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1. first and foremost is ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICAN (specifically Cheyenne Nation) representation and issues! An actual Native American cast and it focuses on their stories just as much as it does the other’s stories.

2. FUCKING an entire story arc dedicated to three girls helping each other escape an abusive ex.

3. A two or three episode arc about a rape victim’s ptsd and specifically mentions triggers by name, i literally screamed at my computer screen u guys

4. I don’t have a screencap of it but in the first episode one of the main girls goes to a strip club to get info and jumps up on a pole and starts taking her jacket off and promises “more for anyone who can give me info” and she ends up never even taking her (modest) undershirt off and she always has the upper hand in this situation and there are plenty of mentions of sexual violence towards women but it’s never shown in a grotesque way and ALWAYS framed as a terrible act and  the women are always so?? empowered?? 

5. the best cinematography that i have seen in a tv show man. this is movie-level cinematography. i love it so much.

this show like you THINK it’s gonna be some “rural detective show with a white guy and his gun” but it evolves into so much more even within the first few episodes and even with all the intersectionality aside, it really is a GREAT show tbh. The plot, the characters, it’s all great.

 It’s on netflix for free and season 6 comes out this year and JUST WATCH IT OKAY.


official  new  faceclaims     :

             main      :     priyanka  chopra     (     to  be  used  in  most  interactions     ;     set     10     years     after     civil     war     —     she’s  older  and  will  edge  more  towards  a  comic  interpretation     )

             mcu      :       neelam  gill     (       to  be  used  in  interactions  pertaining  to  age  of  ultron,  civil  war,  or  not  long  after.  this  wanda  is  in  her  early  twenties,  and  will  edge  more  towards  elizabeth  olsen’s  portrayal       )