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The Essays that got me into Berkeley: Part 1

PROMPT: Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.
Sitting on my desk in front of me are seven battered Moleskine softcover sketchbooks, each one representing six months of my life in collage, graphs, personal anecdotes, ticket stubs, and thousands of sketches representing thousands of reality-tv obsessions, seasonal decorations, and countless profiles of strangers that I’ve seen in cafes and on trains in the last three years. Not only can I trace my artistic development since my freshmen year, these notebooks also serve as a personal roadmap, tracing the backstory of one [my full name]. Take, for example, sketchbook #7. There is a sticker for a coffee shop in Spokane, Washington affixed to the front and a map of Tahiti’s main island taped to the back. This journal starts in the June before Senior year, continuing on until this very moment. That particular summer was especially tumultuous, with a then undiagnosed mental illness coloring my artwork in chaotic shades of panic, my writing dripping with despair that stumbled into unbridled rage that freefell into hopelessness, leaving me shattered at the bottom of a dismal pit. Really, cheery stuff. But as green watercolor blobs accompanied by white charcoal capsules cut with element number three waltz out of their clear orange bottles and across this depiction of my subconscious, hope emerges. On a slightly less bleak note, #2 contains some portrayal of Jared Padalecki, my favorite actor when I was fifteen, for every day of the year. I was utterly obsessed, given over losing myself in a pop culture oblivion. #4 has more than its fair share of raunchy fanfiction involving Oscar Wilde and Robert Baldwin Ross. My favorite part of #6 is a massive two-page spread that traces the entirety of geological time from the Early Cambrian to the Holocene. Each one is a quantifiable reflection of the hundreds of different people that I have been in the last four years.

Getting into the Ivy League: Some Unpopular Opinions

Background: I am an “unhooked” (i.e., upper-middle class Asian-American) Princeton SCEA admit, and these are some of my thoughts on the college admissions process.

Disclaimer: Everything I write below is solely a high schooler’s opinion—I’m by no means in the know, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Overrated elements of a college application:

  • Leadership-Leadership is seen by many as a mark of success in extracurriculars. While it can be immensely valuable, having extensive leadership positions is not necessary: I’m President of exactly one club and one of many officers at my HS literary magazine—and not even Editor-in-Chief at that. 
  • Well-roundedness-My extracurriculars are extremely narrow in scope. They can be divided into exactly two categories: Classics-related activities and writing-related activities. In my opinion, depth of accomplishment (pointiness) is more important than breadth (well-roundedness); above all, passion is more important than objective stats and awards.
  • Teacher recommendations-If you’re an introvert like me, don’t fret. I didn’t click with any of my teachers, and I honestly don’t think it hurt me. That said, there are some ways to get to know them even if you don’t participate/contribute actively in class. Approach them after class; show that you care. For example, I asked my English teacher to provide feedback on my submissions to various writing contests. Also, make sure to supply your recommenders with a “brag sheet” outlining not just your accomplishments but also your goals for the future.
  • Affirmative Action-Being an under-represented minority or first-generation student isn’t as much of a boost as you think it is. Conversely, being Asian or Caucasian isn’t a drawback unless you make it a drawback. I’m privileged to pretty much be the antithesis of a typical “hooked” applicant, and yet I got into some pretty decent schools. Just don’t be a test-taking robot. Set yourself apart. And I don’t mean cultivating uncommon extracurriculars: if you’ve played piano or violin your entire life, that’s great. Show your passion and—this is the important part—try to connect it to something bigger than yourself. Why does it matter in the greater scheme of things? Again, nothing deep. Be genuine, humanize yourself, and you’re good to go.

Underrated elements of a college application:

  • Packaging-Packaging yourself well is paramount. By packaging, I don’t mean planning out your extracurriculars in middle school and doing things that look good on a resume. I’m talking about communicating a cohesive narrative through your application—what do you care about? how will you make an impact to the college community and the world at large? Essays are really helpful vehicles to convey your passions and best qualities.
  • Scores-For most unhooked applicants, there’s a baseline—2100+ and 3.8 GPA—under which it’s very hard to get into a school with a sub-10% acceptance rate. That said, scores only prevent your app from being tossed out; they won’t get you through the door.
Who do you trust with your phone: Overwatch

Ana: Disappears for 14 years with it. Pretends she didn’t know she still had it.
Bastion: Will protect it but at what cost?
D.Va: Will beat all your app high scores and blow up your Twitter feed.
Genji: Did you have fruit ninja? Now you have fruit ninja.
Hanzo: What the fuck is a phone, he asks. You leave the man be. He has no need for such things. Only guilt.
Junkrat: Breaks your phone on purpose. Will not apologize. 100% do not trust.
Lucio: Phone comes back better than what you originally had. Plus he gives you free music. 100% sweetie pie.
McCree: Buttdials your significant other and facetimes your parents pretending to be your sugar daddy. 100% do not trust.
Mei: Updated your apps and finally cleaned the screen.
Mercy: Buys you an otterbox.
Pharrah: Your phone comes back the same way it came. Nothing is different. 100% safe.
Reaper: Reads all your emails and throws your phone away when it dies.
Reinhardt: Protects it. Cherishes it. 100% safe.
Roadhog: Nothing seems different but for some reason there are a lot of blurry pictures of animals on your photo feed.
S76: If your phone is a smart phone, do not even think about it. This man doesn’t know how to use a touchscreen are you kidding me??? 100% safe but might come back with a few new scratches and smell like mothballs.
Symmetra: Updates your phone and downloads apps without asking. Says its for a better world.
Torbjorn: Your phone is now a turret.
Tracer: Takes selfies at light speed. Breaks your phone on accident. Doesn’t replace it.
Widowmaker: Doesn’t use. Refuses to use it. Refuses to touch it.
Winston: Breaks your phone on accident. Replaces it with a better model.
Zarya: Breaks your phone on accident. Replaces it with the same model.
Zenyatta: Talks to the os systems for fun. 100% safe. 100% cute.

wow i can’t believe i just found a respected university that doesn’t have an application fee, doesn’t require a high school diploma, has a sturdy lgbtq+ support policy, and where students are described, in one review, as “driven, tired, and gay” i’m living y'all it’s perfect here i come

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hazylucozade  asked:

Hey idk if you are still looking for prompts because I scrolled pretty far back, but if so, how about "that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard let's do it" or ”it’s a long story that involves a lot of blood, a couple squirrels, and one hell of a headache” for any of the foxes? Thanks, I love love love your writing and I've really enjoyed looking through your blog!

I’m always accepting prompts! And thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I hope you enjoy! This is basically a shitpost in fic form. It’s a crack fic. I’m not even sorry. Also you probably need to suspend a lot of disbelief for this; just roll with it

“That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard; let’s do it”

Neil is still trying to get the hang of his new phone. Nicky had insisted that he upgrade to this century and had practically dragged Neil to the mall to purchase an iPhone. The rest of the Foxes were more than happy about the change, some money even exchanging hands, but there’s so much going on with his phone now. Before, all Neil had to worry about were text messages and phone calls, but now there’s a bunch of apps that Nicky keeps trying to teach him. He thinks he’s starting to get a handle on Snapchat thanks to the daily snaps from Allison. At the very least, he’s no longer confused by the way they disappear after opening them. And Instagram seems easy enough, so Neil tries to keep track of that so he can see Renee’s posts from around the world.

Neil can admit that the ESPN app is great. It’s set up to send him notifications for Exy news and score updates. It’s that app that is currently dinging at Neil as he makes his way across campus. The trade deadline is coming up for the National Exy League, and Neil’s been trying to keep up and follow the changes. After Neil reads the latest update, the striker tries to see the current NCAA standings, but his new phone isn’t cooperating. He bats at the screen a few times, but when it finally switches over to NCAA Exy, it’s the news page. Neil lets out a frustrated noise and is about to just give up when a headline catches his eye.

Neil scrolls through and reads the article the whole way back to Fox Tower. He still has his phone out and the page open as he unlocks the door to his dorm. The room is full of people, but Neil has learnt to be unsurprised by that. Nicky and Aaron are in the beanbags, a video game of some sort blaring on the television. Kevin is sprawled out on the couch with his laptop in his lap while Andrew is perched on his desk by the window.

“Hey, Neil,” Nicky greets, not taking his eyes off the game he’s playing. “How was class?”

“Did you guys know someone tried to steal the University of Texas’ mascot last night? Not the costume; the actual longhorn.”

“How unoriginal,” Nicky says. “That’s like the oldest prank in the book. I mean everyone’s—”

Nicky cuts off as he finally draws his eyes away and meets Neil’s, his face contorting into a mix of guilt and regret. The backliner opens his mouth again, but whatever rambling remedy was on the tip of his tongue, he swallows it down and snaps his lips shut. When no one else in the room has anything to add, Neil resigns himself to his desk. He can feel Andrew’s eyes boring into his cheek, but the striker focuses on outlining his upcoming essay until practice.

The news story gets forgotten, blurred away by drills and bickering freshmen and a scrimmage. But it’s still nestled a place in the back of Neil’s mind, niggling in the periphery of his thoughts persistently. By the time he’s changing out after practice, it’s made its way back to the forefront.

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ok, so looking at the plan for yuri’s free program…

that is…

1. 4T + 2T
2. FSSp
3. 4S
4. CCSp
5. 3Lo
6. Chsq
7. 3A
8. 3F
9. 3A + 1Lo + 3S
10. 3Lz + 3T
11. 4T
12. CCoSp

which translates to (with base scores for each element in parentheses)

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop  (11.60)
2. Flying Sit Spin  (1.70)
3. Quad Salchow  (10.50)
4. Change Foot Camel Spin (1.70)
5. Triple Loop  (5.10)
6. Choreo Sequence  (2.00)
7. Triple Axel (8.50 + b = 9.35)
8. Triple Flip  (5.30 + b = 5.85)
9. Triple Axel + Single Loop + Triple Salchow  (13.10 + b = 14.41)
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe Loop  (10.10 + b = 11.11)
11. Quad Toe Loop  (10.30 + b = 11.33)
12. Change Foot Combination Spin (1.70)

please correct me if i’m wrong about anything.

ok, so… for the spins, those are the base values.  if yuri’s spins are more complex than just a basic spin, then his score would go up, but there’s no indication of what level they are, so… just gonna go with base value.  even with that, his technical difficulty score would be 86.33, which… is pretty awesome, honestly, and includes 4.73 of bonus because of the twelve jumps planned, EIGHT of them are in the second half (and in the long program, jumps in the second half get a 10% bonus).  

these are the BASE VALUES, once again.  if his spins are more complex, they’ll get added points, and every single element is judged by a panel for a Grade of Execution (GOE) which will either add or subtract up to three points per element.  (which means… he could get LESS than 86.33, too, but. even still.)

i’m no expert, but if he executes this plan, and doesn’t fall… his score should be pretty massive.  tho, even if he steps out of a jump, or downgrades a jump (especially in the competitions leading up to the GPF…) he’ll still have a really competitive technical score.  

and takeshi thought his short program was spartan… literally, the entire second half is all jumps again except for a final spin… victor is, um.  challenging!!

BEWARE: Common App + AP scores

This year, one of my senior friends was filling out the common app and there’s a section for reporting your AP test scores. It says “optional” or something, but if you have taken AP tests and it is on your transcript, you MUST fill this out. Otherwise, colleges will assume that you have failed the test. My friend did not, and when she found out, she had to call every college she applied to to clarify.

EDIT: I’m so so sorry if this has caused panic. I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily have to report! DON’T REPORT SCORES YOU DON’T WANT TO REPORT. 

Me before getting into women’s sports: “Who would want to watch a shitty low quality stream of things? If it’s not 1080p I won’t bother”

Me now: 

*watches shitty periscope video of a match because it’s a step up from just watching the scores in an app* 

*watches shitty streams with quality so low  you can barely tell the opposing teams appart*

*watches matches with french commentaries*