the scruff is doing things to me

Play Me // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Daddy Kink, Oral (both), Spanking, Teasing, Overstimulation, Multiple Orgasms, Unprotected Sex, and Swearing.

Word Count: 4,915

Song: Despacito by Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber

A/N: This is 100% because of the video that came out. The second I saw him playing the drums again, my mind immediately went to sin. I MEAN FUUUCK LOOK AT THIS GIF PEOPLE, HOW CAN IT NOT? Also, thanks to @stilinski-jpeg for keeping me sane throughout the writing process of this fic. Love you so much! 💖

In case you haven’t seen the video or you want to watch it again on loop if you’re like me. 

Fuck, I moaned internally as I watched him lick his plump lips in pure concentration, an immediate ache already rushing to my core just at the sight of Dylan’s sinful tongue.

His fingers were curled around the drumsticks and his muscles were flexed against his biceps with each movement he made as he played the drums in front of me. It took every piece of discipline I had in me to continue playing my saxophone and not toss it on the ground just to throw myself at him. Dylan had such an effect on me that I was constantly turned on whenever I was around him — and he doesn’t even have to do much to get me worked up. Just the way he is can get me easily horny alone.

It all started the night we first created this blues band. He was the drummer we recruited along with his friends Thomas and Dexter for strings and vocals. The three were undoubtedly talented and the perfect additions to our band, but Dylan… he was the perfect addition to my body. That first night the entire band partied to celebrate the arrivals and drinks were the main theme. One thing led to the other and, the next thing I knew, I was rushed into the nearest bathroom and being pushed up against the closed door. Dylan’s calloused hands gripping my leg and hitching it across his waist as he pounds into me mercilessly, fucking me so hard that I couldn’t walk the next day.

His eyes looked up at me for the slightest second and I could see the small smirk dangling from the corner of his lips, my breath hitching in my throat and disrupting my saxophone playing. Dylan noticed the way his smirk made me feel the need to press my thighs together and decided to play even dirtier by winking. I immediately moaned which came out as a strangled note from my instrument. The entire band looked at me with judgemental eyes at my horrid playing, but I was too busy focusing on Dylan chuckling lowly to himself.

“Alright!” I frustratedly shouted, surprising everyone in the studio. “Can we just please take a break from jamming right now? We’ve been at this for hours!”

Our vocalist shrugged carelessly and looked to his fellow bandmates, all shrugging as well before Tommy spoke up. “I guess we should. Maybe we can get something to eat?”

“Yes!” Dexter sat up from his stool, smacking his hands together. “Let’s go to that restaurant we had dinner at yesterday! They had the fucking best chicken fried rice.”

Everyone else agreed, each sharing the food they desperately wanted to eat there again. Well, all except for Dylan and I who were too busy staring at one another, lust burning our pupils to the point of no return. His eyes dipped for the slightest second to rake all over my body, gazing at the low-cut in my crop top before his eyes returned to mine with a cocky grin now invading his pink lips.

“You know, I think we should play our song one more time.” Dylan spoke up, his eyes never leaving me. My own narrowed, immediately understanding how much he still wanted to tease me. “To get it perfect before we officially record it.”

Again, everyone shrugged and agreed with his suggestion. Usually, I love how open they all are for anything but not today, not when I desperately want to feel Dylan’s dick twitching inside of me again as it quickly rubs against my tight walls.

“No, I think we should eat.” I counterparted, pulling the strap of the saxophone off my neck and placing the instrument in its case. “We need the break.”

“Maybe you need the break, kitten.” He raised an eyebrow tauntingly. “I mean, you do seem tense. What’s gotten you all worked up?”

The glare I gave him was nothing short of intense and full of raging fire. He and I both knew what he was doing, especially since he used that damn nickname that did inexplicable things to me. The entire band’s eyes were fixed on me and Dylan used the opportunity to run his fingers over his scruff as he winked yet again, fully aware of his power against me.

Fine then, two can play at this game.

“Having to constantly blow.” I retorted and it was my turn to smirk when his eyes widened. “The instrument, I mean.”

“Well I think you blow just perfectly.”

I was certainly glad that everyone else in the room was terrible at picking up on our innuendos and the incredibly strong sexual tension between Dylan and I. We haven’t exactly told anyone about us yet — mainly because we don’t even know if there is an us. We’ve been hooking up whenever it was convenient but with Dylan’s crazy schedule, it’s been pretty hard to maintain a physical relationship let alone possibly start an emotional one.

“Just one more?” Dylan teased and my mind immediately went to all of the times I begged him to quit pleasuring me when I was already so overstimulated, but he just kept going at it. “And then, I’ll- we’ll stop.”

“Just. One. More.” I stated through clenched teeth.

Picking up my instrument again, Dylan’s eyes were hooked on me as I licked my lips and wrapped them around the tip of my saxophone. The rest of the band members prepared themselves again and Dylan tapped his drumsticks three times to indicate the starting tempo. As soon as he was finished, we were all off and the song started playing beautifully. Despite not missing and mistaking a single note, Dylan and I focused on each other instead of our instruments. The walls of the studio were shaking at how loudly he was playing, each bang vibrating through the floor and into my body. It only made the aching in my core grow even more uncomfortable as it vibrated my cunt, forcing me to hold back any moan I wanted to release.

I watched as his head nodded along with the rhythm he created, his knees bouncing up and down as his feet continuously slammed on the bass pedal to carry the entire beat of the song. I hated to admit it, but our music would be nothing without Dylan’s talented drum skills. He was undoubtedly enjoying himself, the melody completing taking over his body… except for the eyes boring into mine that is.

Fuck, it should be illegal to look that fucking good playing the drums.

I thanked the Lord when the song was finally over and I managed to play every single note without letting Dylan distract me, despite almost falling prey to him many times. He put the drumsticks down on the floor and picked up the green bottle of beer from it instead, his lips pouting as he took a long sip. I was practically drooling at the sight of his adam’s apple moving up and down as he swallowed the bitter liquid. Everyone else, including me, put their instruments away for the time being.

“Time for grub!” Dexter celebrated and the entire room boomed with laughter at his excitement for food. Normally, I would be right there with him but at this moment all I could truly focus on were the way Dylan’s eyes were calling me.

“You guys go ahead.” Dylan stated, standing up. “I think I’d rather eat Chipotle.”

“You sure?” Tommy asked, everybody already at the door. “You should come eat with us so you’re not alone.”

“He won’t be alone. I’ll go with him.” I spoke up, clearing my throat. “Gotta have those delicious chicken cutlets.”

“Suit yourselves.” He shrugged, guiding everyone out of the studio and closing its door behind them.

It was as if the second that door sealed shut, every bit of sexual tension we were trying to keep to ourselves was released out into the air. Just the thought of what was undeniably about to happen next made my pulse accelerate, my heart pounding against my chest. I wasn’t the only one effected as I watched Dylan take slow steps towards me as if I were a magnet pulling him in closer and closer. He was practically undressing me with his eyes and usually I would blush at such a forward act, but now right now. Right now, all I want him to do is give into the lustful things his eyes are telling me.

“So,” I broke the silence, my breath unstable as he finally reached me and placed his hand on the small of my back. His lips brushing against my neck, making goosebumps cover my skin. “How about we go eat take out?”

“No, kitten.” He whispered, my body shivering at the feeling of his lips touching my ear. “I’d rather eat you out, instead.”

Dylan’s mouth immediately moved to mine and he crashed his lips against my own. I couldn’t help but moan into our sudden kiss, throwing my arms around his neck. His skillful lips meshed with mine in such a fiery and passionate pace, he almost made me lose my balance. My hands didn’t just remain on his neck as he successfully seduces me, but ventured over his back and explored the amazing feeling of his flexed muscles pressed against my palm. Our breaths mingled before Dylan licked my bottom lip with his tongue and I instinctively opened it for his tongue to have its very welcome entrance. I could taste the alcohol in his mouth along with the mint from his toothpaste and all of my senses were heightened, begging for more of him.

I broke the kiss, but he chose to continue teasing me as his lips moved to my jaw then my neck. Not even bothering to hide the fact that he was currently creating a purple bruise on my skin with his smooth assaults. My fingers gripped onto his back, my nails digging into our band’s t-shirt. He chuckled on my neck and I instantly whimpered at the resonance.

“Please, I have been unbelievably horny since the moment you walked through that door today.” I moaned. “Just fucking do something already.”

“Patience, kitten.” Dylan retorted, his fingers moving to the hem of my high-waisted skirt just to tease me. “Good things come to those who wait.”

“Not when their friends will be back soon.” I mewled.

“Honestly, they could walk in on us fucking and I wouldn’t even stop.” Dylan nibbled on my ear. “Now, kitten, tell me all of the things you want my mouth to do to you. Teach me your favorite places.”

“You already know my favorite places, Dylan.” I responded and definitely didn’t miss the cocky grin he played on my skin.

“Just because of that impeccable response I’ll give you want you want, babygirl.” He whispered huskily before moving his hands to the back of my knees and lifting me up.

This time I was the one who started the desperate kiss as he walked forwards, my back suddenly hitting the wall behind me. I lost my rhythm with his lips and failed to remain the dominant one when his hands massaged the back of my thighs, sparking more desire throughout my entire body. Just as I was about to try and get my power back, Dylan unexpectedly broke our kiss. Our panting breaths hitting each other’s faces before he started to push me up. I looked at him with wide eyes, but allowed him to do whatever it is he’s planning to do. The next thing I know, I’m so high up that he wraps my legs around his neck.

With my legs dangling over his shoulders, Dylan moved one of his hands to my inner thigh and purposely drummed his fingers on my skin before reached the area closest to my core. I bucked my hips for him to do more and, to my surprise, he actually did. Dylan suddenly ripped apart the thong I wore and felt no remorse towards ruining something I owned, and, honestly, neither did I. I was so glad there finally wasn’t anything keeping him from touching me anymore that I didn’t even bother to think about the consequences.

“Fuck, you weren’t kidding about how horny you are.” Dylan chuckled, certainly staring at the arousal covering my cunt. My hips twitched the second his finger swiped through my slick folds and a shameless moan fell from my lips when he licked his wet finger with his tempting tongue. “God, kitten, you always taste so damn good.”

“P-Please.” I begged.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Dylan smirked, nibbling my outer lips. “I know that I’m a drummer and I’m good with my hands, but damn kitten.”

“And I’m a saxophone player, I’m very good with my mouth.” I retorted, raking my fingers through his dark strands. “Which I’ll gladly use on you if you just give me what I want.”

“Well, you certainly have a way with words, babygirl.” He stated before finally doing what I wanted him to by swiping his tongue up my core, my vocal chords releasing the most animalistic moan the second the tip of his tongue touched my clitoris. “Damn, you sing the second I touch you.” He chuckled. “Kinda like playing the piano.”

“Then, play me.”

The last thing I saw was Dylan’s pupils dilate just before he dipped his head under the fabric of my skirt along with his hand and began his mind-boggling pleasure on my core. His tongue created fast and steady circles on my sensitive nub, immediate pleasure striking through my veins. However, my body buzzed intensely the moment he pushed a finger into my soaking heat and pumped it repeatedly. My eyes instantly shut tight and chose to only focus on the feelings he was creating inside of me.

I squirmed and my hips bucked involuntarily, my own fingers clutching onto his hair. He grunted at the harsh feeling and my lungs immediately gasped when the vibration of his voice rippled through my core and initiated the build up now invading me. I could feel my nipples hardening against the cheap fabric of my bra and I desperately wanted to pinch them in between my fingers — which is exactly what I did after I let go of him to rip apart my blouse along with my laced bra. Dylan couldn’t exactly see what I had just done, but he definitely put two and two together at the sound of the tearing fabric and didn’t hold back his moan. Letting what remained of my shirt and bra fall to the ground and playing with my nipples in my fingers, I felt as Dylan added another one of his in me. He increased the pressure and the pace, giving more power to my build up.

“F-Fuck, baby.” I moaned audaciously. “Just like that.”

He followed my request and continued moving his two fingers in my tight cunt rapidly, but his lips however wrapped around my clit. His tongue still licked and played with it as well, but now he had added his sinful mouth to the mix. My sensitive nub enjoyed the attention it was getting from Dylan, flashing pure thrill and bliss straight to my build up.

Carefully hearing out how responsive I was being, Dylan decided to do more when he knew I was ready for it. He scissored his two fingers inside of me and I screamed, my body already shaking with its arriving orgasm. Dylan’s addictive movements in my cunt only stopped right when he knew I was going to cum and curled the tips of his fingers against my walls instead, the perfect amount of pressure I needed to fall into my release.

I didn’t expect Dylan to stop as I came, but I certainly did expect him to when I finished. However, he did not halt his actions at all. In fact, Dylan only increased them. His hand removed itself from my core and returned its post on my thigh along with the other one. He pulled back from the wall and my own hands immediately flew to his hair for stability, but I didn’t make it in time. Although his grip on my thighs were incredibly strong enough and wouldn’t let me completely fall, I couldn’t help but squeal when the top half of my body dropped down, by back now resting on his legs.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more intense, Dylan slipped his tongue into my cunt and I urgently wrapped my arms around the back of his knees. The new position enhanced everything he was doing to me, expanding my pleasure by one-hundred percent. I whimpered and mewled at Dylan’s invasive touch, considering how overstimulated I was. But, he didn’t stop his attempt at giving me more than one consecutive orgasm.

His tongue was deep in me, constantly brushing my g-spot, and he licked around my walls, definitely enjoying my taste by the way he moaned continuously along with me. My back arched and my legs shook again at the feeling of his tongue literally fucking me just as Dylan’s thumb applied unbelievable pressure on my incredibly swollen clitoris. Not only making me reach my orgasm and cum, but literally fucking gush. My immense arousal squirted out of my cunt, certainly soaking his entire face.

This time Dylan did stop, but only when he deemed ready. My core was throbbing intensely as he walked us over to his drumming bench and asked me to place my hands on them for him to pull my legs off of his shoulders and carefully settle them on the floor without the risk of hurting me nor letting me fall. Once he laid my legs on the ground, my butt involuntarily sitting down too, I watched with hooded eyes as he pulled his shirt off his body and used it wipe his face clean.

“Take your skirt off, kitten.” He commanded, unbuttoning his khakis and letting them drop to the floor.

“Yes, daddy.” I bit down on my lip, enjoying the view of him momentarily losing his shit at the nickname just as he stepped out of his pants pooling at his feet.

“Daddy, huh? Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier…” He smirked, taking taunting steps towards me. “Now, why don’t you kneel here in front of daddy?”

I didn’t say anything, I just changed my position to settle on my hands and knees and slowly crawled in his direction. The feeling of my skin scraping against the rug burned, but I chose to ignore it. I could see the huge bulge in his grey boxer-briefs create a wet stain with his increasing precum at how the sight turned him on beyond compare and it boosted me to sway my hips more, my confidence growing. Dylan’s hand moved down to his crotch and he slowly palmed himself over the fabric before becoming impatient and pulling down his boxers just enough to start touching himself. Immediate heat and lust rushed back to my core at the way he pumped his own dick, my mouth drooling at his actions.

Once I reached him, I placed my hands on his bare thighs to steady myself as I settled just on my knees, the rug digging into my skin. Our eyes were locked together, my mouth inching closer to his shaft. He didn’t stop masterbating even when I took his tip into my mouth and sucked profusely, his throat making its own strangled noises. My tongue licked the precum off of his slit and Dylan’s hips bucked, involuntarily​ pushing a little more of him inside my mouth. I swatted his hand away and he let both of his hands run through my hair as I took in as much of his cock as I could. Dylan gathered my hair together in a temporary ponytail and whilst my mouth bobbed his dick rapidly, my tongue would constantly graze against his prominent vein on the underside of his member.

“Shit, kitten.” Dylan moaned, bucking his hips faster. “Your talented lips feel so fucking good around my cock. Thank God you’re so invested in playing the saxophone.”

I moaned around his staff and he immediately growled at the intense vibration, his hand gripping tighter in my hair. Impatient with letting me be in control, Dylan pulled my hair back roughly, my head going along with it. Then he, suddenly, pushed my head right back to take him in again deeply — so deeply that his swollen tip lodged in the back of my throat. Dylan created this new pace where he would pull my hair to guide his dick in and out along with his thrusts. The stinging pain on my scalp from his harsh pulling did not overpower the lust inside of me and I willingly allowed Dylan to use my mouth as a damn fucktoy.

“Fuck me, babygirl.” He grunted before unexpectedly pulling me back and not letting me take him in my mouth anymore.

Suddenly, Dylan tore my grip away from his thighs and let my hair go. He took a step back, my palms immediately landing flat out on the floor to keep from falling. The strands of my hair swayed to the front of my face as he stepped out of his boxers and walked behind me. I heard him fall to his own knees and, without any warning, a loud sound of Dylan’s palm slapping against my skin echoed in the room along with the sound of my scream at the stinging pain of just getting spanked.

“God, I fucking love your ass.” Dylan confessed, sinking his teeth into my cheeks and letting go right after another scream escaped my lips.

“Jesus Christ, Dylan.” I grunted, already out of breath. “Just stop teasing and shove your dick inside of me already.”

“Did you just call me Dylan?” He tisked and I could picture him shaking his head. “You know that’s not what I want, babygirl. Which means I won’t give you want you want.”

“N-No, I’m sorry!” I whined. “Daddy, please.”

Dylan surprised me when he pushed just his tip inside of me, my core pulsing around him. However, he stopped teasingly and it drove me absolutely crazy. I tried bucking my hips back, but Dylan just grabbed my waist roughly and halted my attempts.

“Come on, daddy.” I whimpered at the feeling of his dick throbbing. “Just fuck me.”

“Like this?” Dylan asked, slowly pushing in until he was buried to the hilt before pulling back out at the same agonizing pace. He did this a few times and my body begged for more, not able to withstand the slow rate.

“Faster.” I begged impatiently. “You know how I like it rough.”

Dylan moaned at my commands, but continued his vehement torture anyway and I wasn’t having anymore of it. Bringing my hands back, I ripped Dylan’s off my waist and he almost lost his balance at my sudden movement. Pulling his dick out of me, I pushed him to lie down on the rug and threw my legs over his hips to straddle him. Both of my knees settled on the rug and Dylan’s eyes widened at me before they narrowed with a growing smirk.

“Damn-” He began to speak, but my finger flew to his lips and stopped him from continuing his sentence. His eyebrows quirked in curiosity and I simply gave him the most smug grin I could put together.

“I’m in charge now.”

Dylan’s dick twitched in between my thighs at my new confidence and his hands flew to my hips, allowing me to do whatever I damn pleased. I grabbed his shaft before positioning it at my entrance and sitting down on him until I felt his balls on my ass. His head instantly fell back to the ground, his eyes shutting tight. Thanks to how fucking wet I was from just having two orgasms (and counting), it wasn’t hard to glide him in and out of me. Both of our throats erupting into uncontrollable moans and neither one of us had the intention to stop.

My hands were splattered out on his chest, my nails raking down his skin and digging into it as his own fingers gripped my hips tightly to help guide me. I bounced up and down on his cock, the wet sound of skin meeting every time my cheeks came into contact with his balls. Dylan growled lowly whenever my nails created stinging shapes in his flesh. My build up returned stronger than ever, already licking at my veins. Dylan could sense how close I was from how I tightened around his shaft and his eyes opened, a sense of mischief pooling in them.

One of his hands made its way to our repeatedly connecting bodies and everything inside of me jerked the moment his fingers applied rough pleasure on my clit. A flash of heat spread through my body as I screamed, not able to hide how much I loved his addictive advances. However, it was when Dylan sat up and not only changed the angle but pushed me back a little so he could attach his mouth onto my breast that the build up won. My arms wrapped around his neck to keep some sort of balance as my body violently shook with its intense orgasm. I continued to bounce on his dick and Dylan grunted loudly when I clenched around it. His teeth bit my nipple harshly and I screamed, all of my senses dancing on the surface of my skin.

Even as my body fell limp and stopped moving, Dylan didn’t. His hand on my hips wrapped around my waist and elevated my body slightly before thrusting up into me. At this point, I couldn’t even control the overwhelming amount of screams falling from my lips along with his name.

“That’s right, kitten.” He managed to say through moans. “Scream my name and forget every other name that exists. I’m the only one that can fuck you like this.”

I felt that same flash of heat again, followed by another and another as he continued to thrust up into my g-spot, his cock rubbing so fucking deliciously against my tight walls that it made me want to cry. No crashing waves and no build up, this time a violent pleasure tore through me. A whiplash of ecstasy snapping at my clit and spreading everywhere. Dense streams of cum slithered down my legs and I noticed as it soaked him, dripping down his cock, covering his balls and pooling over his thighs.

His fingers changed its pace on my overly sensitive nub and I crashed again, falling deep into the abyss of euphoria. Each climax was unique and when the final one was drawn out of me, I actually cried — like literally. My tears rolled down my flushed cheeks. My lungs hurt at the lack of air. My throat was dry from screaming too much. My lips were raw from the insane amount of kissing and biting down on them. And every joint in my body ached.

When he noticed I couldn’t handle anymore, Dylan pulled himself out and laid me down on the floor. I was completely out of breath and unable to move my body, but I still watched with hooded eyes as he crawled over me. Each of his knees settling beside my shoulders, his hands moving down to my head and grabbing my hair.

“Do you wanna taste daddy’s cum, kitten?” He teased and I immediately nodded. “I’m gonna need you to say it.”

“Yes, daddy.” I spoke up, my hands holding onto the back of his knees. “Fuck my mouth.”

That’s all the incentive he needed to shove his dick into my mouth and I gladly welcomed it back. Dylan used his hand on my head in synch with his thrusts to control how deep he wants to go. Because he was already so close to his edge from constantly feeling my cunt tighten around him, Dylan was already falling off of it in a matter of seconds. It only took a few thrusts and my mouth hollowing out as my tongue constantly licked his sensitive tip. Dylan’s hot release immediately shot out of his slit and landed on my palate, the delicious salty taste of his cum making me moan.

“God, no one can give a blowjob like you, babygirl.” Dylan whispered huskily, laying back down on the floor beside me.

The sexual tension in the air eased down and was replaced with pure bliss, both of our chests rising and falling with heavy breaths. All of a sudden, Dylan turned around and nudged his face amongst my shoulders. Goosebumps making its ways on my skin at the feeling of his hot breath against my neck as he wrapped a lazy arm around my waist.

“What'cha doing there, Dyl?” I asked curiously.

“Breathing in your neck because you always smell so good.” He shrugged.

“Well, I’m just gonna pretend that’s not a weird thing to say.” I chuckled and he laughed with me.

“Sorry.” He smiled, placing a chaste kiss on my skin. “Would you rather I whisper things into your ear so you remember them when you’re not with me?”

“Hmm, that would be nice.” I smiled before it turned into a grin. “But, I’d rather go eat that take out.”

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Sebastian Stan

Sorry about the shitty quality and possible abundant amount of spelling mistakes, I’m on mobile and I cannot stand it. But happy birthday to my baby❤️❤️

warnings; unprotected sex, oral sex, use of toys, Sebastian (need I say more)

It was one of THOSE days.

The type of day where he could jerk himself ten times in a row and still be left with a throbbing erection between his legs. The type of day where nothing could satisfy his insatiable need to bury his cock in a warm, wet place.

Sebastian thinks that it’s most likely due to the excitement thats pulsating throughout his entire body. That excitement was produced from the ability, after six whole months, to see his girl.

The little break from filming for his birthday had Seb’s mind mulling over how many different ways Y/N would let him ruin her this year. And shit, he’s not sure how she’ll outdo herself from last year because Sebastian swears he never recovered.

She was addictive, so much in fact that nearly every other sentence that fell from his mouth had something to do with her. Y/N was his entire world, the one piece that kept everything in order.

Sebastian never knew that a girl could run his life this much, but then he met Y/N and found that he was completely, entirely wrong. 

It seemed as though everything this girl did either brought a smile to Seb’s face or a rush of blood to his cock (but honestly, usually both happened). Sometimes he’s shocked that after three years together she could still have this affect on him.

So yes, it was one of those days.. but Sebastian was going to see his girl and that was all that mattered. He could ignore his pulsing cock as long as he kept his thoughts trained on anything but her, which ended up being the hardest to do.

He spent his entire flight home thinking about her with his legs crossed enough to cover his hardened cock. He thought about her body and how many ways she could bend her legs. About how good she tasted when he would go down on her. About how fucking amazing those little whimpers she made were.

Fuck, she was amazing.

Sebastian swore his cock pulsed when he pressed the house key into the lock. He though back to the day they bought the house - how she sucked him off in the bathroom as the agent was downstairs waiting for them to sign papers.

Yeah, his girl was pretty great.

Unlocking the door, he pushes it open with his shoulder. Dropping his bags on the floor, Sebastian peers around the seemingly empty house.

She has to be home..right? She knew he was coming home today, she obviously remembered his birthday from the racy pictures she sent him this where was she?

Sebastian can’t tell if he’s more upset that she wasn’t greeting him at the door or that she hadn’t planned some ‘welcome home’ blowjob for him.

He knew what he was getting himself into when he took his latest role, he knew how long he’d be away but, that didn’t excuse the fact that he’s been away six months and his girlfriend’s pussy is no where in sight.

It wasn’t a dry spell per say, more of a forced one. Six months without so much as touching his girls skin was more than enough to drive Sebastian absolutely crazy.

6 months since he’s seen her in person. 6 months since he’s seen her tits or her glistening pussy in front of him. 6 months since he’s absolutely devoured her heat while his fingers dug deep inside of her as she elicited sweet sighs and honeyed moans. 6 months since she’s screamed his name with his cock deep inside of her. 6 months of torture and she wasn’t even there to greet him at the fucking door.

He knows it’s because of his career, it drives them apart whenever he’s forced to go away to film. He knows it’s unfair to her when he leaves. But shit, he thinks it’s quite unfair for her to not be at that fucking door.

And because she wasn’t at the door, Sebastian can’t help but feel his ego deflate a bit. He’s faced with the glaring realization that she isn’t greedy for his cock at the moment, that she might not even want his dick near her.

While Sebastian knew she was a busy little bumblebee these days, what with her continuous job promotions and increasing social life, he couldn’t help but feel almost forgotten.

Maybe Y/N had gone out with her new friends and simply forgot that Sebastian would be home today?

His thoughts are cut off by the small pitter-patter of feet upstairs. “Seb!” Her succulent voice squeals as she rushes down the stairs.

He’s so absolutely ecstatic to see her that he almost forgets about the bags in his arms. He drops them, opening his arms wide to catch his speedy little girlfriend.

He’s never seen her run so fast in her entire life, so by the time she clashes into his chest it’s more of a sharp push than a thud. Sebastian doesn’t mind though, seeing as she has her legs around his waist and her face in his neck.

“Hey baby.” He hums, pressing his hands to her lower back to pull her flush into his chest. She mumbles a hello into his skin, pressing her lips down.

His hands run down her back and -

Sebastian moves his head out a bit so he can look down at her attire. It’s a lacy little number that (barely) covers her breasts and does absolutely nothing to cover her plump ass.

He’s so focused on her tight nipples that push through the thin silk, that he doesn’t even realize her lips have traveled to his jawline until he feels her nip at him.

“Happy birthday.” She smirks, pulling away to look at him. She brushes her fingers across his light stubble, giving him an approving look.

She always did like some scruff.

“Did you get all dressed up for me?” He grins, scrunching her hip between his fingers.

Y/N rolls her eyes, shrugging. “More for my suitor upstairs but I guess I’ll let you think it’s all for you.” She teases.

Sebastian nods, hiking her body up his hips more. “Well clearly your suitors doing a horrible job considering this little things still intact.” He plays with her Babydoll, looking at her plump lips.

“You’re the only guy id ever allow to rip this, Seb.” She sighs, running her fingers through his shorter hair. “I missed you, so fucking much.” She mumbles into his neck, burrowing into his skin.

“I missed you more doll.” He grins, wrapping a hand around her waist as his other arm reaches down to grab one of his bags.

Sebastian moves up the stairs, but not before he eyes the kitchen table. They hadn’t had hot table sex in a long time - maybe tonight?

“How’s that Alexa girl, or whatever her damn name is?” Y/N snickers from his shoulder, a certain anger in her voice that sends a smile to Seb’s face.

“Her names Alessia,” He chuckles, squeezing her to him. “And she’s good. She wanted me to tell you she says hello.”

Y/N huffs. “Yeah, I bet she did.”

“I don’t see why you’re so jealous of her.”

“Maybe because she gets to see you everyday while you film and kiss you and do whatever the fuck the director wants.”

Sebastian sighs, kicking the bedroom slow open. “It was one kiss for a single scene. I don’t have to kiss her ever again.” He says, finding her jealousy funny.

“Wow, I bet that broke her heart. Huh?” Y/N shifts closer to Seb, circling her arms tighter around his shoulders. “I don’t want to talk about her anymore.”

“You’re the one who brought her up.” Sebastian chuckles, brushing some of his hair from his face.

Nodding, Y/N pulls back. “Yeah but now I want to fuck you. So do you want to keep talking about her or do you want to have your cock in my mouth?”

“Well obviously I want the second option.” Sebastian grins, pressing a kiss to her lips. Of course Sebastian likes to prod her on her jealousy. It’s a natural occurrence in their multi-year relationship.

He drops her onto the bed, falling on top of her smaller frame. She doesn’t remove herself from being wrapped around him, her ankles crossing behind his back.

His arms reach around to the small of her back and pulls her hips closer. He pokes his tongue out and presses it to the line of hers, requesting for her to open her mouth.

They haven’t kissed in forever and in all honesty, Sebastian was really feeling it before he came home.

He’s rapidly stiffening in his pants and he knows she can feel his cock on her lower belly. They continue to lick into each other’s mouths while their hands roam everywhere: Sebastian’s slide under her Babydoll to brush her skin; hers knit into his hair and pull.

He grips the side of her neck and pulls her closer, lips scrunching and teeth knocking together in an almost sickly kiss. Sebastian follows her down onto the bed, loving the way her body falls slack against his.

“I love you.” He mutters into her mouth, breathing hot air. “So fucking much. Missed you, fuck.”

They break apart and press their foreheads together. “I love you more.” She replies.

Enough sweet talk, Sebastian thinks. He wants to get right down to business after this six month long hell he’s lived.

She rolls her hips up into his, greedy for some type of friction. It was downright sexy, a carnal throb pulses in his pants at the slight brush.

“S'been too long since I had my cock in you.” Sebastian slurs, the need for pleasure taking over his body. “Gonna take care of you baby.”

She nods up at him, silently pleading for him to just ravish her in any way he liked. His birthday was always one of experimentation.

“So baby,” He draws, lacing his fingers around her thighs. “What have you been using to get off since I’ve been gone? Your fingers?”

She shakes her head and Sebastian cocks an eyebrow. “Something else..” She mumbles, leaning up to kiss him again.

“Well get on with it then, what is it?” Sebastian pries, nudging his cock along her lace covered heat.

Y/N sits for a moment, drumming her fingers on his back. “Bought a vibrator. A good investment honestly.”

Sebastian’s shocked at her confession. In all the years he’d known Y/N she had never once discussed any type of sex toy unless she was joking around.

And here she is, his sweet little Y/N — who blushes at the fact his balls have been in her mouth one more than one occasion — admitting that she bought a vibrator to get herself off.

“Did it get you off as well as I can?” Sebastian hums, hoping to inflate his ego further.

She shakes her head, tugging at his shirt. “Nothing gets me off as good as you. But it did get the job done.”

“How about we break it out, huh?”

Y/N nods and pulls harder at Sebastian’s shirt, trying to get him to take it off. He pulls away from her and tugs his shirt over his head, tossing it somewhere in the corner of the room.

“It’s in the nightstand.” She says, dragging a hand through his dark locks. “You know, I miss the long hair.”

Sebastian leans over her to the nightstand, pulling open the first drawer. “And whys that?”

“Gave me something to pull on whenever you went down on me. Plus Winter Soldier Seb was my all time favorite.” She gives a harsh tug on his hair. “See? Doesn’t quite work as well.”

He bites back a moan at her action, digging around her drawer until he finds a bullet shaped, silver rod. “I’ll have to grow it out again after this movie I guess.”

“I’d like that very much.”

His fingers flip along the little bullet, inspecting it. “Let’s get you out of this, yeah?” He asks, pulling on the strap of the Babydoll.

She nods, giving him a devious smirk. Placing both hands at the top of the neckline, Sebastian pulls apart the material.

It rips in half, leaving just her lace panties to cover her modesty. “I’m waiting for the day when you don’t rip apart my clothes.” She muses.

“I’m waiting for the day when you just stop wearing clothes all together.” He cracks back, marveling at her bare chest.

He runs his hands down the swell of her breasts, chewing his lip at being able to just touch her.

With a fluid motion he rips off her thin panties. She gasps, giving him a stern look as he chuckles. He wants to hear her yell his name, scream into a void as she crashes from her orgasm.

He scoots down, jaw slack, till he’s level with her glistening pink. It’s been far too long since he’s tasted Y/N and he’s not about to be robbed of that privilege by some metal sex toy. He moves his hands to spread her legs, giving him more access to her dampened core. He spreads her folds, tongue poking out to wet his lips as he’s graced with the presence of her sopping clit.

She bucks upwards, wanting him to just get on with it. “Hey, Little Miss Bucky. Hips down.” He grins up at her.

“Don’t give me a name after your character.” She groans above him, pouring out that plump bottom lip of hers.

“And here I thought you liked the Winter Soldier.” Seb laughs, his breath riffing against her heat.

“Yeah, I do like Bucky. But that doesn’t mean I want to be named after him.” Y/N bucks her hips up again.

“Keep your hips down.” Sebastian growls, pinning her body to the mattress by throwing a strong arm over her torso.

Sebastian’s too horny to keep teasing her and he can feel his cock nearly bursting through his jeans. Diving right into her heat, he licks along her clit and savors the taste.

He eyes her, watching her mouth drop as he nibbles against her clit. He probes it with the tip of his tongue, rolling his tongue along it. He all but forgot how intoxicating her pussy was, so small licks were definitely not enough for him.

His moves grow aggressive, almost as if he wants to ruin her before even getting his cock inside of her.

He fingers along her opening, tongue flattening at the base of her clit and licks with a broad swipe upwards.

“Seb..” She moans out and Christ, Sebastian knows now that he’s never crave a sound as much as that of his girl begging for him.

Y/N starts squirming, pulsing on his tongue — her sweet juices flowing down his chin. He needs more of that, more of the taste, more of her moans, more of her hand tugging at his hair. She’s a drug to him and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get his fix.

“More.” She hums, pushing his face closer to her sex by his hair, growing greedier by the second. Her small moans grow louder as he ravishes her clit, throwing in a nibble or two.

He gets lost in her all together - lost in her constant pulling at his hair which absolutely drives him up a wall.

He sucks her clit into his mouth and rolls it with his tongue. She sputters along the mattress, pressing her face into the pillow below her head.

It’s been months since Y/Ns been eaten out and Sebastian assumes she won’t last as long as normal. Hell, he won’t last long when he finally gets his cock inside of her.

She tugs on his roots, forcing him to look up at her. “Seb, I love your mouth - I really fucking do. But shit, you can’t just hold the vibrator and not use it on me.” She says, reminding Sebastian that he indeed has the little silver bullet in his fist across her stomach. Pure torture, he supposes.

“Sorry baby.” He purrs into her slick, giving her two more languid licks before flipping the vibrator along his fingers. “Wanna cum, don’t you?”

“No fucking shit, Seb. Just cause it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can tease me.” She grumbles, massaging her fingers into his hair.

He smirks hotly, twisting the little bottom on the toy. It purrs in his hand as he knocks it another notch. “Wow.” He muses, feeling the strong pulsations through his hand. “Picked a good one, didn’t you?”

“Sebastian..” She moans, pouting down at him. “C'mon baby.”

He nods, flipping it another notch. His eyes widen at the pure power in the small bullet. He leans down and pecks her clit, swiping his tongue over it to add to her copious amount of slick.

Every touch he presses to her hot skin pulls a reaction throughout her entire body. Sebastian knows everything about her body, he’s learned from the numerous years they spent together, exploring one another’s body. He knows she loses control when he fingers her while she knows his cock floods heavy and thick whenever she tugs on his hair.

God did he miss her. Missed the sounds she makes when he has his tongue running across her clit; missed her bucking hips against his chin; missed the pure feel of her skin pressed against his. And fuck did he miss being able to slurp up her flowing juices after she cums all over his mouth.

He brings the toy down to her slit, watching her body jolt from the bed as the vibrations work through her core.

Sebastian smirks, bringing the vibrating tool up along her clit. Y/N squeals delightfully, a content smile across her features as she rolls in his hands.

She cries and arches off the bed, pulling harshly at his locks. Sebastian wraps an arm around her stomach to hold her down as she squirms about.

“That’s it baby,” He coos. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” He presses the vibrator harder down on her clit, pinning her into place. She jerks and rolls her hips, coiled in pleasure.

He watches his girl, completely in awe of the complete wreck her body was. He rubs the vibrator in circles on her clit, completely drawn to her moans.

Her eyes are pinched shut and her hips are rutting up before Sebastian snaps out of his trance. He brings his fingers to her pert hole, drawing his fingers inside of her. He wants to stretch her out nice and good for him.

He drives his fingers into her, curling along the upper wall. Her toes curl behind his back when he presses against her sweet spot. The vibrator is around the size of his finger and an idea clicks in his mind. He’s always wanted to do this to her. He pulls the vibrator down her slit before removing his fingers and watching her eyebrow cork up in confusions. Her face relaxes when he fits the tip of the toy to her hole. He’s never done this before, never got to see her from this angle.

He can observe her, watch her hole. Sebastian pushes the vibrator into her, his cock twitching when he sees her walls stretch and ripple around it. He uses a fast pace to pump it into her, her walls lurching and clamping down on the metal.

His free hand reaches down along the sheets to give himself a generous squeeze through his jeans. The vibrator is halfway in her cunt and he thinks he might have let out a loud moan. Y/N pulls at the hair on his head, wiggling her head into the pillows beneath her. Sebastian just really wants to fuck her, but fucking her with the vibrator is doing a damn good job. He licks around his lips and notices her taste is still lingering along there. He can only imagine how he’d look had she cum all over his mouth.

“Fuck, fuck! Sebastian!” She moans. If that isn’t the hottest thing Sebastian has ever heard..

He never realized just how tight Y/N actually is. Sure he’s felt her clench and stretch around his dick when he’s filled her to the brim, but watching it makes the whole thing seem even more amazing. Shit, he will never get enough of her. And yeah it’s probably her smell that’s lingering in the air but.. He knows he’s going to need her for the rest of his life.

And then.. There she goes. She’s cumming all over his hands as she thrashes on the bed, chiding his name.

“Sebastian,” she moans, pulling at him. “Fuck me, please..” She commands and Sebastian smiles, wanting nothing more than to wreck her. He pulls the vibrator from her, watching her slick slide across the cool metal. He groans, tossing it to the other side of the bed.

Sebastian sits up, crawling up her body to pepper kisses to her chest. She pulls at his belt, pouting up at him. He knows she wants to suck him off just from the look in her eyes. “Suck me off all you want later, okay? Baby, I need to fuck you.” He groans, watching the way she nods eagerly.

“Happy birthday, babe. Now, if you don’t mind, completely fucking wreck me.” Y/N smirks and Sebastian feels a gush of blood rush to his cock. He throbs against his jeans.

He nods quickly, pulling his zipper down and kicking his pants to the end of the bed. Y/N reaches down and cups his cock through his boxers. “Flip over, babygirl.” Sebastian requests and helps turn her onto her tummy. She raises her bum, wiggling it in the air as she waits for him. He shoves his boxers down, stroking his cock a few times. He slaps his cock on her ass a few times, in the name of fun of course.

He grasps himself at the base and scoots closer to her ass, placing the tip at her entrance. Sebastian drops his head as he inches into her, eyes closed tightly. He bottoms out, placing a hand at the top of her ass.

She clenches around him. “Fuck — stop.” He groans, pushing her hip to make her stop. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum right here if you keep that up.”

A low groan escapes his throat as he rocks into her, thinking about how shitty it was to go six whole months without feeling her around his cock. Never again, he’ll fly home for a few hours just to fuck her if he has to.

“Feel good baby? Better than that vibrator.” Sebastian says, diving into her with such force that her body knocks up the bed. He teases her with a smack on the cheek, just hard enough to earn a glare from her.

“So good, so much better.” She breathes, relief growing from the sensation of his dick inside of her. Sebastian leans down and puts his weight on his upper body so he can bite her neck.

His hair falls forward and plasters along his forehead, sticking to his skin with his sweat. He squeezes her sides as the tightness in his stomach bunches and tingles through his entire body.

“Fuck.” She groans, digging her face down into the pillow as her squirming begins. He kisses the top of her shoulder while she squeals in his arms. So sweet, so fucking gorgeous.

“Just like that, fuck.” He says into her hair, gasping at her cunt squeezing his cock harder than ever. He picks up his pace, watching her brows furrow in pleasure.

She bites the pillow below, a scream coming out muffled. She drops to the mattress, her ass still high in the air. Her pussy clenches and releases on a rhythm, juices gushing down her thighs. “Sebastian!” She screams.

Sebastian’s thrusts become sloppy in her fluttering core. He comes hard..Christ it felt amazing. He shoots some good spurts inside of her, low-bellied grunts come from his mouth. He doesn’t want the feeling to end when he continues softly thrusting, pulling his limp cock from her core.

He flips her back over, curling her to settle on top of his chest. There’s a small silence between them for a moment before Sebastian absolutely ruins it. “So because it’s my birthday does that mean I can cum on your face later?”


Summary: Annabelle Shaw (reader) trains at the Avengers compound. While remembering her troubled past, she injures herself and recieves help from the last person she expected.

Word Count: 2,246

Author’s Note: Hi everyone! So this is my first story on here, so bear with me! I am open to requests, so if anyone ever wants to request fics, feel free to message me! Thanks for reading!

Sunlight seeps through the curtains, filling the dark room with golden hues. My eyes open slowly, a low groan emanating from my throat as I roll over in the plush bed. I throw the sheets over my head, exhaling deeply as I settle back in contently.

“Good morning, Miss Shaw,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. croons. “It is six a.m. and Captain Rogers is awaiting your training session in the sparring room.”

“Ugh,” I drawl. “F.R.I.D.A.Y., tell Steve I’m not training today because I’m exhausted from the mission last night,” I mumble sleepily. “Goddamn old men and their early mornings.”

“As you wish.”

“Oh, and F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

“Yes, Miss?”

I smile and say, “Close the curtains and don’t wake me up unless it’s an emergency.”

“Of course, Miss Shaw.”

Just as my eyes flutter shut, a hand bangs on the door in quick succession. “Annabelle! Rise and shine!” Steve yells.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., keep him out.”

“Yes, Miss Shaw.”

I turn over and sigh happily, knowing F.R.I.D.A.Y. would never go against my wishes. Steve continues to pound against the door, yelling about our training session, but I stay completely silent. I hear the AI say something to Steve, probably telling him I’ve restricted all contact with me to emergencies only. The incessant knocking stops and I’m finally at peace.

“Miss Shaw,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. says, confused, “I’m afraid Captain Rogers is overriding my security protocol. He will have access to you in approximately twenty seconds.”

With that, my eyes fly open and I begin to panic. “Shit,” I chant. Rushing around the room, I shuck off my pajamas and throw on a sports bra, tank top and capri spandex bottoms, knowing Steve will drag me out in whatever I’m in, regardless of how I look. Just as I’m throwing my hair into a high ponytail, the door whisks open and Steve barges in, a creased brow and shit-eating grin on his face.

“Annabelle, I told you what would happen if you did this again,” he boomed, advancing quickly.

My heart leaps to my throat. “Steve, I’m so tired from last night, please don’t do th-”

I’m cut off as the super-soldier tosses me over his shoulder, laughing gleefully as I yelp in surprise. “Too little too late, Shaw.”

His grip is completely constricting, forcing my hand. I plant a hard slap on his right butt cheek, which surprises him, causing him to squeal “shit!” and his hands to slightly falter. I take the opportunity to slip away and sprint down the hallway of the Avenger’s compound, heart pounding. He pursues me with heavy footfalls that resonate throughout the otherwise silent building, shouting empty threats at me while laughing.

I spin around and throw up the middle finger, chortling, only to slam into a solid, warm surface.

I topple over and slam into the floor, taking the body with me. We groan in unison and a flash of silver catches my eye. I stiffen and shoot up in panic. “Sorry, I didn’t see you th-”

He cuts you off with a growl, standing up slowly. “Watch where you’re going next time.” Bucky stalks away quietly, seething.

I turn to Steve and he laughs nervously, leading me to the sparring room.

After a long day of training, I fall onto my bed, completely wore down. Steve, ever so merciless and in excellent shape, always expected me to keep up with him when we trained together, which seemed like a stretch. When we sparred, I could knock him down and keep him down easily, but when it came to physical endurance and strength training, it seemed like the super-soldier enjoyed pushing me past my breaking point every day. Every session introduced a new form of torture that reigned hell on my body, and every night prolonged my misery with every single movement.

We frequently came across the others training for missions, but had never once seen Bucky in the training rooms. I didn’t know if that was because he didn’t need training, or if he just didn’t care enough to make an effort, but it annoyed the hell out of me every day because of how effortless he made missions seem. There I always was, busting my ass, and he would simply throw people into walls with his metal arm with what seemed like little to no effort. It infuriated me.

There is a mission tonight that Steve, Sam, Natasha, and Wanda had to go on, leaving me, Bucky, and Tony at the compound. After the falling out of the Avengers about a year and a half ago, the Sokovia Accords had been abolished, leaving the group to have free reign with the supervision of the World Security Council. Amnesty was granted to Steve, Sam, Clint, Wanda, and Scott, so they returned to the States. Tony, having realized what a dick he had been, formally apologized to everyone for his behavior and overall jackassery during their “civil war.” Since then, everything has been running smoothly, with most of the team back at the compound. Clint and Scott returned to their families, T’Challa remained in Wakanda to serve his duty as both king and Black Panther warrior, Banner’s been MIA since the battle for Sokovia, and Tony spends most of his time in New York and Queens to keep an eye on the new kid, Peter, and help Rhodey adjust to life. I’d never met the Spider-Man himself, but from what Sam and Steve’s told me, he seems like an overzealous teenager who’s eager to please, like I was.

I head to the gym, F.R.I.D.A.Y. playing my workout playlist through the PA system. I twirl a knife in my hand, slightly dancing to the rhythm while walking down the corridor. Once I reach the gym, I ditch my knife on a table in exchange for tape and head for a punching bag, carefully wrapping my knuckles as I go. Clenching my fist, I roll my neck to loosen up before striking the sand-filled bag. I smile, savoring the sweet sting from the punch, and throw three more in quick succession. After I’m warmed up, I begin to throw punches and kicks like Steve taught me, exerting all of the strength I could muster.

Startling awake, I gasp for breath, fighting against the restraints. The metal table is cold beneath me, save for the small pools of blood that seeped through the fabric of my shirt. I glance down at my exposed midriff, crying out at the pain of the gunshot wounds. I scream in agony, concentrating on the lodged bullets, and pull the fragments out. This is what they want. They want to see you break, to unleash your power, and you finally did. As soon as the bullets land on the floor, a team of doctors rush in, grinning like they’d won the lottery. I scream, light bulbs shattering above and the table shaking with every breath I take.

“Yes,” they say, one amorphous, sinister voice. “Now we can begin.”

I lose track of how long I spend at the bag, so when I see blood seeping through the white tape encasing my tender knuckles, I slow to a stop. My tank top is completely soaked through, so I discard it on the floor, leaving me in my sports bra and yoga capris. “F.R.I.D.A.Y., stop the music please.” I carefully unwrap my hands, wincing at the agonizing burn of split knuckles. I walk to the table and grab a knife to sever the cage of white engulfing my scarlet fingers. Once the tape is gone and my knuckles can bleed freely, I sit against a wall, clutching my head in my hands, struggling to control the erratic heaves of my chest.


A noise from the door startles me out of my stupor and my guard is up immediately. Without looking, I stand and hurl the knife to the frame of the door, the glinting metal striking its mark inches from the intruder’s head.

“Shit,” Bucky breathes. “It’s just me.”

Exhaling shakily, I shake my head and scoff. “What, need to train?”

“Uh, yeah,” he says, stepping into the room. He glances around curiously, as if experiencing it for the first time. I scoff again, concluding that this actually is his first time here. Bucky isn’t one to initiate conversation, and neither am I, so I put him out of my mind as I grab a towel to wipe my hands. Biting my lip to conceal my pain from my metal-armed spectator, I gently dab my knuckles, blood soaking into the towel quickly. The whimper I mistakenly let out results in Bucky coming over to me in a flash, slowly circling his fingers, flesh and metal, around my wrists. I avoid his eyes shamefully, frowning. What is he doing?

“Come with me,” he says. He grazes his metal fingers up my arm and down my back in one swift motion, goosebumps raising in their wake. My breathing falters for a second, barely a hitch, but he notices. He hides his grin by pretending to scratch his scruff-covered jaw. I try not to stare when Bucky runs his fingers through his hair, holding back his smile. He splays his cool fingers on the small of my back, gently leading me out of the gym.

The only thing I can concentrate on is his hand on my skin. The smooth and cool surface of the metal tingles on the sweaty, exposed surface. While he’s touching me, my body is suddenly hyperaware of every move he makes, so I can feel when he adjusts his arm slightly to curl his fingers around my waist nonchalantly. I try not to gasp when he tugs me into his room and slams the door behind him.

“Bucky, what-”

He shakes his head and smiles softly. “I just want to help clean you up,” he says quietly. My heart practically slams out of my chest as he takes in my shocked expression and grins boyishly, dimples forming in his cheeks. “C’mon B.”

“B?” I question. He takes me to his en-suite and lifts me onto the vanity, which makes me squeak in surprise. Who the hell is this guy?

He smiles, and again I’m transported to another place. I’ve never seen him smile so often and so freely. It’s confusing. “Just thought I’d try it out. Everyone calls you a cute nickname, and I thought I would try out B.”

Bucky digs around a drawer, fishing out antibacterial cream, gauze, and medical tape. His hair falls into his face as he washes my knuckles with warm water and soap tenderly. I study him: his sharp, strong jawline; his strong cheekbones; his long lashes lightly dusting his cheeks when he blinks; the soft curve of his plump lips and how he bites the lower one in concentration; his broad shoulders and bulging biceps straining against his plain black shirt; his everything.

“Why B? What does it stand for? Bells?”

He pauses, holding my cut hands. Blush dusts his cheeks and he looks up at me with the same heart-stopping, boyish grin he gave me earlier. “No.”

I crease my eyebrows. “What then?”


My heart hammers in my chest. What? He places my hands in my lap, stepping between my parted legs. “Bucky, what-”

“Shh, just let me, let me try something.” He leans in closer, firmly gripping my hips, pulling me closer to him. I squeak in surprise, my whole body burning with an emotion I can’t decipher. We are so close, closer than I’ve been with anyone in a while. I feel like I can’t breathe, but in the best possible way, when he leans in, brushing his lips against mine. I gasp and he sucks in a breath through his nose. Everything is tingling and nothing feels real, but the warm pressure of his hands on my hips reminds me that this is reality. Bucky pulls me impossibly closer, fully pressing his lips against mine. I sigh, my heart pounding with excitement, and bring him closer to me by holding his face in my shaking hands. I can feel the pulse on his neck, whimpering when it’s as fast and hard as mine. He groans and deepens the kiss, slipping his tongue into my mouth, much to my surprise. He feels and tastes amazing, like the peppermint gum he always chews. His body is solid and warm between my parted thighs, and my mind is buzzing.

Time ceases to exist when his lips are on mine, and everything feels like a dream. After what feels like a blissful eternity yet only a second, I reluctantly break the connection, breathing hard and fast like the beautiful man in front of me. He lays his forehead on mine, struggling to catch his breath. I laugh nervously and lace our fingers together, leaning against the wall behind me.

“What was that?” I ask breathlessly. He grins.

“Can’t stop thinking about those lips,” he tells me. I blush scarlet, which makes him laugh. He finishes bandaging my hands and I feel helpless against the assault of light kisses he gives each knuckle once it’s cleaned and wrapped.

Once he’s finished, he pulls me off the counter and leads me back to the gym. I stare at him, still giddy, and ask, “What are we doing?”

He grabs a handful of knives off of the table and turns to you, grinning. “I want you to teach me how to throw knives.”

I blanch. “Are you kidding me? You don’t know how to throw a knife?”

He shrugs. “I do. I just want you to teach me how you throw knives. I see you playing with one all the time.”

My eyes widen in shock and yet again, I blush. “You watch me?”

His metal arm glints in the sun as he scratches the back of his head sheepishly. “Um, yeah. For a while now.”

I can’t hide the smile that lights up my face; much to my displeasure, I also can’t hide the girly giggle that escapes. “What else do you think about?”

He drops the knives and rushes to me, grabbing me by the thighs and hoisting me up. I squeal, which seems to be a recurring, annoying sound I make, and wrap my arms around his neck. He traces my lips with a finger, looks up at me with a soft smile and bright eyes before saying, “Trust me, babydoll, this is only the beginning.”

Pillow Talk!

I’m super tired, but I wanted to write something. I’ll proof-read tomorrow xD Hope it makes sense^^

You could barely keep your eyes open. Just till the end of this chapter, you told yourself, though you knew it was worthless. Nothing you were gonna read now would stay in your brain. With a grunt you closed your textbook and put it on the floor next to your bed.

“Finished?”, a familiar voice asked from the door.

You looked over and gave your roomate a sleepy smile and a nod. Then you slid down under your covers.

He grinned, walking over. He stopped in front of your bed. “May I?”, he asked, gesturing at the bed.

“Don’t need to ask.”, you muttered, eyes almost closed.

This was tradition, since the night Harry had found you crying your eyes out over your stupid ex. Ever since he came by every night to talk about each of your days, the weather, stuff…God and the world. His voice always sent you into the most comfortable sleep. You had a bit of an addiction to the sound of his voice and that slow drawl, like he was tasting every single word before speaking it.

Tonight though you were almost too far gone already, which Harry could tell.

“I talked to my mom today, she wants me to visit.”, he told you, slipping under the covers next to you, propping his head up on a pillow, arm under his head as he always did.

“Hmm…and? You going?”, you asked, blinking at him.

“Yeah, soon I think. I just gotta do a few things before.”, he explained, stroking the bit of scruff on his chin.

“Like?” You didn’t even control your mouth anymore, it was on auto-pilot. The words just fell out.

You could feel him shrug. “Things.”

“Hm…you’re so…informative.”

He chuckled. “You’ll see.”

“Mystery.”, you stated, then yawned.

You wrapped the blanket tighter around you and scooted over so you could cuddle up to Harry. Immediately his arm wrapped around you, pulling you closer.

“You’re not very chatty tonight.”

“Hmph, tomorrow. Tired.”

He laughed and pulled you even closer. You inhaled his smell. He was intoxicating in any way. He kissed the top of your head.

“I love you.”, he muttered.

You were too far gone to reply, but some tiny voice in the back of your mind frantically tried to figure out if it had been real or dream already. Because Harry never said ‘I love you’ to his friends, that was reserved for family and significant others. His friends, including you, usually got a ‘Love ya.’

That’s how your pillow talks normally ended. He said ‘Love ya.’ and kissed your head. You replied ‘Love you more.’ with a goofy grin, which always made him roll his eyes. Then he’d leave. Everytime.

So that’s why that tiny voice in your mind decided, that next morning, that it hadn’t been a dream, because you woke up in his arms.

81. Drunk


I know it’s a little early but if I don’t publish this, then I can’t work on anything else. Just the way my mind works. And I’m just so excited to be a part of @bucky-plums-barnes 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s Birthday Project!

Happy Birthday, Old Kinky Man!

Warnings: SMUT. Oral (female receiving). And swearing.

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: Guys, this is my first proper smut so any feedback would be appreciated. If it’s crap, tell me to stop. If it’s ok please tell me so!

Originally posted by hothothotgg

You woke up confused with the commotion happening in your bedroom. You lived alone and the only person who had a spare key was your boyfriend, one and only James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Captain America’s best friend and recent villain-turned-hero. You gave him the key in case of emergency. Apparently late night shenanigans were what he considered an emergency.

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NSFW Jealous!McCree Headcanons

Requested by anonymous


  • If you’re in public when he gets jealous, expect him to tease you and grin up against you back so you can feel his erection against you
  • “Just wait till we get home”
  • He will leave love bites all over
  • Especially on your inner thighs
  • You’ll feel his scruff scrap
  • He’ll pin your arms down or above your head to hold you in place
  • Teasing for days
  • Sometimes he’ll tease you with a feather
  • Blind fold you so you don’t know what he’s up to next
  • Until he makes you beg for him to do something
  • He’ll spread your legs and look at you all open for him
  • Be prepared for the next thing he says is “Look at you, all eager for me” or “you’re all mine darling”


  • Forget orgasm denial when Jesse is jealous. He’s going to give you as many orgasms as he can to the point that you’re overstimulated and exhausted. He wants you to know just how good he and only he can make you feel
  • Depending on how impatient he feels that day, he’ll pick you up before throwing you down on the bed
  • Proceeded by him tying you up and having his way with you while you completely submit to him
  • He’ll get enthusiastic during oral and start throat fucking
  • “Tell me how much you love my cock in your mouth, darling.”
  • By the end of the night, you’ll be completely satisfied and so will he
  • You’ll get lots of kisses and snuggles afterwards
  • “I just love you so much darling”
Slow Hands

Pairing: Jim Preston x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2298

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Chris in his movie Passengers and I just had to write something on it and I did! It’s super cute, obviously. Thank you to the greatest girl ever, @writing-obrien for proofreading this for me!

Originally posted by caresizligeuzananel

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Rules for Dating Tony (Chapter One)

So I wrote this halfway through #LetterstoBucky when I was just sad for Tony. And then I watched Civil War which made it worse! So this is based sometime after Civil War, and Tony has managed to get nearly every one back to the team and getting along. And because Tony deserves SO MUCH LOVE, the guys come up with a plan for each of them to date Tony.
This is just supposed to be funny and sweet so don’t look too deep into it! The guys are maybe a little out of character, but that’s the beauty of a fic! Each update will be a different date night, so I hope they make you smile.

Check out the MASTERLIST for all the chapters!

It started innocently enough, with Tony walking in on Bucky, Steve, T’Challa, Clint and Thor all eating breakfast together.

They were talking, or rather, ARGUING, quietly but fiercely among themselves, and shut up the moment he walked through the door.

“Morning boys.” Tony yawned and ran a hand through his early morning fro, really not noticing how they all looked him over, then looked at each other. Well, he might not have noticed if Thor could have been subtle, but they didn’t love the demi-god because he was subtle.

“Good Morrow, Anthony.” he intoned, in that mellow baritone, folding big arms across a bigger chest, and looking Tony over with a smile just short of a leer on his face. Tony blinked at him uncertainly, paused halfway to the coffee machine.

“Thunderboy, stop looking at me like that.” He looked down at himself, at his bare chest and threadbare pajama pants. “What? Is it my pajama pants? They are a little old I guess. Or my slippers? Say what you guys want, but these are easily the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.” he grinned down fondly at his worn and faded moccasins. “You guys must just be jealous.” He shuffled back out of the kitchen, clutching a steaming coffee close to his chest.

“So one night?” he heard Thor say, and he paused right outside the door, too nosy to ignore the conversation. “Just one?”

“The night before and the morning after and that’s it.” This was definitely T’Challa, that deep voice sounding even lower, huskier in the morning. Tony shivered a little and grinned. The prince was so hot.

“Everybody gets the same amount of time.” Bucky chimed in. “That say it’s as fair as it can be, considering the situation anyway.” Tony could almost see him, all earnest blue eyes and early morning scruff. Adorable.

“Right. And everyone has to do their own thing, no copying anyone else.” From Clint, who had been drinking orange juice straight from the jug. Sometimes Tony thought Clint did shit like that just to make him smile, other times he thought maybe it was because Clint had just about zero manners.

“We will draw numbers to see who gets to go first.” Steve added quietly. “Keep it as random as possible.” Ah yes, there was his favorite stick-in-the-mud Captain. Always one for rules.

“Then yes, count me in as a competitor as well.” Thor announced, banging his cup on the table for emphasis.

Tony thought for a moment that the statement sounded odd, but Thor said a lot of odd things really, so he shrugged it off.

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Midnight Mistakes

Title: Midnight Mistakes

Athlete: Taylor Hall

Word Count: 3,222

Rating: NC-17

Requested?: Yes

Request?” Hallsy Smut…? (I realize this was a random request received but it got my brain going and it was written quickly and was super helpful in getting my writing going again.)

A/N: This is a story containing smut and if that’s not your thing I probably would refrain from reading it.  If you’re fine with said scenario all I have to say is anger towards Taylor turns into angry sex with Taylor.  This is my first attempt at smut so let me know what you think of it and if you’d like to see more stories like this, otherwise ENJOY the story!!  A big thank you needs to be said to @bostonstrongforlife for proofreading the story for me before I posted it!!

Your name: submit What is this?

Leaning out of the bathroom I tried listening to the game recap as I brushed my teeth.  I knew the outcome of the game, I had watched it in its entirety, but was hoping for a little positivity to be spoken by the announcers.  Rinsing out my mouth I knew this was not going to be the night they granted my wish.

Slipping out of my lounge pants and hoodie I grabbed one of Taylor’s t-shirts from his drawer and pulled it on as I slid under the covers to await his call.  It was already later than the normal time he called after games which was fine since I knew he was going to be grumpy.  

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This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge.  My quote was  “You seem troubled. Course that’s a primary aspect of your personality so I sometimes ignore it.” - Cas

Summary: Your senior year of high school isn’t turning out as epic as you hoped it would.

warnings: Cas fluff, HS AU, slight teenage angst at the beginning

word count: ~1650

Originally posted by destieltime

You sat on your front porch, cradling your chin in your hands and staring blankly at the street in front of you.  Here you were, senior in high school, finally the “top dog” at school instead of just some dorky underclassmen.

Wasn’t senior year supposed to feel…better than this?

You didn’t feel any different than before.  In fact, you felt a little more like a loser, mainly because you hadn’t all of a sudden become super cool, like you hoped would happen.

Sure, you had your friends, your family, a few college acceptances that were ready to go.  But you weren’t quite…

There were no words – you must just be in a funk.

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Rockabye Baby (Daddy!Bucky x Mommy!Reader)

Author’s Note: WHAT’S UP GUYS!!! Now that I have successfully survived midterms, I have returned. During a study break, I was scrolling through and I saw an ask on my feed that I just had to write about. So with the blessing of the absolutely fantastic @bucky-plums-barnes (love ya😘😘), I turned one of her Fluffy Friday scenarios into a fic. I hope you guys enjoy!! :)

Summary: “Bucky returning home form a mission, tired, but refuses to let you get up during the night with the newborn because he knows you need your sleep.”

Other Characters: None

Warnings: A little self doubt/anxiety and extreme fluff 

Woud Count: 629

Originally posted by lupitasandoval91

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Negan Drabble

This was inspired by two queens of the music industry. They stop the world. But they allowed us to carry on lmfao (Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj and Queen Bee herself) 

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Princess Kink, Somewhat NSFW, Torture mention, Swearing, I think that’s it if you want me to tag anything else let me know!


Yes Daddy I do.”

He chuckles and squeezes his hand around my neck. He pushes me into the wall behind us and kisses my lips, my heart pumps in my ears as everything falls into a haze around us. Everything elegant in his room means nothing anymore, not the silk sheets, the beautiful floral or the pristine cleanliness of it, just me and him.

The scruff of his salt and peppered beard pricks against my face. God I love when he doesn’t shave this shit. He smiles and pulls away from me with his hand still firmly on my neck.

“Good girl Princess.”

My eyelids fall half down as I bite my lip and look up at him through my thick lashes.

His beautiful sadistic smile comes across his lips as his eyes grow hungry. “No need to give me that look, Princess, you already have me.” His other hand slowly trails its way down my stomach, right to my sweet spot between my legs. I roll my hips against his hand and moan.

He smirks as he leans forward and whispers in my ear, “You like that Princess?” His hot breath hits my neck as I moan. Hot waves roll down my back as my heart pounds. I just want him, just him. I’ve been waiting for so long.

“Yes Daddy.”

A low chuckle comes from his throat, “Good.”  His lips go to my neck as he runs his hand in between my legs in small circles. Even rubbing me through my jeans he puts a number on me.

I grind against his hand and push off his leather jacket, as he rips off my shirt, barely breaking his lips away from my neck. He throws it on the ground and pushes his weight against me; the cold wall sends shivers down my almost bare back.

I put my hands on the top of his jeans and fumble to undo his button and zipper. I begin to push down his pants to reveal his-

Bang! Bang! Comes from behind the door, I flinch away as Negan groans and turns towards the door.

“Negan! We have a problem.” Simon yells behind the door, “There’s a few Saviors that were caught stealing medicine.”

Negan pulls away from me and tilts his head back and groans. “How many pricks?”

“A dozen, their group seems to be growing. They said they would much rather be dead than part of us.” I can see practically see Simon on the other side of the door with his hands on his hips and waiting for instruction with his head down.

Negan’s hand goes to his chin and rubs over his scruff as his eyes roam over my body until finally stopping at my eyes.

I smile and put my hand on my ass and twirl around and whisper, “This will be here for you when you get back. It’ even has a bow on it.”

Negan chuckles as he shakes his head, “You aren’t staying here if I’m torturing these pricks. You want in on the action don’t you?”

“Watching you torturing people turns me on. Even if I do prefer to do it myself, but you’re the next best thing.” I put my hand on his broad chest and push myself up against him. I can feel him rise against me and I smile and arch my eyebrows.

A mischievous smile comes across his lips as he leans back.

“So?” I look up at him and smile.

“Put on your shirt- I won’t start without you.” He smiles as he grabs his leather jacket off the ground, and puts it on, before grabbing his prized possession. Lucille. From the side of the bed, he tosses her over his shoulders as I put my shirt back on.

“I’m almost jealous of Lucille; she always gets to ride you.”

He smiles, “Be a good Princess and Daddy will let you ride him for as long as you want.”

I look up at him and smirk, “Daddy better turn me on.”

“Daddy might even let you torture those pricks if Princess behaves.”

I giggle, as I put my hands together, and sway from side to side. “Well- I might just behave then.”

rebelcaptain; foster care au vi

Whoops that took forever. 

No particular warnings for this one. Rey’s backstory has been modded for a modern AU,. XD 

She didn’t think it was going to work out badly, per se, but there’s a certain amount of relief in her gut when Rey comes home from the third or fourth meeting of the history club beaming and babbling about a girl named Rose Tico and a museum trip 

“Next Saturday,” Rey says, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Jyn, struggling with the zipper of her jacket, grunts. “Can I go?”

“Which museum?”

“African-American History.” She bounces some more. Out of the corner of Jyn’s eye, Finn creeps into view down the hall. He’s not been entirely sure what to make of Rey joining the history club–he might like Mr. A’s classes, but he’s more a taekwondo enthusiast than anything. Actually, Jyn’s surprised that Rey is enjoying the history club so much. Rey’s the type to take apart toasters and microwaves and put them back together again as her weekend activity, not go mad over old flyers from the Second World War. But still. “Can I go?”

“Are you taking the bus?”

“We’re meeting up at the school and taking the metro. Mr. A’s coming with us.”

“So it’s a school trip?”

Rey sucks her teeth. “Sort of? A club trip. But everyone’s going. Mr. A says the Smithsonian museums are free, you just have to schedule tickets for some of them a few days before. And I have a metro pass.”

Right. Jyn’s not much of a museum person. She wins her wrestling match with her jacket, and hangs it, dripping, from the hook next to the front door. “Huh.”

“Can I go?” Rey bounces again. “It’s with Mr. A. And then Rose and me were talking about going to get food after.”

She’s thirteen, Jyn thinks. And Rey can take care of herself. Something clutches at her throat, and eases almost in the same moment. “I have a shift at the Cantina until six, if you want to come there after. So you don’t have to walk back alone from the metro station.”

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The messenger boy: part 1 | Alfie Solomons

I can’t get enough of @sceawere and @collecting-stories Peaky Blinders imagines, so thank you! It inspired me to have a go at writing my own <3 

You started working for Alfie Solomons two months ago and he’d done little other than order you around. Not even personally. Ollie was his gofer and you grew tired of all his second hand information. You had your own little office in the Bakery and the door had a small, circular frosted glass pane. It was always easy to tell when Ollie’s frame filled it. He was a good lad but he seemed just as exhausted as you were with all the to-and-fro between you and Alfie. 

Ollie knocked as he always did before he stepped into your office, a pen in one hand and a book in the other. “Mr Solomons says—“ he started.

“Right.” You said abruptly as you slammed the pages of a book together on your desk. The chair that you sat in screeched when you pushed back to stand. Ollie watched you with surprise. If he thought about it, he hadn’t seen you this animated, well, ever. As you stepped in front of the boy you pulled the book from his hand. “I’ll take this.”

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the-ethereal-dreamer  asked:

Hey! I'm in love with all of your writings! I really loved your latest one with the pessimist and the optimist lovers and/or best friends. Do you think you could do dialogue of a first meeting for them? I'm having trouble with this script I'm writing and I keep erasing the first meeting scene and rewriting it.

1) It was freezing cold. Pouring with rain. And a car had just splashed them with a large icy and filthy puddle from head to toe, yelling after them to ‘just hit me with the damn car next time’. 
“Horrible weather,” someone said. “At least it’s good for the plants.” The rain stopped as someone held a bright umbrella over their heads. 
“Good for the plants?” the pessimist was nearly breathless with outrage. “You’re bloody kidding me right?”

2) “Look, I bet I can do this. It’s going to be so great!” 
They didn’t know who the hell that moron was, but the pessimist’s eyes narrowed from across the party. What they were going to do was - from the looks of things - was get themselves killed. They marched over and seized the stranger by the scruff of their neck. Knowing their luck, the idiot was going repay them by throwing up on their shoes.

3) “So, apparently you’re the one who’s been championing my case. Do you do that a lot? Devote your life to the charity of strangers?” 
“Only the pretty ones. Petition?” 
The pessimist spluttered.

anonymous asked:


18. What are you wearing?
19. You’re overreacting.

You thought you looked cute. Sure, the outfit was a bit different than something you would normally go for but what was wrong with trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone for a bit, right? You thought you looked cute and were definitely feeling it so you decided to go with it for dinner out tonight.

You descended the stairs, anxious to hear what your husband Niall had to say about your quite out there new look. He would surely like it, always wanting you to take risks and try new things anyway. As you stepped down the last step, your brunette husband came in to view. He was perched on the edge of the couch, a guitar resting in his lap. He was wearing his glasses today and one of your favorite shirts of his, a blue button down. He was looking very handsome, needless to say. 

“You ready for dinner, love? ‘m starvin’.” He doesn’t look up for a second but when you say nothing, he finally does. You shift nervously from one foot to the other, scuffing the heel of your shoe against the carpet below you. He then does the last thing you expected him to do and breaks into a loud laugh. “What are ya wearin’?” You instantly feel a frown pull at your face, warm tears welling up in your eyes. 

“What?” You whisper. Never did you think Niall would react like that and laugh at you. As soon as he picks up on your emotion he quickly puts the guitar down and stands. 

“Love, that’s not… I didn’ mean I don’t like it.” He rests a hand on your cheek, wiping a stray tear away with your cheek. You look up into his concerned eyes before shoving him away, slapping at his hand. “Oh, come on now, love, don’ be like this.” 

“Excuse me, I have to go change since I apparently look ridiculous.” With that, you turn and stomp towards the stairs, tears still falling from your cheeks. As you went, you lift the shirt off your body, tossing it away. As you kicked off your shoes, you entered the bedroom and took of the bottoms as well. 

“You didn’ have to change. You’re overreacting.” Niall had followed you upstairs, picking up your discarded clothes as he went. He places them on the bed while you riffle through your dresser, finding a plain pair of jeans. You ignore him as you slide them on and move over towards the closet. “You looked good, babe, it was just … different.” 

“Whatever, Niall.” You grab for a simple white t-shirt, sliding it over your head. “This good enough?” You turn back, tossing your hands up, hoping he wouldn’t laugh at this too. 

“Okay, stop.” He comes over to you, taking your hands and pulls you against him. His large hands grip at yours for a second before he releases them to take your face in his hands. You want to push him away but as he presses a kiss to your lips, melding his lips against yours, you feel your anger towards the situation dissipate. “You looked beautiful, I was jus’ shocked is all but I loved it and you should wear it to dinner.” He says when you pull back but you sigh, shaking your head. “Why not?” 

“It really wasn’t me,” You start, giving a shrug. You reach up, resting your hands on his chest, looking up into that handsome face of his. As you take in his features, the scruff on his chin, his glasses sliding down his nose a bit, the bits of hair on top of his head that he couldn’t tame and were doing their own thing, you feel yourself smile. “I’m much more comfortable like this.” And you were. You didn’t need some flashy and out there look to feel like you looked good. 

“No matteh wha’ ya wear you look gorgeous, love.” You grin wider, placing a kiss against his lips. Both of you smile at each other for a second before you step away to go find some shoes to wear. “Can I take ya out and show off my beautiful wife now?” He asks once you’ve tied up the laces of your shoes. You smile and nod, reaching for his outstretched hand. As his fingers wind through yours, he brings your hand up, kissing the back of it. He gives you a grin before leading the way from the room. 

Only Been Dead For Fifteen Years ~ Sam Drake (UNCHARTED)

Pairings: Samuel Drake x reader 

Words: 1,203

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Language

Originally posted by jaheesvorson

The first thing you noticed when you pulled into the parking lot of Nate’s office was the unfamiliar car in which some asshole decided to park right where you usually parked. The fact that it should be clear on the door that the office was closed yet there was someone here that you didn’t know and they took your spot really just made that hammer in your head start pounding against your temple.

You frustratedly turn the ignition off and fiddle with the keys, trying to pull them out without breaking anything. The night wasn’t on your side and it just seemed to be getting worse, but you had news for Nate that he surely wasn’t going to like to hear and you wanted to get it over with.

Trudging over to the main door, you glanced up at the ‘HOURS’ sign just to make sure you had something to prove if anyone started a fight. “Goddamn right, we closed an hour ago…” You mutter under your breath as you go to open the door only to realize that Nathan must have locked it AFTER letting some unwelcomed guest in.

“Jesus fucking - NATHAN OPEN THIS DOOR!” You shout, banging on the entrance. You would have used the spare set of keys you owned, if only you hadn’t mistakingly left them at the house.

You could hear laughing from the other side of the door, something of which sent an odd dejá vû feeling crawling down your spine.

“Sorry ma'am, we’re closed!” The voice talks in a deep, mocking tone. “Read the sign!”

You were about ready to respond with an insult when you could hear the sound of the door unlocking from the other side. Whichever one of them were about to open the door, you didn’t give them the chance to before pushing it open and purposely hitting whoever was behind it.

“Nathan why are there people here when we are closed?!” You grab a hold of his arm, harshly whispering without even looking at the guest.

“Holy hell, fifteen years can do a lot to a person.”

The sound of the voice emitting from not too far behind caused your skin to run cold. It sounded all too familiar, but that was impossible? How many years has it been? No, there’s no way that it could be -

Your lips parted and your eyes went slightly wide, you were still looking at Nathan but your grip on him loosened and you ultimately let go of his arm.


It was just a voice, you couldn’t always put a face to a simple voice you hear, right? He was shot years ago, many many years ago… how many again? It couldn’t have been fifteen although fifteen sounded about right, but it has to be some kind of a coincidence because Samuel Drake was deemed a dead man.

“S-Sam?” You turn your head to the side, not wanting to look at him just yet.

“I didn’t think she would remember who I - woah, woah, woah hold up there sweetheart!”

You didn’t allow him to finish his sentence before quickly grabbing the gun you kept in your back pocket and turning around, pointing it at him.

It was him alright…

The man you fell in love with almost twenty years ago.

The man you spent nights crying over after he broke your heart, the one you forgave.

The man you watched get shot fifteen years ago and die in front of you.

“Y/n, hey put the gun down -

"How did - why are you - where in the hell did, -” you pinch the bridge of your nose with the opposite hand and take a deep breath, trying to steady your pounding heart.

He looks older which is expected but was still attractive to your eye. His hair had grown out a little longer than you could last remember, again a lot could be forgotten in fifteen years. He had some facial hair, but you couldn’t remember if he had the same amount of it fifteen years ago as he does now.

You could see part of his bird tattoo on his neck.

“Look I was shot once, and I don’t wanna go through that mess again.” He puts his hands up in defense but doesn’t seem too worried.

The tears sprung your eyes, the emotions you were feeling right now were too much of a mess to explain but one sentiment stuck out the most: anger.

“Fifteen years, fifteen goddamn years and you show up out of fucking nowhere and expect - oh my god.” You drop the gun and run a shaking hand through your hair, trying preventing yourself from pulling any strands out. “How do you expect me to…” You started mumbling to yourself as you pushed past Nathan and walked into the office, your tears were desperately threatening to fall, and a couple started to slip before you had the chance to stop them.

“Y/n, listen I know it’s -

"Where is it, no no they said you were a dead! I swear to god I spent months upon months trying to figure out what happened to your - no… no, I can’t.” Your words were coming out faster than either of them could understand but by the sound of your voice cracking it was clear you were pretty upset.

You were opening filing cabinets and rummaging through files, trying to search for the one you knew confirmed Sam’s death. It was here, you knew it was because you kept it… you wouldn’t throw away something like that.

A pair of strong arms grabbed you from behind and you fought a little, trying to get him to let go.


“I know baby, I know…” He pulled you to him as you began to sob, your arms threw themselves around him and you hugged him with all the strength you had. “And don’t think in those fifteen years I spent a night without thinking about you.”

You pulled away from him just so you could place both hands on his face and get a good look at him. “Y-You’re here?” You laughed, running your thumb across his scruff.

“And you didn’t shoot me, so that’s also a good thing.” He chuckles.

Kissing a man you haven’t seen for fifteen years wouldn’t exactly be on the top of your list, but since within those fifteen years you still loved him - you felt it was pretty damn justified. You lean in and press your lips against his, weaving your fingers through his hair as you felt that familiar sensation of his lips, you tasted the sweet hint of mint.

He kissed you back but pulled away shortly after. “I was hoping you’d still wanna do something like that.”

“W-Why are you here…?” You ask, touching his clothed chest, still trying to process that he’s this close to you.

“I’m in a whole lot of trouble, Y/n…”

Nathan groans and you look up at him, leaning against the doorframe. “You’ve only been dead for fifteen years big brother, what kind of mess could you have gotten into?”

Things I love about Dylan: a list

-his laugh
-his smile
-his sense of humor
-the scruff
-his little moles
-his hands
-the little crinkle he gets between his eyebrows when he laughs
-how he can’t not touch his face. Like he’s constantly doing it it’s so adorable it makes me want to scream.
-dat ass
-backwards fitted caps
-his undying love for the Mets
-his NOSE it is the cutest nose ever created.
-the color of his eyes
-his mad dance skills
-the fact that before TW he had done absolutely no acting yet he brings it so hard it blows me away
-his relationship with Posey is like the purest thing on the planet earth
-anytime he takes pictures with dogs
-his adidas sneakers
-the fact that I adore him so much that I felt like I had to make this list in the first place.