the science of seeing again

I’m seeing that “science says Superman should be black” article circulating again, and my guys, no it does not. Science says Superman cannot exist, that’s the only thing it’s saying. He can be any color the artist wants; he was created by two white Jewish men, so that’s what he looks like. Can he be black? Absolutely, why not? It’s a comic, he can be anything. 

But really, think about it: if he’s black, with all the beautiful melanin that he deserves, do you really think that would lend itself to absorbing sunlight? With all the mechanisms that use melanin to keep that from happening? Really? If anything he should be white-white, to absorb all that sunlight and have it stored, untouched by melanin keeping it from his cells. So don’t try and use too much pseudo science to justify a MoC Superman. Absorbs sunlight, flies because of Earth’s lower gravity, blah blah blah, etc. That’s the only justification needed: because you want him to be. 

me, finally watching Shadowhunters again, knowing full well that I’m on S1:E13 and have not only already watched S2:E12 but know everything that happens at and after the wedding pretty much by heart:  Shit I better rewatch the end of ‘Malec’ again to refresh my memory

  • Cave Johnson: Hello test subjects, Cave Johnson here, founder and CEO of Aperture Innovators. If you're hearing this you've just completed our first six dimensional test chamber!
  • Don't worry if you're feeling a little light headed or unconscious. You were just travelling at the speed of light in a direction our minds can't comprehend!
  • Now odds are you're going to be experiencing some side effects, so we've got several rooms set up to take care of you.
  • If your body has become ethereal, head through the mirror on the left.
  • If you no longer perceive time in a linear fashion, please report to the small huddle of eggheads from the CIA in the room on the right.
  • If you're experiencing flashes from the memory of a long dead Native American, don't worry about it. The lab boys tell me it's probably not important.
  • This has been Cave Johnson, hope to see you again soon science lovers!

You know what I would like to see, Riley, Maya and Lucas to take a step back and just be friends. Go to high school and be best friends, and to find themselves again. 
Lucas with sport or medicine/science (I can see him being a biology nerd)
Maya with her art 
Riley with her feminist views, maybe even doing something with writing 
All three of them being friends. 

Then I think I could see Riley and Lucas becoming more, I can see them with a fresh perspective and having all the confused feelings be gone and finally make their unofficial relationship official….ON THEIR OWN.
I can see Maya and Lucas becoming best friends and teasing each other while be unconditionally supportive of each other. 

I can see Farkle relaising his love for the girls as platonic, but still be the most protective best friend ever. 

I can see Zay becoming a real important person within the group. 

I would love for Maya to grow and for Josh to see that, and for them to finally come together when the timing and age gap is exactly right. 

And every night after the childen are all in bed,  I still want Maya and Riley to go to the bay window which will be be a necessity in Riley and Lucas bedroom and for them to discuses their world like always.