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TYPES AS CHARACTERS (and character tropes) IN MY STORIES  ~by INFP writer

So here I go once again to offend everyone (not really) 

> quiet, mistycal and wise
> ready to sacrifice everything for Greater Goals
> valuable friend (for some)
> have a really estabillished worldview
> mentor figure
> beautiful strange eyes

> miss perfect on the outside depressed on the inside
> very warm and protective
> Responsible Older Sister™
> save introverts’ asses in social situations
> smart
> care more about others than themself
> suprisingly shy but hide it very well  

> so much anger
> despotic
> very strong personality
> once again so much anger
> D E E P 
> that inner flame so bright
> determinated
> doesn’t actually realize how much they need others
> impulsive

> crave power more than anything
> know better™ (they actually do)
> “I knew it”
> just better than you in everything
> more enemies than friends
> don’t trust anyone
> tired of ur bullshit™
> judging glare

> l o y a l
> they don’t know how to handle feelings at all
> withdrawn and closed
> problem solvers
> gangsta as fuck
> logical and practial-minded
> get shit done
> need lot of alone time
> comfortably numb

> biggest nerds
> so talented oh my god
> brave
> dedicated to their passion
> gain trust of others very easily
> true to themselves, never pretend to be someone else
> probably believe in aliens

> 100% introverted    
> likes animals more than hummans
> shy and cute
> ace anything they do
> practial, problem solvers
> lot of unresolwed trauma
> warm and kind but hidding it

> fuckboi
> left their wife for their friend probably
> tired of all this bullshit
> but also feel responsible to fight for what’s right

> Q U E E N
> extremally charismatic
> rebelious, making everything their way
> debater and social animal but also inventor and sciencist
> once again SO MUCH CHARISMA
> though and confident
> can accomplish basically anything
> hard working hard working hard working

> makes friends everywhere they go
> everyone likes them
> funny and optimistic
> eager to help others
> life is a party
> friends are family

> nerd
> shy and akward but also very brave
> curious, has to check everything themself
> prefer books to humans
> have like one (1) friend
> observe everything.
> wear the same pair of boots everyday
> free spririt
> quiet rebel
> smart. intelligent.

Please don’t hate me

sonicsega  asked:

What is this blog about? Can u describe it?

Sure! This blog is about a group of people that is trying to survive a “zombie”
It all started with a sciencist trying to find the cure of cancer,using humans on their experiments,but it failed and it turned into a disgusting type of dead man (?
There are 20 people that survived to this and is trying to find the “cure”
Some characters still did not appeared yet,but we’re still working on the designs and big part of the story
Hope this helped you to understand!
My english is not the best so…sorry for any mistake ^^u

anonymous asked:

I just realised Farley Mowat has died... It was recently enough, I wasn't even aware of the fact. It's so sad, considering he's done a lot more for wolf than many sciencists. His "Never Cry Wolf" changed human attitute towards wolves, towards nature. Firstly, wolves had to gain sympathy in human mind, and then people who cared would have deeper insight into wolf biology and conservation. It's such a loss...

Oh my, I wasn’t aware of this until I read your message! Thank you for the heads up and you beautiful words, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. 

His 1963 book Never Cry Wolf is credited with helping to change the popular perception of wolves, even leading to a ban on wolf hunting in Russia after the book was published there. Farley Mowat died at May 7th, at the age of 92.


Klaus & Caroline - Take me back to the start

closed rp//zombie-kenny and domain-of-magic

Merlin a scarecrow being was knocked out and taken to this lab that looked like it was being run underground. He was stripped and hung against a table with his wrists and ankles bound on each corner. the smell of drugs and the sounds of distance whispers woke merlin from being out cold. He looks around with blured vision. “where….am..I?” he asked himself. he hears the rattles from the chains that held him. “what…?” Merlin looks at each cuff trying to figure out what was going on.Then merlin hears the footsteps of the ones who were whispering to each other approach the room he was in. “aw, he’s come to.” said one of the scum scientices. Merlin growls as a response. “who the hell are you? what am’ i doing here?” merlin asked glaring at the man with his eyes turning from green to red. “we are the sciencists of this lab and you’re here so we can figure out how you can move. being a scarecrow and all.” the man smiles. “we’ll be back to disect you later.” the man chuckles as he leaves with the others. Merlin hears a rustling noise from the other side of the room where there was a single cell. probably for the ones who were their lab rats stayed.