the scars had faded


It hand been raining, hard. So hard in fact that it seemed at any moment any windows being besieged by it would give in and shatter.

Most people on a day like today would assume to see very little business, only the pretentious artsy-types go out in rain.

Suddenly the silence of the shop was interrupted. The squeak of the door revealed a man, soaked to the skin with water. Maybe he was a customer, Maybe he just wanted to get out of the rain.

He wandered through the shop, turning in all sorts of directions. This was too much for him. He came from a race which rejected magic, and as such had never seen anything like this.

He meandered through the shop, making his way to the counter leaving a trail of water which dripped from his clothes and hair. It wasn’t until he made his way closer to the counter, that his featured under his damp hair became apparent. He had a handful of faded scars on his face and neck, however the scar which stood out the most what the cross shape on his left cheek.

wiping the wet Hair off his face he spoke. “Does this place ah-.” He waved his hand, trying to articulate. His left hand, curiously dangling at his side. “….Potions?”

after I cleanse my face I spray rose water as toner, wait for it to dry as I watch Wendy Williams then I apply a pea sized amount (or however dry my face feels) of organic coconut oil - if I have time I massage it on in clockwise rotations then I’m good to go. Your skin doesn’t look oily at all. 

Also I haven’t broken out in 2 weeks and this scar I’ve had since I was 12 is actually fading?!

[I have combination skin, more leaning on the dry side]


the-love-marked-shinobi  asked:

"I know what leaves those scars. I'm sorry. Nobody should have to go through that torture."

“I was obsessed with growing stronger. Never realizing the harm it was causing my body or my mind. I wear these scars as a reminder that never again will I sink into the darkness”

Came his gentle reply as he looked down at his hands and wrists the wounds had healed and the scars were nearly faded. Clenching his fists he looked up to the red haired Kazekage 

“You have them as well?”