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191/365. Endless Finally, new work.This is a self portrait I took last week when I was visiting Savannah College of Art and Design. I absolutely fell in love with the city and the school there. Seeing the vast beach at night made me feel like I could walk out into that endless space forever.To address my long absence here:I’ve spent the past three months or so without a working camera or computer, which has been recently resolved. I’m back to shooting on the regular, and I hope to branch out more and explore how I can grow and change while still maintaining a style.


By popular request, here is how I approach watercolor!

Some points I also want to mention:

  • PAPERS: The main one I use is hot press which is great for artists who work more with crisp shapes and lines. If you like using more washes and texture in your work, go with cold press! I prefer buying papers no less than 140 lb, it’ll warp horribly if you don’t stretch it! (I hate stretching watercolor paper so I don’t mind spending a few bucks more).
  • How I paint with watercolors is fairly similar to gouache, so this tutorial can also work with that medium as well.
  • I have ink listed as my materials because it’s great to mix with other paints to get a darker color while keeping it a pigmented liquid.
  • White watercolor can also be substituted by white gouache as well since they are practically the same thing.
  • I highly recommend keeping your leftover paints on the palette when you’re done. It looks dirty, but the beauty of watercolor is that it’s so easy to rehydrate with beautiful pigments! Plus you can save money by using less of the tube, hooray!

Let me know if you found this helpful! 


I was told that I can post these publicly, so…
Here’s some BG paintings I did for @brennapowers ‘By the Horns’ thesis film. I already saw the whole film WIPS and it’s gonna be fantastic you guys!! 

BG Design, Color Key: Brenna Powers
Painted: Phui Jing Ling

Collegiate Confession #82

During my freshman year there was a blood moon sighting that everybody went nuts over. There was a bridge that bonded two freshman dorms with each other, and there were so many people coming out to try and see the blood moon.

One of my roommates came running in and was like, “THERE’S A GIRL DOING A SATANIC RITUAL DOWN AT SMOKER’S BRIDGE HOLY FUCK.”

The next morning I walked down and there was actually a summoning circle drawn with red chalk on the bridge, along with melted chunks of candles.

Art school is fucking weird.

- Savannah College of Art and Design


THUNDER THURSDAY #39: Shout Out to Colin Levy

Hey folks, Paul here for THUNDER THURSDAY! This week I’d like to spread word about my friend Colin Levy and his new project Skywatch. It looks stunning–please enjoy the video, and share it with your friends!

I know a lot of our followers like animation, so here are some details to note:

  • Colin worked at PIXAR for years before departing for indie projects.
  • One of his actors is Zach Callison, the voice of STEVEN UNIVERSE.
  • His effects are largely done in BLENDER, the open-source 3D animation software.

I met Colin Levy in 2007 (a decade ago!) when we were students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. We’ve kept in touch about our projects, and here’s a pic from our last in-person visit, late 2015:

He’s good people! If you’d like to see more of his work, I’ve gathered three shorts he directed–click on through to see ‘em!

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Tips and Tricks 4 da SCAD babies

Get/bring your freaking bike. No one uses there car for the first two years for anything but 1 am taco runs, no one. Everyone gets around via buss, foot, or bike. Also exercise.

Don’t ask to go to the bathroom. I know a few months ago you couldn’t breath without a teachers permission, but your in collage now and it disrupts the lecture. Try to go the bathroom during break during break though, cause what you miss whall peeing is on you

Know where the cheapest art supplies are. In savannah the prices via store from most to least tend to go: Ex Libris, Utrecht, Dick Blick. This is also closest to most far away I know, but if you can bike or take the silver line to Dick Blick it will hella save you money.

If you can get a kindle. The bookstore is fucking ridiculous, the books are expensive and they run out fast. Even buying online is a hassle because they actually have to GET to you, and the mailroom sucks with backlog. Digital books are almost a third of the price if not more, and then you won’t have to deal with buying a book and never needing it you can just buy it when you have the assignment.

Don’t wear SCAD paraphernalia. Savannah is a city, and with city’s there is crime. Your already a target walking out of the freshmen dorms, they know you have expensive technology on you, don’t make yourself more of a target by having a bright screaming SCAD hoodie on walking to class

Ask EVERYONE questions. Teaches, classmates, everyone. Your professors are here to teach, and your classmates know more then you think. Never be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to help others

Talk to everyone. The person sitting next to you in class, on the buss, on Smokers Bridge, talk to them. Collage is about making connections, and even if your don’t become friends there’s always the chance you will and that’s awesome

Its ok to be lonely. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is lonely the first few quarters. And that’s ok, you’ve left your social circle that you’ve built your whole life back home and have come here where you know no one. But don’t worry, you will find new friends and there gonna be awesome

Early is better then late, always. All freshmen have to take the red line, its freaking crazy before 11 am classes. Get there early, its better to sit around for a half an hour doodling then be way late.

Pace yourself. Do your homework when you get it, don’t wait for the weekend. Yeah a three day weekend sounds awesome but your really gonna be working the whole thing.

Go to extra help sessions. Just, just go.

Join clubs! There are tones of clubs here, and your about to go to the fair for them in a week or so too. There the best, you’ll meet new people and make community and its great join clubs

Get an external drive. A big one, with like a gazillion kb. And back up your work all the time, and like every five minuets save.

No one really does laundry till they run out of underwear. That’s like totally ok saves you quarters during laundry day

Drink fucking water. Freshmen year is hella work heavy, and your gonna get engrosses and stay up till 8 am and you gotta keep hydrated. Drink your fucking water, not soda, water

Hide your drugs and booze. I know you have it don’t play innocent. Just hide it omg, be smart where you smoke it and how you dispose of the bottles. And be safe too, if your gonna get smashed fucking dunk bring your roommate or a friend to take care of you, don’t take anything that you don’t know what it is, just be smart omg

Call your mom. Your mom totally cried all the way home after dropping you here, call her. Set of a schedule to call, like every Sunday well call for a half an hour or something. They love you and miss you take care of them

Adults are not always right! If you have accommodations or if an professor is being unfair or awful, FIGHT FOR IT. You have a bunch of counselors and advisors on your side , you have power not. Fight for it, know you’re rights. Did you fail a class and t was a professors fault, file an appeal. You have power over your life now, use ir

Don’t compare your work to others just yet. If your in drawing 1 EVERYONE is in drawing one. Everyone from sound majors to painting are in there, so that’s a wide range of skills. Remember that and don’t be discouraged

Don’t be afraid to give critique. I had a professor explain the three kinds of critique and its goes like this: you mom, your older brother, and real critique. You mom will look at your work and see nothing wrong, its perfect and you learn nothing from that. You older brother will be as mean as possible and make you feel like shit and you still learn nothing. But a real critique you get constructive criticism, you get told ‘oh heres a tangent’ or ‘I love how you used shading here but its not consistent’, THATS critique, give them that

Don’t be afraid to GET critique. Its part of school its going to happen. And as you go on it will be easer to take, but try to take it as a learning experience

Keep your room as neat as you can. Also clean your bathroom, it will make your life easer and more zen to have a clean environment to work in

Be considerate of your nabors. Is it freaking Tuesday at 3 am, then don’t blast music what’s wrong with you. There’s a time and a place, and then there is quiet hours, respect that

Ingest as much media and art as you can. Your officially submerged in art and creativity all the time now, soak it in like a sponge, talk about it with people get excited! This is want this is about, so dive in headfirst

Buy some freaking rain boots. Its savannah, it rains all the time get rain boots

Also if I missed anything please add and share