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thatkevinsmith We shipping #sanvers, son! I got to watch @chy_leigh & @florianalima work their magic on @supergirlcw yesterday (i.e., I was “directing” again). The Alex and Maggie storyline has made a serious difference in the lives of some of the fan base, so much so that @glaad nominated #supergirl for Outstanding Drama Series. Credit goes to the honest emotional reality the @supergirlwriters bring to the scripts every week, as well as these two amazing actresses’ abilities to make us believe their characters are falling in love. We spent the day outside in the snow and rain but these radiant ladies kept the set warm and cozy. #KevinSmith #chylerleigh #florianalima #vancouver #supergirlcw #glaadawards


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rebelcaptain || fake celebrity relationship AU

Jyn Erso doesn’t actually believe that fake PR relationships exist in Hollywood anymore until her agent approaches her with that very idea.

“So who has been cast as my true love, Bodhi?” she jokes, throwing a script onto the coffee table in his offices. “Someone hot, I hope.”

“Cassian Andor.”

“Wait, what? Are you for real?”

Of course she knows who Cassian Andor is–only one of the most sought-out actors in all of Los Angeles–who has been famous since he was a child for his breakthrough role in a coming-of-age film about a child soldier. As famous as he is for his acting, though, Cassian Andor is also well-known for his playboy ways: a new starlet on his arm every few months, all of them forever twenty-five even as he gets older.

“Look,” Bodhi says practically, “Alliance Studios wants you for this film, and the PR part–that’ll benefit you both.” And Jyn knows exactly what Bodhi is talking about. She’s nowhere near as famous or successful as Cassian, but she is near as notorious for her attitude and her near-brawls on set.

“You guys pretend to be in love while shooting and promoting the film and he looks stable, and well, you try to look stable, too, alright?”

And Jyn wants to say no. She’s not going to stoop to this level, but the script is amazing, and the director, Davitz Draven, only does a film every ten years. That he wants her in it is something she can’t say no to—but it also means she has to say yes to faking a romance with one of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Well, things could be worse, but they’re not great, because she and Cassian clash almost immediately on set. The thing is, the opposite of love has never been hate—it’s indifference, and the one thing they are not toward one another is indifferent.

Late nights on set turn into even later nights talking even after everyone else has gone home, and they start reaching for one another even when no one else is looking. He tells her about how he lost his parents as a child and how that’s made him wary of love, and she reveals to him something she’s never admitted to anyone else—how her strained relationship with her father has made her angry and combative, and how it’s been hard not to lash out at everyone and everything because she doesn’t want to get close enough to anyone to ever feel that disappointed again in another human being.

Combativeness melts away into genuine friendship, and maybe more, because as good as they are as actors, there’s no way that certain looks can be faked nor the feeling that burns in low and hot her belly or vibrates at the base of his spine when they’re near each other.

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Me reading the List Scene ™️

4X03 script: 

“Such a good friend.”

“So much history between them.”

“ A warm smile tells us this one is easy.”

“Bellamy puts a hand on her shoulder”

“She puts her hand above his, never more grateful for him than right now”

“And he for her.”


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TT I have a lot of ships in the Harry Potter world that are waaayyy above Molly and Arthur on my faves list but I have literally never been more excited for the next parts of a thread to come out than I am about Baby Steps. It so precious? And pure? And cute and funny? Like I'm in love, the script is great and your Arthur is amazing. Well done my dude I'm so excited

(( OOC: I am also very excited for the next part. 

I’m so glad @gentlect let me be a part of this. XD And I agree 100%, her script is absolutely amazing. *twirls* 

Thank you dearie! )) 

seriously ;;

I’m getting real sick & tired of seeing people putting down the cast members & characters in Criminal Minds. Again, if you DON’T want to watch the show bc of your issues with HOTCH not being in it anymore - THEN STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Leave the cast members (WHO DOESN’T HAVE A SINGLE THING TO DO W/ TG BEING FIRED) alone and let them do their job. Stop attacking the show and call it “boring”, “failure”, “dumb”, “terrible” if you supposedly STOPPED WATCHING BC OF YOUR “No HOTCH, No Watch” crew.

In all honestly, the production and writers are really taking a big leap for season 12 since what happened w/ TG. They stepped out of the normal procedural type of crime show and wrote an arc for Spencer Reid KNOWING VERY WELL that it probably won’t do well in the mixed of rough patches this season. Not a secret that Matthew is one of the lasting character that is the most beloved in some fan’s eyes. With a story arc like the prison, it has done nothing but probably add more “harm” or “suffer” for the show. But they still did it, they still are willing enough to step out of their boundaries and IGNORE everything that’s happening. Because guess what, SHOCKER! It’s still a show that has to do their work and make the best out of everything.

At the end of the day, behind the scenes of Criminal Minds are still a group of people, who work with each other 24 hours. In a matter of twelve seasons and hopefully more to come, they’ve become like family and love doing what they do because of the people they’re surrounded with. Amazing, hard working and dedicated people. What happened with TG is something unexpected and obviously hard to look past but what can they do? What has been done is done. Suddenly, it has been the only thing linking to CM lately. Why do we have to focus so much on one obstacle despite everything else? Why are there people ignoring the fact that CM isn’t just a one man show? Five members of the cast has been there since the beginning and are still there. They are contributing themselves into their roles wholeheartedly but also involving themselves into the production. Because they still deeply love the show. Matthew has directed a couple of episodes, Joe has directed a couple himself and Kirsten has written amazing scripts for the show.

Just stop with the hate toward the actors on the show including the new actors for the season. It isn’t fair. Every single one of them are doing their best on the show because they love doing what they do and they’re still doing it for the supportive fans.

Yes, CM is suffering a a bunch of all time lows due to this new season. Yes, it’s affecting the ratings BUT CM has been through a lot more than simply low ratings in their competition. They’ve always bounced back and managed to do what they well. BUT GUESS WHAT? In terms of popularity and the show’s ratings - IT IS STILL ONE OF CBS’s MOST SUCCESSFUL SERIES. THEY ARE STILL PULLING IN THE AUDIENCE AND GOOD RATINGS AS ONE OF CBS’s top rated drama series this year OUT OF ALL THE DOZENS that they have listed.

Oh, and Criminal Minds FINALLY won People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV CRIME DRAMA after 12 years of nomination.

If people do keep degrading the characters, storylines, cast members or writers - I really don’t know what else to say. But all you’re doing is making them even more motivated TO SHOW YOU THAT IT WON’T BE THE END. Anyone who knows the history of CRIMINAL MINDS, we have been through hell and back NUMEROUS of times.

  • Jordan Vogt-Roberts: Hey, Tom, you wanna be in my movie about Kong? You get to run around with guns in the jungle. Here, check out the script, bro.
  • Jordan Vogt-Roberts: ....
  • Jordan Vogt-Roberts: No.
  • Tom Hiddleston: Okay, that's cool, man. I'll just make it sound like you did.

You’re offering the money at the wrong time, Mr Birling. Eva Smith is gone. You can’t do her any more harm. You can’t do her any good now either. You can’t even say: “I’m sorry Eva Smith.” But just remember this: there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us with their lives, and hopes, and fears, their suffering and chance of happiness all intertwined with our lives and what we think and say and do. We don’t live alone upon this earth. We are responsible for each other. And if mankind will not learn that lesson, then the time will come soon when he will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish.

Script Editors Needed.

Hi everyone, Psych2Go has again opened up another position.

If you’re a script writer or editor passionate about creating amazing story telling video pieces, could you email us with the following info:

1. A bit about yourself (education, future goals)

2. What motivates you in life?

3. What aspects of script writing do you enjoy?

4. What do you hope to get out from working with us?

5. Do you see this as more of a one time collaboration where you edit one script or long term?

Lastly, can you offer your input on this script: 

6. Your availability for the next 2 months.

Bullet your points and how you think the script could improve. We will then test your input against the script writer.

What we have for you in return:

1. Compensation if this becomes a consistent thing between us.

2. Resume/reference letters for future job opportunities.

3. Portfolio building if you’re into that stuff right now.

Contact us here:

Deadline: June 10th.

Looking forward to connect!

Diversify ToG and ACOTAR

In both ACOTAR and ToG there is a limited amount of representation. I’m not talking about LGBTQ. But rather, I’m talking about PoC and diverse body types.

I’m not saying there isn’t characters of color in both series. But I am saying there is a lack of representation. I know SJM can’t describe the characters as Latino, Asian or African. But what SJM could have done is described them in a way that brings those images to mind. In fact, the only characters I can think of that are PoC are Nesryn, Nehemia and Tariquin, Rhys, Cassian and Azriel.

Now, I know their ethnicity does not play a major role in the plot. But as an Asian American, it hurts when I read my favorite series and know that no one looks like me. Everyone in the series for the most part is white. They may differ in hair and eye color. But they are still white. And they are also all tall, drop dead gorgeous and, in my mind, model-esq. Which brings me to another point.

Not everyone in the world has six pack abs, is tall as hell, and have legs that go on for day. Nor does everyone have a broad back or broad shoulders. And neither is everyone well-endowed in both the chest, butt and penis area. In fact, when I look around, I cannot find anyone to match that description. And I know that this is a fantasy series with “ideal” men and women. But when reading this, I also can’t help but compare myself to these characters. I know, it seems stupid, but I do. I do compare myself. And the thing is, not everyone has the “ideal” body. Rather, some people have curves, some have a small butt and small breasts. Some people are strong, but don’t have muscles to prove it. Some people are short and some are tall. And some do possess the attributes that SJM describe Aelin, Feyre & Co. with having. But not everyone has that. And in my opinion these characters don’t need to have those attributes to be described as gorgeous. In fact, in Leigh Bardugo’s duology, Six of Crows, there are two main character women. And one of the women has curves, while the other is a PoC. Though they are just two in a small pool of diverse women in YA fantasy books, that is just my point. There is not a lot of diverse characters. And yes, we are as a society slowly moving forward with rectifying this, it is still slow.

Now, I’m not suggesting that SJM re-write ToG and ACOTAR to accommodate my want for diversity. In fact, I know she won’t even read this post. But the reason I feel like I should and I want to post this is because of the ToG TV Show that is in the works.

I know many will disagree with me, but with this TV Show, we don’t need a cast that fits the descriptions of Aelin & Co. to the T. In fact, the only thing we really need is a great script, amazing actors, and for the show to follow the series. (Oh, and have Aelin have the Ashryver eyes, but that can be rectified with contacts)

But back to the point of diversification.

When I am scrolling through the tags and see a PoC represent one of the main characters, or a drawing of a person that doesn’t have that “ideal” body type for Aelin, Feyre & Co. I am overwhelmed with a feeling of joy, satisfaction and justice. Because while they may not be the description of the characters, I personally, feel like these depictions are the way my favorite characters should be described. And so, to wrap this up, let’s start diversifying ToG and ACOTAR, if only in our fanfics and fan art.

And know many people will disagree with my on this point, I get that, I accept that, and I respect that. But this is my personal opinion so please, don’t attack me.

I’m With You (one-shot)

Chris Evans x Reader

I have a thing (like most in the marvel fandom), for the phrase “I’m with you till the end of the line”. So this is a little reimagine of that. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: fluffy, fluff, fluff. Angst(?) but not really.

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“Okay so August through January is filming for that movie” I point to the corresponding script, waiting for confirmation. He nods before I continue, “and then March through June is filming for that one” He nods his confirmation again. “And they’re both in Atlanta?” I question.

“No, first one is Atlanta, second one is Atlanta for the first few weeks and then we go to Europe for a while”

“Right, okay”

“God, it’s literally all year, I’m going to be gone all year” He buries his face in his hands and I can see his stress bubbling.

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I really love that the entire Animorphs fandom is like: We recognize that Nickelodeon has made a television series, but given that it is a stupid-ass television series, we have elected to ignore it.

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How would do the RFA +V + Unknown react to MC being an journal keeper, she's been writing down her thoughts and the day's happenings in her journal. This happened since she was very young so there a huge stack of journals in her room. And her new journal entries is almost most of the time about her feelings for them, their sweet moments together and how much she loves and treasures them. Plus MC writes like a true novelist.

Such an interesting request! I hope I did justice to it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V react to MC being a journalkeeper

TW: Mentions of LGBTQphobia and depression


  • When you moved in together, you brought this huge box filled with notebooks
  • Noticing his curiosity, you tell him these are your old journals, you have one for each year of your life since you’re 10.
  • He thinks it’s adorable, and he’s so curious! How were you like during your teenage years?
  • You’re so embarrassed to show him, so you pick the ones you consider slightly decent, when you were 18 and the hormones weren’t taking control of your mind anymore
  • When he starts reading, he’s shocked: did an 18 years old girl really write this? It sounds like those really good monologues he’s only seen on cult theatre pieces.
  • Seriously, just say the word and he’ll introduce you to producers and make all your thoughts turn into a musical, a TV show, maybe a movie! Easy there, Zen…
  • And if he wasn’t impressed enough, he sees the most recent journal, and it’s filled with sweet things about him, like, not even himself could think of this kind of sweet things to tell you.
  • The way you describe him, not only his looks, but all of his features, even the ones that aren’t that good… it’s so passionate, yet so honest.  Not even a narcissist like him sees himself as highly as you do.
  • He doesn’t understand why you would keep these sweet words only to yourself, but won’t pressure you, he knows you are really good at showing your affection, as it is vividly described on that page you tell about the first time you two made love.


  • He tried keeping journals, but they all ended forgotten somewhere
  • So he really admires your care for your journals, he wish he could be like that
  • He’s a little curious about your high school crushes, he would love to see the way you describe them, he would feel a little jealous, but he really wants to meet you as a teenager in love.
  • But when you show him… he feels… futile? Because it’s all so deep and meaningful, and it’s filled with intricate thoughts about your relationship with your parents, things he could never think by himself…
  • There’s a brief mention about a guy you dated, but he feels how meaningless it was and how he was clearly not that into you by the way you describe it, and now he hates this guy so much!
  • When it comes to him, he’s legitimately crying for the way you write him. He thought he was in despair when he hurt his eye? Now he knows your agony, and it’s so… painful.
  • And when he reads about your first date, he’s giggling so much, as if he is reading some comic book about another person, like he wasn’t even there.
  • Also, he feels a little stupid for not understanding some passages, like this one you wrote a couple of weeks ago. He shyly asks and shyly he stays when you explain you’re describing an orgasm. “Seriously…? I… I… did all this to your body? Whoa…”


  • She thought about having journals, she had so much to express! However, so little time to actually do it…
  • So she’s impressed about your diligence, since, generally, you’re not that organized about things (and that’s just one of the things you hate in yourself, but she freaking loves it!)
  • She knows how personal these things can be, and it’s totally okay if you don’t want her to read. When you say you don’t really mind, she can hold back her enthusiasm…  yes, she really wanted this, she just wouldn’t admit it.
  • The one with your last year of high school draws her attention immediately, since it looks like is the one with most written pages.
  • And she quickly understands why when she starts reading it. So much worries about the future, not even her was so concerned about her own future like you sounded there.
  • Thoughts that almost every young person has, but the way you describe it makes it feel like it’s something so different, as if your doubts and insecurities were so unique…
  • She cries when she gets to the part you tell how you were dragged out of the closet as bisexual when a girl you trusted told the whole neighborhood about it.
  • And then it comes to when you met, the way you describe every chat you had on the app, every thought you had beneath every word you send… she knew how much it meant for both of you, but this was on a whole another level now.
  • She blushes reading the way you describe her and touches you, but what really makes her heart flutter is the description about the first time you tasted a cup of coffee made by her… seriously, it’s just… too much!
  • She feels so inspired after that. Maybe now she has a lot more of free time, she could start writing her own journal? There’s a lot about you she needs to learn how to put in words…


  • Well, a journal could be a great help for him during all those years, now he knows that.
  • So he’s glad at least you didn’t have to struggle so much like he did
  • He won’t say it loud, but he’s curious! Soooooo curious! You can see it on his eyes, so you allow him to take a look, his soft smile giving away how much he wanted you to allow it…
  • He loves it, he wants to take all the journals out of the box and put them on his personal library.
  • He also wants to introduce you to publishers and editors, he’ll do whatever it takes for you to be a best-seller. Jumin, please chill
  • If he had tangled knots inside his heart, you were apparently trapped on thick ropes of problems. The way you describe your parent’s divorce and how it affected most of your teenage years make him ache deep inside. You’ve come a long way…
  • He’s afraid of reading about himself, especially those long and confusing three days he locked you up in his penthouse…
  • And yes, you’re very honest about how scared you were, but only because you knew that confused and anxious guy wasn’t the man you’ve fallen in love with, and the way you describe your love for him… he had no idea it was this overwhelming.
  • He loves the way you write your interactions with Elizabeth the 3rd, and can’t hold back a grin when he reads your description about the first time you had sex.
  • Now everytime you two start getting heated, he tells you he’ll give you enough material for your journal…


  • He dug all he could during your background check, except for that private blog (which wasn’t private for him if he didn’t want to)
  • He knew how personal it was, so he wouldn’t dare to dig on that. No… if he knows something, is about letting some thoughts only to yourself.
  • But when you tell him he can read if he wants, he quickly changes his mind. This is the closest he ever gonna get to hack into you.
  • He wants to print everything and turns into books he can hang at his personal library, “The Expert Playboy” would gain such a more refined and delicate company in that shelf.
  • Or make this public and monetize it somehow, because you deserve earning money on this, it’s… all… so… good!
  • The funny parts are HILARIOUS, your writing is so on point about embarrassing situations, he feels as if it happened to him. You should write scripts for sitcoms, you have this amazing ability to turn trivial situations into witty jokes, the type of jokes he would never be able to think of it.
  • And the sad things, your mother’s death… he never could care about his mother the way you did for yours, but somehow… he feels extremely sympathetic.
  • When it comes to him… he’s blushing. Your description about his hair and eyes… god, it’s basically a thesis on why it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
  • And he feels guilty all over again reading about the way he pushed you away, but then again… you turned this into a bittersweet kind of thing, mixing comedy and tragedy in a way only someone like you could do it.
  • He cries when you describe the moment he found Saeran, he wasn’t this thrilled not even when the actual thing happened back then.
  • He’s blushing so much when you compare the first orgasm he gave you to the mixture of salty and sweet taste of Honey Budha Chips and Dr. Pepper… because he feels exactly the same way.


  • He actually is keeping one because of therapy, so he asks you for help.
  • But he had no idea how in love you are for this, you’re more excited than him about his own journal.
  • He’s not sure if he really wants to read your teenage girl whining about boys and prom, but he really wants to know how to do this!
  • When he starts reading it… he’s addicted to it. You catch him binge reading all of them all the time.
  • You’re so sarcastic! Everything in your life seemed so bittersweet, he’s rooting for you to ditch the asshole you were dating and find happiness on yourself, because you’re so great! And he celebrates when finds you actually did!
  • He’s reading this and imagining as if it was a TV show… a very cliché one, but still, the kind of cliché you can’t take your eyes off!
  • He wishes he could deal with his problems the way you did, you were so screwed when your found about your father’s second family, yet… here you are, this amazingly sweet and bright person dealing with struggle with so much fierceness and kindness
  • When you told him that you were never scared of him, he didn’t believe it. Reading on the journal, he starts to believe.
  • He’s embarrassed when he reads about himself, you portray him as this adorable anti-hero, and he doesn’t think he deserves it, your description about his eyes makes him shiver…
  • Feels really good about the way you describe sex with him, and when you wrote it’s like all the flavors of ice cream combined, he’s gone!


  • I guess he has sight for this one
  • He used to have a dream journal, and stopped when most of the dreams were about Rika
  • He admires your commitment to write every day, even when apparently nothing special happened.
  • But when he gets to read it, he understands: your writing make every day sound special and amazing.
  • He gets more and more mesmerized at every page, he pictures the scenes on his mind, putting himself at your place. It takes a lot of talent to transport people to your own universe with just some words well put together, and you have this talent!
  • Personally, your descriptions about first times are the most impressive ones, the first time you saw snow, your first date with your first boyfriend, the first time you touched yourself…  he almost can feel what you felt.
  • And the struggles and self-loathing, dealing with depression with a family who doesn’t seem to understand you were sick… he feels your pain on his own skin and mind.
  • He’s so flattered about the way you see him. Is his voice that soothing? His eyes that beautiful? He wishes he could see the world through your eyes, his photos would be even better with such a unique and sweet vision like yours.
  • He was impressed about the first time you touched yourself, just imagine when he got to the part about sex with him. Your words seem like little magic spells, hypnotizing more and more.