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TECHNICALLY i’ll be gone today and the con itself goes thru the 31st, but eyyy con season is picking back up for me! this weekend will be @destielcon, and i’ll be there both as vendor and guest! super excited. last year’s was fantastic! so excited to see everyone again!! ;u;

so it’s the same drill as usual! i won’t be able to reply to tumblr’s IM system as my phone doesn’t support it, and i’ll do my best to get back to asks ASAP. any pressing questions can be asked via my twitter, as i tend to get back to those pretty fast!


random texts with crush!jimin (1/7)
where you and jimin have a crush on eachother that both of you are aware of

Sex with Taehyung ( NSFW! Series)

The first NSFW post on this blog has finally come. Kill me (つд⊂) - Admin RJ

- Let me say this first: HE IS A GOOD LOVER
- Loves to worship his partner’s body
- He would kiss every single part he can reach
- And slowly runs his fingers over every inch of skin, nurmuring how beautiful you are
- It will give you so much confidence
- You can orgasm just by hearing his voice
- Because he will whisper dirty things in your ear
- Because he is a kinky shit
- Enjoys pet play (for both you and him)
- Collars and leashes ( thank Jimin for that)
- “How many times can i make you cum just with my tongue, kitten?”
- No but seriously his tongue is the key to heaven
- But if he adds those freaking long fingers, you dead
- Really open to trying new things
- “ What about we have a threesome with ___?”
- Likes risky situations, like fingering you under a blanket while watching a movie with all the members there
- If a member walks on you, he would just continue thrusting into you
- Once you both finish, prepare to be suffocated to death by his cuddles

Bts reaction to when you get dizzy during your period

Thank you for requesting it really makes me happy! I hope you like this!

Jin: Oh no you aren’t moving from this bed for the next seven days.

-But W~

-No buts I will go make you something to eat.

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Yoongi: Are you sure you should go out today? What if you pass out?

-Yoongi I will be fine, I’ve had my period before you know.

-Oh yeah, Okay but just be caerful and if you feel dizzy just sit down.

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Namjoon: Oh please you going to a concert, No way you already feel dizzy but what happens when you are dehydrated and in a warm place.

-I can manage myself

-Nope you are staying home with me cuddling and watching netflix

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Hoesok: You know I can walk I don’t have to be carred everywhere.

-I know I just love carrying you

-Well If that’s the case then I don’t mind

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Jimin: How long will tthis be excctly.

-About a week

-I’m going to the store.

-Why, It’s 9pm

-Becouse I need to buy food to last us being inside for a week

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Taehyung: Aww is my poor jagi feeling weak.

-Tae I’m not a baby, You don’t have to hold me like a baby.

*Tickles your stomach*

-Tae! Stop.*Giggling uncontrollably*

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Jungkook: Do you need water?! Food? Chocolate, What do you need Jagi?!

-Your cuddles

-Oh that’s easier*crawls besides you*

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“Did she really not ever use your name?” Scout said. Pyro snorted. “That’s—really? Didn’t that ever get at you?”

“That she wouldn’t use my name? I don’t … I don’t think so. Not really. Not back then, anyway.”

“Oh,” Scout said.

She had gotten ahead of him now, catching up with Esau again. The robot’s flashlight splayed over the cavern before them just enough to let him see her turn her face to glance back at him. At some point he had stuffed his hands into his pockets, and now he shrugged, feeling heat in his cheeks and hating himself a little bit for bringing it up. “It’s just, it’s that I had one of my brothers, he did the same thing with me. Didn’t use my name ever. Still doesn’t, I think, I haven’t seen him in … since Toby died, I guess. Just, hey twerp, hey idiot, get lost, dumbass, like that. I dunno, it … I didn’t like it. He didn’t like me. He didn’t like anybody but he really didn’t like me.”

In which we learn some Things about Scout.

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