the scumbag

INFJ Confession #3019

I’m starting to lose hope. My mother has being trying to deal with a bunch of issues left from her ex who is a scumbag and I have helped as much as I possibly could! I’ve been there day in day out helping her sort through everything! I’m currently going through university exams and it is stressing me out so fucking much I’m on the verge of breakdown constantly. She never asks how I’m doing with it all. She doesn’t even care and it’s killing me. I feel like I give so much but get nothing back.


time to dance // panic! at the disco


Red Hood Ending:

With the invasion over, Bruce and Superman started fighting again. I wasn’t down with either of them. On the one hand, the Regime’s right. Scumbag murderers and rapists deserve to die. But on the other hand, I’m no fan of government authority. Especially the dictatorial variety. So while the World’s Finest fight each other, I fight for the people. The weak. The innocent. Anyone who can’t protect themselves. When they cry out for a savior, I’ll answer.