the scavenger's daughter

Monster You Made Me || Evil Queen & Hatter


He had been right all along about the hat’s location. He just knew that it couldn’t have just gone. SHE had to have taken it after betraying Jefferson all those years ago, trapping them here and giving birth to HIM. Hatter had known as soon as he heard of the Evil Queens return to Wonderland that it would not be a pleasant one. He’d warned Jefferson, told them to return underground but he hadn’t listened. She’d found them, spouting something about having heard about Hatters reputation, he’d started a revolution against the Queen of Hearts and almost tore apart Wonderland. She hadn’t been able to believe that Hatter had been born inside of Jefferson of all people, the male who gave up his calling to care for his daughter and scavenge for fungus. 

When Hatter had refused to help the Queen, she’d taken his heart, effectively capturing both himself and Jefferson under her control. 

                                    He hated it. 

                                                He hated her.

The lack of control was maddening, she clicked her fingers and he HAD to obey. He had no choice in the matter. It had been that way for years and she showed no interest in letting him go. Every time he disappeared she tormented Jefferson until he showed again just to stop her. 

Stalking through the halls of the castle he was following a pull. She was calling him and he had no choice but to heed the call. Hatter pushed open the vast wooden doors that lead to the Queens chambers and lengthy strides brought him up to just behind where the Queen stood, his jaw tight as he allowed himself the luxury of glaring at her back.

“You called?”