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saudade (noun) | PORTUGUESE

a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with a denied fact that what one longs for will never come back

“I wonder, can I keep up with it? The speed of the world without you in it.”

Sorry but this song has been on repeat in my head for a while and this is the only way to get it out 

The whole idea behind this is that its been a while since Shiro… left Keith in charge and ever since then everyone’s been just horrible but Keith has been especially distant and will just keep himself cooped up in the computer room searching and scanning for answers as to where Shiro may be.

Obviously no one blames him and helps him. Time passes and although everyone’s getting back into the groove of things Keith is just lagging behind. But they finally get a lead to something and everyone’s ecstatic. They very well may have found Shiro but also Lance hopes that Keith can just finally be himself again.

But where is he instead? Cooped up with the computers. Lance tries to get him out but just gets brushed off. And he’s just fed up with getting treated like… i wanna say “trash”? But just kinda given the cold shoulder. And hell yeah he knows he’s being kinda selfish in this but hes just tired of keeping everything pent up behind a smile.

taehyung scenario | the lovers’ gamble

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prompt: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

pairing: taehyung x reader

requested by anon | 900 words | fluff

Road trips with Taehyung have always been a gamble.

A gamble involving driving down an abandoned street, counting cracks in the tarmac and wondering if you’ll ever see civilisation again. When will your next meal be? When will you stop for gas? When will you find a place to sleep?

Taehyung has a habit of not booking in advance, not looking up in advance. It’s all part of the fun. Don’t you feel the adventure? Don’t you feel the blood thundering through your veins, sweaty grip on the leather car seat, scanning the dusty horizon for a cheap motel?

You’ve only got yourself to blame. Knowing Taehyung, you should be used to his gambles by now. Toss up a coin, let heads or tails decide your direction. He goes where the wind takes him, and foolishly, you follow behind.

All because, years ago, you took a gamble yourself. You got involved in the risky business we naively call “love”, most dicey when it’s unrequited.

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Happy Birthday, comedycentralmh!

October 20 - “Don’t you dare touch him!” WinterShieldShock for @comedycentralmh

Written by @kathryn-claire-oconnor

Darcy could think of about a hundred different ways she would’ve liked to meet her boyfriend’s boyfriend for only the second time. This was none of those ways.

A Wakandan doctor was fidgeting nervously near the panel of monitors for Sergeant Barnes’ cryo unit, her eyes constantly scanning as she did her best not to miss a thing. Darcy didn’t blame her; from what she’d heard from Steve and Bucky’s doctors, there was no part of cryo that wasn’t painful. Waking up, in particular, could apparently go wrong in a myriad of ways.

So waking him up now was definitely not ideal, but they didn’t appear to have a choice. Even this underground level of the hospital was being evacuated around them, and James Buchanan Barnes was going to have to come too. But waking him up was definitely safer for him than trusting his entire cryo unit to stay stable en route, considering their current circumstances.

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Homerun Derby - Aaron Judge

Sweet, fluffy smut
Word Count: 1,751

          “How are you feeling?” You looked up to your boyfriend and awaited his response. You were standing next to your boyfriend of two years, Aaron Judge, near the backstop of Marlins Park. It had been amazing to see Aaron come into the majors after a difficult season the year before. It had been even more amazing to see him steal headlines and media coverage because of how well he’s been performing as a rookie. Now you were standing next to him, hours before the Homerun Derby was supposed to start. Words couldn’t put together how proud of him you were. You admired him as he looked around the park with an almost childlike admiration. You took a hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze, “Are you even on planet earth right now?”

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You don’t know what it is that rouses you so late at night, but you find yourself opening your eyes to find the bed next to you empty like it was before you went to sleep. Lazily your eyes travel to the clock and you groan seeing the ungodly hour of night… early morning. Whichever one wanted to call it.

The sheets are cold on the other side so you decide to go investigate where the occupier of the left side of the bed was. 

You pull on your robe and tie it as you shuffle down the stairs in your slippers. The light is on in the kitchen and you find Stanford sitting at the table with research papers sprawled across the table. His body is hunched over it, one hand to his forehead, fingers tangling into his curly brown locks while the other is jotting down notes.

The man hasn’t gotten sleep in a few days- this would have to be the fourth consecutive all-nighter. You decide to force him to come to bed instead of finding him passed out later and putting a blanket on him like you’ve been doing the past three days.

You quietly ask him to come to bed as you begin massaging his shoulders in hopes of getting him to relax a little.

“Nearly done, sweetheart. Just give me a few more minutes,” he replies absentmindedly.

You make a face and make a comment on how he’s said this very thing for the past three days.

“I’m sure I’m close this time,” he replies.

You hug him around his shoulders and rest your chin on his shoulder. Your eyes scan the papers and it all looks like gibberish at the moment- you blame your exhaustion for being unable to read his short-hand chicken-scratch.

You whisper that he should get sleep.

“I’m not tired,” he insists.

You nuzzle his neck and murmur the suggestion to do something that will assure that he gets tired out.

You can feel the heat rising in his face and seeping down his neck. “Like what?”

You decide to toy with him just a little and tell him to follow you to the bedroom with no explanation.

He obediently follows and turns off the television after himself.

You tell him to get into the bed and you feel a little smug at his continued obedience. Had you been more awake you might have taken advantage of this.

You crawl into bed and let your slippers fall off the edge. You sit in his lap and slowly take off the robe and toss it aside. You were in a modest nightgown but that didn’t stop his gaze from trailing over you.

You lean forward with your arms wrapping around his neck and give him a chaste kiss before resting your head on his shoulder. He makes a confused noise, but you settle onto him sleepily.

“You’re going to fall asleep on me?” He asks incredulously.

You insist that if he’s still enough for a long enough period of time he will grow tired and fall asleep at some point.

He chuckles at your logic and wraps his arms around you. His chin soon rests on the top of your head.

“I suppose that’s sound logic… goodnight, my dear,” he murmurs and then kisses the top of your head.

You smile and murmur a goodnight as he pulls the covers up to cover the both of you.

crollalanzaa  asked:

Tanaka these past few chapters is making my heart explode. I love this arc, even though I spend most of it in tears. Thank you, especially, for ch 264 and the way it flowed. It looked wordy and complicated the way the second years were hammering at Tanaka and he was trying to explain his feelings, so thank you for making it read so well. And now I'm going to reread and sniffle a lot. And also laugh at Tsukki trying to downplay everything - hahaha. Thanks again for all your work.

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Yooooooooo thanks so much for still reading my version. It was quite wordy (unexpectedly), but I spent the past few weeks also translating a series called “Gin no Saji” by Hiromu Arakawa, and that series is wordy wordy, I felt like a chapter of Haikyuu has the text quantity of approx. 3 pages of Gin no Saji… (I’m both sad and relieved Gin no Saji has gone on hiatus again for now) so I pushed through it, telling myself it was still easier than getting through another chapter of Gin no Saji… ahha (didn’t help I was on cold and flu meds and coughing profusely ;_; ). I was really confused why the chapter was called “Broken Hearted”, and a lot of the time you have to read through the entire chapter to really be able to understand context choose the right meaning for the chapter title. However, this week’s chapter title was on the colour page, and logistically the cleaners and redrawers need to do work on first as it’s time consuming, and it’ll be troublesome to have them change the title once you’ve locked it in  so I just took a plunge and went for “broken hearted” and it seemed to work out (thank goodness). 

I loved the guys chit-chatting about Tanaka, especially because in fiction people like to portray this as something only “girls” did, and guys never do this but it’s like psh anyone should be able to talk about and roast whomever they want? :p it was really cute, just a group of good friends being good friends, healthy nice friendships between boys yay. Also the ennotana tho, no longer rarepair? heuheu  Tanaka is a brave brave boy for going in for that super inner spike, and what do you know, he scores. I hope the fox fleet realise how much they underestimated Tanka’s mental strength. Tsukki was really cute too, he had quite a few of those rare, wide-eyed innocent faces this chapter (of course, along with his kill-me-now faces). Also the tiny noyas!! Also did you notice, Kiyoko does notice things about Tanaka aaargh is Kanoka going to be okay, how will this go down?!!? xD 

Really, can’t thank you enough for taking the time to inbox me and reading my version of the translation. I saw some screenshots floating around on tumblr of the other translation that came out earlier, and I was quite disappointed because I don’t think the translator made much of an effort to restructure the sentences from Japanese to English so it flowed better in English (the few screenshots I saw were extremely janky to read) and some word choices seemed to fall quite flat (like chooseing “veterans” for  古豪/Kogou - Karasuno’s tag name given to them by the commentators (this word was literally stuck into a japanese-english dictionary and the translator put whatever the result was into their translation without giving thought to context in relation to the series they’re working on), when  強豪 (Kyougou) , a similar/parallel word is almost always “powerhouse” in the haikyuu-verse (ie. from ochita kyougou, tobenai karasu iirc - fallen powerhouse, flightless crows) making Kogou closer to something like “old powerhouse / ancient powerhouse / powerhouse of old a more sensible choice. Ah well, I mean our team has been late with the scans lately so I don’t blame the readers, but I’ll always try to make an effort even when sick.

edit: some perfect cute tsukkis 

Code: Realize: Abraham Van Helsing: Countdown - Seven Days

Long time no see! Going back on a request from a friend to upload more illustrations of Van, I decided to scan this one. Just like the Saint Germain one, it’s likely you haven’t seen it unless you followed the Code; Realize Twitter account when this originally released in Japan.

Van isn’t exactly bringing a wrapped present, but I guess someone gave him a new dress shirt and a tie (xD probably Cardia?). He certainly seems to have a like for stripes, doesn’t he? Van also had another stripes suit in Winter in the City scan. Well, there you go Steampunk Princess: you can buy your Knight plenty of those to try on and off ;)

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!


How she managed to find this place was a complete mystery- the people seemed decent enough, To any regular person… but she’d always had a knack for telling when people were dealing with regrets and sorrows. Probably came with the job of keeping her otherself happy, And pain free.

Sapphire eyes scanned the area, And the peoples’ faces.. she didn’t blame them for looking so suspicious of her, But… something didn’t feel right. She wanted to help these people.. take away their pains and bad memories- But knew that was impossible.

The sense of being observed was overwhelming, But again- the suspicious on lookers of the strangely dressed girl explained that.

vinegardoppio replied to your post:The Vento Aureo situation makes me sad because…

thank you i literally ranted about this like last month or so also what mistranslations were you thinking of? i wanna talk about this. giorno is fucking fascinating and must be protected at all costs

I could rant about this every time I see someone dissing the story for a translation issue, really, but then i’d never shut up and people who be throwing things at me.
I was specifically thinking of that scene after the train fight, where they are all inside Coco Jumbo and Trish is so mad she literally has the Go Go Go sound effect around her and Fugo and Abbacchio are looking at her hiding behind a magazine (another thing the terrible visual quality of the scans didnt show: they are not reading the magazine, they are staring at Trish in fear from behind it. Abbacchio is literally trying to become one with the couch and it’s the funniest thing) and–actually I found a thing I did for my friends to illustrate it

The font on the second picture is horrid, I’m sorry, but it gets the idea across. The second picture was translated to English from the official French translation - it is a bit wonky since I did it quickly to showcase the difference in meaning: in the scans, Narancia puts the blame on Trish for her own bad mood, while in the official translation, he wonders what the hell Bruno could have told her to make her mad (also notice the “again” which is a fun little detail suggeting Bruno puts his foot in his mouth when talking to Trish and makes her mad on a regular basis behind the scenes)

The other scene I had in mind was the elevator scene where after Trish expresses her doubts (“Will I like my father?”), in the scans Bruno sounds almost like he’s snapping at her when he replies “no daughter should have such thoughts” or something along those lines. Whereas in the official translation, Trish doesn’t wonder if SHE will like her father but “will… will my father like me?” and Bruno replies with a still stern (because he is the son of a rugged Napolitan fisherman) but still way more sympathetic “no child should ever have to doubt their parents’ love” - which makes sense given the relationship he had with his own father and makes what happens next all the more heartbreaking.

And look at me writing a novel to reply to a comment on my post. You guys needs to physically stop me from talking about Vento Aureo all day, I swear

Anything outside yourself, this you can see and apply your logic to it,” she said. “But it’s a human trait that when we encounter personal problems, those things most deeply personal are the most difficult to bring out for our logic to scan. We tend to flounder around, blaming everything but the actual, deep-seated thing that’s really chewing on us.
—  Frank Herbert, Dune