the satellite mind

across the universe (a shiro/keith mix)

(01. haunting - halsey / 02. lion’s den - jhameel / 03. satellite mind - metric / 04. teenager - jung joon young / 05. seeya - deadmau5 feat. colleen d’agostino / 06. talking lies (remix) - tove lo & marina and the diamonds / 07. crazy youngsters - ester dean / 08. i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds / 09. thinking bout you - frank ocean / 10. 2 years apart - eddy kim / 11. second go - lights / 12. across the universe - yerin baek)

music tag

@arrowace tagged me to list my top 10 favorite songs at the moment, and I didn’t know how to decide so I’ll just list what is currently my top 10 most played songs on my spotify:

1. Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) - Daughter

2. Forget - Pogo

3. Blue - BIGBANG

4. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit

5. I Need U - BTS

6. Satellite Mind - Metric

7. Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine

8. Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

9. Next Year (Superpoze Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club

10. The Walk - Imogen Heap

I have no idea who to tag, so I tag everyone who wants to do it! Also I’ll tag @seriouslyitsjessyca to bug her.

MBTI Types as Night Vale Proverbs

ESTJ: Remember that all sentences must have a noun, a verb, and the phrase “foolish mortals”.

ISTJ: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single command from a satellite-activated mind control chip.

ESFJ: Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say your mother’s in the hospital. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do? Listen. I’ll drive you over there. We’ll leave right now. Grab a coat; it’s a little cold out. I’m so sorry.

ISFJ: Eating meat is a difficult moral decision, because it’s stolen, that meat. You should apologise.

ESTP: A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A basilisk.

ISTP: Ever wondered how a plane flies? Well the answer is that no-one knows. Pilots are scared to ask. If we ask, maybe it’ll stop working.

ESFP: Candles lit, runes drawn upon the floor, sacrifice prepared. Everything is ready for the summoning. I begin the incantation: “Shakira, Shakira!”

ISFP: You can lead a horse to water, and you can lead a horse into water, and you can swim around with the horse and have fun.

ENFJ: If you love someone, set them free. Set them free now. This is the police, and we have you surrounded.

INFJ: Look. Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No. It’s just the void. Infinite and indifferent. We’re so small. So very very small.

ENFP: Ask your doctor just who he thinks he is. Say it just like that. Say, “Who do you think you are?” See if he starts crying. I know I would.

INFP:  I had a dream in which cow-sized pugs existed. I was on a train, and one loped along outside my window. I’m sorry your dreams aren’t as good.

ENTJ:  “I’m all business,” I say, peeling off my skin strip by strip, showing you what oozes out. “Business to my core.”

INTJ: Listen. I’m not a hero. The real heroes are the people that point out to us when protesters have smartphones, thus invalidating all concerns.

ENTP: Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?

INTP: Find more ways to work ‘plinth’ into daily conversations.

~Nero & Nike

We ate popcorn. I asked her about any girls or boys she might be interested in, and she diverted me politely but awkwardly to other subjects. I let her. It’s not for me to pry, that’s the government’s job. And if I’m ever curious, I can look at the public registry of middle school crushes, which is constantly being updated via mind scanning satellite.

WTNV, “Fashion Week”


and it’s done so subtly without a huge fuss either

love it

MYSTIC! // A Pokemon Go Playlist

Infinitessimal - Mother Mother // Binary Mind - Ra Ra Riot // Cult of Personality - Living Colour // Crazy = Genius - Panic! At The Disco // Dramophone - Caravan Palace // New Genious (Brother) - Gorillaz // Lost In Amsterdam - Parov Stelar // Hallelujah - Panic! At The Disco // Satellite Mind - Metric // In Tokyo - Studio Killers // Left Hand Suzuki Method - Gorillaz // Jimmy’s Gang - Parov Stelar // Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco // Seventeen - Marina and the Diamonds // Message Man - Twenty One Pilots

The End

There’s a common misconception that space is infinite. It’s not. It’s vast – so vast that none of the sentient societies within its confines can even fathom where the edge lies. The dust folk of Tavvak are so obsessed with the holiness of their own soil that they don’t even look to the skies. The humans of Earth haven’t managed to travel any farther than their own dead satellite. Even the immortal mind-computers of 298912040834 have discovered faster-than-light travel so recently that they’re still eons away. The universe’s trillions of races are all billions of years from reaching the end.

But I’m waiting for them to get here.

Satellite Mind (Jimin) *NSFW*

Inspired by the song Satellite Mind by Metric

You sighed and reached blindly to grab your earphones from the nightstand. Normally, you wouldn’t need music to sleep but your next door neighbors, seemingly unaware of the paper thin walls of the apartment complex, were going at it. You didn’t really want to fall asleep to the groans and screams of the couple next door so you simply turned up your music way too loud, planning on making a complaint at some point in the future if this continued. You had just moved in and you really did not want to have to move again.

You woke up in the morning with one earphone still in your ear, blasting Kanye West. You hurriedly yanked it out and sat up groggily. The sun was streaming through the window, illuminating the bedroom in a beautiful way, but you really hadn’t slept well and so you were sufficiently cranky. You pulled yourself out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash your face and wake yourself up. After going through your morning ritual of brushing your teeth, washing your face, and doing a bit of makeup, you pulled your hair into a ponytail and left to get groceries for your empty apartment.

Upon returning, you stopped by the mailboxes to grab your mail. Setting down the bags, you reach up to your mailbox when another hand suddenly opened the one beside yours and you jumped realizing a man was standing beside. Seeing you staring, he looked over with a calculating glance. His face was cute but also strangely sexy. His hair was dyed orange and slightly messy, as if he had just rolled out of bed. Putting two and two together, you realized this was the guy you had heard fucking last night. You went back to looking at your mail, hoping you wouldn’t have to start a conversation but he cleared his throat slightly before beginning to speak.

“So, you’re my new neighbor?” he asked, his voice was low and thick, probably a product of him having just woken up. You suppressed a slight shiver at the sound of it before turning to look at him. He was shooting you a cocky but also sweet smile. It disturbed you how much of a walking paradox this man was but you composed yourself before replying.

“Yep, moved in yesterday,” you said lightly has you slid your mail into one of the grocery bags, hoping to make a quick getaway. Before you could grab the bag closer to your neighbor, he nonchalantly leaned over and picked it up.

“I’m Jimin. I’ll help you carry your bags up,” he offered.

“Y/N, and it’s really okay. I can carry them myself,” you argued but he held the bag back out of your reach when you extended your hand forward. You looked up at him and the same smile from earlier returned.

“We’re going to the same place anyway. Let me help you.”

“Thanks,” you said, avoiding his eyes and picking up the other bag. The two of you walked over to the elevator and Jimin pressed the button for the floor before his eyes pivoted over to stare at you. You felt like he was undressing you with his eyes and you could feel his gaze burning into your body. You swallowed and looked back over at him, surprised when he didn’t look away but instead held your gaze.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” you asked, trying to keep the overwhelming urge to fight him out of your voice.

“Just appreciating you,” he said shrugging. He reached a hand up to run it through his hair and you looked away with a scoff.

“I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate you hitting on girls like that.”

“What makes you think I have a girlfriend?” he said taking a small step closer, a raised eyebrow and amused smile on his face.

You sighed audibly and turned to look him right in the eyes, trying not to be aware of how close he was.

“I heard you fuck through the wall last night,” you said flatly and his smile grew.

“I’m sorry you had to hear that, but that wasn’t my girlfriend, just a one night stand.”

“If you’re sorry just be quieter next time,” you said faking sweetness and he laughed. “I’m not planning on being another one night stand so you can stop hitting on me now.”

“Who said you’d be a one night stand?”

The elevator doors opened and you thankfully got off, not even answering Jimin. He easily caught up with your fast paces and waited as you opened the door. You walked in and he followed. You sat the grocery bag on the kitchen counter and motioned for him to place the other there as well.

“Thanks for helping me carry these up. It was nice meeting you, Jimin,” you said holding his gaze and offering your hand.

He took your hand, shaking it for a moment before pulling you towards him with a jerk. He brought his free hand up your face, tucking some stray strands of hair behind your ear before trailing his hand down your face and neck in a lengthy caress.

“If you ever need anything, I’m right next door,” he said quietly before dropping your hand and walking out of the apartment.

You stood stunned before shaking your head and moving to unpack your groceries. But Jimin didn’t leave your head, nor did his presence leave yours. You still felt his gaze on your body, still felt the ghost of his fingertips on your flesh. It was almost as if you felt him more in his absence, the emptiness exacerbating your lust.

You were unsure about Jimin’s intentions. Was he simply fucking with you because he was bored? Was the chemistry between you genuine or imagined? “Was he serious when he said you didn’t have to be a one night stand? You couldn’t help your racing thoughts or growing pains, pacing the apartment and impatiently tapping your feet whenever you were still. You held out until ten at night. That was when you looked at the clock, bit your lip, and decided to swallow your pride. You hastily left your apartment to stand in front of Jimin’s apartment. You hesitated just for a moment before ringing the doorbell.

He opened the door and your eyes looked up from the floor to look at his face, seeing his whole body in the process. He was shirtless, in only a pair of sweats, and he was divine. Meeting his eyes, you opened your mouth to speak but found you couldn’t quite get the words out. However, words weren’t needed, as Jimin quickly reached out to pull you into the apartment, closing the door before pushing you back against the wall with a rough kiss. It was a kiss fueled by lust, completely dominating you, making your legs weak. Your hands ran up and down his back, feeling the warmth of his skin but yearning for something to hold you. Sensing you slipping, Jimin’s hands, which had been tangled in your hair, fled south to grab you by your thighs. You brought your legs up to wrap them around him and he moved from the wall, carrying you to his bedroom as you continued to kiss him. He dropped you down on the bed once he got there, breaking the kiss and leaving you breathless.

“Undress,” he said, his voice even lower than it was this morning. You obeyed as he went to the nightstand to grab a condom. He quickly had his sweatpants off and rolled on the condom as you pulled off your panties, placing them with the rest of your clothes on the floor. When he finally looked back at you, his eyes took in your body. He walked back over to you and laid you down on the bed. He kissed your roughly on the mouth again before placing sloppy kisses down your jaw and neck, leaving a few hickies here and there as he did. He stopped at your breasts for a moment to suck lightly at them, meanwhile, one hand made it down to your clit, rubbing it with his thumb. You bit your lip as you felt his teeth graze your nipple slightly He continued to kiss down your stomach before his thumb pulled away from your clit, being replaced with his tongue instead. He was only there for a moment before he sat up and positioned himself to actually fuck you. He slid in as he leaned down to capture your lips again and you couldn’t help but moan as he began to pump in and out. He bit your lip, pulling back as he did and stared down at you with a smirk once his teeth had let go.

“Now now, you wouldn’t want the neighbors to hear would you?” he asked tauntingly, leaning towards your ear as he said it. You bit your lip yourself as he lightly licked your ear before returning to kiss your neck.

“Fuck you,” you breathed out and he kissed you again on the lips.

“You already are,” he said cockily before speeding up and fucking you even harder. Your nails dug into his bag and you struggled to hold in your moans. After every particularly loud moan, he would kiss you harder to silence it or bite your lip as he kissed you. You knew now that it was probably impossible to fuck Jimin quietly. As you felt yourself growing closer to orgasm, you couldn’t help but grow even louder and higher pitched. Finally, you felt a wave of deep pleasure wash over you and at the same time Jimin too let out a low groan against your lips, pausing his thrusts. He got up off of you and you struggled to regain your senses and breath. After throwing away the condom, Jimin was back next to you, pulling you close to him in the bed.

“I definitely don’t want you to be a one night stand,” Jimin said looking over at you with a smile.

“I’m good with doing this whenever, wherever,” you said laughing weakly as you laid your head down on his chest, the two of you laying together, trying to still your beating hearts.