the scribble dairy

“What do I do” she groaned putting her head in her hands. “ it’s the hardest situation to be in. Because on one hand you’re madly in love with this person and you’ve spent your days dreaming about this moment but then you also know that this is a one time offer, they won’t be yours forever. It will mean the world to you but for them it’s just another hookup ” she finishes her sentence and looks at me for help, and i speak the words that i’m living by. “ well, it just depends how much you love them. If you truly have fallen for them then it won’t matter how long it is because  they are worth every second”. With that she smiled and thanked me before running back inside to the party.
—  two minutes and thirty three seconds that’s how long this conversation lasted and  believe me it was worth every second
She was in tears, crying throughout the night because the boy she loved broke her heart. He said it wasn’t her it was him, and this love they shared was something he no longer needed. He said goodbye with a kiss, leaving the words i love you on her lips. They tied her to him , even though he was letting her go he wasn’t going  to let her leave, just in case one day she was what he needed .