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I love Ryan's acting. And specifically the way he acts cocky, sarcastic, vile, his soft moments. I also like diversity and contrast. So I like when Aaron is crying so easy and so often while Robert is not and his pain is more subtle and shown in different ways. But Aaron's emotions are so clear in his face, Danny is unbelievable with intense emotions and tears. My question is: do you think Ryan's lack in the emotional area? He isn't that convincing and complex I mean when it comes to love?


Do I think Ryan is lacking? No, like you say. It is a different style of acting. It didn’t surprise me when Danny said they make fun of Ryan for reciting Hamlet in their dressing room/that he was onstage in the History Boys. He has a more formalised approach to acting. He’s more like someone who put the years in, in drama school “being the tree” - lol - or ya know really thinking about a character’s motivation and purpose for their behaviour. 

This is in stark contrast to Danny, who is much more instinctive. DM reminds me of the kids who are cast in Andrea Arnold or Shane Meadows productions. Pot luck but somehow, it just works. He lives and breathes Aaron. Whereas Ryan really tries to think out a scene. 

You can see this in how they interact too, even how they respond to the blocking of a scene. Danny is really rambunctious and spontaneous with where he puts his body - like if he wants to throw his arm around Adam he will, and Tumblr will all coo about Bartsy - whereas Ryan really tries to think about what Robert would do in a scene. His actions are less forthcoming, more deliberate, but we get great content out of it. Like Robert having a thing for resting his hands on Aaron’s waist? Bet it’s Ryan who came up with that… Then you get Danny’s cute impulsive reaction of just rubbing/gripping/stroking Robert’s biceps in return. Lol… Whatever he feels like doing… (the Danny/Robert/Ryan/Aaron name thing got messy there… sorry) 

I think Ryan is amazing at emotional stuff. He breaks my heart sometimes. And less can be more. Don’t get me wrong neither of them get 100% right every time and I’m not above criticising either of them. But how can you look at???

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And say he’s lacking emotionally??? He’s not soft and vulnerable??? He’s only good for Smugden/cocky bastard stuff???? He’s not. He’s stellar. That’s just a fact, so there :P

Love ya Nonnie. And them hard at work gifmakers!!! xx

London Spy script (5)

Alex still in the bath. Danny perched on the edge.

ALEX Had you guessed?
DANNY I’d guessed you hadn’t slept with guys. I’d thought maybe you’d slept with a few women.  
Alex shakes his head. 

DANNY Can I ask a question? I don’t want you to feel under pressure. I’m trying to understand. Can you trust me on that?
Alex nods.
DANNY What’s stopped you?
Alex entering completely new territory.
DANNY You don’t have to answer –
ALEX I want to.
Alex considers. In the end, he settles for:
ALEX When people tried to kiss me I said things like: “For a gift to truly be a gift”.

But Danny doesn’t smile. Or laugh. He waits, patiently, his fingers in the water. He wants to know. For real.  

No more hiding. Alex goes deeper.
ALEX At school I was old. At university I was young. I’ve always been out of step with the people around me. In the end, I left it so late, I gave up.
(with sadness) I gave up. 

DANNY Did you imagine you’d spend the rest of your life alone?
ALEX I did.
DANNY I can’t begin to understand what that must feel like.  
ALEX You were always sure you’d find someone?
DANNY Always.
Alex can’t imagine what that feels like.
ALEX Being alone has a rhythm, like running. It’s when you stop that you realize how tired you are.
Alex not just saying this for the first time, he understands this for the first time, in this moment.  

ALEX How do you admit you’ve never had a relationship? Who wants to hear? When they do, who wants to stay?
A rare and precious flash of emotion from Alex.


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