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10 Reasons

This was written for Bev’s Milestone Celebration. Congrats on all of your accomplishments @chaos-and-the-calm67! I chose the prompt: Let me give you a list, a top ten list of things NOT to do when you’re breaking up with a girl. At Number 10…  with Dean. The gif she gave me is posted first. The second gif I added in myself.

A/N: My tumblr writing soulmate @hannahindie was my beta for this, and she’s the only reason it sounds as good as it does. I really struggled to write this one. She helped me connect thoughts and add perfection. Love you, babe!

Warnings: a bit of angst, fluff, smut if you squint hard enough

Word Count: 1,082

I’d been down this road so many times that the words were like a well-rehearsed script. Maybe it had become an empty script, but that just meant some damn great acting if I do say so myself.  I’d seen the ugly tears, the white-hot rage, the snarky bitterness, and even the apathetic glares. Most of the time I didn’t see anything, because if I’ve learned anything it’s to get the hell outta there before the sun starts shining.

But sometimes the script doesn’t work. Sometimes you lose yourself in the moment. Sometimes… you can’t help yourself. Because sometimes, she’s more than just a one-night-stand. Let me give you a list, a top ten list of things NOT to do when you’re breaking up with a girl.

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anonymous asked:

Any tips for aspiring writers on getting their work acknowledged? Ps I think you guys have done a great job. Really enjoying the show. Thank you

#1 - Write a lot. (A LOT.)

#2 - Make friends.

#3 - Join writing groups (helps with #1 and #2) to get better as a writer.

#4 - Watch stuff, and also read the scripts to your favorite stuff.

#5 - Re-watch stuff and re-read scripts because once you already know the story you can focus on the decisions they made along the way to get there.

#6 - Keep in touch with your friends and read their scripts and give them notes in exchange for them reading yours.

#7 - Be a caring person that people enjoy being around.

#8 - Keep writing.

#9 - Eventually, the right script will fall into the right hands and you’ll meet someone who’s as excited about your script as you are.

#10 - Don’t lose yourself. Your writing is not your whole identity. Don’t forget to take a break once in a while. Have fun.

Adore (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Ok, so I was watching VassuerBeauty on YouTube and she’s currently pregnant and revealed the gender of the baby by getting the doctors to fill up a balloon with coloured confetti representing the sex of the child (blue for boy & pink for girl) and they pop the balloon and the sex is revealed. I was thinking could you write something like this with the reader & Sebastian and have it really fluffy. I thought this would be really cute and I’ll let you choose the sex of the child :D

A/N: This all started with a fantasy of mine. That one day, I’d be sat on a balcony in Cannes, successful, working on a script. In my bed, would be a naked Sebastian Stan. There is wine present. Anyway- this is that fantasy, with a lot of fluff mixed in. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to my darling @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse for the fluffy prompt and @lavender-limerence for fuelling this fantasy. 

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Duydum ki spora başlayan ve başlamayı düşünen arkadaşlarım varmış. Ben de onlar için spor yaparken dinlemelik şarkılardan oluşan bir playlist hazırladım. Tabi bu şarkılar benim zevkime uygun olduğu için çeşit yelpazesini geniş tutmaya çalıştım. Umarım beğenirsiniz.
  • Demir Demirkan - Gitti Gider
  • David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo&Akon - Play Hard
  • Demi Lovato - Can’t Back Down
  • Jay Z feat. Rihanna&Kanye West - Run This Town
  • Metallica - Fuel
  • Queen - We Will Rock You
  • Skrillex - Bangarang
  • Survivor - Eye of The Tiger
  • Skillet - Rebirthing
  • Apocalyptica - I Don’t Care
  • Skillet - Hero
  • Cem Özkan - Koş Koş Koş
  • Metallica - So What
  • Eminem - Till I Collapse
  • Sons Of Anarchy - Prayer Of Refugee
  • Sons of Anarchy - Highway to Hell
  • Britney Spears - Work Bitch
  • One Direction - One Way Or Another
  • The Living Daylights - Gasoline
  • P!nk - So What
  • Three Days Grace-Time of Dying
  • Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar
  • Little Mix - Word Up!
  • Lady Gaga - Applause
  • The Script - Hall of Fame
  • Linkin Park - Faint
  • Avril Lavigne - Smile
  • Ke$ha - Tik Tok
  • Eminem - Lose Yourself
  • Athena - For Real
  • One Direction - Kiss You
  • Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
  • Muse - Time Is Running Out
  • System Of A Down - Toxicity
  • Lemonade Mouth - Determinate
  • Rob Thomas - This Is How A Heart Breaks
  • Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine
  • Spice Girls - Wannabe 
  • Macklemore - Can’t Hold Us
  • Green Day - Holiday
  • Guns N’ Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
  • P!nk - Last To Know
  • Akcent - Love Stoned 
  • Lena Meyer - Satellite
  • Faydee - Can’t Let Go
  • Baby Blue - Bump
  • Gipsy Casual - Bate Toba Mare
  • Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
  • Demir Demirkan - Öfkem ve Ben
  • Sia - Chandelier
  • Demi Lovato - Heart Attack
  • Forty Foot Echo - Drift
  • Ellie Goulding - Burn
  • Gece - Bana Bir Şarkı Söyle
  • Inna - In Your Eyes
  • Jessie J - Wild
  • Jonas Brothers - Heart and Soul
  • Katy Perry - Roar
  • Shakira - La La La
  • 30 Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air
  • feat. Justin Bieber - That Power
  • Jennifer Lopez - Goin’ In
  • Katy Perry - Peacock
  • 3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry - Starstrukk

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