the scientist and the douchebag


I did it. It was a lot of work, but for you all, it was worth it! I have finally got the pattern for my basic knitted action figures out of my head and down into an actual pattern. As Knitpool says above:

“Dear Evil Scientists:

Have I got a deal for you!

For only $5 [US Dollars], I will sell you this Secret Formula for Cloning People.

 Please email to Knitpool@gmailcom for payment instructions.

 Purchasers will receive:

-a PDF of the secret formula

-any future corrections and updates

-guidance on any tricky bits (within reason – I can’t push a button and

 make you an expert knitter.)

Although you are evil scientists, don’t also be douchebags and distribute this formula without my permission. That sort of thing really disappoints Cap.”

PS If you are from Virginia I may have to charge sales tax. Finally, please allow at least 24 hours for me to respond. 


  2. I was going to link to a ton of famous female scientists but I’m sure this is the kind of douchebag who’d argue they’re outliers and “don’t count”.

  3. The reason I am asking for good prizes from the donation pool is because my event requires people to perform simple experiments and photograph the proof. Which is a lot more work than coming up with puns, so it needs better prizes in order to be fair.

  4. If you are genuinely worried about the lack of women in STEM/‘hard science’, then fucking encourage them to join in by incentivizing them.

  5. Now more than ever I want my event to go well just to prove this asshole wrong.

Ugh I’ve seen a lot of Kaidan hate and I’m just sick of the so called reasoning behind it. I think the worst reason I’ve seen for people killing Kaidan is because they want to romance Garrus, but they also don’t want to reject Kaidan…like you’d rather kill the guy, than politely turn him down? Then you get the people who complain that Kaidan is a “dudebro” who is constantly jealous and feels entitled to Shepard. THAT gets me confused…are we talking about the same Kaidan here? The guy that refused to join the person he loved/deeply respected because of his morals? The guy that cares about literally everyone, INCLUDING the Cerberus scientists and douchebag Udina in Mass effect 3? I’ve just seen so much shit on here whether it be pitting him against Ashley and Garrus, or just straight up vilifying him. And to make it worse, I’m pretty sure other Bioware LIs get away with the same stuff he gets “called out” on. Like Cullen’s PTSD/withdrawal symptoms is never dismissed as “whining” and yet Kaidan’s migraines are, or him being a “cishet dudebro” (he’s not straight but anyway)… is Garrus, Thane, Alistair, Cullen, Solas??? What is your point? Garrus and Kaidan are buddies. It’s canon. So they would be very disappointed to see this, as would Shepard.