the saturnine


Glyph ( ♄ )

Ruler of Capricorn (co-rules Aquarius)
Exalted in Libra
Detriment in Cancer and Leo
Fall in Aries

Time Spent in a Sign: 2 ½ years (almost 3)

Mythology behind Saturn
In Roman mythology, it was Saturn, the God of Time, who was seen as the evil, brute father figure. Cronus is the Greek equivalent of Saturn, however, Saturn wasn’t as “dominating” as Cronus was painted out to be. In fact, the Romans saw Saturn as a wholly Roman God. But both Saturn and Cronus were overthrown by their sons; Jupiter, Saturn’s son & Zeus, Cronus’ son. Why? Because their sons saw Saturn/Cronus as abusive of their power and decided to put a limit or end to it.

Saturn in Astrology
The notorious Saturn is always being shown in a bad light. But why? Well, Saturn is mainly about discipline, restriction and limitations. It does sound harsh because while Jupiter expands and brings luck, Saturn restricts and provides lessons. But, do not fight Saturn! Saturn brings us an abundance of knowledge, appreciation, discipline and respect in our lives. One must go through difficult times and struggle in order to truly live. Saturn teaches us all about setting boundaries for ourselves and learning self-control. Saturn is also representative of fears and authoritative figures in one’s life. So what does Saturn placed in a sign mean?

Saturn in Aries
Saturn is in fall in Aries. With Saturn in Aries, we find that these people could have had trouble asserting themselves. People with their Saturn in Aries may struggle finding their sense of self at first, but hopefully will develop confidence in the end. Recognize your value, Saturn in Aries.

Saturn in Taurus
With Saturn in Taurus, financial crisis’ seems to be a common theme. People with their Saturn in Taurus can struggle finding jobs or grew up surrounded by terrible financial situations or in them, but nonetheless money and stability is of importance to them. Seize the opportunity, Saturn in Taurus.

Saturn in Gemini
With Saturn in Gemini, intelligence seems to be of importance, but highly doubted as well. People with their Saturn in Gemini can fear being seen as “dumb” or they can struggle communicating their ideas with others. Share your knowledge, Saturn in Gemini.

Saturn in Cancer
Saturn is detriment in Cancer. With Saturn in Cancer, family and home seems to be the theme. People with their Saturn in Cancer can have a lot of ups and downs in their family environment as a whole and everything seems to stem from there. Learn from others mistakes, Saturn in Cancer.

Saturn in Leo
With Saturn in Leo, there seems to be a struggle with displaying exuberant emotions. People with their Saturn in Leo may struggle having a good time, seeing the positive in others or can see their friendships, relationships, even sex life fall to tragedy. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, Saturn in Leo.

Saturn in Virgo
With Saturn in Virgo, there can be a tendency to hypochondria or simply falling ill pretty easily. People with their Saturn in Virgo can see problems always stemming from a health related issue, but these people are usually helpful and provide great service and management. All is not well, but it will end well, Saturn in Virgo.

Saturn in Libra
Saturn is exalted in Libra. With Saturn in Libra, we see problems stem from friendships and relationships. People with their Saturn in Libra could go through tough friendships and relationships, but through this they learn valuable lessons that they can teach to others. Find your worth, Saturn in Libra.

Saturn in Scorpio
With Saturn in Scorpio, control and finances seem to be a common theme. People with their Saturn in Scorpio might have struggled with controlling issues and may have been controlled or wanted to control every aspect of their life. There could have been major financial struggles as well. Learn to let go, Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Sagittarius
With Saturn in Sagittarius, religion and spirituality seem to be the root of a lot of problems. People with Saturn in Sagittarius could have been controlled by a higher principle or may have felt the strong need to break free and go against religious or spiritual ideals. Find your wings, Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn in Capricorn
Saturn is domicile in Capricorn. With Saturn in Capricorn, work and the public image seems to be a common theme. People with their Saturn in Capricorn can be more on the workaholic side and go through many fails in their lives, but nonetheless they do not give up. Count your blessings, Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn in Aquarius
With Saturn in Aquarius, we can expect there to be problems in the area of friendship. People with their Saturn in Aquarius can feel like their relationships with others, especially friends eventually shatters and causing them to give up towards maintaining them. Also, they may work hard towards their goals/dreams or feel like there is no hope. You just have to believe, Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn in Pisces
With Saturn in Pisces, there seems to be a lost sense of self. People with their Saturn in Pisces usually don’t set boundaries for the people that enter their life and end up getting hurt by those people in the end. All that glitters is not gold, Saturn in Pisces.

Provence - France

The landscapes of Provence have long inspired the work of artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The region is famous for its historical buildings, that include medieval villages, castle ruins, museums and cathedrals. Although most inhabitants speak French, Provencal is the traditional language of the region, and is similar to Catalan or Spanish. 

The region is famous also for its wine. The climate is warm and sunny, with a dry wind, making perfect conditions for growing grapes to make wine. The worlds most expensive rose wine is from here, made by Chateau D'Esclans. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also own their own vineyard, where they produce a wine called Miraval. 

Moon Nodes

Before we are born, our soul chooses what life we want to live and what lessons we want to learn, that’s represented in the north node (what we must learn) and the south node (what we’ve already learned).

Quick Facts:

🌟 They are the relationship between sun, moon and earth when we were born.

🌟 Some describe them as magnetic points. One drags us towards the future while the other pulls us towards the past.

🌟 It takes aproximately 18 years for the lunar nodes to complete the zodiac wheel, since they move 1.5° per month. 

🌟 It’s the point where the orbit of the Moon crosses the Ecliptic (the Earth’s path around the Sun).

🌟 Your north node and south node are always in opposition.

🌟 Together they form the nodal axis.

🌟 They are also called: the dragon’s head (north node) and the dragon’s tail (south node) and moon nodes.

🌟 Usually are retrograde but not always.

🌟 The house they’re in can be even more important than the sign since they move so slowly through the zodiac.

North Node

🌠 Where we are going to.

🌠 It’s the path towards the soul’s growth.

🌠 Feels comfortable in jupiterian (sagittarius, pisces, to a lesser degree cancer) or venusian signs (libra, taurus, pisces to a lesser degree). 

🌠 Things that are challenging for us.

🌠 Since it distributes energy, when it touches a planet, south node’s talents flow easily.

🌠 There’s karma involved when it’s aspected to the sun or moon.

South Node

❇️ Where we come from.

❇️ Represents wisdom accumulated in past lives, as well as talents and attachments.

❇️ The nature of the above depends on the sign and house the south node it’s placed in, as well as aspects to other planets.

❇️ It’s comfortable in saturnine signs (capricorn, aquarius, libra to a lesser extent). 

❇️ Given it’s absorving energy, it can create boredom and hardship.

❇️ Talents.

❇️ Unsolved ideas, thoughts and attitudes that have created the present life.

❇️ What feels familiar to us, what we are accostumed to.

❇️ The house it’s in can show types of karmic encounters and where they’ll be!


Case Study: Clefable

Curiously, the arrival of Clefable on Earth has resulted in a number of rapid and significant mutations in their DNA. The timid and flighty nature of most Clefable, coupled with their often remote locations, has made the study of these Pokemon difficult. However, enough observation has taken place to be able to identify most of the divergent subspecies.

Mercury: Swift and agile, Mercurial Clefable are suited for acrobatic flight,  possessing a more slender body and lighter structurethan the standard Lunar Clefable. They are found in alpine ridges, and rarelyin tall, old growth forest.

Venus: Venusian Clefable are quite bold in comparison to their counterparts, sometimes actively searching out human contact and companions. There were attempts to domesticate this subspecies for Pokecenter duty shortly after their discovery due to their perceived closeness to the Chansey line. However, these experiments were abandoned after the Clefable showed an incredible inclination towards jealous and possessive behavior. Many became quite territorial over their individual trainers- attacking human and Pokemon alike when they were approached. Mainly found along the ocean shore, hidden among cliffs and other rocky outcroppings.

Mars: A great contrast to the timid disposition of all other subspecies, Martian Clefable are savage, brutish creatures. In lieu of wings, they possess a second pair of arms, as well as large, rending teeth. Their fur is more red in hue, akin to rust. They live primarily near volcanoes, or deep underground, limiting their exposure to humans.

Jupiter: Extremely rare, the number of documented images of Jovian Clefable can be counted on one hand. They appear to have a bright, golden luster to their coat, and possess an additional pair of arms and wings in addition to a third eye. Alleged witnesses claim they have an unsettling, eerie air about them, and recall the feeling of being watched very intently. They have only been seen on “holy” ground, or sites of spiritual importance.

Saturn: Although similar in appearance to Lunar Clefable, Saturnine Clefable notably have the ability to regenerate the flesh of themselves and others, and accelerate growth of natural flora- indeed, flowers of an undeterminable species can be seen growing directly from their skin. They can be found in any kind of deep forest, from tropical rainforests to coniferous taiga.

Neptune: Found in lightless aquatic caves, Neptunian Clefable are adapted for a life underwater. Gill ridges can be seen prominently on the neck, and their limbs have become flat and webbed for propulsion. The tail has become uncurled as well, aiding in swimming. Only traces of their fur coat remain, the hair thin and their skin smooth and slick to the touch.

Uranus: The only documentation of Uranian Clefable exist in written and verbal format, so the exact parameters of their appearance are not known. Eyewitnesses accounts report a nebulous, shifting form with colors that reflect the time of day: light blue or grey at daylight, followed by a deep navy or black after sunset. Small bioluminescent spots appear as “stars” when they shift into their nighttime coat. Their habitat is unknown.

Pluto: Strange, pale creatures, not much is known about Plutonian Clefable. Found only in the deepest caves, many of them spend their entire lives without being exposed to any kind of light.


haaaaa i love clefable. jupiter is my favorite 

EDIT: added venus and uranus b/c i couldn’t think of variations for them originally

weeping willow wisdom & the saturnine octopus

saturn moves into position in our heads but i’m too busy setting fires to the mattress on which we rested our skulls more than once / more than once / i know you’re going to ask me so i’ll just come out and say it / no i haven’t been okay / i either sleep too much or not enough / you know i suck at endings but i didn’t know i was this bad at beginnings //

little hills of whatever that is crowd the kitchen island and we’re all castaways here, aren’t we / my boat sank a week ago / i’ve been tied to this shore / but you won’t settle for a settled life / you found me at a bad time / i’m fighting something invisible / i’m either blind optimistic or feeling that doom in my heart all the way / you know how it is / you’ve been here //

no i won’t fall for you / i promise / i’ll strangle my heart and teach it who’s boss if things go south / but they’ll never go south / i’ll start my bike up and go kiss city limits / the miles’ll add up fast and i’ll look for peace and cigarettes out there in some neon-night gas station / hopefully the ones that are open 24/7 still exist / i haven’t been a part of it all for a long time //

i’m tired of his weeping willow wisdom / i’m just plain tired / i’ve been writing books inside my head / no one’ll ever read them / especially not you / you don’t have time to read anything long and sad on your silver boat / which is good i guess / i don’t mind being stuck here where i am / gives me time to think / although i am terrified / of all those suction-cups and tentacles //



(adj.) 1. having a sluggish or gloomy temperament; taciturn. 2. having a tendency to be bitter or sarcastic. 3. having lead poisoning or disorders related to lead. 4. born under the influence of the planet Saturn.

A group of three teenagers squatted near the train tracks, smoking cigarettes and staring at passersby, their saturnine eyes lined with kohl that had become smudged by the greasiness of their skin.

hope [j.j.]

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ok so this is a lil drabble bc I didn’t finish the fic and I also have my SAT tomorrow and ugh. I’ll try to get that fic up asap. Also this isn’t revised or proofread and very poorly written so it sucks but enjoy!!

Jughead smiled as he looked over at you, noticing the way that the light filtered in through the window and made your (H/C) locks shine.

You were new to Riverdale. A small ray of sunshine to break through the saturnine disposition that had overtaken the small town since the previous Fourth of July.

You were a godsend, and Jughead had been assigned to give you the welcoming tour after Betty had to stay bedridden due to a bad case of food poisoning.

He had never been more thankful.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by you, as you noticed his stare and waved him over. He approached carefully, giving you a hesitant smile that grew wider when you beamed up at him.

Your smile was breathtaking.

You motioned for him to join you by the window and as he sat down, he glanced at you to find you staring at him already.

“Do I have something on my face” he asked, suddenly feelings self conscious.

You simply shook your head and chuckled, turning back around and staring out the window once more. Jughead did the same, turning around and sighing softly as he took in the view. Sunlight spread throughout the small town, lighting up every corner and filling it up with hope.

This was a continuing occurrence for the both of you. You would immediately make your way to the library after school, claiming the window seat as your own and proceeding to watch the town as everyone went along with their business.

You noticed every small detail. From the way that Cheryl Blossom finally seemed to be coping with the aching vacancy that her brother had left behind to the way that Fred Andrews’s smile would slowly become more and more genuine now that his construction business was finally getting more work. Riverdale was slowly getting back to normal.

And you couldn’t wait for all of the normality to return.

When Jughead began joining you on your afterschool activity, you felt slightly uneasy. You had observed him as well and you had noticed the way he struggled to fit in at Riverdale.

But around you, he seemed fine. He seemed to be at ease and he was comfortable around you. You eventually grew used to his presence and eventually, you became fond of the boy, eagerly waiting his arrival each day.

Jughead enjoyed your time together immensely and began to forget about his afterschool dinner dates with the gang.

Of course, his friends got curious as to where he would disappear off to and began to follow him after school, being pleasantly surprised when they realized it was you who he was hanging out with.

It was a warm, balmy afternoon where they realized exactly what was happening.

They watched as Jughead slipped into the seat besides you, not missing the way his eyes lingered on your form as you stared out the window.

Jughead on the other hand, was debating whether or not to confess his feelings to you, eventually deciding to just go for it and do it.

He turned to you, heart in his throat, and softly brushed your arm as he tried to get your attention.

“(Y/N),” he whispered, his voice soft and shaky.

You had simply looked up and smiled softly. “I know Jug. You don’t have to say it out loud.”

Archie, Betty, and Veronica watched as you laid your head on his shoulder, gasping softly as Jughead turned to you, eyes full of adoration, and pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head before leaning his head on yours.

And that’s when it became clear.

Your arrival had brought something new to Riverdale, something that was desperately needed.

Hope. Your arrival instilled hope in the small, grief-ridden town, helping it heal and grow once more.

And everyone hoped that you’d stay just a little while longer. Especially Jughead.

Horus Heresy: Female Heroes Tribute

I thought I’d pay a bit of a tribute to some of the notable female characters who fought on the Emperor’s side during the Horus Heresy and paid the ultimate price. Since its the dead loyalist Space Marines and Primarchs who get remembered the most, I thought this would be a good change of pace. 

Admiral Kaminska: 

A Captain from the Saturnine Fleet during the Great Crusade, she was a woman of many titles and was looking forward to a comfortable retirement. However, the Ultramarine Cestus would commandeer her ship to chase after the Furious Abyss Battleship that was on its what to destroy Maccrage. While resentful of being supplanted in the command hierarchy, she carried out her duties. Because of her masterful skill in void warfare, the mission would be a success and the Ultramarines homeworld was saved from destruction.

Unfortunately, a demon brought out of he warp by Kor Phaeron would infest her ship, possessing her bridge officers and forcing her to kill her undead crew before she was torn apart, limb from limb, by the demon herself.

Tyana Kourion:

Tyana Kourion was a Lord General of the Imperial Army defending Molech against the full force of the Sons of Horus and the Death Guard as well as their accompanying Titans. She actually holds of Horus Lupercal’s armies through conventional means. Deprived of orbital support and any reinforcement she holds up two traitor legions commanded by their primarchs and even causes a reversal on the battlefield, the Sons of Horus and Death Guard starting to lose to her forces. 

However, she is betrayed from within. The Knight House of Devine stabs her in the back and her strategy is ruined. Tyana’s tank was blown up and she emerged badly injured. Her last sight was that of Horus and Mortarion declaring victory before Jungle Beasts herded by the Death Guard fell upon her. Her body was taken by the Sons of Horus as a trophy and nailed to a Contemptor Dreadnought

Ioni Dodonna:

An expert engineer and pioneer that worked in the caverns of Calth. When the Word Bearers invaded, she was hastily drafted into the ranks of the Ultramarines due to her skills. During the Underworld War, her efforts became invaluable to the Sons of Guilliman. Collapsing rock formations on the Word Bearer forces with demolition charges, creating strategic breaches and tunnels for the Ultramarines, sealing off potential attack routes. While the Ultramarines killed with bolt and blade, she buried her enemies with rock and debris. Such was her skill that she was said to have the highest kill count in the group, even surpassing that of the Ultramarines. 

Ultimately she is ordered by the Ultramarine Pellaeon to join him and a search party in investigating the deeper caverns to find a Word Bearer enclave. Despite her misgivings about the mission, she respects the chain of command like any Ultramarian. The party finds a demon and with supreme effort, it is banished. Only she and Pellaeon survive. However, her mind is shattered as she had gazed directly at the demon and she suffers a complete breakdown. The Ultramarine, wishing to spare her such an existence, mercy kills her with his last bolt round.

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the-saturnine  asked:

Is there an easy way of keeping up with all your cuties and what they do? Or like, going back and reading up the history and personality of people we might've missed? I'm inferring a lot of development happens in role plays and streams and you post about them later, correct?

Huh. Well I guess that yeah, it is pretty confusing when you have no idea who are these characters and what they do… *sweats* I’m afraid that there’s no easy way for that… mainly because I just keep throwing pics of them in blog and… don’t tell much about them %D

I usually just come to friends’ chat and we start discussing things annnd this is where development happens! I actually should make proper character pages for each of my OCs… *looks at 20+ characters* or maybe I am too lazy for this haha.

Okay wait no, I think I can manage to do some story pages at least for the main cast… (all my characters are the main cast… sweet alchemy save me) … I’ll try.

Eleven-year-old Malcolm lives with his parents at the Trout Inn near Oxford, across the river Thames from Godstow Priory, where the nuns are looking after a special guest. One night his father comes to Malcolm’s bedroom.

“Malcolm, you en’t in bed yet—good. Come downstairs for a minute. There’s a gentleman wants a word with you.”

“Who is it?” said Malcolm eagerly, jumping up and following his father out.

“Keep your voice down. He’ll tell you who he is if he wants to.”                           

“Where is he?”

“In the Terrace Room. Take him a glass of Tokay.”

“What’s that?”

“Hungarian wine. Come on, hurry up. Mind your manners and tell the truth.”

“I always do,” said Malcolm automatically.

“News to me,” said his father. But he ruffled Malcolm’s hair before they entered the bar.

The gentleman waiting gave him a start, though all he was doing was sitting still by the cold fireplace. Perhaps it was his dæmon, a beautiful silvery spotted leopard, or perhaps it was his dark, saturnine expression; in any event, Malcolm felt daunted, and very young and small. His dæmon, Asta, became a moth.

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Pomegranate Wolf by Saturnine Vinter

St Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, June 6, 1909

Wikipedia says that: Alphonse Bertillon was a French police officer and biometrics researcher who applied the anthropological technique of anthropometry to law enforcement creating an identification system based on physical measurements. Anthropometry was the first scientific system used by police to identify criminals. Before that time, criminals could only be identified by name or photograph. The method was eventually supplanted by fingerprinting. He is also the inventor of the mug shot. Photographing of criminals began in the 1840s only a few years after the invention of photography, but it was not until 1888 that Bertillon standardized the process.

and later: 

Bertillon was by many accounts regarded as extremely eccentric. According to Maurice Paleologue, who observed him at the second court-martial, Bertillon was “certainly not in full possession of his faculties”. Paleologue goes on to describe Bertillon’s argument as “…a long tissue of absurdities,” and writes of “…his moonstruck eyes, his sepulchral voice, the saturnine magnetism” that made him feel that he was “…in the presence of a necromancer.”

Bertillon is referenced in the Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskervilles, in which one of Holmes’ clients refers to Holmes as the “second highest expert in Europe” after Bertillon.

Mr. Ponderby-Wilkins was a man so rich, so ugly, so cross, and so old, that even the stupidest reader could not expect him to survive any longer than Chapter 1. Vulpine in his secretiveness, he was porcine in his habits, saturnine in his appearance, and ovine in his unconsciousness of doom. He was the kind of man who might easily perish as early as paragraph two.
—  `E. V. Knox, The Murder at the Towers