the scanner killed the lovely colours :(


top: possible colours for my miraculous oc’s costume..not set on em yet. my scanner died, so had to use the cellphone pics from yesterday lol…
bottom: 1hr speed doodle/paint of civilian colours. [her eyes are actually brown, but she wears prescription contacts, which are violent tinted.]

i decided to rename her and combine her with a chara I already have, so she’s called Milla [camilla] now, and has adopted that charas freckles :’D So I’m gonna think of this as an alternate version of the d*s Milla. [i just love drawing her ok]


Full view for easy reading/If you don’t it’ll bout out of order omg.

Look at these dumb dorks ahh. In the wise words and prompting of kazethecursedone: “Oreshi with a major crush composing love poetry in the shared mindspace and just going on and on about how pretty and perfect his boyfriend is until Bokushi’s like, FINE, shut the fuck up! I’m going to see for myself how perfect and amazing this guy really is and taking over. [the body, and just]Fuck he’s hot.”