the scenery in this comic is really beautiful

No Turning Back

Series: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: In which Natsu and Lucy have a private discussion under a tree at sunset.

A/N: Happy Birthday Snogfairy! Hope you have a great year being 22!! Also here is a link to the single page comic I drew for this short one shot.

Lucy stretched her arms over her head as she walked up a hill by herself. It was a long day of travelling and they were not close to the next town at all so they all agreed on stopping and setting up camp for the night. Lucy smiled as she stood under a tree and stared out into the beautiful scenery that was in front of her.

She really missed everyone and moments like these made her sad she had to go a year without them. She sighed and patted her face with both hands and was about to turn back around and go back to help with making a fire when she saw Natsu walking up the hill with his hands crossed behind his head.

“Hey Lucy, everyone else is done setting up.” he pointed behind him with his thumb and smiled.

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