the scene that broke everyone's heart

*pounds fist on table* ok i need to talk about the god-tier klance moments in s3e03 “the hunted” because damn there’s a couple scenes that are so powerful and important and i just….holy shit. buckle up, y’all.

this episode is fucking great for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorite parts of it is how much it shows the development of keith & lance’s relationship: especially 1) how good lance has become at grounding keith & helping him control his reckless impulses, and 2) how keith feels like he can be open and honest with lance about his fears/insecurities––which is a big fucking deal because we’ve almost never seen him do this. 

the first scene that really struck me is this part where keith is leading the team after lotor and it’s just….a big mess. he’s not thinking about keeping the team together. allura’s falling behind and he’s not paying any attention. he’s not considering that this might be a trap. all he can think about is diving in headfirst without considering the consequences.

and then this happens:

uhhhh….oh my god??

look, we know how keith gets. we know how hot-headed and stubborn he can be. i mean listen, we’re talking about this kid who literally tried to fight zarkon by himself.

and yet…..even in the middle of this intense chase, lance gets through to him. he brings keith down from that battle-rage and makes him see reason. and he does it in a way that’s straightforward and brutally honest (“you’re endangering the team and you can’t do this”) which i think is exactly why it works. that’s the kind of direction keith needs, and tbh out of everyone on the team it makes the most sense that it comes from lance.

i’m just

me: hey can i get a fucking uhhhhh lance being keith’s impulse control
dreamworks: *gives me this*
me: *kicking down the door* HOLY FUCK MOM

and look i was already sobbing over this one small part but then we get THIS….THIS SCENE….

oh boy oh wow where do i stART?!

god damn this scene is beautiful––visually, thematically, it’s just …. so powerful and significant.

first of all i need to freak out a little over the way the scene is set up and how wonderful the symbolism is. 

it starts with keith literally in the shadows, and then slowly emerging and drifting up towards lance with their lions facing each other. lance & red are above keith & black which is really interesting.

as we all know, keith is the leader right now. and yet, both literally and figuratively, he’s not positioning himself higher than lance––in fact, he’s doing the very opposite. and his lion doesn’t have her head lowered in shame either; the lions are directly looking each other in the eyes (which i feel like is pretty damn rare??) and that’s very meaningful. everything about the visual setup of the scene just screams openness, honesty, vulnerability. 

(side note: also wow @ that red and blue background, amiright)

and then we have everything that keith says. and boy….there’s so much to unpack here:

- he admits it was his fault and he led everyone into a trap
- he also admits that everyone warned him (lance warned him) and he wasn’t listening
- and because of that he put everyone else in danger

and man i gotta give huge props to steven yeun here because his voice acting in this scene….jeez it broke my heart. keith says all this so quietly, his voice is literally shaking. shit, he sounds close to tears. this is possibly the closest we’ve ever seen keith to totally breaking down and it’s just… hurts so much and it’s so important.

it really hits you in this moment that keith is a kid. he’s a teenager!! he didn’t want to lead the team & he doesn’t know how to do it. he can’t do it by himself. he doesn’t say any of that explicitly here but it’s 100% clear that that’s exactly what he’s saying.

and he says this to lance of all people. lance, his supposed “rival”! you would think lance would be the last person he’d want to turn to for reassurance or to blatantly admit “wow i fucked up real bad.” and yet….here we are. it’s moments like these that really prove that under the surface, these two don’t hate each other in the least. they like each other. they respect each other. they rely on each other!! (*whispers* space ranger partners….) 

and lance’s response only proves my point even more. he could easily have said “i told you so” or otherwise berated keith for his mistake. but he doesn’t! his answer is:

- yes, you messed up.
- but we’re going to fix it. we. i can’t stress that enough! he doesn’t say “you messed up and now you have to do something about it.” he doesn’t say “you messed up and now i’m going to take over and do something about it.” he’s essentially saying “yeah you made a mistake but that’s in the past….and now we’re going to take care of it together.” 

and that’s?? so great?? because keith more or less admitted that he was feeling this huge burden weigh down on him, and lance––in his own subtle way––lifted that weight off keith’s shoulders. he’s reassuring keith that he’s not alone in this. *wipes tears from my eyes*

and if all that wasn’t enough, keith immediately saying “you’re right” makes it all the more significant. he’s openly admitting once again that he fucked up, but he’s also agreeing with lance’s statement that they can still turn things around and fix his mistake as a team. which is… 

tl;dr - everything about this pair of scenes just proves how keith & lance work so well together and need each other. it shows how important it is for them to be open and honest with each other, and demonstrates how they both have that capability. 

and i’m gonna scream about it for a hundred years. 

Things I’m waiting to see in the kuro movie

- Everything.

But specifically:

- Dr. Feelgood:

- “We’re The Midfords”:

- “My mother did this to my hair because we’re going to church today” hairstyle:

- “You’re a freak but not for me” scene:

- “I am alone but I have food”:

- Masters of deception:

- Sportacus:

- Resident Evil. Starring Ronald Redfield:

- “Your face is grass and I’m gonna mow it”:

-”Even though I have to kill you I admit you have nice shoes”:

- This guy:

- “I am secretly a five year old inside of a demon’s body”:

- Ceiling Lizzy + “You just seem to keep falling for me”:

- Female character people would have liked more if she had been a boy:

- Jealous is the new red:

- Fetus Ciel:

- This guy snorts when he laughs:

- Titanic 3D:

- I am all technique (but I have killed many while trying to acquire the perfect precision):

- Emperor Nero + That moment when everyone was tired of Druitt’s shit and wanted to kill him:

- “My hair hides my true identity”:

- Undertaker’s real name is Charlie Chaplin:

- This scene will look awesome animated:

- Yandere! Sebastian + That moment when everybody’s heart broke:

- The origins:

- #LetUsAllHugFetusCiel 

- “Maybe this burnt down mansion was a bad idea”:

- “Cause you’re hot and you're cold, 

don’t wash me at all. 

You’ve hurt me, get out. 

It’s too hot, I’m out!”:

- The mistery of where Sebastian’s left hand is in here will finally be solved:

- More fetus Ciel:

- “And he was like, ‘hey bastard, your ends are split’ and I was like ‘just like your girlfriend’s legs last night, but you don’t see me complaining about it now, do you?’”

- It would have hurt more if he had hit the top of his hands instead of just the palms + Oh, so you suddenly feel the heat but you couldn’t manage to make a simple fucking bath, huh?:

- I don’t care if she doesn’t even talk I just wanna see her in the movie:

- Madam please, I’m still not over you:

- “Sweet kiss, shitty ass crown. Just get me a princess tiara and we can pretend”:

- When you think you know a lot of stuff for your age so you bother your father about it, but then your old man gets tired of you and hits you with the harsh reality:

- *Mmm watcha say…*

- Do you think Sebastian DiCaprio will get his oscar after this?

And of course… The thing that most definitely has to appear…



To be honest, I thought you and Gil Dong looked sweet together. It would have been nice if you two were to get married and live happily together.

about hansol

I’ve been with Hansol since the ending of 2014, I’ve seen him change and I’ve waited for all those videos. Kiko’s video got me pretty hard.

I remember when he first got that “"doll head”“. When he named it, when he started his videos… When Scissor Hands came out, everyone was shocked. It was a side of Hansol we never had seen before. I confess I like this side too much, though I like the casual Kim Hansol as well.

When Hansol started posting weird, scary things all the time, I started to think that maybe this wasn’t totally healthy. He often wrote as Mary and Kiko. Then this year came and there was that scene of him saying he wants to die and it broke my heart. When he went to China, he said he could be MaryKiko.

Now, I see he’s getting better. He said he’s taking treatment, and I understand that him saying goodbye to MaryKiko is him saying goodbye to these destructive things… I wonder what his new music videos will look like.

I’m just so, so proud of him. He’s the strongest person, if you know him you will remember when he used to cry every time people called him gay, he would delete pictures and disappear. In Kiko video, he’s all exposed. His beautiful tattoo can be seen, all the small details of his body, the small cuts he has… It’s so beautiful. Hansol is pure art.

He’s overcame all this and now he can say goodbye to MaryKiko.

Everyone hates me since I was a little girl and nobody really nobody knows how fucking much I need you. You neither. You don’t know how much you mean to me. And that hurts so fucking much. It hurts so much that I don’t wanna live anymore.

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Fangirl Challenge: [8/30] Scenes that broke my heart » Izzy and Denny (Grey’s Anatomy)

“Everyone who is entered into the transplant program is clocked in to the second. To the second, you were clocked into the second and so was the other guy, I checked with UNOS. The difference between when you entered the program and when he entered the program is 17 seconds. That’s it, Denny. 17 seconds. I mean that’s not even the length of a decent kiss. So this other guy, I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve this heart, I’m sure he does. But so do you. So do you. And if you tell me any more crap about heading towards the light or looking down on me from heaven I swear I will kill you myself right now.”


The Breakfast Club came out in 1985 and to this day is, in my opinion, one of the greatest damn movies ever to barely even have a script.

During the famous “dance” scene, Molly Ringwald, who played the “princess” Claire, was supposed to a small little dance by herself, but she was shy so all of them did some dancing together, creating one of the most famous film scene’s to date. It was improvised.

During the scene in the film where the characters sat down and told why they were there, there was NO SCRIPT. John Hughes told the cast to sit there and improvise why they thought their characters were there, creating that heart wrenching scene everyone could relate to.

EVERYONE can relate to this movie and thats the best damn thing.

On March 24, 1984, five students entered a detention room thinking it was just another Saturday. Before the day was over, they broke the rules, bared their souls, and touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.


god, that scene in Wings of War when Hiccup and Astrid are up on the seastack and she’s telling him they might have to accept hurting the dragons, and he just looks at her, and I’ve had moments like that in every relationship I’ve ever been in and it just totally broke my heart.

kremlin annihilation week
Day Six: Worst Moment(s) passed off as cute/funny/romantic

Okay here we go!

“You look beautiful with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders. Absolutely beautiful.”

Because nothing boosts a woman’s confidence at a time when she’s trying to save the world like being told she looks beautiful when she looks stressed and terrified I guess? I expected a kiss or something in this episode, but it broke my heart that rather than him trying to encourage her, remind her that she was fighting as hard as she could and perhaps tell her that it wasn’t her fault if she couldn’t save everyone in time, he tells her this. She’s struggling so much, and this is what she gets. This is so far from romantic.

And then there was that fight at the DEO, when Mxy turned up and Mon-El was jealous and tried to make Kara feel bad for daring to believe she could sort it out. This whole scene was awful and they tried to pass it off as a “funny couple fight” when it was anything but. And yet through all the yelling, all the Mon El chasing Kara and getting in her face whilst she tried to tell him she could handle it and he needed to drop it, they threw in this little “oh isn’t he funny and adorable!” tidbit, the “good to see you Dana.” The “sure, he may have just chased Kara again, got right in her face and said he was the only one allowed to be mad, but look at him, chatting to someone from the DEO, haha, he’s not really being nasty to Kara if he can do that.”

No. No no no. This was not cute, this was not funny. This was a man abusing and intimidating a woman in the place she worked because he was jealous and he decided he knew better, and it’s insulting that they genuinely thought this ridiculous line would somehow make it seem like this wasn’t so horrible. Because yes, as the karamels keep telling us, real couples do have fights. But there is such a huge difference between differences that get worked through and actual abuse and intimidation. He yelled at her, he chased her and he wouldn’t drop it despite her trying to get him to be quiet. In. Her. Workplace.

And then there was the short-lived #karamelisoverparty. When Kara finally announced she did deserve better (come on Kara, you still do!!). And Kara had had a very long day trying to figure out Mon-El and his parents and was finally going home to a place she could be alone and think and process the day’s events. And so she unlocks the door to her apartment and “I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in.”

“Oh how romantic, he’s waiting for her!” the karamels cry! Meanwhile the rest of us who love Kara are frustrated that her one safe space that is truly hers where she can just get away from everything has been invaded by someone who most recently told her than “by this point in movies the girl usually forgives the boy.” Sure, he may have spent some time there recently, but she clearly did not want to be around him by then, but he chose to invade her space and catch her unawares so he could try win her over yet again.

And then, whilst Mon-El was trying to plead his case, telling Kara about how wonderful she was and admitting he was a liar and how he just needed another chance, he threw out that one line, the one line that was an awful attempt at emotionally manipulating her, the “I love you.” Because in that moment, he was desperate, he was begging, because everything had gotten to a point where Kara was sick of all his behaviour. But instead of trying to discuss it with her, or ideally not being in her space at all, and rather staying out the way whilst figuring out if he genuinely could be better for her by actually changing his behaviour completely and not just on the surface for her to see, he played the love card, in some attempt to guilt her into forgiving his very long list of wrongdoings. Because an “I love you” shouldn’t be abused like that, and it was the most disgusting attempt at emotional manipulation to say it when he did. Thankfully at the time Kara did insist she deserved better and told him to leave, but later she did say she forgave him despite him not changing at all.

And last (for my list, there are many more I haven’t included), but certainly not least, was that “funny” alternate universe scene, when J’onn and Mon-El were explaining what happened and Mon-El confirmed he was Kara’s boyfriend, only to respond with a “shhhhh….” when questioned by J’onn about their break up. Again, intended as funny, really just disgusting disrespect to an unconscious woman, one who these people respect and have worked with before. Because nothing says love like getting to say what you want to be true about a girl when she’s unconscious and can’t confirm or deny it? Frankly Mon-El being the one to take her to the other universe was already grossly insulting (”Look,” say the writers, “he truly loves her!” “But,” we say, “what about the most important relationship on this show, the two women who would do anything for each other, the sisters we have adored since the first episode?”), but to disrespect everything whilst she was unconscious was the opposite of funny.

Well. Ended up coloring @vegetapsycho ‘s sketch, when got permission to do.
It’s about chapter 17 of @niteryde ‘s amazing fanfic called In the Shadows. (Go read it everyone, if you love this family, this is fic that surely makes you cry!)

I don’t know how to feel all about this. Fic broke my heart, but vegetapsycho’s art shattered it to million pieces. xD I really loved to color this, thinking of scene and listening few soundtracks. Ugh. I’m still not over it.

All glory of damn beautiful sketch for @vegetapsycho
And all thanks of making this story for @niteryde
And well coloring is by me. :’D



This scene broke my Marvey heart. Harvey’s being a dick. 

Louis’s nightmare is coming true, Harvey literally yelled at everyone but Alex. Geez, he needs to go back to therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I love him but lately, he’s been all over the place. 

Mike looks so sad, disappointed…hurt.

He thinks Harvey doesn't trust him after everything they’ve been through. That last part the: “I want your word” thing was completely unnecessary. 

So much angst. 


I’m so sorry.

a NOT SPOILER FREE and incomplete list of things i loved about gotg2:

  • quite possibly the greatest opening credits in the history of the MCU
  • “please tell me you have a fridge full of severed human toes somewhere on the ship”
  • actually the whole montage of groot trying to get yondu’s fin
  • the whistle arrow fucking everyone up just… never gets old like honestly i could watch twelve more scenes of it
  • kraglin singing “sooooup! sooooup!” alone on the ship
  • the audible gasp from everyone in the theater right at “it broke my heart to put that tumor in her head” like A+ plot twist delivery
  • mantis instantly crying when she touches drax and he just has a sad smile on his face like OK dave bautista maybe don’t break my heart like this??
  • the idea is now seared into my brain of yondu ferrying kids across the galaxy for ego thinking it’s just a well paying job, finding out the truth, and abruptly saying screw you ya dumb child-killing planet!! i’m done!!! this one’s staying with me asshole!!!!
  • and peter’s eulogy and him giving kraglin the arrow and the RAVAGERS COMING BACK TO GIVE HIM A PROPER SEND OFF JUST BURY ME IN TISSUES PLEASE
His Fault|N.Horan Blurb

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#4 He Broke Her Heart

He knew from the moment she had left the flat that they shared she wasn’t coming back. Even then it didn’t seem real and like a sick joke someone was playing on him, but as the days passed by he realized he had broken the heart of the only women he had ever truly loved. He walked through his life as if it didn’t bother him, as if seeing all the news about her didn’t matter but it cut him inside. He hurt him in a way he never thought possible and the worst part of it all was that there was nothing he could do and he had actually lost the love of his life.

Two years.

That’s how long it’s been since he last seen her, and now here she was across the room from him. He had been invited personally by Ariana to another benift concert she was hosting, and Y/N was here. He watch as her smile brighten up the mood, as everyone around him seemed to disappear but the beauty before him. As quickly as he saw her, his heart broke all over again. He watched with a frown as one of the other acts, Nick Jonas, to be exact came up behind her. He watched with hooded eyes as the man wrapped his arms around her and brining her into a kiss that broke him.

His heart shattered upon the scene but knew that this man was giving her all the love and attention she deserved. He was the one that was holding her at night, the cause of her happiness, and maybe even her new love. He knew he fucked up back then, but knowing she had fully moved on while he was still hanging out to the best thing he ever had and he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe just maybe there still laid a bit of feelings for him in her body.

But that’s the beauty of life, you don’t know. But it’s right she’ll back, and he can’t help but hope that she’s it for him.

*Etta James voice* Aaaaaaaaatttttt laaaaaaaaaassssssttttt, our podcast for 408 “God Complex” is up!! 

We were thrilled to be joined by two very special guests, @hawthornewhisperer​ and @knowlesian, who are smart-as-heck analysts of the show and shared all kinds of brilliant insights with us.

Thank you so much, ladies and listeners, for your patience in waiting for this one! The delay in getting this recap uploaded was because having multiple people exponentially increases the editing hassle, but we promise it’s worth it because these ladies are terrific. 

We covered 18th century British colonialism, Abby’s emotional breakdown, Bill Cadogan’s love of wordplay, Clarke and Murphy’s relationship, Sassy Nihilist Jasper, how to rave responsibly (hint: bring a backpack), and tons of speculation about where the season might be going next, both things we’re hoping for (Becca flashbacks!) and things we’re side-eyeing (Commander Clarke???). Come join the lady nerd party!

0:00 - 100% Not Apologizing For Beginning This Podcast With Twelve Minutes of Jaha Dragging
0:12 – Let’s Talk About Harper
0:23 – Bree, Niylah, and the Occasionally Dubious “Solve Problems With Sex” Trope
0:27 – The Underappreciated Significance of Jasper and Bellamy’s Relationship
0:31 – DRINK! Sarah’s First Pike Reference
0:36 – Everyone Giving Bellamy “Advice” Is Literally Just Describing Themselves
1:01 – “I Bear It So They Don’t Have To”: Clarke’s Leadership Dividing Her From Her People
1:10 – “Welcome to Mt. Weather”: Claire’s a Little Salty That Raven Is Treating Abby Like Dr. Tsing
1:20 – “Don’t Call Her That”: Roan’s Casual Prejudice Shows Us Exactly Why Emori Can’t Trust People
1:25 – That Clarke and Murphy Scene Broke Our Hearts Into Tiny Pieces
1:39 – Clarke and Roan, Sass Siblings
1:43 – We Are Heavily Side-Eyeing This “You Were Born For This” Business
1:55 – “It’s Not Blasphemy, It’s Science” – British Imperialism, Distrust of Technology, ALIE and Cadogan
2:04 – Abby Reaches Her Breaking Point and Paige Deserves a Goddamn Emmy
2:16 – Marcus Kane, a Peacetime Leader Who Sucks at War
2:22 – Hedging Your Apocalypse Bets: We’re Predicting Every Potential Solution Will Come Back In the Endgame
2:26 – DRINK! Sarah Talks About Pike Again
2:28 – Indra 2.0 Is Equal Parts Terrifying Badass, Tragic Hero, and Conflicted Mom
2:39 – Random Final Thoughts: Sarah Has a Finale Theory, Claire Is Going To Scream If Kabby Isn’t Reunited Soon, and WHAT IF CADOGAN WAS THE FIRST FLAMEKEEPER???
2:53 – Stay Tuned Later This Week For Our Anniversary Fan Roundtable!

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