the scruff is doing things to me

Handling & Restraint: Cat

This is a basic resource with the bog standard preclinical skills we use when handling cats, as Glasgow Vet School would like me to learn them. If anyone spots any issues, or has any hints and tips for using these skills in the real world, please let me know, as I’m always looking for a better way to do things. Everything under the cut.

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Dear Ann,

You don’t know how glad I was when you sent me that letter. Time goes by slow as hell in this place and writing gives me something to do. To be honest, I didn’t have much hope when I signed up for the whole penpal thing. I thought it was kinda bullshit and only a handful of prisoners would receive a letter but I guess I was wrong. 

You asked for some information about me: I’m 32, 5′11″ and I used to live in London and work at a garage. My full name is Matthew Lockhart, if you look me up on the web you could probably find my picture. (Hope you like scruff.) Speaking of pictures, would you send me some? It’d be great to know what you look like. That way I can picture whose face I’m writing to, y’know?  

Not sure what else to write here…I used to do a lot of stuff but it’s almost impossible to do that in a prison. I have a bunkmate named Eddy who didn’t receive any letters, he says hi and to send us cigarettes. Forgive him, he’s a heavy smoker and all the shit is overpriced at commissary. We also make pennies so he’s lucky if he can afford one pack of smokes a week. 

Tell me some stuff about yourself, will you? You got any hobbies? How old are you? Do you live with family?

I look forward to hearing back from you. 



“Babe, are you ever going to shave?” You asked, leaning against the kitchen counter and watching Daryl shrug off his crossbow.

He smiled and glanced at you, “You don’t like the scruff? Gettin’ bored with me or somethin’?”

You shrugged, teasing him. “It’s not my favorite.”

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@kawaiiassassino that was such a good question! Now I’m getting ideas. I have all these images of him in a leather jacket or a button up and of course he has a motorcycle. His hair in a bun with a few strands hanging down around his face or out and flowing all pretty and blond. He would have the right amount of scruff with those beautiful blue eyes and the eyeliner would just bring them out even more. Oh my…me likey..

whenimaunicorn  asked:

Joe/Joe "Only If For a Night"

on AO3

*I’m assuming you meant Julie/Joe :)

She comes to him again that night. 

He wakes from a dream, a nightmare, where the curve of Ceres stretches out so much it disappears, is endless, and he wonders if this is what it’s like on Earth. If the people who live there feel as small as he does in that moment. If they realize how little they are able to influence the world around them. Then the darkness starts creeping in from the edges until he has been swallowed whole, fighting to breath as he drowns.

“You belong with me.” Her voice is a whisper, despite the fact that he is alone in his bunk and he’s the only one that can hear her.

“Got some things to do first.” He rubs a hand over his face, scratching a couple fingers through his growing scruff. He needs a shave. And a haircut. “But I’ll be with you soon enough.”

He expects her to disappear like she usually does after making her usual plea, but she remains. Smiling a soft smile. She was a good person. Didn’t deserve to die, especially the way she did. Alone. Suffering. Scared.

He scoots closer to the wall and pats the bed beside him. 

She’s in your head. You don’t have to treat her like she’s really there.

She sits on the bed next to him and he imagines her weight dipping the mattress.

“You did the right thing, killing Dresden.” Her smile twitches as she lies down next to him, laying on her side to face him. “You were the only one that could have done it. He was starting to make too much sense to Fred and Holden.”

“That’s a lot of logic you’ve got for a ghost.” His voice feels gruff and he turns to face her.

“Is that what you think I am?”

She may not be a ghost, she may be in his head, but he feels haunted. Seeing her on the edge of his vision, waking to her phantom touches, the way her hair will sometimes swim around her head as if in null g. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to you in time.” Her lashes flutter against her cheek as she blinks.

“I was dead the minute I boarded the Anubis. There was nothing you could have done. You didn’t even know about me yet.” Her hand comes up, fingers brushing against his brow as if trying to push his hair off his forehead, small sparks of energy skittering across his skin. “You tried harder than anyone else. You didn’t give up.”

He can feel her, even though he knows she isn’t there. Even though he knows she can’t touch him. But she feels real, laying next to him.

“If we had ever met on Ceres, I probably would have been arresting you. Thought you were a little rich girl going for a joy ride on the wrong side of the Belt.” He closes his eyes, trying to soak in the feeling of her skin as much as he can. “You would have hated me. Hated the things I did.”

“I hated a lot of things I shouldn’t have had to hate. I hated my father, I hated Earth. I would have hated you. Not because of who you were, but because of what Ceres made you.” A soft breath brushes past his cheek and the urge to kiss this ghost is so strong he has to tighten his muscles to hold himself back. It wouldn’t be right.

“How can it not be right if I’m only in your head?” she askes, knowing his thoughts the moment he thinks them.

He blinks, taking in her form.  “Because you’re still her, even in my head.”

“I’m still me…” she agrees.

She moves forward and he almost forgets she’s not real. She feels solid underneath his reaching fingers. Warm and alive. Containing the mass of the stars in her being.

Her lips offer a resistance to his as he kisses her, molding and moving. Her fingers slip into his hair, nails trailing over his buzz cut before wrapping themselves in his longer hair, dragging a moan out of him. His whole body comes alive.

He can feel the rough canvas fabric of the Scopuli suit she wears, the dip of her waist and the rise and fall of her ribs. No matter what those Mormons say, this is the only salvation Miller needs. To be with her, alongside her. Devoted to her. 

Their kissing slows, followed by their breathing, before she pulls away. Her hand is still in his hair. 

“Come find me on Eros.” 

She vanishes into the air with a blink and he feels like he’s just woken up. Disoriented and confused. It wasn’t her. She wasn’t really there. 


Broadchurch Edit; DI Hardy; Mudvayne Inspired

burning whispers, remind me of the days
i was left alone, in a world this cold
guilty of the same things, provoked by the cause
i’ve left alone, in a world so cold


Endless list of favorite Misha’s Things 2/?? Misha’s Scruff

Like really, ask me what my favorite Misha’s thing is (apart from the eyes) and it’s Misha’s scruff.

My edit, do not repost or delete caption

Part 1


Moving into the Salvatore house felt unnecessary to me, I still wasn’t sure why I needed so much protection. I usually minded my own business anyway because being around people wasn’t my strongest characteristic. I think he knew that, actually no, I was sure he knew that. 

Kai was constantly at the Salvatore house getting under my skin and because of the heretics running around Mystic Falls, Stefan and Damon were usually out trying to kill them. That left me and Kai, alone in the boarding house. Thankfully, the house was so big that it always took him a while to track me down. He’d saunter into the room like it was his and then pretend like he was surprised to see me there. 

“You know, there are better things to do than read books all day.” I didn’t look up but instead turned the page, he always seemed to catch me off guard even when I knew he was going to do this. Kai was extremely attractive, even more with he slight scruff he had growing. Being around him made me nervous, it made me say and do dumb things and I was almost certain he found amusement out of it. 

“Oh yeah? Like what Kai? Since I’m being held prisoner here, what is there to do?” He turned his head, laughing. I took a moment to admire him, when he laughed, he looked so human, so unlike the boy that killed his family 18 years ago.

“No one’s holding you prisoner but if you’d like to go out and be slaughtered, be my guest. Now come downstairs and have some drinks with me.” He kept his eyes on me while he spoke, stirring feelings inside me that I didn’t know I had. I blushed, burying my face into the book in front of me so he wouldn’t notice, but knowing Kai, he probably had seen the red creeping up on my face. After a moment, I sighed, placing my book to the side and getting up to walk past him and down the stairs. I heard his footsteps indicating that he was trailing behind me.

I had never been drunk before but after about 3 drinks, I understood the appeal. It made sense why Damon constantly had a glass of bourbon in his hand. Kai was sitting across from me, slightly swaying in his chair, it made me giggle, I never imagined he’d be a light weight. 

“What, why are you looking at me like that?” He stopped mid-story and pointed at me, finally realizing how long I’d been gazing and not listening.

“Just admiring the view Kai.” The words came out of my mouth before I thought about what I was saying, again a blush rose up to my cheeks. I groaned, covering my face and thinking about how idiotic I must sound.

“You like me.”

“No I don’t Kai, I’m drunk.” I was never good a lying. I heard him get up from the table and stumble towards me. When I looked up, he was directly in front of me, hanging onto my chair for support so that he didn’t topple onto the floor.

“You like me, and I like you. We like each other.” I laughed at the confused expression his face held, I think he said the words out loud more for himself than for me, I don’t think he’d ever had these kind of feelings before. My drunkenness helped immensely in the confidence department and unlike my usual self, I decided to be the one to make a move. I reached up and placed a hand on his cheek, his eyes slightly widened and I felt him lean into my hand. I wondered how long it had been since Kai had been touched in a loving way, if ever. 

He seemed unsure of himself, his sudden shyness was a sight I thought I’d never see and it was obvious he didn’t know what to do next. 

“Kiss me you idiot.”

Oliver Tries Something New (And Felicity Doesn’t Like It)

There was nothing Oliver could do that would make Felicity love him less, no story he could tell that would tarnish him in her eyes. She thought there was nothing he could do that would make him less attractive, either, and then one day, it happened.

A couple of weeks into their road trip, on a laid back Saturday morning, Oliver walked out of the bathroom to Felicity’s look of shock.

“What is that thing on your face?” she cried.

He bit his lips, containing a chuckle. “What, you don’t like it? I’m trying something new.”

Her eyebrows pinched in consternation. “Don’t get me wrong. I want to support your journey in finding yourself, I do, but does it have to include a mustache?”

“What?” Oliver ran his thumb and forefinger over the fuzz above his lip. “I was getting tired of the scruff. Wanted some variety.”

Felicity pouted. “But I love the scruff! It’s one of your best features.”

Oliver crawled onto the bed and tackled her playfully, tickling her neck with his mustache. She protested with giggles, pushing at his face, and after a minute he finally relented.

“How about just for the weekend?” he bargained. “See if it grows on you?”

She let out a sigh. “Fine. I don’t think it will, but you can keep it for the weekend. Just don’t be surprised if I can’t look at you with that thing.”

The mustache didn’t even last a whole day.

random throwback video of the day #4

things of note:

  • i really do think kaner is happiest when talking about his family (and jonny shhh). that smile when she just mentions his dad and his sisters !!!!!!
  • this is probably the most attracted i’ve been to patrick kane when he’s not on the ice doing his thing mmm that scruff is really doing it for me
  • kaner giving his dad his stanley cup ring makes my heart smile
  • “he taught me everything i know, and even to this day he’ll give me ideas that i can do on the ice. sometimes i’ll look at him, shake my head, and say, you’re crazy, and end up doing it on the ice a few games later.” i wonder how many of kaner’s shootouts can be attributed to his dad
  • WENO YOU’RE EMOTIONAL KANER (but i do love that he has no problem admitting it)
  • ugh he is really attractive here it’s not just me right???
Things I Need to Ask Louis

-pancakes or waffles??
-why did you used to tie your hoodie strings together ?? Do you still do this ?? Can you demonstrate ??
-what’s your favorite cereal(s) and why ??
-hot or cold ?
-spicy or hot?
-sweet or sour?
-scruff or no scruff ?
-why didn’t you bring back the cinnamon swirl hair ?
-do you like cinnamon rolls?
-save me

Things I love about Dylan: a list

-his laugh
-his smile
-his sense of humor
-the scruff
-his little moles
-his hands
-the little crinkle he gets between his eyebrows when he laughs
-how he can’t not touch his face. Like he’s constantly doing it it’s so adorable it makes me want to scream.
-dat ass
-backwards fitted caps
-his undying love for the Mets
-his NOSE it is the cutest nose ever created.
-the color of his eyes
-his mad dance skills
-the fact that before TW he had done absolutely no acting yet he brings it so hard it blows me away
-his relationship with Posey is like the purest thing on the planet earth
-anytime he takes pictures with dogs
-his adidas sneakers
-the fact that I adore him so much that I felt like I had to make this list in the first place.

David meeting room and panel and some more Emily stuff - SHCon 2 : June 12

If you follow me on twitter you’ve seen most of this but I elaborated a little bit here.

In the morning we started with David’s panel.

1/ He was wearing white jeans and a black shirt and a scruff and he looked really yummy:) (What, this is important too:)

2/ When asked if Diggle had a guilty pleasure he said that he was too busy telling Oliver what to do and not do to have one.

3/ He thinks the girl who plays baby Sara is one of the best thing on the show. She’s very expressive.

4/ He wanted a new mask and he’s finally getting one in S5, a much better one.

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