again or you won’t get off with just a warning.”

           The man’s demeanor changed and he sneered, “How do I know you aren’t just pretending?”

           You glanced up at T’Challa and he narrowed his eyes at the man before he looked down at you. You were surprised when he captured your lips in a kiss and when his grip on your waist pulled you slightly closer, you relaxed into his figure. His mouth was gentle and passionate against yours, easily topping every kiss you’ve had before this because of how much pent-up emotion passed between the both of you. You kissed T’Challa back with just as much soft ferocity, resting your hands on his solid chest as his lips slightly worked against your own. He tasted like expensive wine and sweet champagne; something you would’ve never known you craved. T’Challa reluctantly pulled away and looked back at the man who was gawking at the sight of the King of Wakanda kissing a woman he realized was an Avenger.

           You were slightly dizzy and a euphoric smile graced your lips as you regained your breath. T’Challa cleared his throat and said, “I believe that was the proof you needed. I don’t want to see you ever again in my home.” His chest slightly caved as he exhaled slowly.

           Two Dora Milaje suddenly stepped up to the man and roughly grasped his arms, speaking in a harsh African tongue you couldn’t pinpoint. They drug the man away and Okoye appeared out of the crowd, eyeing you and T’Challa with a look of worry.

           “Everything okay?” Okoye asked you.

           T’Challa dropped his hand from your waist and his voice dropped to a scary octave. He accused Okoye, “You were supposed to keep watch of Y/N and Miss Maximoff. She could’ve been in serious danger if it wasn’t for me finding her, Okoye.”

           Okoye bowed her head. “My apologies, Your Highness. It w—”

           You cut her off, “No, T’Challa, it was my fault.” You stepped in front of him and he gazed down at you with widened eyes. “She was doing her job, but I didn’t tell her where I was going.” You looked back at the Dora Milaje and she was gazing at you in surprise. You sighed, “I understand if I am a reliability so it is okay to force me out of Wakanda.”

           “Umhle, I am not letting you leave Wakanda.” T’Challa’s eyes flared with an intensity that burned into you. He glanced at Okoye and dismissed her, “You may go.”

           Okoye shot you a thankful look before she turned and vanished into the crowd, leaving you with a frustrated King. You turned back to him and met his gaze, seeing the intensity had dissipated to leave an emotion you couldn’t discern. He raised a hand to brush the backs of his fingers against your cheek, causing your heartrate to steadily increase. You felt the cool metal of his father’s ring against the heated skin and T’Challa let his hand fall back to his side.

           “My father told me that the woman I would marry would not hesitate to go against my choices and would see me not as Royalty, but as a man who was equal to her.” T’Challa spoke carefully, his gaze dropping from yours as he recalled the memories.

           You slightly furrowed your brow and searched his face for what he meant, before he grasped your right hand. He lifted it up and brushed his thumb over the vibranium ring he had given to you, it was beautiful black ring that had a silver-colored design that was shaped into a wide arrow that stretched the span of the ring.

           T’Challa said, “He also told me to give this ring to that woman.”

           Your breath hitched and your gaze locked with his, realizing what he had meant.

.   .   .

           “Well, well, well. Looks like you’ve got Cat Costume wrapped around your finger, Y/N.” Sam chuckled as you took a seat at the circular dining table beside him. He lifted his glass of whiskey to his mouth and knocked the rest of it back, setting it back onto the white tablecloth.

           You shot him a dark look and stated, “Well, I’ve been in a jungle for six weeks and the only people I’ve seen is T’Challa, Wanda, and the Dora Milaje.”

           Steve straightened up in his chair at the mention of the Royal guards and he slightly furrowed his brow. He asked, “What is the Dora Milaje?

           Wanda was sipping on a glass of white wine before she quickly replied, “They are the women in the corners of the room with no hair. They are specially trained as warrior wives-to-be, but T’Challa only views them as bodyguards. We even have a Dora Milaje looking over us at the villa.”

           Steve nodded his head as he took in the information. He turned his head to look at one of the dark-skinned women standing next to a tall white marble column, her eyes immediately locking onto the table you were seated at and Steve immediately looked away.

           Sam let out a low whistle. “Damn, T’Challa definitely knows how to choose his bodyguards.”

           “Don’t even think about it, Sam.” You rolled your eyes, “They would eat you alive.”

           Sam shrugged his shoulders and continued to stare at the Dora Milaje woman. He tilted his head at you, “Doesn’t hurt to let a man dream, Y/N. I mean you’re the one kissing the damn King of Wakanda.”

           “That damn King of Wakanda would gladly eat you alive as well,” T’Challa’s voice came from behind you and Sam jumped in his seat. You all turned to see the man approach with Okoye at his side, he sat down in the open chair next to you. Okoye gracefully lowering herself into the remaining seat.

           Steve leaned forward onto his elbows and nodded at T’Challa. “Your Highness.”

           “Captain Rogers.” T’Challa greeted back.

           Steve looked around at the full table and said, “Now that we’re all here, I’d like to tell you about the HYDRA information we recovered.” He exchanged a look with Sam before the other soldier leaned forward.

           Sam said, “We’re going to have to pull Bucky out of cryostasis.”

           “Why?” Wanda asked.

           “Because he’s the only one who knows how to kill an active Winter Soldier.”

Read Before The Winter [Part 2]

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Helpless (Hamilton Part One)

Summary: In which there are two sides to every story and this is Steve’s (Or, in which Steve takes one look at you and suddenly he’s helpless).

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 3,458 (including lyrics)

A/N: If you are a Hamilton fan, then you know this song and you also know that there has to be a Part 2 from Bucky’s POV. 

Tagging @bovaria because her fics are the definition of perfection.

Satisfied (Part Two)

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I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight

“- Long story short, I never would’ve made it out of there alive if not for Steve.”

The ‘hero’ of the story ducks his head, trying to hide his embarrassed grin. Despite the time he used to spend on stages all across the country selling bonds to anyone who would listen to him, he never fully grew used to the spotlight. Unfortunately for him, being Captain America makes it hard to shy away from the attention that is constantly thrust in his direction.

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anonymous asked:

what about YOUR review on the album ;) come on! it'll be interesting

Ahhh it’s after 2am, I’m incoherent and have to be up soon to listen to Harry with Grimmy… But here are my “as I listen” thoughts, just for you, Anon :)- 

Meet Me In The Hallway

So ‘90s and dreamy, this weirdly reminds me of Beach House. I wasn’t particularly taken by it first time round, but as I attempted to listen to the album for the 3rd time I ended up being unable to get past this track and listened to it 10 times in a row. It’s strangely addictive in a dangerously melancholy way. I keep finding myself belting out the chorus in my kitchen :)

I’m sure lots will be made in the fandom about whether or not it’s literally about morphine or about a different sort of longing/need for a person (which is the sense I get). I’m kinda intrigued, because the lyrics work with both interpretations which is clever and pleases me. The “gotta get better/I gotta get better” lyric works both as “I’ve got to get better at this (relationship)” and “I’m sick with need, I gotta get better”, which fits with the slightly woozy feeling of the song. Yeah…I really love this one :). 

Sign Of The Times - can’t talk about this song any more lol!


I prefer the recorded version of this, it’s much more interesting than the live rendition we got on the Today Show. More interesting instrumentation and bg vocals. Really blatantly ‘60s and Beatles-y, and that Stuck In The Middle With You reference…well, you just can’t get away from it. 

This is fun and uncomplicated, even if the chorus makes me cringe slightly because I don’t really wanna think about any 22/23 year old singing about “a good girl”, tbqh. I really hope poor Townes isn’t tortured by media but that her grandma is pleased she got a shout-out on a Harry Styles track.

Two Ghosts

This is very ‘90s and pretty MOR-sounding.  As it began I thought it was super radio-friendly and initially I thought, “Oh…is this single material..??”. But then it didn’t deliver on a chorus, so…no. Possibly my least favourite, it’s a bit dull and somehow doesn’t quite fit. It would be hugely improved if it had a gorgeous melodic hook for the chorus. And for some reason it feels like Harry’s vocal is a little wobbly on the final “heartbeat” line (though I do love the over-enunciated ‘t’ that ends the song). 

Sweet Creature - I still love this Blackbirdy goodness, though the “sweet creature” of the chorus always takes me out of it slightly. It sounds a bit strained in what is otherwise a beautifully effortless little song.

Only Angel

Okay this one made me laugh. I was like, Is Harry gonna send this in a love letter to Mick Jagger with a note that says, “I can impersonate you musically too! Please give me a gold star!” 

Heavenly choir seguing into a dirty big rock song? Check! Handclaps? Check! (courtesy of the band and one Jeffrey Azoff) Background Woo-hoos? Check! Yep it’s the Stones-soundalike.

This is another dumb fun one. I love Harry’s yelps and screams.The lyrics are cliche piled upon cliche.  it works coming from hoary old ‘70s rockers but from Harry it feels like he’s trying on a costume. Still, he’s slept with so many VS models I suppose he had to have a nod to one wannabe Angel in here, right? 

What’s with the meeting in the hallway?? Is that his thing? Someone investigate!


This is bringing me straight back to the early 2000′s!! I felt like I was living in Camden again and going to gigs every night. All those early 2000′s garage rock revivalists like the Hives and The Datsuns and the White Stripes and (god help us) Jet…this would have fitted in perfectly.  But I love this one.

 Lyrically it’s a cousin of Only Angel but doesn’t feel as cliched. It’s just properly dirty and fucked up and I love his voice here, it feels like he just went for it without trying to be Mick or anyone else for that matter. And I LOVE that he used those lines for the chorus. “I’m having your baby/It’s none of your business” - I mean, wtf?- this just convinces me he really did not think about what he should or shouldn’t write about, he just went for it. Yeah, this is a fave.

Ever Since New York

I love the gorgeous whispery hoarse vocals in the verses. So much more intimate and personal than the live versions. I’ve noticed on SNL and Today that Harry really tenses up his jaw and mouth when he starts singing this song. I wonder if, when he gets more relaxed and used to playing it live, he’ll become less tense and get closer to delivering the verses in this way?

I love the big ballsy drums in the final chorus. But sadly I do feel it’s very repetitive and I wish the instrumentation dropped out completely to just vocal harmonies like they did on SNL to give me a bit of that Fleet Foxes/Eagles/Creedence harmony goodness. It feels like a missed opportunity. 

So, overall, I feel a bit disappointed in this one because that first SNL performance sent my expectations sky high (I was LEVITATING!). 

My ideal scenario live would be if Harry melds the more whispered vocals of the verse with the more prominent harmonies and bellowed last lines of the SNL performances. (you’ve got six months to work on that before I see ya, thanks Haz)


Basically, the Jealous Song.  I didn’t really expect to love this as much, based on that tiny snippet on Harry’s snapchat. But this is an odd little song, a blatant  Bennie & The Jets homage but somehow it works. I LOVE Harry’s vocals. It’s relaxed, not as try-hard as I’d feared, it kinda meanders in a very chill way that contrasts with the words about hungering and bleeding for this woman, this “flower” and “feast”. I really like the lyrics to this one, it feels more fully-formed and successful than some of his other songs. 

And the duck, man - give it up for the duck! :)

From The Dining Table

I wrote about this earlier after hearing it once - 

I can say straight off that From The Dining Table makes me more optimistic about Harry’s future as a lyricist than any other song on that album. It is so frank, so vulnerable, and so unaffected that it cuts straight through any artistic artifice and is just like, “I’m here. This is me. This is how I feel. Not gonna dress it up”.  I’m not saying it’s revolutionary or anything like that - it’s a very simple little sad song. But it’s so at odds with the deflective, guarded public persona that Harry shares with us that it feels like a breakthrough.

The lyrics are so lovely and relatable and sad, and sung with a sort of resignation that makes them much more affecting:

“We haven’t spoke since you went away/Comfortable silence is so over-rated”

And when the repeated, rising vocals of “Maybe one day you’ll call and tell me that you’re sorry too” are joined by the strings, and  expand into Harry harmonising with himself in that gorgeous fragile falsetto for just a moment, before breaking back down into “…but you, you never do” - god, it’s gorgeous. Perfect! A-fuckin’-plus, Harry :)

In terms of references it sounds like Beck on Sea Change but especially reminds me of Ryan Adams - specifically one song that I can not place. (I’ve been listening to Ryan for more than 15 years and he’s the most prolific dude out there so I’m flicking through a gazillion songs in my collection…maybe When The Stars Go Blue from ‘Gold’?)

So that’s it…those are my first impressions right after listening to ‘Harry Styles’ a few times. Sorry it’s so long and rambly but it’ll be interesting for me to go back and see how my impressions change as I continue to listen and live with it.

Now, it’s 3am, and I was probably just stupid assuming I’d get some sleep on Album Release Night, right?

lyrics+love notes

As requested by two lovely anons, here’s a rundown of some of my favourite lyrics that I feel may have been messages Peter and Carl sent to one another through song while apart. Based on Carl’s quote: “I listened to everything. He hid love messages for me in them. We both did that”. I already covered lyrics in demos that I feel may refer to their relationship, here: xxxx. As always, this is just my opinion. I’ve done ten songs at length, I’ll do more later on, as there is a mountain of material. My thoughts after the cut.

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Dates with seventeen!

a small imagine of my headcanons of how svt members would where they would go and how they would act on dates with their s/o~

·sleepover dates
-he bought matching pajamas the first time you slept over
-and it has a really cute pattern
-he even wanted to buy sleeping bags one time
-cuddles cuddles cuddles
-he loves stroking your hair while you cuddle
-both of you feel like time stopped when you’re like that
-did i mention cuddles
-tells you everything that’s on his mind, all his problems and insecurities
-takes care of you a lot
-somehow you end up having a pillow fight
-you go to sleep at 4am and wonder why you didn’t get enough sleep when you wake up

·mall dates
-you don’t even need to go shopping most of the time you just like to walk around there
-mostly because there’s a nice restaurant nearby
-doesn’t hold your hand that much but says “i love you” a lot
-let’s you play with his hair when you find somewhere to sit and rest a bit
-goes into toy stores to buy you teddy bears
-turns very protective if he sees other guys looking at you
-always insists to walk you home
-pinches your cheek a lot on the way home
-“i miss you already :(” texts almost immediately after you say bye to each other

joshua / jisoo
·breakfast dates
-he’d just appear in the morning you don’t even need to tell him to come over
-kisses you before saying “good morning love” the moment you open the door
-goes straight into the kitchen once you let him in so he could make breakfast
-usually it’s simple things like cereal or scrambled eggs
-hums wile making food
-you can’t help but smile while watching him
-while you two are eating he tends to concentrate on you instead of eating
-after you’re both done you’d settle on the sofa and watch tv
-or instead of that he’d sing to you
-usually takes you out somewhere afterwards for a proper date 

·zoo dates
-before you go there you always grab a bite somewhere near
-all the staff already knows you two
-you never get tired of all the animals there
-let’s you drag him around too see the animals you want first
-you two gave cute nicknames to almost every animal there
-except that one that you call jeff
-if there’s a crowd he’ll let you be in front of him so you can see the animals better while he rests his chin on your shoulder
-likes to kiss your cheek at those times
-hand around your waist most of the time
-tells you fun facts about the animals you’d be passing that moment
-likes to mess up your hair
-loves to take you to the aquarium section
-teases you that you look like a penguin
  “i do not”
-lame animal themed pick up lines and puns to make you laugh
  “You look pandastic today”
  “Junhui stop”
-gives you piggyback rides back to your place

hoshi / soonyoung
·practice room dates
-neither of you ever felt the need to go to some big fancy dates
-as long as you’re together it’s a date
-loves to teach you dances
-especially his jelly fish dance
-never in a bad mood as long as he’s with you
-you love to watch him dance
-“was i good?”
-sudden hug attacks
-eskimo kisses
-when he gets tired he loves to lay his head on you lap
-lets you play with his hair
-sometimes he’d fall asleep like that
-he’d wake up almost right away with a smile on his face because you’re the first thing he’d see
-makes up goofy dances to make you laugh
-you have to stop him from overworking most of the time
  “hey soonyoung let’s go eat something”
  “aaah alright~”

·reading dates
-libraries, your place, his place, the park, it doesn’t really matter to you two
-but most often it’s at your place
-you’d settle somewhere, find a nice book and read it
-if it’s cold you’d share a blanket
-he reads faster than you so he always waits until you’re done to flip the page
-while he’s waiting he stares at you
-not his zoning out stare but a loving one where he’d silently take in all your features
-loves when you run your fingers through his hair
-suggest breaks suddenly
  “let’s take a break before this chapter”
  “wait where are you going?”
-comes back with hot chocolate for the both of you
-continuing to read while slowly sipping on the warm drink
-he used to be really quiet and serious at the beginning but he became relaxed around you
-if he finishes the chocolate before you he’ll tell you to “look there” and drink from your cup
-doesn’t say “i love you” often but when he does he smiles shyly

woozi / jihoon
·studio dates
-at first you didn’t want to go to the studio with him because you didn’t want to distract him from his work
-he insisted you go with him
  “i’m more distracted when you’re not around”
-since then you accompany him there without worries
-always happy to hear your thoughts on the music he produced
-writes lyrics specifically for you
-talking about the future with you
-you try not to let him overwork himself but that isn’t always successful
-kisses the top of your head reassuring you he’s fine
-you don’t leave the studio even though you know that he might work until morning
-you scold him if that happens
-squish his cheeks afterwards and tell him to rest straight away
-kisses you instead of a reply

seokmin / dk
·beach dates
-he couldn’t wait for summer so you could go there
-always insists you put a lot of sunscreen so you don’t get sunburn
-doesn’t want to get into the water at first because he thought it might be cold
-you decide to push him in but he pulls you with him
-splashing each other with the water
-you take a lot of pictures of yourselves with the sea in the background
-he can’t stop smiling brightly because you’re with him and you make him so happy
-spins you around
-wants to make sand castles
-somehow one of you ends up getting sand in your mouth in the process of making one
-ice cream is a must
-you always have a good time

·amusement park dates
-you never really plan to go but somehow you always end up there
  “didn’t we plan to go to the movies?”
  “yeah but since we’re here why not”
-squishes your cheeks and smiles while you wait in line
-also tight backhugs
-gets excited when he sees puppies around
-wants to go on a ferris wheel with you really really much
-when you go on it he’s extremely happy
-holds your hand the whole ride
-kisses you when you reach the highest point
-gets really shy about it
-stutters for the rest of the date

minghao / the8
·ice skating dates
-he asked you to teach him how to skate
-ever since he learned he always wants to go there
-brings hot packs in case you get cold
-if he forgets to bring them he’d put your hands in his to warm them up
-he’s still insecure about it so he stays close to you
-clings onto you if he feels like he’s gonna fall
-usually it’s you who ends up falling
-when you feel like taking a break you’d go for some hot chocolate
-tries to teach you random chinese words
-calls you beautiful a lot
-when you’re back at skating he’s still insecure but relaxes a bit
-if you fall again he’ll start worrying if you’ve hurt yourself this time
-both of you sulk when it’s time to leave because you have so much fun every time
-walks you home
-halts you in the middle of the street and runs off to a shop
-comes back with pretty flowers
  “they reminded me of you so i had to buy them”

·stargazing dates
-picks you up
-takes you somewhere where you can clearly see the stars
-you two talk and laugh all the whole way there
-brings a blanket so you can lie down
-lets you put your head on his arm
-compares you to the stars
-sings you any song you want him to
-he tells you about his family a lot
-he brings snacks so you could have something to eat
-tries to make you laugh all the time
-both of you goof around
-you made plans to go to jeju one time while stargazing and with every date you talk about realizing those plans
-tells you “i love you a lot” because he wants to make sure you know how loved you are and how precious you are to him
-if he sees you’re about to fall asleep he takes you home
-always happy if you ask him to stay over

vernon / hansol
·coffee dates
-all the employees know you
-seriously they don’t even mess up your names on the cups instead they write both of your names on each
-he ends up having coffee on his nose and never notices
-you think that’s adorable
-he buys you small presents but forgets about them when he sees you
-remembers about it in the middle of the date
  “hey btw i got this for you”
-one time he got you a small bracelet with your and his initials written on it
-tries to act confident but he gets so nervous around you
-talking about the random things happening around the two of you
-gets lost in your eyes while you’re talking
-gets flustered easily when he compliments you
-hugs you really tight the moment you’re out
-neither of you want to go home straight away so you walk around
-once he walks you home kisses your forehead
-sends you “i’m home :)” text so you know he got there safely

dino / chan
·cinema dates
-always brings you a small present which he gives you as soon as you meet up
-leading to you stuttering a soft “thank you”
-you both prefer to watch comedies when together
-buys couple seats tickets
-both have popcorn and drinks on you
-he gets excited and eats half of his popcorn before the movie even starts
-can’t help himself but to make comments about the movie so he whispers what he thinks of it to you
-one time people from the row behind you scolded the two of you for distracting them from the movie
-he didn’t make a sound afterwards
-next time you went he was back to himself again
-lets you rest your head on his shoulder
-one of you always spill something be it popcorn or the drinks
-acting like nothing happened
-talking about the movie for the rest of the day

Amazing: Young!Sirius x Reader

Request: Imagine being in a relationship with Sirius and attending James’s and Lily’s wedding. Y/n being kind of insecure and not used to wearing a dress and heals and such, feeling uncomfortable. And when they get home she puts on her usual cozy clothes and puts her hair up and Sirius just looks at her and tell her how beautiful he thinks she is, just the way she is. And then super fluffy cuddle! And could you include Sirius asking you to dance with him at the wedding? That would be so cute

Warnings: adorableness. so much fluff. gahh <3


Originally posted by softsiriusblack

“Ughhhh,” I groan as I pull my shoes out of the box. I look down at the strappy silver things with the skinny little 3″ heel. “How the bloody hell did I let them talk me into this?”

I pull on the shoes, tightening them as much as possible, and mutter to myself again, “If I twist an ankle tonight, I swear on all that is good, I will chop off his hair.”

Once the shoes are securely on my feet, I walk to the full-length mirror to see a completely ridiculous sight. The silver shoes, the sea-foam colored bridesmaid dress, and my hair in curls. “I look bloody ridiculous,” I say, pulling at the dress, and willing it to change shape.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” I hear Sirius’s voice from around the corner.

“Just a minute!” I say, looking down at the lipsticks in my hand. In my left is my normal dark red, and in the right is a soft peach that Lily picked out for me. I groan as I set down the red and apply the peach. As I do, I see Sirius’ reflection appear in the mirror behind me, and I turn to look at him. His jaw is dropped and his eyes wander all over me.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Say anything, Sirius Black. I already know I look ridiculous,” I say, grabbing my obnoxious little silver bag that matches the shoes and storming past him. He grabs my bicep and spins me around.

“You do not look ridiculous. You look amazing,” he says, still eyeing me up and down. I huff, folding my arms. “You look different. But you look amazing.”

“Well, I feel ridiculous,” I say. “Who in their bloody right minds wears these things?” I ask gesturing to the death traps on my feet. It’s not that I had never worn heels before. In fact I loved wearing heels. But stilettos? Hell no. “I want my leather jacket and jeans.”

Sirius wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me to him and kisses me full on the mouth.

“You look beautiful. Don’t fret, love,” he says looking deep into my (y/e/c) eyes.

I smile and let out a small sigh. “Thank you.”

Sirius and I apparate right onto the steps of the church and walk in. I give him a quick kiss before we part ways as I go to find the room with the other girls, and he goes to find James and co.

I open the door, and Lily is sitting at a vanity while one of our friends does her hair. She catches sight of my reflection in the mirror as I smile at her, and she turns around sharply. “Merlin’s Beard, (Y/N) is that you?!” she says.

“In the flesh,” I respond before walking to her, careful not to hurt my ankles.

“You look amazing!” She says spinning me around. “And–and so different.”

“Thanks, Lil,” I say with a smile.

“You know, it’s kind of an unspoken rule that you’re not supposed to look better than the bride on her wedding day,” she says, teasing me.

“Oh please, like anyone could outshine you, EVER.” She laughs, and I take her hand, “Let’s finish getting you ready, shall we?”

“We shall,” she says smiling and pulling me back to the vanity.

The guests have all arrived and the bridal party and I await processing in for the ceremony. The groomsmen soon join us out in the foyer, and each of the Marauder’s jaws drop when they see me.

Peter is too stunned to say anything.

“Bloody hell, (Y/N),” James says looking me up and down. “You look fantastic.”

“Aren’t you about to get married, Prongs?” Sirius says, punching his best friend in the arm. He and I both laugh before Remus rounds the corner and sees me too.

“Good Godric. (Y/N), you look gorgeous,” he says as he comes over to give me a hug.

“Oi, paws off my girlfriend, Moony,” Sirius growls.

Remus winks at him and then turns back to me, “Honestly, you should wear that color more often.”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with Black,” I say, winking at my boyfriend, who is shaking my head at the double entendre.

As my best friend comes down the aisle, I realize how right I was. Absolutely no one could outshine Lily Evans as she walks towards her future husband, glowing with love and natural beauty. As she and James exchange vows, I try my best to keep my attention on them, but I’m repeatedly distracted by the best man who’s been making bedroom eyes at me the entire wedding, biting his lip, and looking me up and down. I decide two can play at that game and return the same looks he’s giving me. He chuckles and shakes his head at me and I wink back at him. And then, I hear the priest say, “You may kiss the bride.”

As I sit on the side of the dance floor, I watch Lily and James dancing together. The new bride and groom. Lily Potter now. Merlin’s beard. I’ll get used to that one day.

And then my favorite song comes on. I hear Frank Sinatra’s voice come on, singing “Some day, when I’m awfully low…” I close my eyes and hum along briefly. And then I feel someone grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet. My eyes fly open as Sirius pulls me onto the dance floor, and automatically begins the swing dance with me, occasionally singing along with the lyrics, “’Cause I love you, just the way you look tonight.”

I’m swept away by his moves, as he excellently leads our swing dance, throwing in a few fancy moves, and cutting a rug with me on the dance floor. The other couples clear a space for us, as he begins the pretzel with me, my personal favorite move, and he spins me around.

As the jazz slows down in the end, he pulls me close, doing away with the fancy moves and he just holds me tight.

When we arrive back at his place, I immediately shed the heels, proud of myself for keeping them on for this long.

I run up the stairs and dig through my drawer until I find my sweatpants. I strip the dress from my body and pull on the sweatpants and a tank top, and throw my hair up into a messy bun. I turn to the full length mirror and look at myself.

“Ah, much better,” I say, smiling at my now familiar reflection. Sirius rounds the corner and looks at me through the door.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says as his eyes wander over me. I blush a bit, and run to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He picks me up and carries me back over to the bed and sets me down. I crawl under the covers as I wait for him to change into his pajamas, and he scoots into bed next to me.

I whine a bit because he’s too far away for my liking, and he immediately scoots closer, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me against his chest. He nuzzles his nose against my neck, right behind my ear and places a soft kiss there.

“I love you so much,” he whispers. “You know that right?”

I turn over on my side to face him, and pull his face to mine, kissing him deeply, and then respond, “I do.”

Book Recs

The List: When an ambitious young woman goes on a quest to read 50 books in the year 2016, she asks for help from the most unlikely of sources: her tumblr followers. What follows is the heartwarming story of human connection in the digital age and the endurance of the human spirit in the face of poorly crafted book blurbs. 

aka THANK YOU ALL for the book recs they were much appreciated!

however there were so many (you answered the post, you sent asks, you messaged!) that they more than tripled my 2016 goal and I found myself lost, until I decided to just make a list of everything, with the book blurb, in order to be able to choose. I was already making the list and I figured I should share it. Since many of you had multiple suggestions, there are some interesting patterns within (looking at you @renlyslittlerose among others for bringing the historical and gay af)

Under the cut you will find all your book suggestions approximately in the order they were received, barring suggestions that just had the author’s name and books I’ve already read. To everyone suggesting The Kingkiller Chronicles you must have missed the couple of posts I made mocking Kvothe, somewhere in this tag, and to someone suggesting Terry Pratchett, you must have missed all of 2014 on this blog.

This is long, very long, but I think worthwhile (otherwise I’ve certainly wasted my time putting it together). I found so many wonderful books I’d never heard of, and promised myself I’d read some I’ve already had my eye on. The entries that are bolded are the ones that I just happened to click with and will therefore receive first priority. Apart from the title, authors, and series when given, I’ve also included the blurb and small mentions for the covers I find aesthetically appealing, because I am nothing if not shallow. 

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— ♡ a masterlist of verse names !

out of boredom and enjoyment of coming up with verse names, i had decided to share with everyone a masterlist of verse names i’ve collected for my future ships and to help others. this masterlist is heavily based upon on lyrics from various artists ; while there are a few of my own which i created in there. this masterlist contains 110 150 192 verses (updated june 5th, 2016) names and may get updated periodically. feel free to use whoever many you want, but please like/reblog if you found this useful. 

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Fic Rec Mega Post!

Been a while since my first one of these, which is bad. But! It means I have a whole lovely twelve (well, fourteen if you count individual series instalments) fics to tell you all about, which is good! As usual, there’s a mix of old and new, and most of these are on the longer side. Speaking of which, this post is gonna be big, so I’ll try not to be too long-winded about it (*scoffs at self*).

First up, then, is Tides of Fate by nightliferogue (@slashyrogue). Will Graham finds his life going from bad to worse when he is rescued from one group of pirates by another, who just happen to be led by the fearsome Captain Hannibal Lecter, with whom Will has a turbulent and painful history. Stuck together on the high seas, the two argue, obfuscate and try desperately not to fall back in love. As ever with slashy, this is boundlessly entertaining, with Hannibal as a devastatingly sexy pirate and sassy!Will in all his (sea) salty glory.

Next, a couple by TigerPrawn (@desperatelyseekingcannibals), one old and one new. The new is Write Here, Write Now, a Hannigram AU in which Will is a one-hit wonder literary author and Hannibal is the successful, populist pulp-pedlar he despises. Which is awkward when it turns out that not only is Hannibal seated next to him at the convention they’re both attending, but that professional loathing might not be the only feeling Will’s harbouring for him. Literary snobbery, cannibal puns and a totally smitten Hannibal abound in yet another of DSC’s completely delightful fics.

The older one is Past and Future Designs, in which, post-fall, Will’s subconscious is trying to deal with his new (ahem) attraction to Hannibal by dreaming about a certain pair of Samartian knights. Tristhad meets Hannigram in a not-quite reincarnation AU, and a good, fun, very seriously sexy time is had by all. There’s also a companion fic to this, Past Redesigns, which fleshes out the Tristhad relationship and is equally charming.

Onwards, to mokuyoubi’s (@moku-youbi) The God of Appetite. Vampires and Hannigram are just such a perfect combination, don’t you think? Certainly in this wonderful period-set fic, in which Will is an academic tasked by Jack Crawford to prove that a vampire is responsible for a slew of murders centred on a small Lithuanian village. While there, he is aided by a certain doctor who has cold hands, sharp teeth and a definite interest in getting to know the young professor. Beautifully written, with the same lyrical sensuality as defines the show, this is a gorgeous and inventive reframing of canon.

Now some Spacedogs for you, in the form of Cell 30 by VictoriaSkyeMarsters (@artbyvictoriaskye). The cute idea behind this is that Adam’s uncanny resemblance to a certain former FBI special agent leads to him being flung into a Romanian jail cell. Fortunately, his cellmate is a very bad man from Bucharest, who’s rather taken with the blue-eyed spaceman he’s suddenly bunking with. Putting Spacedogs in jail works brilliantly, with the trademark Adam and Nigel fluff transported to a dangerous and brutal environment. VSM has a fantastic grip on the character’s voices and their unlikely connection evolves beautifully, despite being shot through with pain at the seeming impossibility of things ending well.

Next is A Room Without Doors by cartouche (whose tumblr, if it exists, I could not find). This is an amnesia AU in which Hannibal loses his memory, after attempting to kill Will for figuring out he’s the Ripper. While Hannibal deals with the shock of finding out he’s a monster, Will deals with how to relate to this new version of his friend, and they both deal with their growing feelings for each other. There’s a yearning, aching quality to this fic that’s at once heartbreaking and hopeful, exploring the ways in which our pasts define us and how these two men just fundamentally fit together to make a whole.

I’ve been looking forward to Cathexis by Weconqueratdawn (@weconqueratdawn) ever since I subscribed to the first chapter (the no-reading-WIPs rule is a hard one to keep sometimes). Happily, it doesn’t disappoint in any way. This is an s1 non-cannibal AU, in which Will finds a complement to his submissive desires in Hannibal’s dominant ones and the pair navigate their way through how this works as part of a romantic relationship. The thing I love most about this fic is that, despite their dom/sub markers, Will and Hannibal are absolute equals, both capable of making mistakes and both with complex needs and emotions. It rings absolutely true as a relationship, with numerous bumps along the way and an ever-growing understanding between the two that quickly becomes something neither can do without.

So, I’ll be honest, I was a little uneasy about diving into Gweezle’s (@gweezle) All Flesh Consorteth, given that the tags make it clear this is “Daddy Kink taken to its logical extreme.” Yep, in this AU, Hannibal is Will’s father, which does not mean that he finds his boy any less appealing when Jack insists that Will interview him in the BSHCI. If you’re squicked by incest, run now. For everyone else, this is dark, twisted and utterly compelling, with a sadistic yet seductive Hannibal and an ever-darkening Will at its core. There’s a kind of hypnotic fairytale quality to Gweezle’s writing, which works beautifully here as the tension and forbidden intimacy twists itself between the characters, luring the reader into the darkest of places.

Pirate AU number two (I know, how awesome is that!) comes courtesy of PoisonChocolateCake (@poisonchocolatequake) in the form of The Pirate Bride. And not just any pirate AU but, as the title suggests, a Princess Bride one in which Will finds himself taken on as valet to the Dread Pirate Lecter (“Goodnight Will, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning”). Cue swashbuckling adventures, plenty of sexual tension and a crazy rescue attempt when Will hears that his friend Abigail has been forcibly engaged to marry the awful Prince Humperdinck.

Some Tristhad AU loveliness next, courtesy of BloodToInk, bonelines and howlscastle (@bloodtoink, @bonelines, @hxwlscastle). In Opia, Galahad is a psychic being sold into sex slavery, who decides that Tristan, despite his outwardly fierce demeanour, is the best choice of a bad lot for his new master. Tristan, however, is not so easily convinced. What follows is a night during which both men have their pre-conceptions overturned and find that connection and understanding can come when you least expect them. The short timeframe of this story gives the authors plenty of time to build the intensity and power of this unexpected relationship and the result is a compelling, truly lovely (and pleasantly smutty) fic, with a pleasantly fresh take on the original madancy pairing.

There seems to be fairly wide agreement that the moment Will initiates a physical relationship with Hannibal, the cannibal won’t be able to contain himself. Lunarwench’s (@lunarwench) marvellous Cheap Motel takes this notion and runs with it, as the murder hubbies’ first kiss results in Hannibal dragging Will to the eponymous establishment to have his way with him. Of course, there are feelings to be sorted through first (yes, the bone saw comes up) but suffice it to say, nobody leaves that motel room unsatisfied.

And finally, I know I’m late getting to TheGlintOfTheRail’s (@theglintoftherail) Revelation series but that ain’t gonna stop me raving about it! The first instalment, Silence in Heaven, sees Will, post-fall, strike a deal with Hannibal: if he can stop killing, Will will stay with him. The Mark of His Name, meanwhile, picks up two years after the fall and finds Will struggling with his own killer instincts, while still trying to keep Hannibal on a leash. The question of exactly who Will is going to be after he emerges from the water is one that’s had plenty of attention paid it. But I think this is one of my favourite approaches, its patient examination of Will’s sense of himself while Hannibal hovers, ever-ready to watch how Will transforms, is intelligent and thorough. And the climax it works up to is both thrilling and powerful (and left me bloody desperate for further instalments!).

Wow, that was long. I hope somebody finds it of use ;) If there are bad links, or I’ve miscredited anything, do please let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP.


“ In the darkness I will meet my creators, and they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator” - Smother, Daughter

“It’s okay to be angry but not to hurt me.- All Flowers In Time Bend Toward The Sun, Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser

“I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl - Scar Tissue, Red Hot Chili Peppers

“You’ve got visions of the past, let them follow you down, they’ll come back to you some day, and I found myself attached to this railroad track, but I’ll come back to you some day - Ghost Town, First Aid Kit

“Then looking upwards I strain my eyes and try, to tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites” - Passenger Seat, Death Cab For Cutie 

“So hail to the morning wherever it dawns down on me, it’s now that I get to thinking some castles lie way beneath the sea.” - Castles, Sandi Thom

They say the captain goes down with the ship. So, when the world ends, will God go down with it? - What A Catch, Donnie, Fall Out Boy

There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface - consuming, confusing.- Crawling, Linkin Park

You stole my eyes, never gave them back. You tried to kiss me, set a shiver on my neck.- Yukon, Lindemann

“God I’m only human and I’m helpless - Steady, The Staves

“And all our heroes lack any conviction, they shout through the bars of cliche and addiction. - The Libertine, Patrick Wolf

“But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks. -Breezeblocks, Alt-J

“You were a low moon, steady with wintry calm. Somewhere inside the fire of your youth went dark..” - Bible Belt, Dry the River

You were red and you liked me cause I was blue, you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you- Colors, Halsey

“مسكتيلي ايدي و وعدتيني بشي ثورة (You took my hand and promised me a revolution.)”- Fasteen, Mashrou Leila

How could I have known you’re a universe?” -Without, Years & Years

“Where things grow, there is hope.” Von, Yoko Kanno ft. Arnór Dan

“Les beaux soirs où l'espoir berce mon rêve.  Nos tourments bien charmants, si loin du monde (The beautiful nights when hope nourishes my dream. Our quite delightful torments, so far away from the world)” -Si Tu N'étais Pas Là, Fréhel

“This is to New York City angels and the rivers of our blood, this is to all of us.” - Angels On The Moon, Thriving Ivory 

"We’re not made for sitting still. Hunters have legs and legs can kill.” - I’ll Borrow Time, Marika Hackman

“My moon, oh, my moon not even into another eternity, will you stop your lovely orbiting.” -Begin Again, Purity Ring

“When I run through the deep dark forest long after this begun. Where the sun would set, trees were dead and the rivers were none  and I hope for a trace to lead me back home from this place, but there was no sound, there was only me and my disgrace” - Wolf, First Aid Kit

“It’s a hundred miles an hour on a dirt road running away.” - Rollercoaster, Bleachers

The monster in your head, won’t surface again. Be still my child, wash away the sin. And I as future king, walk off the edge. Hold me by my name, hold me till the end.“ -Staying, Koda

"There’s a devil in your smile that’s chasing me, and every time I turn around it’s only gaining speed.” - Ready To Run, One Direction

“If I was enough for you, would I be better would I be good?” -Real, Years & Years

‘I thought I saw the devil, this morning, looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue’ - I’ll Be Good, Jaymes Young

“Come on, make it easy. Say I never mattered.” -Young Volcanoes, Fall Out Boy

“Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a day dream.” - Blank Space, Taylor Swift

“I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death - Oh good God, let me give you my life.” - Take Me To Church, Hozier 

“When I was drowning that’s when I could finally breathe.” -Clean, Taylor Swift

“Paradise comes at a price that i am not prepared to pay.” - Megalomania, Muse

“I like the sad eyes, bad guys, mouth full of white lies.” -Ghost, Halsey

“Under the weight of belief you shiver and shake like a leaf but death is a force not a man on a horse, I’ll keep you safe while you sleep.” -Demons, Dry The River

“Hell or glory; I don’t want anything in between.” -She’s My Winona, Fall Out Boy

“Love is the warmest colour.” -Nara, Alt-J

“You can be the King, but watch the Queen conquer.” -Monster, Nicki Minaj

It hurts to set you free but you’ll never follow me. The end of laughter and soft lies, the end of nights we tried to die.” -The End, The Doors

“And I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope.” -Shake It Out, Florence + The Machine

“Nobody said it’d be easy; no one ever said it would be so hard.“ -The Scientist, Coldplay

Well I have brittle bones it seems, I bite my tongue and scorch my dreams. I have a little voice to speak with and a mind of thoughts and secrecy. -Candles, Daughter

“'Don’t use your heart, it only makes you slow” -Response, Barcelona

“I want to be honest. I want to be bad. I want to destroy you. I want to move fast. I want the attention. I want all the cash. I want all the ass. Is it too much to ask?” -Lurk, The Neighbourhood

[TRANS] Ceci April Issue

Taeil’s Interview

It’s been exactly one month since your single was released. How do you feel?
It felt new, and it was fun. Standing on stage instead of just in the practice room, I can find what I am lacking in and do better in the future.

Is there anything you envy of your NCT U members?
Mark’s freshness (laughs). Mark’s personality is optimistic and perfect.

You must have felt different revealing yourself first through your solo OST song for ‘The Merchant: Gaekju 2015′.
I was the first to get such a great opportunity from rookies, and so I participated in it. I thought the public would judge all of rookies based on my song so there was pressure, but I was also excited.

Do you still get nervous in front of cameras?
After seeing myself on broadcasts, [my nervousness] seemed to be quite serious (laughs). I am going through image training to be able to broadcast comfortably.

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My 25 Most Influential Albums of 2013

Alright folks, here is the list. I didn’t anticipate how difficult this would be but here we are. Instead of pulling the typical top albums “released” this year, I made of the top 25 albums of MY year.

Regardless of when they were released here are the albums that got me through, shifted the days of my week and made my skin crawl in one of the biggest years of my life. I connected with these albums and I hope you can too.  Attached is a youtube link to one of my favorite tracks from each album, but highly suggest checking out the whole shin-dig of each artist.

25. Ivan & Alyosha- “All the Times We Had”

The boys brought my windows down and almost blew my speakers in my car. Their classic indie-rock vibes and dynamic lyrics picked up my summer whenever it decided to lay down. They are going to go far so keep your ears open.

24. Counting Crows- “Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation”

This album let me feel like my 90s self in a time when I was older and maybe a little less wise. Released in 2012, Underwater Sunshine proves that Counting Crows still has plenty to say and it isn’t just about Mr. Jones. Complete with one of my favorite “Ooh La La” covers of all time this album lets me dream of big city living.

23. Gregory Alan Isakov- “That Sea, The Gambler”

Well, I could talk about Mr. Isakov all day. Strong folk chords, classy facial hair, and his favorite day is Tuesday. He released an incredible album this year called “The Weatherman”, but “That Sea, The Gambler” took the cake for my 2013. His lyrics have come to define love for me in a little way, and frankly I am incredible grateful to know this music.

22. Bombay Bicycle Club- “A Different Kind of Fix”

Ah the Bicycle Club. Perfect for days when you feel like you could literally run the world. Get the girl, climb the mountain, and move to a foreign country where you have zero knowledge of the language. Take a walk to this album. Now that is an adventure.

21. Kodaline- “In A Perfect World”

I just got into Kodaline this year, and may actually have fallen in love. With their indie rock melodies and modern folk lyric undertones, I imagine myself in a canoe when I listen to it… so take that however you would like to.

20. The Damnwells- “Bastards of the Beat”

So anyone that has known me long enough knows that I have a major toner for the Damnwells. I basically can’t get over it and haven’t been able to for years. They are currently crowd-funding their next album so keep an ear out for that. One of their older collections “Bastards of the Beat” really struck its chord with my again this year, with lyrics that continue to be relevant and entirely descriptive of my Sunday evenings.

19. The Tallest Man on Earth- “Shallow Grave”

Any lover of beards and folk music loves The Tallest Man on Earth, who I swear must get a kick out of making me what to live off the grid in the wilderness. “Shallow Grave” was his debut album a few years ago and I don’t think I could have made it through January without it. All it really needs is a hammock and a beer.

18. Ben Howard- “Every Kingdom”

I think Ben Howard decided this year that he wanted every hipster woman to fall in love with him, because they basically did. “Every Kingdom” is a journey in its own right. Completely rearranging the way you feel about your own skin.

17. Library Voices- “Summer of Lust”

“Summer of Lust” was everything I wanted out of my summer. Library Voices is a twelve piece pop collective based out of good ol’ Canada and I am telling you right now that you are about to feel pretty damn awesome while you listen to this. This album pumped me up for two artists internships this last year and straight up creates roadtrips. Have fun with this one, certainly an all-time favorite.

16. Bon Iver- “For Emma, Forever Ago”

A true list of my year in music couldn’t be complete without a little Bon Iver. I don’t think I will ever emotionally be able to get Emma either. Plus “Wolves” live is literally a religious experience I won’t be able to forget.

15. Feist- “Metals”

Feist really brings down the house with their album “Metals”. I feel about as feminist as them come when I hear these chords, and also become my most productive self with these tunes in the backdrop. No matter what season it is I always fall back to this one.

14. The Shins- “Port of Morrow”

Seeing the Shins live is still something unchecked on my bucket list, but until that time comes I will just turn “Port of Morrow” as loud as it goes in my car. These are lyrics. The Shins came in a little harder with this one and I most certainly responded. This album could easily score my biographical movie, maybe it will someday.

13. Cold Specks- “I Predict A Graceful Expulsion”

Cold Specks entered into my 2013 pretty late, but the discovery completely knocked me off my feet. This chick comes in strong from the UK, with lazy day melodies and big time lyrics. She speaks for herself, and is the soundtrack to my winter.

12. The Head and the Heart- “The Head and the Heart”

If a band is going to make a music video of them playing in a stairwell in their underwear, they are going to have to make my list. But in all seriousness this album defined me, it said things I didn’t know how to say and made me feel like my dream of working on a railroad in a different time was a legitimate dream. Big voices, big beats, and maybe a few tears. The Head and the Heart knows how to take me places.

11. The Lumineers- “The Lumineers”

Everybody decided to fangirl over the Lumineers this year and I was no exception. I mean it would be impossible not to feel your skin drip off when you listen to this album. They got everyone a little into indie-folk and I can’t complain about that. They have a song for each emotion, and I am thrilled to see what they drop in the future.

10. Trevor Hall- “This is Blue”

Trevor Hall thought it would be fun to sneak back into this year, and ended up totally shifting everything for me. When making this list I knew “This is Blue” had to make the top 10. There are few words to describe how I feel about this one. I don’t really think any words in English do it justice.

09. Alabama Shakes- “Boys & Girls”

Hi blues-rock it’s great to see you. Alabama Shakes formed a few years ago but really hit my scene this year. Damn this is album, through and through. It is in its best when you listen to the whole thing start to finish, and really let yourself get deep into these beats. Also their front-runner Britney Howard could run the world. Just saying.

08. Ray LaMontange- “Trouble”

Ray LaMontange has been doing his thing for a while now, and may just have the beard of the century. I feel right back into “Trouble” this year, hard not to when it houses some of my favorite songs of all time. Rediscovering these lyrics was pretty fun for me- since I seemed to connect to them on a whole new level this time around.

07. Kopecky Family Band- “Kids Raising Kids”

Oh Kopecky. Stop being so attractive. But don’t stop. Also don’t ever stop making music because oh my goodness. These kids can bring it. Nothing compares to their live performance, and their music is extremely unique and is doing everything it can to define my twenties. They truly sound like a family, and always remind me of my chosen family no matter where they are around the world.

06. Nathaniel Rateliff- “Falling Faster Than You Can Run”

Nathaniel Rateliff. This fella sends me. There are some of these lyrics I will never be able to get over and I nearly drop to the floor when this album comes on. I will most likely also be in tears. Something about this one really rips into me, reminds me why art is important, and says everything I am still trying to say.

05. The Cave Singers- “No Witch”

The Cave Singers always bring their beards to the party, and “No Witch” really brings me to the party. This album soundtracks all of the success I got to feel this year, and gets me excited for the coming adventures with the ones I hold closely, usually staying on endless repeat. Also the album cover is just so unusual and I kind of love it.

04. James Vincent McMorrow- “Early in the Morning”

To say that I had a personal revelation to this album is an understatement. I am a big believer in the idea that “music cures”, and I think that parts of me were forever saved by this album this past year. “Early in the Morning” hosts one of my happiest songs and one of my saddest songs, all in one. I owe a great deal of myself to this beard.

03. Fleetwood Mac- “Tusk”

Mhmmmm Fleetwood. If you know me you know I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. I am proud. I am confident. And also I dance. The album I played the most this year has to be “Tusk”. It builds, it falls, and it defines my personality in a ton of weird ways. I might as well be that crazy witch from American Horror Story who is obsessed with Stevie Nicks. But honestly this music is pretty damn good about defining some of yours days, and it will always influence me in one way or another.

02. Lord Huron- “Lonesome Dreams”

Putting Lord Huron at number two was one of the toughest choices of this making this countdown, since “Lonesome Dreams” is one of those albums that takes me to places I’ve never been. Sometimes I could swear I was reborn when I heard it for the first time. Each song is an adventure that seemlessly flows into the next. This album was a big inspiration for getting me though into 2013 and forcing me to thrive. Take the time for it.

01. Aunt Martha- “Candymaker”

Well here we are. Number one. This year “Candymaker” was reignited for me, in ways I would have never entirely anticipated. This album is the home to songs that helped me find new maps of myself, songs that move me to ends of the earth, inspire me, and also houses the song that soundtracks one of the most incredible friendships I’ve ever had the pleasure discovering. This is music.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and a big shout out to some of the artists that just barely didn’t make the cut like The Civil Wars, Family of the Year,Damien Rice, Plants and Animals, The Jezabels, and many more. 

Cheers to another upcoming year of incredible music. 

[INTERVIEW / TRANS] 14/10/29 ANAN October issue (part 1)

(The situation) Now exists because we went through the hardship of staying in a dorm together.

─Right now Hyunseung and Dongwoon are staying with their families while the other 4 are living independently; comparing now to the times when you were dorming together, what are the pros (to living on your own)?

Hyunseung: I am able to rest at my own pace. I sleep well.
Junhyung: I am able to change the interior to my liking and I have freedom to create a space that’s mine alone. But now, thinking back of the time when us six were squashed shoulder to shoulder in one room, it was enjoyable.
Yoseob: During our trainee days, in one room there were three bunk beds so it was extremely small. Whenever we ordered jjajangmyun, we would eat it on the bed…
Junhyung: Everyone lied down in the same direction but only Kikwangie would be in the opposite direction. Every morning when I wake up, his legs would be in front of my eyes.
Kikwang: It’s because I wanted to kiss Junhyungie’s feet (laughs).
Junhyung: A nice smell comes out of my feet and you can sleep well cause of it right?
Kikwang: Yeah, a nice smell (laughs). To be honest, if everyone was lying down in the same direction, we wouldn’t have been able to sleep.
Yoseob: Dongwoonie’s sleep talking is severe.
Junhyung: Dongwoonie would start sleep talking when he’s asleep so everyone knows when he falls asleep. But he jerks/moves his body and that’s scary (laughs).
Yoseob: He kicks the wall in his sleep (laughs).
Junhyung: Dongwoonie, when you were rooming with Yoseobie, you were complaining about this and that right?
Dongwoon: Hold up! No! I really liked it!!
Yoseob: Looking at it, it feels like there was a wall I couldn’t see in that room, a feeling like there was another room within that room (laughs).
Dongwoon: However, when I used the computer at night, Yoseobie hyung…
Doojoon: (imitates Yoseob)”Go to bed quickly!”
Yoseob: The gaming screen is blinding. But I have no idea where he found it, but he had a huge box and blocked the light from escaping.
Hyunseung: Dongwoonie pounds across the hallway at night too but he’s the best magnae.
Doojoon: Although we had difficult times while dorming, isn’t it because of those times that we are able to be how we are now? Us altogether nosily talking about it could be something trivial but I’m happy.
Hyunseung: Yup, it’s definitely that way.
Junhyung: Although it wouldn’t work out if we went back to that again (laughs).

Facts of living alone. Marrying late!?

─Please tell us about your room (or house).
Hyunseung: The room that I have in the home I live in with my family is a comfortable one. It’s ordinary. In my room, I surf the web and I play games.
Dongwoon: I stay with my family too and my room is grey toned. In it, my pastel toned photo frames and Bearbricks are the point (of the room).  At the veranda, I put things like cactus, giving it a botanical garden feel.
Doojoon: You call that a botanical garden!? You only have 2~3 pots.
Dongwoon: The fans gave me presents so putting them together it looks like a garden.
Junhyung: The red sofa is the point in my house. At first it was a beige sofa but spilled things on it would leave marks so I went with a darker color. Going with a darker color, if I chose black it would feel heavy. It is a house I live in alone so I treated myself to a red sofa.
Yoseob: That sofa is comfortable.
Junhyung: But actually, my mom scolded me asking why I chose a red one. To my mom, a sofa that isn’t beige won’t do, she’s the type of person who thinks that if the sofa isn’t beige, it isn’t considered a sofa (laughs).
Doojoon: I have 5 computers at home for gaming and there’s a sandbag too for exercising.
Junhyung: There’s a tape on it since the sandbag is torn (laughs).
Yoseob: My pet Yanggaengie is the focus of my house so I’m not really sure who is the owner of the house…

─Junhyung raises a puppy too right. In Japan, if someone who lives alone raises a pet, he/she will marry late.
Junhyung: I don’t know if it’s that way in Korea too but when you raise a pet, you definitely get less lonely. You could probably feel that there is no need to get married. You clear its litter, you give it food, wash/shower it. Looking at how much attention is given to it, there’s probably lesser time to have a relationship with a woman.
Yoseob: There’s nothing that can be done when you miss out on the suitable age to get married. Since marriage isn’t something that turns out just as what you expect it to be.
Junhyung: That is right.

─The messiest room?

Yoseob: Mine! I’ve been busy so things are slowly piling up. I should spring cleaning sometime.
Doojoon: Kikwangie’s has nothing, it’s like a model house/showroom.
Yoseob: You room is fairly clean too but it’s because you’re just like Kikwangie – with very little things (laughs).
Doojoon: I clean up diligently!
Yoseob: Really? (laughs) The person who decorates his room best is probably Junhyung. If Kikwangie clears and arranges his stuff, it’ll look good too.
Kikwang: Right after I moved, I got hurt so my things have been like that. I’ll start putting my room together now!

What song will you let BEAUTY listen to in your room!

─If you invited BEAUTY to your room, which BEAST song would you let her/him listen to?
Junhyung: History, that Kikwang wrote thinking about the atmosphere of lovers spending time together in a room. I can’t really understand the lyrics, I would like to try it so I can understand the feeling.
Kikwang: Then for me too, ‘Histery’!
Hyunseung: You got the title wrong (laughs). It’s your own song.
Kikwang: It is ‘History’ mixed with ‘Mystery’…
Doojoon: For me, a song that hasn’t been released. A song that Junhyungie has completed, a demo song that only the members know of. Isn’t that refreshing?
Junhyung: That is a leak (laughs).
Doojoon: It’s fine listening from my phone isn’t it.
Yoseob: For me, Junhyung’s solo song ‘Slow’. I think it’s a song you listen to in a composed atmosphere.
Dongwoon: I don’t like people in my roo… I don’t like anyone entering my room so I lock it.
Hyunseung: Aren’t you all forgetting a song that you’d like BEAUTY to listen to?
All: Huh!?
Hyunseung: ‘What About You?’. You should introduce our song to the Japanese BEAUTY.
All: Oh~!! We definitely want you to listen to it.

─In the future. what kind of house/room would you like to live in?

Hyunseung: I want to live in a house by the sea, like the one that came out in the ‘Full House’ drama.
Doojoon: Right now I’m living in my dream house so I’m satisfied with this!
Yoseob: I would like a house with a garden at the front and at the back where Yanggaengie can play around. Right now, more than myself, it would be nice if Yanggaengie had a house. Ah, will I be marrying late because I’m having these thoughts (laughs).
Dongwoon: I hear that in Florida you can get a house with a swimming pool for USD1200 a month. If that’s true, I want to move around many places like that.
Kikwang: The place I want to live in would have a swimming pool, I could play soccer, basketball and tennis in it, I could see the sea or the river, it would be bright and well-ventilated and I could get into the tub while watching a huge TV…
Dongwoon: You could achieve that dream with USD1200 in Florida (laughs).
Junhyung: I would like to live in the house Kikwangie described but the house needs to have value. Buy it cheap but sell it at an expensive price! Like that.
Doojoon: Is it an investment (laughs).
Kikwang: If I live with the person I love, I don’t want to live in the city; I want to live a laid-back life in the quiet suburbs.
Junhyung: I’m definitely like that too when I think of being married. Till that happens, right now is enjoyable!

Source: @makky_B2ST_tw, JPN-KR: @KongKongXD
Please note that translations may contain inaccuracies.
When taking out, please credit to @yongjunna, @KongKongXD and @makky_B2ST_tw

Squad Goals Season 3 Episode Seventeen

Three Months Later

“Rhi get down from there! You’ll bust your ass!” My veins are flowing with Rosé and a straw ready to fill my mouth with some 1942 Don Juan is aimed at my lips.

“She’s fine up here with me little sister! Stop worrying!” Brody Jenner walks from the other side of the bar and joins me on my table dancing quest.

“Been awhile Rihanna!” I take a sip and eye him with curious, drunken intent.

“It’s Rhiannon” I slur and Brody places his hands on my hips and starts to grind his front against my ass.

“Am I taking you home tonight Rhiannon?” His breath is hot against my ear and I bite my lip before turning to face him.

“No, but your sisters are.” I point towards Kendall and Kylie who wave at me and glare wearily at their half brother.

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the GazettE @ Danforth Music Hall

Four friends and I went to go see GazettE in Toronto yesterday, and here’s what happened. The mini version.

I hadn’t seen GazettE live in four years, and I truthfully love Canadian lives, so I was so excited to be back in one of my favorite cities to see one of my favorite bands since I’ve been a young teenager. The nostalgic atmosphere was running through my veins quite hard.

We got in line at about 10am, and made some friends in line. There weren’t many people there, only a hand full, but everyone was polite, excited and really ready to see the band. We all had VIP tickets, and there was a brief amount of confusion on how the lines were being separated, but eventually they separated VIP from GA on the opposite end of the GA line. I had zero intention of being up front, but I was super delighted that the production staff allowed the VIP line to head into the venue early (around 4:30pm) to have first dibs on merchandise. I’ve heard it varies how it’s done from city to city, so I’m just explaining how it worked in Toronto. They also allowed us to line back up in the exact same order we went in as, so nobody lost their spot. They only sent us in, ten at a time too. So I will applaud the security at Danforth for really being on point with the whole experience.

Once I was inside, I could hear the band sound checking DERANGEMENT, and I felt the actual floor under my feet shaking, and my heart suddenly leapt right into my throat. It really hadn’t hit me yet, until I heard Ruki’s voice from the stage, separated by just a door. He sounded the best I’ve ever heard. Later on, when they let the VIP line in (shortly after 6pm), Cassandra went for the rail, Alana and I headed upstairs for our balcony seats, ready to enjoy. We were both buzzing the entire time, I snapped one photo of the stage, before I saw that it was two minutes til 8pm, then promptly shoved my phone in my bag and tossed it aside.

The lights dimmed and there was an announcement to the crowd that taking photos and audio was prohibited and encouraged the crowd to enjoy the show. Shortly after that, NIHIL started up and out walked the five band members that I had seen grow up for years.

It was an extremely rewarding experience. That nostalgia boiled itself up into rapid fire cheering, and I sunk right down into myself when DOGMA started up. The crowd was cheering so loud at one point, I didn’t hear it until the guitar riffs started on either side. Gripped the seat in front of me, and headbanger so hard, my view of the stage was dizzy. Totally worth it though. I had been anticipating hearing DOGMA live ever since I had first listened to the entire album. RAGE quickly followed, and this song is actually 110% better live than it is on the recorded album.

Watching the band is like watching a moving work of art on stage. All five members work together, and you can see it. At one point during UGLY, the lights on the stage swapped from red and black to black and white - and I swore to god I was watching the entire live in black and white at one point. Ruki’s silhouette glided across the stage like a turbulent storm, a tale in a fierce growling voice, before nailing those falsettos so hard it gave me goosebumps from start to finish. He sounded like a dream come true - every lyric pretty much carved it’s way into my heart.

When I heard the ticking introduction to SUICIDE CIRCUS, I was taken back to Yokohama four years ago, when I first heard the song live. It was impossible not to do all the familiar furitsuke. I was so excited to hear this song, I’m so glad they decided to toss it into the set list. I was actually happy to hear just about anything they had to offer at this point.

OMINOUS was the real treat. OMINOUS is my song that I will always listen to during the late nights I walk towards the Brooklyn Bridge, or around the solemn atmosphere that the financial district provides back home in New York. I felt all my anxiety long walks that I’d take, laced into the live performance of this song. There were tears in my eyes, and all I could do was stare. Ruki actually was swinging around a thurible on stage, back and forth - and the stage was a bleakly lit shade of blue. At one point he just dropped it. My heart was pretty much just combusted into pieces at this point.

FILTH IN THE BEAUTY was the song of choice that they closed with, and guys, seriously I could not even handle anything at this point. I did not even see the stage at most points during this song. The hair whipping and screech singing I was doing, was pretty much overpowering.

Before they left the stage before coming out for the encore, a couple of things. Ruki has some incredible stage presence. He actually is a pretty good dancer on stage, but the way he was pretty much swaying from side to side, jigging back and forth across the stage was awesome. He was a moving, breathing silhouette to me, and I was incredibly impressed that he could move in such an intense get up. (If you’re familiar with his DOGMA get up, you know what I mean. It ain’t easy dancing in that trench coat looking dress thing.)

Uruha is a ham, and seemed to really love being on the stage. He walked to the very front of the stage many, many times and really seemed to be enjoying himself. As did Aoi and Reita. Since I was upstairs, I could see everything. I could see Kai just jamming out behind the drums, wearing the hugest smile on his face. I swear, you could probably see Kai from space, he’s so bright. Singing along behind Ruki and just having the absolute time of his life.

They disappeared for a while after that, changing and all - before they reappeared about ten minutes later, Ruki coming out with a Canadian flag and everyone just about lost their goddamn minds. It was really special for me to be a part of that, I was really grateful to be there. They launched into HYENA which was a pleasant surprise. And you know that bit that Ruki and Uruha decide to put on for the audience, and I think everyone decided to stop and stare for a while. (Lol)

At times, I looked over and just saw a sea of hair from the many people that were head banging up front. It was incredible. Also, zero cameras out up front. Very good thing!

They closed the entire show with TOMORROW NEVER DIES which is one of my favorite songs, and very, very meaningful to me. I was once again, thrust right back to Yokohama, where I was watching them perform this song in a giant arena aisle, looking forward to the future with the hopeful words and Ruki’s voice in my ears. Once again, the show last night taught me that despite mostly all of their music being in a different language, we still sing it. We may not fully understand it, but we can feel it, live it and love it. It was an incredibly lighthearted feeling I walked out of that venue with last night. Including terrible pain in my neck, but that’s to be expected.

EN. HYENA, IN BLOSSOM, TOMORROW NEVER DIES. Something like that. I can’t remember everything in the order.

Real quick: UNDYING is the most intense and amazing thing live. Get ready for that shit, everyone going to the rest of the tour.

Since we had wrist bands for the meet and greet after the show (yes the M&G took place after the show), we walked back downstairs to the pit, to where the band was still throwing stuff off the stage. Got to see Ruki completely spray the front with water, and Kai CHUCK his drumstick across the entire venue floor and some girl just dive in after it. Once they did leave the stage, we got in line with our wrists up so they could make sure everyone had a wrist band.

Then they set up a small curtain between us and the band that we had to walk around to see them. It was a pretty fast hand shake event, when I first poked my head around, Aoi was standing directly in front of me. My first reaction was, “oh hi you’re my favorite.” Hahaha. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. He had that typical Aoi shit eatin’ smirk across his face and seemed incredibly pleased. (“Yes!!”) haha. He looked fantastic up close, to the point where I was briefly stunned. Aoi held onto my hand for the longest time, that’s what I remember.

Next up was Reita, and I swear, he seemed nervous but he had that giant leather half mask on and I really wanted to ask him if he could breathe properly under there. (He has facial hair up close, I see you.)

Ruki was side eyeing my Shinya tattoo while I was still with Reita, I caught his eyes on it, and I almost said “sup Carmen Sandiego” but your girl caught herself immediately. I just shook his hand, admiring how sparkly he was up close, and the two moles on his face, and said I’d see him in New York. To which he said “great! Okay!” to and that was that.

Kai was the real winner here. You know when you just look at somebody and can just see their entire aura shining brightly? That’s what I felt when I saw Kai. I will never get the image of a sweaty, happy, bright eyed, smiling and giggling Kai out of my head for the rest of my life. I was so happy.

Uruha was last. He had that aura of a refined, quiet, gentleman. I thanked him for his hard work and he thanked me as well. We bowed to each other, and then I turned around and left the venue. I’m still not processing it and I probably won’t for a while, but as small as it was, it was a once in a lifetime experience and I really am grateful I got to do it.

After dreaming of shows like these years ago, we finally get to see them unfold into reality. Also, I liked how Ruki kept referring to us as “TORONT!” Best thing ever. I really am happy with everything the way it turned out overall.

When I left Toronto with my friends to get on the bus back to New York, the nostalgic feelings were still running deep. It feels like a very long dream, but it’s a reality I will treasure for life.

Thank you, Toronto. See you soon, New York.

anonymous asked:

do you have any inspiration tips on how to create characters

I apologise for taking so long to respond to this, but prepping for NaNo has gotten me behind in my inbox.

Inspiration tips. I can find inspiration for characters pretty much anywhere. Quel wrote a really good answer to a similar question here.

For me personally, I find most of my inspiration through music. That’s just the way it always has been for me. Really any song with lyrics can inspire a character, or at least give me somewhere to start. Some examples of songs I’ve based characters on in the past:

Sometimes I’ll also think of compelling characters I’ve read about in novels or seen in films or TV shows and make lists of what I like about them. Then I’ll mix and match some qualities and come up with new characters that way.

Some of my tags you may want to check out:

I hope that helps a little!