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Samurai Jack: XCII Review

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Hey guys, Kris here, and man am I stocked to see new episodes on my TV guide again so let’s skip the small talk and get into the newest episode of Samurai Jack!

First off, the animation is just gorgeous. I’m so happy that Gendy chose to keep the original art style and only make slight changes, but for the most part the animation is just as gorgeous as before.

Next is tone, with the show being TV-14 compared to it’s original rating back in the day (TV-Y7) I expect to see a darker story but I’m relieved that it won’t be overly dark. I don’t want the show to be filled with swear words or be too graphic, but with that being said, this is a darker show and man does it show it right off the bat. First we some woman give birth to apparently Aku’s children and we see these children being trained to of course kill Jack.This already sounds like some kind of fucking cult. 

While the daughters of Aku is interesting what I really want to talk about is Jack himself… the dude has seen better days. As we all know about 50 years has past since the previous season, and because of Aku sending him into the future, that somehow stopped him from aging. I recently marathoned the previous seasons and seeing some of those episodes made me think just how bad Jack has got it, 50 years of dealing just utter bullshit after bullshit will drive any man insane. Especially now since he’s been getting visions all the people he thinks let down.

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Not only that but we learn that at some point he lost his sword and apparently not even Aku knows this considering the bounty hunter wasn’t aware of this either. What exactly happened I’m not too sure but it is connected to this figure Jack keeps seeing.

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I’m guessing this guy is the reason Jack lost his sword, mostly due to the fact that every time Jack sees him, he’s just terrified. Not only that but every time he shows up he’s surrounded by some green fog, the same color pallet when Jack lost his sword.

All in all, I love this episode, it felt both familiar and fresh. With the slightly updated yet practically the same art and animation style, kick-ass action sequences and much darker tone but still keeping it a bit comedic, this is a primce example of how who should do a returning series *cough*powerpuffgirls*cough*. And once the iconic ending image popped up I was both happy and frustrated. Happy see them using that old image again and frustrated because I WANT MORE. Waiting each week is going to be killer but it’s just great to have Jack back so until then see you guys next week PEACE :)


P.S. I don’t know what they’re called but I hope we see them again, not going to lie I find them rather adorable, especially how they communicate.

WAIT!! Time has lost it’s effect on Jack BUT has Jack still been seein his BFF the Scottsman in this time??? Does this mean he’s been able to see the Scottsman be able to have a family and that?? Did the Scottsman and his babe of a wife have a baby? (or many babies) Like…. would Scotts make Jack an honorary uncle?? 

I know Jack’s goin through shit but I need an update on my Scotts boy

Does anyone know that one part in the Ben 10 opening where Ben literally looks like he’s turning into a full-blown Scottish dude like-

I am not joking about this he looks like he’s about to bust out some cartoon bagpipes and start screaming at kids what the fuck did the Scottish come from Space? What does this mean?


Get to know me fav actors (pt 2/10): James McAvoy

“I’m 5 foot 7, and I’ve got pasty white skin. I don’t think I’m ugly, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not your classic lead man, Brad Pitt guy.”