the score

<><>Announcing the April VMP Featured Album<><>

Fugees ‐ ‘The Score’ 20th Anniversary via Legacy Recordings

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VMP Exclusive Package Features:

- Gatefold, 2LP split-color black & gold vinyl
- Bonus gold 7" with 3 tracks never before on vinyl
- 12" x 24" fold out poster
- 12" x 12" original art print by Fulbright fellow Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle


Saying absence makes the heart grow fonder is another way of saying absence makes perception less reliable. Absence creates room for selective memory; for false narrative, sentimentalism, and exaggeration. There’s a decidedly human impulse to romanticize the past, whether that past was any good or not. Looking back wistfully is always easier than looking toward the uncertain future, or looking at ourselves with clear eyes in the present.
—  Joe Wolfond, ‘The Federer-Nadal final was everything we hoped it could be’, The Score