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If you had to choose a robron album, what tracks would make the cut?

i took this way too seriously

1. Leave Your Lover- Sam Smith
2. Fix You- Coldplay
3. Fools- Troye Sivan
4. If You’re Not The One- Daniel Bedingfield
5. I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys
6. The Sound- The 1975
7. Panic Cord- Gabrielle Aplin
8. Tainted Love- Soft Cell
9. Certain Things- James Arthur
10. Six Degrees Of Separation- The Script
11. The Reason- Hoobstank
12. The Love We Stole- Bears Den
13. Say You Love Me-Jessie Ware
14. Make You Feel My Love- Adele


Ecco qui la lista delle canzoni della playlist di @assenzadiemozioni per chi non avesse spotify

1) Sæglópur, Sigur Rós
2) Don’t speak, No Doubt
3) What’s up?, 4 Non Blondes
4) Emit Remmus, Red Hot Chili Peppers
5) Cough Syrup, Young the Giant
6) 1944, Jamala
7) Drive, Halsey
8) Without you, Oh wonder
9) Me, the 1975
10) If you could see me now, The Script
11) Morning Glory- Remastered, Oasis
12) Letter by the Water, the Japanese House
13) Sugar Pill, the Japanese House
14) No good in goodbye, the Script
15) Six Degrees of separation, the Script
16) Broken Arrow, the Script
17) Kaleidoscope, the Script
18) No words, the Script
19) Exit wounds, the Script
20) We Cry, the Script
21) If I were sorry, Frans
22) Sound of silence, Dami Im
23) Gold, Sunset sons
24) Medicine, Sunset sons
25) She wants, Sunset sons
26) Remains, Bastille vs rag'n'bone man vs skunk Anansie
27) These streets, Bastille
28) Laura Palmer, Bastille
29) Poet, Bastille
30) Bite down, Bastille vs HAIM
31) R U Mine?, Arctic Monkeys
32) Non sento più niente, Matteo Branciamore feat. Nathlie
33) Quando tornerai dall'estero, le luci della centrale elettrica
34) If I die Young, The band Perry
35) Loving someone, the 1975
36) This must be my dream, the 1975
37) Somebody else, the 1975
38) Nana, the 1975
39) Our last day, The Fray
40) 48 to go, The Fray
41) Nuvole Bianche, Ludovico Einaudi
42) Burning bridges, OneRepublic
43) Something I need, OneRepublic
44) Something’s gotta give, OneRepublic
45) Life in color, OneRepublic
46) All the right moves, OneRepublic
47) Lullaby, Nickelback
48) Don’t ever let it end, Nickelback
49) If everyone cared, Nickelback
50) Animal, Glee version
51) Firework, Glee version
52) Bring the bright lights, Sunset sons
53) Hymn for the weekend, Cold play
54) High by the beach, Lana del Rey
55) I found, Amber Run
56) No one’s here to sleep, Naughty Boy-Bastille
57) The funeral, Band of horses
58) Simple song, The shine
59) Give me love, Ed Sheeran
60) Twin size mattress, The front bottoms
61) Peach, The front bottoms
62) Feel again, OneRepublic
63) Nobody Listen, Lifehouse
64) Where I come from, Lifehouse
65) Lady day, Lifehouse
66) Divenire, Ludovico Einaudi
67) Marching On, OneRepublic
68) Roots, Imagine dragons
69) I bet my life, Imagine dragons
70) The fall, Imagine dragons
71) Somebody that I used to know, Gotye-Kimbra
72) Roots before branches, Room for two
73) Broadway, The Goo Goo Dolls
74) Iris, the Goo Goo Dolls
75) Daniel in the Den, Bastille
76) I don’t want to miss a thing, Aerosmith
77) Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana
78) What’ll I do, Lisa Hannigan
79) Papaoutai, Stromae
80) bâtard, Stromae
81) Carmen, Stromae
82) F**kin’ Perfect, Pink
83) Herz über Kopf, Robert Paul Hegenbarth
84) Wie schön du bist, Sarah Connor
85) Ljúft að vera til, Jón Jónsson
86) La vie en Rose, Cristin Milioti
87) Paint the Town green, The Script 88) To build a home, the cinematic orchestra
89) Give your heart a break, Demi Lovato
90) If everyone cared, Nickelback
91) Wake me up when September ends, Green day
92) Are we the waiting, Green day
93) Boulevard of broken dreams, Green day
94) Californication, red hot chili peppers
95) Otherside, red hot chili peppers
96) Daylight, Maroon 5
97) Happiness, The Fray
98) Enough for now, the Script
99) Manos al Aire, Nelly furtado
100) Come easy, Sunset son
101) Cool Blue, The Japanese House
102) Colors, Halsey
103) 7 years, Lukas Graham
104) River flows in you, Yiruma
105) Io grido, Francesca Giaccari
106) Happy Ending, Mika
107) Goodbye, Apathy, OneRepublic
108) Pause, Plain white T’s
109) Hey there Delilah, Plain white T’s
110) Young and beautiful, Lana del Rey
111) I lived, OneRepublic
112) Car radio, Twenty one pilots
113) Pretending, Glee version
114) Pompeii, Bastille
115) Heroes, Måns Zelmerlöw
116) Medicine, the 1975

Masterpiece Part Four | Jimin, You

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Song: Six Degrees of Separation | The Script 

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

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music tag game

big thanks to @constelltions for tagging me! 

basically, you just shuffle your music, and say the first 20 songs that come up, and then tag 10 people. 

1. time (from inception), hans zimmer

2. michael in the bathroom (from be more chill), george salazar,

3. son of a gun, eric william morris

4. cecily smith, will connolly

5. drops of jupiter, train

6. creep, radiohead

7. six degrees of separation, the script

8. save rock and roll, fall out boy

9. i will follow you into the dark, death cab for cutie

10. holding on to you, twenty one pilots

11. somewhere in the between, streetlight manifesto

12. turn off the lights, panic! at the disco

13. monster, imagine dragons

14. angel with a shotgun, the cab 

15. clouds (digital silk), will connolly

16. black sheep, metric

17. 2000 light years away, green day

18. turning out, ajr

19. asleep, the smiths

20. shatter me ft. lzzy hale, lindsey stirling

i tag: @lavietudier @textbookellie @existentialcrisisconvention @natsuallium @lying-canary @guess-who-cares and whoever else wants to do it lmao i’m not stopping you

6 Degrees of Separation | Yoongi x Reader

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Genre : Angst; fluff; smut; drabble

Words count : +2,369

A?N : Okay, so this is my first time on writing something on this account, I hope you guys enjoy it and please look forward for my future writings. AND YEAH PLEASE IM SORRY FOR THE SMUT SCENE I’M STILL TRYING. 

oh anyway, this was inspired by The Script - 6 Degrees of Separation, i know it’s an old song but I just happened to listened to it again. 

1. The thought that the worst is a broken heart

Tissue papers were scattering throughout the surface of your apartment; with you covering itself with a big sheet of blanket, you wondered.  Was he experiencing the same tragedy as you are?

You closed your eyes as your soaking eyes went a little bit arid, for its pupils took too long from staring the television screen across the coffee table. Sitting on the couch solely, you checked your phone once again, looking for any hints and feelings behind the last words in the chat room. You ruined me; that was what it said. You scoffed at the sight of the word itself in disbelief, why would he send that when it’s obvious that the one that was entirely ruined is you? But the weird thing was, every time your eyes peered into the chat, you would scoff in agony and then your heart began to sink deeper every time, shattering all over again. It was like dying then resurrecting and then dying again, only to replay the rhythm. It was an unbeatable cycle that you had to face through; although some fellow of yours said that it was just momentarily. But what if it wouldn’t heal? What if your heart doesn’t want itself to heal?

2. Second part

You’ve tried everything. Watching comedy shows (in which you expected it to bring you laughter), but it only caused you pain. You tried to meditate from day to dawn (if that’s possible) and you even tried to go to the psychologists to get yourself hypnotized. But every time you get hypnotized, the doctor would say that you’d release endless tears upon your eyes and if the doctors hadn’t woke you up, you might continue until there was none left.

So you tried doing something people would normally do when they feel extreme weight of woe. You arrived at the small bar near the flat, asking for some alcoholic drinks that would sting your nostrils up high, wrecking the inside of your throat as it slides down but keeping it warm at the same time. You always think that alcohols are the best remedy when it comes to this circumstances, but it would also stab you in the back. The way it hurts a little bit, just to give you comfort of warmness pulsating around it, but then giving you a punch in the head the next day. Without any further thinking, you took a full sip of the drink, gulping it till it’s empty. The more it glided down your gullet, the giddier you get. Drunk, you picked up a call that rang inside of the pocket of your jeans, pulling it out then pressed the green button.

“Y/N Where are you? You should come here right now.”

‘“Who is this?” You mumbled with a confident, yet uncertain at the same time.

“Yah are you drunk? Where are you now?”

“I’m in Neverland~” You sang, while asking the bartender to spill another drink.

“Yah don’t drink too much! In fact, you’re already drinking too—“ You shut the phone by pressing the red button, taking another sample of the oozy drink.

Time went by too fast that you couldn’t remembered what happened, it all seemed like a blur to you; until Yoongi appeared right before your eyes sitting along beside you on the wooden made bar.

“Yah, I said don’t drink too much!” He stole the glass that was in the grasp of your palm, sipping it intently; you could see his adam’s apple jumping in between his pharynx.

“How did you know where I am? I don’t remember saying the place.”

“I tracked you down with this app in my phone.”

“Really!? You should tell me what app it is!”

Yoongi rolled his eyes towards you “I’m just just kidding Y/N. See? You’re too drunk.” Yoongi’s eyes began to trail down your head to toes, curiosity defeating his lethargic energy. “What happened?”

“You know this friend when we were in high school right?”

“The one who I introduced you to?”

“Yeah— he kinda asked me out and we were engaged. But he suddenly went off somewhere saying ‘he got a job overseas’ but what a fool of me; I think he ran away from our marriage or something. It’s been around three months since he ‘got his job’ and suddenly he texted me that I ruined him. Does that even make sense?”

“Well, he got that one thing right.” Yoongi drank the rest of the bottle, pouring it in the glass first.

“Yah!” You slapped a side of his arm,

“I was just kidding Y/N. How can you still not know me when we’re friends since junior high? I am disappointed of you. You disappointed me.”

“Get out. I don’t need you.” You replied with a straight face, eyes and lips signifying sarcasm.”

“Just kidding Y/N. Anyway, you ruined my life too—I keep on thinking about you every night” His voice began to crack around the line.

“Yoongi you’re the same. You’re drunk.”

The moment you woke up in the morning, with wrinkled blanket, one pillow fell on top of the carpet, and your tingling eyes began to crack open. Your bold eyes let them to absorb the light barely exposed from the sun due to the closed curtains someone must’ve secure. The hangover was heard loud enough in your mind, and it hurts a lot.

“Yoongi? What are you doing in my flat?” You jolted as you spot a figure coming towards the bathroom.

“I…you see—you were drunk so I took you here…I gotta go.” Yoongi hurriedly went towards the exit door, leaving you with a small bang produced from the way he closed it.

Your mind was battling that time, taking its time to register what was happening after from the bar and before you woke up. The slam of your head made you realized something; remembering it, only to make you regret it.

3. When the world splits down the middle

His hands were sending ghostly touch as he hover himself to you, guiding you to lean on the bed whilst making him on top of you. He pressed his lips onto the skin of your neck, sucking it with his jawed teeth, leaving trails of blue-red bruises all over you.

“I need you.” He mumbled upon your complexion, sliding his tongue from your neck onto your jawline, onwards to the chin then your heated lips. Just before you were about to close your mouth entirely after a loud moan, his tongue suddenly snaked itself inside your mouth, dominating every movements but letting you compromise his rushed rhythm. “Since you have no one,” Yoongi let out a heavy pants, distancing himself from you.

“Mind if I take the lead for tonight?” He asked for permission.

Suddenly in a midst of the night, he lifted your shirt till there were no signs of clothed body in front of him.

“Fuck—“ Yoongi bite his bottom lip as soon as he saw your nude body, plucking off the bra that stand his way. “We don’t need this, do we?”

“Oh my god Yoongi—“ you let out a moan.

“I haven’t do anything though,” he smirked at your response; his head going towards your cleavage then began to kiss it while his hands pushing itself to your breasts, circling it then squishing it slightly. His lips moved towards your left breast, letting its mouth to suck on the nipple, biting it once it leaves.

“Fuck—“ You gasped at the sudden contact, lust and darkness filled out the room entirely. “Please do more”

“Say what?” He smirked as his hands began to unbuckle the jeans you were wearing, letting it off in a flash with your hips rising to help him.

“This?” Yoongi touched your covered center with his palm. “We don’t need these pretty panties, do we?”

“y—yes” You mumbled upon his speech. He suddenly slid off your soaked panties; his hands were now on your thighs, spreading out its gap then hoisted your legs on his shoulder.

His head went deeper inside you till you barely see him, your hand trying to snatch every strands of his hair, holding it tight as he licked your womanhood. “Goddammit Y/N you’re so delicious.” He murmured beneath you with his voice vibrating, creating a chill running down your spine. You couldn’t believe that he tasted you, and you liked it. His movement were put in a halt, his long fingers crept inside your clit, one by one, until there was three overall.

“I haven’t put myself in you and you’re already fucking wet Y/N,” He shook his fingers that were on you up and down rapidly, until there were a lapping sound created. “Fuck Yoongi just—do it now.”

“Getting impatient now aight?” Yoongi smugged at how wrecked you were.

He hurriedly stripped himself in front of you, lifting his own shirt up and unbuckling his jeans; which you could clearly see his hardened bulge beneath the thick fabric. Until you touched his growing bulge with the palm of your hand; compressing it, making him gasped above you.

“My God Y/N, let me pleasure you tonight.” You both panted over the heated sensation inside the room, each growing restless as the time went longer.

That was it. Once he glided his crotch on you, entering you smoothly without and roughness; the room was filled with loud moans coming from you and Yoongi, his thrusts getting faster and faster.

“Yoongi—I’m close, I’m so close!” You warned him, digging the skin in the back of his shoulders.

“Wait a minute fuck!” He grinded swiftly, then let go once he could feel the wetness in the tip of his cock. He leaned towards you to give you a peck once again, then laid down beside you.

It took both of you more than a minute to settle the breathings, until Yoongi started. “Well that was fun.”

4. The thought of fixing inner self

Your mind surprised you with the scenes that were showing all of a sudden. You fucking up with Yoongi weren’t probably the right thing that supposed to happen after a breakup, it was the best thing though. It had been two weeks ever since then; you grew more and more secure about yourself and confident too. And fortunately, it really helped you to gain your self-sturdy both mentally and physically.

“So should we do the second round? This time you pleasure me.” Yoongi winked as he snuggled his hand to your shoulder.

“What are you doing in this mart?” You responed.

“Just happen to see you in here.” He saw you warming up with the instant ramyun you just bought there, and so he asked “Do you mind if I join you?”


Yoongi came back with a bowl full of noodles. Splitting his chopsticks into two, he looked at the way you eat it; blowing the noodles first before you consume the entire strands of hot noodles.

“You’re okay now?” Yoongi observed.

“I think I am, thanks.”

5. When he’s out with someone else

The gate will be closed at 7.00 am sharp. All passengers please stay behind the yellow line.

The train was about to come taking you to the workplace and once you stepped out of the yellow line, readying to go inside, a hand held your wrists tightly before you looked behind.

“Y/N…” An apologetic, sincere voice had burst out of his mouth, tears started dwelling in your gleaming eyes.

“Jiyoung…what are you doing here?”

“Are you okay? How are you?” His eyebrows squirmed to the middle, looking worried.

“I gotta go to work.” You brushed your hair slightly, eyes arching down the floor, unable to see his face after three months.

“Look, Y/N, I’m sorry that I sent you that fucking text, I didn’t mean to. I swear to God. I missed you.” Your certain face suddenly looked into his; his brown orbs that kept you mesmerized.

“You know what? Fuck it. I hate you; I hate you for leaving me. Were you cheating on me or what?! Get lost Jiyoung let’s pretend we don’t know each other, okay? I think that’s what’s best for us.”

“No Y/N, I was told not to date in the company, that’s one of the rules. But I swear, once I reached the quota—which I already did, I will be able to date again. Please, I’m being honest.” His look was enough for you to be fooled again, to at least forgive him but its option became narrower as you see a woman heading towards his way, about to cover his eyes with her little pale hands.

“Either way, you should’ve told me the truth. But you hurt me now, so I don’t need you anyway…I hope we will stop seeing each other.”

“Y/N…” He kept his eyes fixated on you until you sat on the train; the door was closing, leaving him there alone.

“Anyway, we were engaging, not dating.” You mumbled upon your own.

6. The admission of the fucked up reality

“So, you met him this morning? What happened afterwards?” Yoongi, with chicken in the grasp of his hand, asked you.

“Well what do you expect? He told me that his company wouldn’t allow the employees to date so that they could focus on their career. I think he lied—why would there be a company restricting you and bothers you with your personal lives? That doesn’t make sense at all.” You took a spoonful of the soup you were eating for lunch, panting soon after it lingers down your tongue, for it was too hot.

“Well, to tell you the truth, there are companies like that. I’m just saying. I know it because I got hired by a company that has that kind of rule.”

“Really? Then…I was wrong.”

“Not entirely,” Yoongi shrugged, “I mean, he was wrong for not telling you the truth and sent you that harsh words.”

“God Yoongi, I’m so fucked up.” Your head leaned over your palms, trying to settle the guilt inside of you.

“No you’re not, don’t worry. Anyway, you have me and I know that is all you need.” Yoongi winked at you for reassurance.


I noticed that Raúl Esparza was in the “special thanks” section of the credits in Martha Marcy May Marlene– you know, that weird movie with the girl who escapes from the cult? And Hugh Dancy is in the movie? 

So I did some googling and it turns out Raúl did the first screenplay reading of it (at a theater in NYC, so idk if the script was a play or a movie at that point). 

Basically, both Raúl and Hugh worked on this movie in some way.

That’s some weird 6 degrees of Hannibal separation, man.

(plus, uh, he’s gorgeous in the pictures of the read-through.)