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Missing Whouffaldi? A few nights ago, I was browsing through the internet and happened to come across a “green” draft of the script to Steven Moffat’s series 9 finale, “HELL BENT”. It is interesting to note that some of the stage directions included in this preliminary script showcased a much more “physical” Twelfth Doctor than the one that was actually filmed. On these pages, there is a scene where Twelve “enfolds” Clara in a hug (when he explains why she has no heartbeat) and there is also this scene where the Doctor “strokes” Clara’s face before turning to punch the General. I am sure there were legitimate reasons for the changes that were made in the aired version.

Perhaps Rachel Talalay (the director) or Peter or Jenna (the stars) or even Steven himself decided that it would be more dramatic if shot in a different way. I do wish they had filmed these as “alternate” scenes, though. Any chance to see a little extra whouffaldi would have been terrific.

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Remember that time when worked on Heights? I remember that too...

I remember it like yesterday, thank you for remembering.
Unfortunately it’s on a very long break or outright cancelled. I want to focus on Lotta Svärd as my #1 comic project.
I got a little depressed over Heights when I presented it to the publishers, and they said “It’s good, but doesn’t suit our publishing guidelines”, which is a nice way of saying “It’s shit, won’t sell.”, so I started thinking like that myself and I lost interest.
(And we’re talking about a country where comics like these gets a physical releases, good for them I guess.)
I’ve told my friends to stop me if I ever show interest in showing Lotta Svärd to the publishers, to prevent the same happening to it.


I’m thinking about a theory that The 100 wirters died and were replaced with Bellarke shippers BECAUSE OH MY GOD THEY FEED US SO WELL DURING THIS HITUS I FEEL ALIVE LIKE HOLLY FUCK THEY JUST WANT TO SET US READY FOR CANON BELLARKE IN SESON 5!!!!

Anyway I’m okay, hbu??


I didn’t get to watch the episode this week because JUST as I was settling in, the Johns sent me a script to proofread! Alas. I have, obviously, read the script 100 bajillion times, but I hadn’t actually seen it!

I also don’t have any super fun stories to share, except that I tried really, really hard to get “LairBnB” to take off as the name of Red’s new enterprise, but no one else ever adopted it.

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just so you guys know, in the novel Richie has an encounter with It (in the form of a fucking statue that comes alive and chases him through a park) and keeps the encounter a secret from the other losers (which, for the film, means “can only virgins see this shit?” Is just Richie once again using humor as a means of hiding his actual feelings), so you can probably expect a flashback scene in the 2019 sequel

also, the statue was a Paul Bunyan statue (that turned into a clown statue)) and is 30ft tall and looks like thIS