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WIP guessing game: Pretend?

“It’s a powerful argument. They see the knight-commander set herself up as Viscount, just without the title, and they think, she didn’t earn this, and then they see you, killing slavers and returning lost maps to their owners —"

“Not for free,” Hawke interrupts, then groans quietly. Maker, she’s having the same argument again, only Varric has the grace to pretend it’s a conversation.

(From A Lesson in Drowning)
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Yuuri and Victor have to decide who has to vacuum (while the other walks Makkachin), resulting in Yuuri’s choice of a game he never loses. When Chris finds out about their heated rock, paper, scissors battle, he sends them charts to track their competition. As with all things Victuuri, all adorable hell breaks loose.

After tumbling down a hilarious headcanon hole with @keilattes I decided to write this mess out. Laughed way too hard while trying to translate all the jokes, at least half of the hilarity is @keilattes doing. I hope this ends up as funny as it is to me at 1:30AM.