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SKAM S04E06 Clip 3 - Fake Fake Fake

EVA: I wanted to write a causerie, but I’m not funny at all. I think it’s really difficult.

NOORA: I don’t even get what a causerie is.

EVA: I was really struggling. It’s like.. It doesn’t even matter whether I have a good day when we have a mock exam. I feel like it’s..


EVA: Are you joining us? Sana!

SANA: Huh?

EVA: Are you joining us for McDonalds?

SANA: No, I’m reading for my mock exam.

NOORA: Okay. Should we buy you something?

SANA: No, no thanks.

EVA: Yes.. Talk to you later.


EVA: I’m sooo hungry.

NOORA: Me too!

ISAK: Have Sara stolen your friends or something?

SANA: Huh? No!

ISAK: No? Okay, I’m kidding. Fake, fake, fake, fake. Ugh, girls. Sara doesn’t even like Vilde.

SANA: How do you know?

ISAK: Because she talks shit about her.

SANA: To you?

ISAK: Mhm.

SANA: Are you and Sara friends or something?

ISAK: We were in a relationship.

SANA: That’s true. How could you even stand dating her?

ISAK: No, good question.. It wasn’t a very sexual relationship, to put it that way. We mostly chatted. Looking back on that relationship, I was more of an online therapist than a boyfriend. I would’ve loved some payment for all that time I spent reading shit talk about russ friends and stuff. I couldn’t give more of a fuck. Hey! Sister species are species which are determined morphologically?

SANA: No. Sister species are species which are similar in exterior traits, but which can be completely different genetically.

ISAK: I’m gonna go hang myself.

Tower of Babel

Once upon a time, all humans worked together to build something that could reach God. We realized we were going to be successful when, suddenly, the project ended.

In the middle of building, our words stopped making sense to each other, and, whenever our friends spoke, all we could hear was babble.

You see, we were never supposed to build something equal to God, and so, to prevent us from working together, we all began speaking different languages. The project fell apart as we fought over new misunderstandings, wars broke out - we could no longer communicate. We could no longer understand our friends. But…

We could build it
If we only had the words

Mogliśmy to zbudować,
gdybyśmy tylko mieli słowa.

كَانَ مِنْ المُمكِن أنْ نَبْنِيهًُ، لَو كَانَ لَدينا الكَلِمات

Vi kunne bygget det
om vi bare hadde ordene

Мы могли бы его построить,
если бы только у нас были слова

Lo podríamos construir
si sólo tuviéramos las palabras

हम उसे बुन सकते थे अगर हमारे पास केवल वह शब्द होते

But we do not understand each other
So, we haven’t built it

I thank everyone who assisted me in editing these various translations. I had help with every single one, but some of the people involved have requested, understandably, not to be tagged. This piece is still open for edits. If your language is not represented and you would like for it to be, please reach out to me.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I am going to be training a service dog for myself (I'm autistic). How can i ask my future college about brining the service dog to college (will live at home, not in dorm), and about brining her to different lectures and stuff? I am looking for a script to 1. Explain I'm autistic to "higher-uppers" in the college and 2. Explaining about the service dog, why i need her and if i can bring her? (Since i may study chemistry, not decided yet, it may not be an option to have the service (1)

(2) dog with me as she might be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Some of this you probably already know.

In the US you do not need a permission from the school to take a service dog on campus or to class. A service dog may also live with you without explicit permission. You do not need approval from the office of disability services or housing services, and if a professor or employee refuses you they are breaking the law with very few exception which we’ll get to in a moment.

There are only two questions that professors and staff are permitted to ask you. 1.) Is your dog a service dog. 2.) What work or tasks does your dog perform for you.

That’s it, and you only have to provide the information if someone asks.

The exceptions have to do with situations where there is an increased risk or concern for safety. This where labs come in. A professor can deny access to a lab where there is a reasonable concern for safety. Depending on the lab, this could mean non-entry, it could mean the dog must have booties, a lab coat, and goggles, and/or that the dog must remain on the classroom side of the lab if it is a split-room setup.

Usually this is negotiated with the professor, however, if the answer you get is a flat out, “No,” my advice would be to contact the the office of disability services what restrictions, if any, the school has for animals in the lab for that specific class, and if necessary ask them to run interference with the professor in question.

Other than that, normal ADA restrictions apply; the dog must be well behaved and non-disruptive, in your control at all times (which means following your commands), up on its shots and vaccinations. The animal requires no identification or certification.

So to answer your question, the only scripts you should need are:

“This is a working service dog.”

“My service dog [tasks the dog performs] for me.”

Some additional scripts you will probably want, that many handlers make little cards for to give out to people:

“The ADA does not require a working vest, identification, or certification.”

“The ADA does not allow you to ask that question”

And one more for the college specific setting:

“Please refer to the office of disability services for more information service dog and handler rights.”

- Sam

anonymous asked:

Tips for telling someone you're a self diagnosed autistic? (Friend, same age, and I'm a minor).

I just started talking about autism and my experiences in the autistic community and people figured it out. Sharing a lot of autistic articles on FB, talking about my own experiences that were similar, stuff like that.

That worked for me, but IDK if it will work for you. If your friend likes being told stuff directly, you could just tell them that you’re pretty sure you’re autistic. Or if they comment on one of your behaviors that is autistic, just say it’s because you’re autistic, something like that.

Most the time I just wait for it to come up though, because it eventually does. I’m really heavily involved in mental health and neurodiversity activism though, so it  probably comes up more than it does for most people. I also openly stim in public, and that brings questions.

andre just got shot in the face while wearing oscar’s uniform and a blond wig to participate in a duel oscar was challenged to that turned out to be an ambush from jeanne de valois and in the process accidentally intercepted fersen’s confession to oscar this is the best berubara i have ever seen

anonymous asked:

is it autistic to speak by using "stereotypes"? like i recently went to the store and said "have a nice day!" because thats What You Say to the Store People and it felt like i was echoing something but not really?

This is likely scripting, and it often incorporates delayed echolalia in the form of specific phrases, which if it’s something you feel like you were echoing is likely the case. So yup.

- Os

anonymous asked:

My mom thinks that "All of this [she says as she mimics me hand flapping] didn't start showing up until the last couple of years" but i'm not trying to force anything it's the opposite, i'm just finding out that stimming is okay and letting myself be myself and learning new stims, what can i say to explain this to her in a better way? I'm so bad at coming up with scripts because i'm really bad with words (i'm self dx'd autistic, although i think my therapist unofficially "diagnosed" me too?)

“I know you’ve noticed me stimming more in the past couple of years, and I am. I’ve learned that stimming is ok, and to let myself stim instead of suppressing it. I’ve also learned new stims and adopted the ones I like, so that is also another reason I am stimming in ways I did not previously.”

If you have articles that help explain what stimming is, or just want to collect some good tumblr posts, you can add in:

“I have some articles on what stimming is and why it is a healthy thing for me to do if you want to read them.”

(I have an unoffical dx with my drs too. And if they feel comfortable explaining stimming to your mother or can print off information packets to give your mother that might also be an option. I know people often respond better to stuff from drs.)


Tell Republicans who voted for the AHCA: We’ll remember

Republicans just passed a health care law that would take health insurance from 24 million people, raise costs on seniors, poor people and sick people, and give the super wealthy an enormous tax break.

We can still stop it in the Senate. But before you call your Senators, if you had a Republican rep who voted for this monstrosity, take a few minutes and call them. Yell at them for voting for a bill without even waiting for a CBO score to show how many of their constituents it would impact and without any debate. Let them know that you’ll remember this in 2018. Republicans in the Senate - and the House, when it comes back for reconciliation - will be watching to see what kind of fallout this vote causes. Make sure they feel it.

Script: “Hi, I’m [your name] and I’m a constituent from [your town.] I’m calling to say that I’m furious that Representative So and So voted for the American Health Care Act without even waiting for a CBO score to find out how people in [his or her] district would be impacted. This is going to effect millions of people’s health and it’s absolutely shameful that Rep. So-and-so voted to force it through with no debate or hearings. I’ll be voting against Rep. So-and-so in November for this vote and I’m going to encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same.”

anonymous asked:

Would it still be semi verbal if there are some things that you are able to say easily while other things are very hard? Sometimes ill have difficulty talking, and I mostly only answer with yes or nos, but if someone asks me whats wrong ill just say "i have a headache" even if thats completely false. Theres also other things that are easy to say, like asking when food is, or certain things to do with my job. But its still very hard to actually converse.

Yes, that would be semiverbal. It sounds like you have scripted answers that you use when you’re semiverbal, even if the script doesn’t fit the situation which is pretty common for autistic people when we’re distressed. Many of us while semiverbal are still able to use simple words like yes or no or use scripted or echolalic phrases. 




ELIAS: We’ve missed you. Have you missed us?
YOUSEF: I agree. What are we gonna play today?
ELIAS: Today.. (gibberish) Chatroulette, just that it’s on Facebook
YOUSEF: Facebook messages, text messages, whatever.
ELIAS: You probably know what it is! Awkward messages, to put it that way.
ELIAS: Okay, then we’ll begin! And next up is Adam!
ELIAS: Amen!
MUTASIM: We’ll see, we’ll see.

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