the scream of the shalka

I had it all written down: Gallifrey had been destroyed; the planet was still there but all the Time Lords were in the Matrix. And I think the Master had been downloaded into the robot.
—  Paul Cornell talking about Scream of the Shalka.

It sounds like The End of Time’s mad Time Lord plot, but actually done well, I’m not quite tempted by the DVD just to see the documentaries.
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First three chapters of my Scream of the Shalka fanfic, The Accidental Ambassador, are up, starring ALISON CHENEY, black British companion to an alternative Ninth Doctor [and a robotic Master]!


Alison Cheney joined the Doctor aboard the TARDIS because she wanted to explore history and see new worlds. Her recent mind invasion by both the Shalka and a stone vampire has, however, taken its toll. She has been plagued by headaches, dizzy spells, and flashbacks. Once a barmaid skilled in dealing with all sorts of disruptive weirdos, she now avoids unpredictability and adventure by staying inside the ship.

A mission from the Time Lord Council to the planet Terripluvium challenges Alison’s sense of safety. The Doctor must mediate between the Agricole and the Schuaschen, a species bred by the Agricole, who are now fighting for their independence. But the Doctor, incapacitated by allergies, lies unconscious in the Zero Room, recovering.

Alison has no interest in diplomacy, but her impulsive kindness to a Schuaschen puts her at the center of the conflict. Now completely out of her depth, she has only one person who can help her: the Doctor’s robot, a sadistic master of mental manipulation, whom she cannot bring herself to address by name.

One of Shalka Master’s hobbies

The TARDIS receives all sorts of communications signals from all places and times, and the Master has discovered a most intriguing series out of Alison’s own country, just several years in her future. He finds the title puzzling, however, as the oddly shaped bipeds on the screen in no way resemble sheep. Either someone has been taking great liberties with zoology, or those creatures are not of this world. In any event, their antics certainly are diverting. Perhaps his dear Miss Cheney would enjoy viewing them as well? One does need a respite from saving the universe now and again, after all.

Inspired by the very first Master’s curious interaction with The Klangers in The Sea Devils.

anonymous asked:

I just need to tell you how much I love your doctor who stuff. I like your other stuff too, but now I ship doctor and master. What's the shalkaverse? Love you :D

It’s a term used to refer to a specific alternate universe, presented in the animation/novel “The Scream of the Shalka”, where a version of the Doctor and the Master (whose consciousness inhabits a self-customised android form) have kinda sorta mostly worked out their issues maybe and are travelling together in their shared TARDIS, and a kickass black woman by the name of Alison Cheney ends up as a companion and joins them on their adventures.

It’s wonderful :’)

so i realised something…

there’s been approximately 5 Black companions on doctorwho since 2003 (not counting the companions from the audios and books and comics, because I’m not familiar enough with that side of things… maybe someone else could fill in about the Black companions in those parts of the EU?), and it seems like every single time*

either the Black guy has been the 3rd point of a (possible) love triangle with the white companion and the Doctor, or the Black woman has been the platonic friend companion as “rebound girl” after the loss of the companion that the Doctor loved way too much:

  • Alison after the (unnamed but very important to the Doctor) woman that died before scream of the shalka 
  • Mickey as the dr’s rival for Rose
  • Martha after Rose 
  • Danny as the dr’s rival for Clara
  • Bill after Clara 

and like… I’m really not so ok with the Doctor falling in love with companions anyway, because of the relationship imbalance aspect…
and i’m totally letting myself get excited about Bill and definitely hoping for some kind of Ace & the Professor dynamic between her and Capaldi…

But you have to admit this starts to look like a pattern.

*if you only have 5ish Black companions of out 50ish(?) total companions… yes the sample size is small but this is by definition part of the problem.

PS: yes i realise i skipped Courtney Woods, because as a minor in a few episodes she’s in a different category to the adult companions who were around for a whole season or more, and honestly the things that were disappointing about her story were entirely different from the topic of this post.