the script is amazing

Everyone stop what you’re doing right now and go see Beauty and the Beast – it’s so beautiful.

The script is amazing. The acting is fantastic. The characters are incredible. Honestly, I’m in love with it.

No spoilers, but I will say that all of the side characters (especially Lumiere, Plumette, Madame de Garderobe, and Cadenza) make this movie a masterpiece.

In short, see it…Now!

thatkevinsmith We shipping #sanvers, son! I got to watch @chy_leigh & @florianalima work their magic on @supergirlcw yesterday (i.e., I was “directing” again). The Alex and Maggie storyline has made a serious difference in the lives of some of the fan base, so much so that @glaad nominated #supergirl for Outstanding Drama Series. Credit goes to the honest emotional reality the @supergirlwriters bring to the scripts every week, as well as these two amazing actresses’ abilities to make us believe their characters are falling in love. We spent the day outside in the snow and rain but these radiant ladies kept the set warm and cozy. #KevinSmith #chylerleigh #florianalima #vancouver #supergirlcw #glaadawards

verbal stimming

shout out to all the autistics out there who stim by being vocal/verbal

shout out to autistics who sing to feel the vibrations in their body and dont have a traditionally beautiful voice. your stimming is a beautiful thing.

shout out to autistics that stim by chanting, being echolalic, humming loudly or reciting poems, books, movie scripts! <3

all of your stims are amazing and dont let anyone discourage you from being the happy you!

I really love that the entire Animorphs fandom is like: We recognize that Nickelodeon has made a television series, but given that it is a stupid-ass television series, we have elected to ignore it.


Tom Holland x Reader / Sebastian Stan x Reader
Prompt: “ can you make one where you’re part of the staff when they were filming civil war but you also are friends with everyone and Stan and Tom Holland doesn’t really get along and Seb finds out Tom has a crush on you so he starts flirting with you to make him mad” by anon
Words: 868
Notes: It turned to be more a Tom imagine than a Sebastian one,but I hope you enjoy it!

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Being part of the staff of civil war was insane. But it was mostly insane when you realized it was such a big franchise and lots of people counted on your work. You tried your best to help trough everything, leading everybody to their spots or organizing papers and scripts, but the best part was their friendship.

The whole cast was amazing and nice, not spoiled famous people. Maybe just Robert Downey Jr. but he was nice as well. But the most closer to you were Sebastian and Tom Holland. Sebastian was a ball of fur and nice with everyone and Tom was near your age, so you two bonded very well but it seemed that, somehow, the two of them didn’t get along properly.

“So Harrison was trying to make a move on this girl…” Tom’s voice was reaching your ears as long as you two walked together to set, his hands making gestures while talking. You were very focused on his beautiful face and smile to hear anything else. “And she threw the drink on him. Can you believe it?” You laughed, having no idea what he was talking about.

“No way!” He laughed with you, his hand touching you slightly on the shoulder while he looked in your eyes.

“Yes! It was much more funny there, you should be there to watch.” He looked deep at you, your mind trying to ponder the meaning of his words. You smiled shyly.

“Maybe the next time, huh?” You lifted an eyebrow and poked his cheek with your finger, leaving his face a little bit pinker.

“I hope so.”

He winked at you and went away to do his scene while you went to do your stuff. Meanwhile, a man with black and long hair looked at the two of you from afar. His features in a angry mood at the sight of the two of you liking each other. Sebastian didn’t know why but he hated that but, surely, he was aware that Tom truly liked you and he was better for you, principally because of the age gap. So he just smiled and thought about how the spider boy would react at his crush receiving his flirting and smirked, his feet moving towards you without you thinking.

“Hello there, beautiful.” He whispered but kind of loud, so Tom could hear, next to your ear. His hands wrapping around your waist in a hug.

“Hi, Sebastian. How are you doing today?” You smiled sincerely to him, hugging him back. You saw him as a really good friend and, being aware he would never want something with you, as a big brother.

“Better now, love.” You felt your face heating up, what the hell was he doing? He never did something like this before, always acted like a big brother with you. Besides, Tom’s gaze was fixed into the two of you, not being able to concentrate on his scene.

“W-well, I’m glad about it.” You let a nervous laugh come out of your mouth and Sebastian’s grin grew bigger.

“Did I say how beautiful you look today?” Tom was now near both of you, the director asking him to chill out and he leaving towards you immediately. “Did I, kitten?”

“W-what the hell you are doing, Seb?” You stepped back when he leaned closer to you. Tom had his knuckles white because of the fists he was doing.

“I’m just complimenting the beautiful woman in front of me…” He let the phrase get out in the air, his fingers wandering through your naked arm skin. “I don’t think the spider boy has been doing that properly…” He inhaled, Tom had his face so red of anger that if someone saw him, would think he would explode. “Even though he says he has a crush on you…Tsc tsc.”

“What?” Your voice sounded as a whisper because of Tom’s shout.

“Enough, Sebastian!” He was so close to the older man, you thought he was going to punch him. “Leave her alone.” The black haired man laughed and held his hands high innocently.

“If it is what she wants.” Both of them looked at you as you whispered ‘please’. “Fine, then. But Tom, it’s so easy to annoy you.” And with a laugh coming out of his mouth, he was gone.

“Is that true?” You voice was still a whisper while your eyes tried to look at Tom’s face without getting embarrassed.

“Y-yes…” He looked to nowhere but your face, unaware of your big smile now.

“And are you pretending to ask me on a date now or just in your next life?” You poked him with your finger and he lifted his face up, his eyes shining bright.

“Would you go?” You nodded in affirmative while he happily jumped and hugged your body. “What about tonight?” His face filled with excitement and expectations.

“Sounds lovely.” You kissed him in the cheek and started to go your way. “See you at 8, Tom.”


You heard his scream from far away and laughed with that. After on that day, he had some more troubles to concentrate on his scene but, this time, it was because he was going on a date with you.


You’re offering the money at the wrong time, Mr Birling. Eva Smith is gone. You can’t do her any more harm. You can’t do her any good now either. You can’t even say: “I’m sorry Eva Smith.” But just remember this: there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us with their lives, and hopes, and fears, their suffering and chance of happiness all intertwined with our lives and what we think and say and do. We don’t live alone upon this earth. We are responsible for each other. And if mankind will not learn that lesson, then the time will come soon when he will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish.

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you saw the lightning thief musical?!??!!???

No! Unfortunaly I won’t be able to watch it but @nerdyadventures did and she gave it her fully approval and I’m talking to people on twitter who saw it and they just love it. It seems is very loyal to the book to the point Chris first line is “Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood” 

A LOT of the script was word for word from the book it was absolutely amazing.

Perfect and true, half-bloods. Perfect. And. True.

RIP Carrie Fisher, a woman I not only admired as a celebrity I was a fan of but also for her mental health advocacy and willingness to take no crap whenever people tried to pull her down for who she was. She was a legitimate inspiration to me, and when we get tributes, we better see people acknowledging how fearless, brash and bold she was as well as just “she was in Star Wars”, not to mention her prolific work writing, performing elsewhere and script doctoring. What an incredibly talented, smart, amazing woman she really was. I say we all go into 2017 trying to embody the take-no-shit attitude she was so great at taking herself.

I feel sorry for the actors. For Ben, for Martin who were just AMAZING and I want them to win all the awards. I feel sorry for Rupert, for Loo, for Amanda, actually for everyone. They did such a good, amazing job, it’s not their fault the script was bad. My heart is breaking because they’ll see how mad and disappointed we are :’( They’ll think they did bad :’( I wish they knew how much we love their work. I can speak for myself only, but I LOVED the acting. The best of the best. So many emotions. *standing ovation* We love you, guys. We just didn’t like the script

Reasons to read the Victor Frankenstein script

-Victor and Igor part on good terms instead of some rushed “three’s a crowd” explanation and disappearing without a word

-turpin is tearfully reunited with his daughter

-igor becomes a doctor and lorelei takes up teaching

-months later igor receives a heart-warming GIFT OF GAY when victor sends him an edition of igor’s favorite anatomy book

-ends on victor causing trouble in Utah with his experiments because HE’S A BAMF HELL YES


Dragon script alphabet is one of the ways you can communicate with dragons. Its also a great tool to use with enchanting objects with draconic energy, I was reading a fantastic book called dancing with dragons by d.j. Conway and, its all about draconian magick and I’m the back it had the dragon script so I thought I would show you if your interested. Also, dragon script is an amazing way to keep your draconic practices secret since few people know it. Blessed be!! )o(

Do you know what’s so special about Isak and Even though? What pulls you in and doesn’t let go? What’s so impossible not to fall in love with? What it is that gives you butterflies, that makes your heart beat speed up, that takes your breath away, that effects you in all these REAL ways?

…How unbelievably real their love feels, it’s all in the tiniest details, the visible sparkles in their eyes when they look at each other, all  those delicate little touches, the way you see their skin ripple when they stroke each others faces, the way their whole faces light up in the biggest smile from the silly jokes and stupid statements they make, the way that their words are so softly uttered yet still so full of emotion.

The actors are so amazing, the directing, the scripts, the social media and texts…everything about it is so delicately done, with so much care and attention to detail that their world collides with ours and the characters become apart of our lives and apart of us.

I truly believe there with never be anything else quite like SKAM, it’s so rare and nothing else will ever come close, it’s a one time thing, a phenomenon that can never be replicated and I for one will always treasure it and look forward to season after season for as long as we have the pleasure of it being in our lives.