the scans are to blame


saudade (noun) | PORTUGUESE

a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with a denied fact that what one longs for will never come back

“I wonder, can I keep up with it? The speed of the world without you in it.”

Sorry but this song has been on repeat in my head for a while and this is the only way to get it out 

The whole idea behind this is that its been a while since Shiro… left Keith in charge and ever since then everyone’s been just horrible but Keith has been especially distant and will just keep himself cooped up in the computer room searching and scanning for answers as to where Shiro may be.

Obviously no one blames him and helps him. Time passes and although everyone’s getting back into the groove of things Keith is just lagging behind. But they finally get a lead to something and everyone’s ecstatic. They very well may have found Shiro but also Lance hopes that Keith can just finally be himself again.

But where is he instead? Cooped up with the computers. Lance tries to get him out but just gets brushed off. And he’s just fed up with getting treated like… i wanna say “trash”? But just kinda given the cold shoulder. And hell yeah he knows he’s being kinda selfish in this but hes just tired of keeping everything pent up behind a smile.

Code: Realize: Abraham Van Helsing: Countdown - Seven Days

Long time no see! Going back on a request from a friend to upload more illustrations of Van, I decided to scan this one. Just like the Saint Germain one, it’s likely you haven’t seen it unless you followed the Code; Realize Twitter account when this originally released in Japan.

Van isn’t exactly bringing a wrapped present, but I guess someone gave him a new dress shirt and a tie (xD probably Cardia?). He certainly seems to have a like for stripes, doesn’t he? Van also had another stripes suit in Winter in the City scan. Well, there you go Steampunk Princess: you can buy your Knight plenty of those to try on and off ;)

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!


How she managed to find this place was a complete mystery- the people seemed decent enough, To any regular person… but she’d always had a knack for telling when people were dealing with regrets and sorrows. Probably came with the job of keeping her otherself happy, And pain free.

Sapphire eyes scanned the area, And the peoples’ faces.. she didn’t blame them for looking so suspicious of her, But… something didn’t feel right. She wanted to help these people.. take away their pains and bad memories- But knew that was impossible.

The sense of being observed was overwhelming, But again- the suspicious on lookers of the strangely dressed girl explained that.

vinegardoppio replied to your post:The Vento Aureo situation makes me sad because…

thank you i literally ranted about this like last month or so also what mistranslations were you thinking of? i wanna talk about this. giorno is fucking fascinating and must be protected at all costs

I could rant about this every time I see someone dissing the story for a translation issue, really, but then i’d never shut up and people who be throwing things at me.
I was specifically thinking of that scene after the train fight, where they are all inside Coco Jumbo and Trish is so mad she literally has the Go Go Go sound effect around her and Fugo and Abbacchio are looking at her hiding behind a magazine (another thing the terrible visual quality of the scans didnt show: they are not reading the magazine, they are staring at Trish in fear from behind it. Abbacchio is literally trying to become one with the couch and it’s the funniest thing) and–actually I found a thing I did for my friends to illustrate it

The font on the second picture is horrid, I’m sorry, but it gets the idea across. The second picture was translated to English from the official French translation - it is a bit wonky since I did it quickly to showcase the difference in meaning: in the scans, Narancia puts the blame on Trish for her own bad mood, while in the official translation, he wonders what the hell Bruno could have told her to make her mad (also notice the “again” which is a fun little detail suggeting Bruno puts his foot in his mouth when talking to Trish and makes her mad on a regular basis behind the scenes)

The other scene I had in mind was the elevator scene where after Trish expresses her doubts (“Will I like my father?”), in the scans Bruno sounds almost like he’s snapping at her when he replies “no daughter should have such thoughts” or something along those lines. Whereas in the official translation, Trish doesn’t wonder if SHE will like her father but “will… will my father like me?” and Bruno replies with a still stern (because he is the son of a rugged Napolitan fisherman) but still way more sympathetic “no child should ever have to doubt their parents’ love” - which makes sense given the relationship he had with his own father and makes what happens next all the more heartbreaking.

And look at me writing a novel to reply to a comment on my post. You guys needs to physically stop me from talking about Vento Aureo all day, I swear

At the far end of the corridor, they came to a security terminal.  Aegis pointed at Clockblocker.

“Don’t you usually do it?”

“Retina maybe detached,” Aegis admitted in his halting voice, “Don’t want to fail scan.”


Clockblocker nodded hesitantly, then leaned forward to let the terminal scan his eyes.

I wouldn’t blame Clocky if he didn’t want anything getting near his eyes for a long time, even something static like a retina scanner.

(under the eyelids, what the fuck Taylor)

Steel doors clicked, then whisked open with a barely audible whirr, letting the young heroes and heroine make their way into the main area of their headquarters.

The room was roughly dome-shaped, but there were sections of wall that were able to be dismantled and rearranged on the fly.  Some had been set up to give the various team members their individual quarters, while others framed the doorways that led into the showers, the filing room and their press/meeting room.  A series of computers and large monitors were networked at one side of the room, surrounded by a half-dozen chairs.  One of the monitors was displaying a countdown to the next tourist group, while others were showing camera images of key locations in the city.  The Central Bank was one of them, a dark image punctuated by the red and blue of police sirens.

These headquarters feel inhabited. I like it.

A guide to make retail workers like you

by a minimum wage retail worker

Closing time

  • Do NOT come in after five minutes till close
  • If you’re just coming to “browse” or “look around” come in 30-60 minutes till close, depending on how much you are looking at and the size of the store
  • If the door is locked/the sign says so, the store is closed. It doesn’t matter if you think the store has different hours
  • No matter how nice the worker is, them telling you the store is closed means they want to close and go home. Check out and leave ASAP. Even if they say you can keep looking, chances are they are just saying that to be nice
  • If the music goes off, that’s is usually the workers giving you a subtle clue that they are closing and want you to leave


  • If it isn’t in the store, that store doesn’t have it. Don’t blame the worker who tells you that
  • Workers cannot find out if the store have another color or a similar thing on the computers, the most they can do is look around the store and in the back
  • If it doesn’t have a barcode or sku number, the worker can’t ring it up. They’re sorry you have to wait while they get a label made but the guy behind the counter can’t do anything about that
  • If you aren’t willing to drive to another branch, tell the worker before they call and have them find something for you
  • If it was here last time and now isn’t, it was either sold or it got damaged. It isn’t the worker’s fault, if you wanted it you should have bought it, or some stores allow you to put things on hold

Money, Prices, and Coupons

  • If you’re credit card isn’t accepted, it isn’t the worker’s fault. Contact your credit card company and pay with something else in the mean time
  • If there isn’t change in the register, you have to wait for a manager to make change from another register. Certain associates could loose their job if they do, don’t blame them for wanting to keep their job.
  • If you’re coupon is expired/not valid for whatever reason, the worker literally can’t take it. The computer won’t accept it. Don’t blame the 16 year old behind the register
  • If the price is different than you thought it was, don’t blame the worker who scanned it. Also, don’t ask that worker to give you the price you thought, even if it was mismarked. The worker isn’t allowed to just change prices
  • (At least at my store) If you pay with a check, you need to show a driver’s license. The worker sometimes can’t afford to wait while you spend 10 minutes looking for it
  • Have your payment ready when you go to check out. Especially if it is busy. 
  • Also, have any coupons out and ready. If you think you have one, look before the worker asks for your payment


  • If you are with kids, make sure they are good. It is not the worker’s responsibility to babysit your kids
  • If the worker says you can’t eat, put the food away 
  • If there aren’t rules about eating, don’t spill anything and pick up all wrappers. There’s probably a garbage can behind the counter and if you need it, just ask. The worker would rather have you ask and throw away your wrappers/scraps now rather than finding them on shelves later
  • If you break something or find something broken, just let the worker know. They will find out eventually anyway. The sooner it is cleaned up, the better
  • Don’t be too loud. There aren’t technically rules against yelling, but it will create a better environment for everyone if you use your inside voice
  • The previous one includes your crying baby. If your baby is going to start screaming, leave what you are going to buy with the worker and take the kid outside until they calm down.
  • Service dogs are fine but don’t bring your pet in the store. Keep it outside or at home
  • If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. It is better to ask someone who knows what they are doing than to try it yourself
  • Yes, there are individual candies at the register. No, they are not free. They are wrapped and have barcodes
  • If you pick something up and decide you don’t want it anymore, that’s fine, but put it back where you found it, not in a random place. If you don’t remember where it was, give it to the worker and they will put it in the correct location

All of this is based on my personal experience working retail, and all of these are based on things that have really happened to me. 

If you work retail and you think I missed something feel free to add it yourself. 

PC fans whirring like non-stop.

On the 1st day of whirring PC-fans, my computer gave me a BSOD ~♪

On the 2nd day of whirring PC-fans, my computer gave me a BSOD and a QR code to scan for details (do I look like I’m hooked to my mobile that much, you sucker?) ~♪

On the 3rd day of whirring PC-fans, my computer gave me a BSOD, a QR code to scan and a ragequit fit ~♪

Yep, 3 days, three BSODs. Last day I blamed it on the heat (because of all that fan-whirring) and tried to keep my Potato™ actually turned off (instead of just on standby). I turned it again on at evening, some time after dinner. It still gave me a BSOD after barely 2 hours of usage.

So, this morning my uncle and I opened the case to try and give “Potato PC” some dust cleaning (last time was somewhere around January or February, I think).

There was very little dust.

Yes, I think Potato™ is en route to be replaced with a newer one some time quite soon. <.<

Random and additional facts:

- “Potato PC” originally ran on Windows 7.
- “Potato PC” is so outdated that it can barely run Paladins. On medium-low settings.
- “Potato PC”, despite the fackaton of USB ports, still has the good ol’ rounded jacks for both mouse and keyboard.

These should let y’all have a grasp on its average age.

Why did no one tell me that there was a blue haired purple cloaked Varuna? D: Well he’s mine now. He’s name is Lunari and he’s a precious and adorable loner who does things on his own so not to burden anyone else, even though his own burdens can be hard for him to deal with. And he plays a special role in ensuring that the fire dragon doesn’t attack the city. 

And he’ll probably be paired with an alternative coloured Bryce because I’m a loser

Still not sure where to add him into ALE universe yet I shouldn’t have downloaded those scans they’re dangerous I blame a certain someone for this

Anything outside yourself, this you can see and apply your logic to it,” she said. “But it’s a human trait that when we encounter personal problems, those things most deeply personal are the most difficult to bring out for our logic to scan. We tend to flounder around, blaming everything but the actual, deep-seated thing that’s really chewing on us.
—  Frank Herbert, Dune

Okay I had so much fun drawing that last art trade that I kept doodling in that vein until… um, yeah. So you can all blame @aquastarart for this. 😝

I might scan and clean this all up later, but I can’t yet. :/

Poe has a shiny Rowlet. Orange and white, one of a kind. I picked it because it’s a starter that flys, and is a cute round buddy. 

Finn and his Squirtle fight over Poes jacket. I picked it because it’s armored, like Finn used to be, and it eventually evolves to have giant water cannons on its back (and we know that Finn is proficient with blasters).

Rey has a Torchic because like her it is an adorable creature from a hot place that can and will mess you up if you cross it.

Kylo got Litten for the soul purpose of making a kitty litter gag out of his creepy bucket of ashes. Also because it just LOOKS PERFECT FOR HIM and would probably refuse to be intimidated by anything he does.

I might do more of these with other Star Wars characters! It’s really fun!

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. :)

Right now I’m just using starters for the main characters, but I may branch out for side or non movie characters. 

Making Up For Mistakes

From this request: Could you do one where you’re on a hunt and almost get them or someone killed and you leave a note explaining why you’re leaving and it’s all of their separate reactions to you being gone? And then how ever many years later they see you on a hunt and who ever you almost killed originally is about to die (like something almost impales them) and you jump in the way and take it for them and then you die?



Sam poked his head into your room. You weren’t in there, and that sat uneasily with Sam.

That uneasy feeling grew when he saw a sheet of paper laying on your made bed. He rushed over and picked it up.

I’ve gone. Don’t try to find me. I’m switching cars and phones. This hunt was a disaster and it made me realize that as long as I’m around, you’re not safe. I’m the biggest liability there is and for that, I deserve to be alone. No one else will get hurt this way. I love you all.

Sam’s eyes trailed over the paper three times, each time hoping that the words would change. His chest felt tight, his heart was pounding. He sank down onto your bed, his knees feeling weak. His eyes blurred with tears.

You were gone.

He’d never see you again.

Despite knowing that it wouldn’t work, Sam pulled his phone out and dialed your number.

“I’m sorry,” the voice said. “The person you are trying to reach has disconnected this line. Please call back later.”

Sam looked around your room. You’d left a good amount of things—the sheets, books, and a picture on your nightstand. Sam leaned over and picked it up.

The photo was of the four of you—Sam, Dean, Cas, and you. You’d forced them to take the picture, claiming you wanted, nay, needed this memento. Surprisingly, Dean’s smile seemed real in the photo, a true moment of happiness for him, something you often brought with you.

Sam swallowed the lump in his throat. Then he stood and headed into the hall. He dropped the picture off in his room, wanting it to be his keepsake now, before heading for the living room. Dean needed to read the letter. He’d never believe it if Sam simply told him about it.

And Sam didn’t trust his voice to remain steady enough to tell the tale.


“What’s this?” Dean asked, taking the paper from his brother.

Sam said nothing, just shook his head as he plopped down into the armchair next to the couch.

Dean studied his brother for a moment before turning to the paper. He read the words.

And read the words.

And read the words.

“What the hell is this?”

Sam shook his head.

“She’s gone? What the hell?!” Dean made to get off the couch but the wound in his side protested.

“You shouldn’t move,” Sam said, his voice hollow.

“Thanks, Doc,” Dean said. He leaned back into the couch, his hand dipping to the large bandage on his side, covering the stab wound.

But strangely, the stab wound wasn’t the thing that hurt him the most.

Reading this letter made it feel as if Dean had been stabbed in the heart. How could you just leave? Sure, Dean had gotten hurt on the latest hunt. But it wasn’t your fault.

“Give me my phone,” Dean said. “I’m going to call her. Tell her to get her ass back here.”

“I already tried,” Sam said. “No answer.”

Dean thought, trying to figure out his next move. “Cas! Get down here.”

A few moments later, the angel appeared in a flutter of feathers.

“Dean. What’s wrong?”

“Y/N’s gone. You need to go find her.”

“Where did she go?”

“We don’t know.” Dean shifted and winced, the wound flaring up again.

“What’s wrong?” Cas asked.

“Nothing. Just a small cut. I’ll be fine.”

Cas didn’t listen. He reached down and healed Dean’s wound, a cool wave washing over Dean. “Now,” Cas said, standing back up. “Why did Y/N leave?”

Dean handed him the letter as he stood, heading for the garage. Cas scanned the letter, his brow crinkling with concern and confusion.

“Why does she blame herself?” he asked Sam.

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “She’s always been sympathetic toward those who get hurt on these things. But she’s never taken it this far.” Sam looked up at Cas. “Can you find her?”

“Give me a moment.”

Dean stormed back in at that moment. “Come on, Sam. We’re going after her.”

“Dean,” Cas said. “It’s no use.”

“Don’t you fucking say that.”

“Dean,” Cas said, turning his piercing glare to the hunter. “I cannot find her. She… she must have concealed herself.”

The brothers shared a look. If Cas couldn’t find you… how could they?


Despite your apparent concealment, the brothers still kept eyes and ears open for any sign that you were still around. They asked around in every town they hunted in, hoping that you’d kept up with the trade.

Three years later, they finally found you.

Or rather, you found them.

A sword-wielding knight of Hell had appeared. He’d knocked Sam unconscious but had apparently deemed Dean a valuable opponent. He tossed him a sword, telling him he should die with honor.

Dean was struggling—sword fighting was not his expertise. The knight eventually knocked him down and prepared to stab his blade through Dean’s chest.

But before he could, a bullet ripped through his shoulder.

The knight and Dean turned, finding you behind them,  gun aimed at the villain.

“Let him go,” you said.

The knight chuckled. “You think bullets can stop me? Only a worthy blade can end my life.”

“So give me a blade.”

The knight cocked an eyebrow. “Why should I deny you the chance of death? And two kills are certainly better than one.”

“Y/N, get out of here,” Dean said, propping up on an elbow.

The knight kicked Dean in the side, doubling him over. He then leaned down and picked up Dean’s abandoned sword, tossing it to you. You caught it by the handle, which surprised the knight. But he soon got over his surprise and sprinted forward, prepared to attack.

Both Sam and Dean began to stir as you began to fight the knight. You handled yourself relatively well and the Winchesters thought you might have a chance.

But then the knight sliced your hand, causing you to toss the blade away. The knight took this to his advantage and ran forward, sword first.

“NO!” Sam yelled, watching the sword disappear into your torso.

The knight pulled his blade from you and you collapsed onto the ground, shirtfront becoming stained with blood.

The knight laughed as he raised the sword, preparing to stab your heart.

But before he could land his final hit, the other sword was jabbed into the knight’s chest, poking through the front from the back. The knight dropped his blade, the clattering ringing out through the warehouse. He collapsed as Dean dropped down next to you.

“Y/N,” Dean said, carefully pulling you into his lap. “Y/N, you okay?”

“Just peachy,” you said, giving a tiny smile.

Dean’s eyes trailed over the growing red stain. He pressed his hand against your side which caused you to hiss in pain. “Hey, it’s okay, Y/N. This is nothing. You’re gonna be fine.”

Sam had crawled over. “Y/N!”

“Heya, Sammy.”

Sam looked over your form before sharing a look with his brother. They knew this wound was practically life-ending.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Dean said. “We’ll get Cas down here.”

“No, Dean,” you said. “He can’t do anything.”

“Sure he can. He’s healed worse.” Dean spared a glance up at the ceiling. “And he better get his ass down here soon!”

“Dean. It’s okay. It’s my time.”

Dean’s eyes dropped back down to you. “Don’t you say that.”

You blinked slowly. “I’m glad I was finally able to make things right.”

A flutter of wings alerted you all of the arrival of the angel.

“Y/N!” he said, dropping down next to you.

“Heal her, Cas,” Dean said. “You gotta heal her.”

Cas put his hand on your side, replacing Dean’s. A glow emitted from his hand.

Unfortunately, the glow had left your eyes.

“No,” Dean said, feeling you leave. “No. No, no, no. Come on, Y/N. Come on.”

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas said. “She’s…”

The three men sat in the warehouse, staring at your body. It was strange—it had just held your soul, held so much life. Yet here you were, growing cold.

Dean gently brushed a strand of your hair away from your face and closed your eyelids. Your last words were running through his head, piecing everything together.

You’d sacrificed yourself because you were still guilty of the injury he’d received all those years ago.

“You did good, Y/N,” Dean said. “You did real good.”