the sattellite


Nobody sneaks out every night, by any means. There’s still plenty of wholesome family fun to be had at home; and nobody wants to make Captain Hero suspicious.

AJ Centowski’s position as a mover and a shaker in the world of Drama Acres teens is far from secure, but she knows that when Mary Ann Hawkins leaves for college, a power vacuum will open up in the space Mary Ann doesn’t even know she’s occupying. And AJ is ready to step into that vacuum! She’s not letting the loss of the big home and the cool stuff stop her from assuming her rightful place!


Rum on the Fire:A mix for destructive adoration, crippling guilt and bitterness, and the violent longing that comes between. [8tracks]

1. Cherry Wine → Hozier
2. Wasp Nest → The National
3. Daendors → Saintseneca
4. Hello My Old Heart → The Oh Hellos
5. Take Me to Church → Hozier
6. Good Enough → Evanescence
7. Poison and Wine → The Civil Wars
8. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room → John Mayer
9. Ashes and Wine → A Fine Frenzy
10. Oliver Dalston Browning → Keaton Henson
11. Everything That Dies → Matthew & the Atlas
12. Happiness → The Fray
13. The Death of Me → City and Colour
14. Sattellite → Maggie Rogers
15. Poltergeist → Book on Tape Worm
16. Pinesong → A Fine Frenzy
17. Lucky You → The National
18. Ice On Her Lashes → Brooke Fraser
19. Milk Teeth → Keaton Henson