the science of the friend zone

Reasons why The X-Files was made for tumblr

1. UFOs and aliens are real
2. Science is awesome (and stranger than you ever could’ve imagined)
3. Don’t trust the government.
4. The villains are a bunch of rich grey haired white dudes in suits.
5. The OTP is the only thing you really care about.
6. Dude genuinely values the friendship of the woman he loves and is in no particular hurry to get out of the friend zone.
7. No really, he still refers to her as his friend in season 8 when she’s pregnant with his child.
8. 90s nostalgia.
9. Mulder is such a nerd like you don’t understand he is the biggest nerd he doesn’t look like it at first but oh my god he’s a massive nerd and all his friends are nerds he goes to UFO conventions and he’s seen Plan 9 from Outer Space 42 times, he talks to people online about his obsession like he probably writes fan fiction like they don’t ever say so in the show but I wouldn’t be surprised…

I’m re-reading “A New Dawn” and I never realized that there are so many women in this book that actually read like real people compared to other Star Wars books. With different personalities, strengths, weaknesses and actual speaking roles so to say.

I mean of course we have Hera, young and on a mission. Inexperienced perhaps but not taking any of Kanan’s shit or letting herself get distracted.

There’s Zaluna, having lived all her life looking and listening. Being thrust out of her comfort zone for the sake of her friend/found family who was taken by the empire.

Rae Sloane of course, a black woman captaining a Starship. Scheming her future in the Imperial Navy. (And shows up as a Grand Admiral in later books I believe.)
And her over the top chatty science officer.

Lal Grallik, the boss of Moonglow. Giant Besalisk. Happily married.

The patrolling stormtroopers with two pointed out as female, one of which was the squad leader. The way it’s mentioned seems very much like a big “fuck you” to the people going “women can’t be stormtroopers!”

It’s also nice that the reading perspective switches between the mains and that half of the main characters are female.

Guys. GUys remember Red Zone? When Skull was going by the name of DELL RUSK


When Red Skull had those nasty red particles fucking everything up and Steve was like “oh no” and kinda died and Tony was like not on my watch I’m gonna put my mouth on him bc Iron man isn’t as important as Captain America.

And then T’Challa and Falcon beat the shit outta skull?

And then Tony and T’Challa are like “Lets be science friends?” 


October 3rd on Disney XD

The half-hour show, comprised of two 11-minute stories, premieres Monday, Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. on Disney XD. But users of Disney XD’s app, YouTube channel or VOD platform will be able to catch the episode early, starting Sept. 26.

Sabrina Carpenter and MeKai Curtis star as Milo’s best friends, Melissa and Zack. Recurring characters are voiced by Ming-Na Wen (as time travel agent Savannah), Christian Slater (as school crossing guard Elliot), Vanessa Williams (as Zack’s mother), Sarah Chalke (as science teacher Miss Murawski), Jemaine Clement (as TV character ‘Dr. Zone’), Mackenzie Philips (as Principal Milder), Kate Miccuci (as Milo’s sister), Diedrich Bader (as Milo’s dad) and Pamela Adlon (as Milo’s mom).

Gravity Falls Season 2 Guide:

Scary-oke: Soos dies.

Into the Bunker: Wendy climbs a tree.

The Golf War: Pacifica eats a taco.

Sock Opera: Bill drinks a soda.

Soos and the Real Girl: Alex Hirsch and Scott Cawthon coincidentally produce a similar concept at around the same time.

Little Gift Shop of Horrors: Stan hypes his products.

Society of the Blind Eye: The gang visits a museum.

Blendin’s Game: Dipper and Mabel go to the mattresses.

The Love God: Mabel roofies a batch of french fries.

Northwest Mansion Mystery: A carpet is ruined.

Not What He Seems: Dipper and Mabel put out a fire with water balloons.

A Tale of Two Stans: Stan visits a science fair.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons: Two fandoms hate each other.

The Stanchurian Candidate: Stan casts a shadow.

The Last Mabelcorn: Stan acquires money.

Roadside Attraction: Stan takes the crew on a road trip to the friend zone.

Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future: Dipper has trouble finding glue.

Weirdmageddon I: Bill locates his backscratcher and margarita salt.

Weirdmageddon II: Escape from Reality: Mabel invents 1992.

Weirdmageddon III: N̠̮o̳̹̗͠ ̤͓m͇͚͢ͅa͍̙t̜̥̲ͅṯ̹̹͡e҉͖̼̬̣̘̘͔r͉̮̤̺͓̩̺ ̗͎͍̲̤̖̖͟w̩͠h̠̭̞͇̗̀a̫t̬̫̪ ͍̙͔̬̭̦̝ha͏ͅp͔͓͇͖͡p̛ẹ̸̻̳͚̟̼͎n͖͖̩͘s̯̹̻,̸̱͖ͅ t͕͙̻̙̫̪h̷͓e̞͍ ͔̤̥̪͇͜sh̗̪̱̠͇̜͢o̧̭̻̦̙w̲̪̼ ̜ͅe̞̲̩n̨̼͔̦̠dș̱͓͚.̯̥.

so this shot really excites me..

It has such an Interstellar feel. I know Trank said they are going for more science side for this reimagining which is perfect for the world of FF, their whole trip whether cosmic rays are not, it’s based off science, scientist doing science shit(that rhymes) same with the Negative Zone.

I also love how you can tell, Reed really just wants to fix his friends. This derives from the Ultimate incarnations(which I love). Mark Millar really wrote that series well in grounding it in a contemporary time.


The Science of the Friend Zone


The Science of the Friend Zone.



The Science of the Friend Zone

This video kind of strays away from relationships and talks more about friendship in general. But still an interesting watch.


The Scientific Truth About The Friend Zone

Being in the friend zone might be frustrating, but science might have a good reason why it’s the best!