the santa clause

                     ( LUX: LIGHT / TENEBRIS: DARK )
❝ Creating an INTERMINABLE clash, these CODEPENDENT
forces forever EXIST within each INDIVIDUAL. ❞

 featuring muses from: mtv scream, teen wolf, star wars, reign, the hunger games, the secret circle, totally spies!, foster’s home for imaginary friends, rwby, kingdom hearts, american horror story, once upon a time, pretty little liars, sabrina the teenage witch, harry potter, nintendo, bioshock, the santa clause, how the grinch stole christmas, poltergeist, the chronicles of narnia, the addams family, hannibal rising, disney, shrek, and more! 

penned by  amanda

Santa Baby

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by iamnopsycho

Dean dresses up as Santa Clause as he puts down the presents under the tree (just in case his daughter Emma decides to take a peek at Santa). He is unfortunately caught by his confused husband, Castiel.

Words: 960, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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popover  asked:

aiden i know u posted it like Way earlier today but i told my friend about yr post about santa clause and she greatly appreciated it she wouldn't stop laughing for like. 5 minutes

THAT MAKES ME HAPPY HSKFKSF i had woken up aboujt 3 minutes prior to posting that and was still half dreaming so im glad my semiconcious ramblings brought Joy

anonymous asked:

"superpower Anon" - I'm laughing this morning ahah ! Ok i'll sent you a message everyday now because it's clearly working ;-) Yesterday you said "So I am still holding out for a selfie. Hey at this point I’d take just a Claire selfie. It’s been so long since we have seen Caitriona." And this morning i woke up with a beautiful selfie of Cait ♥ And she rarely takes selfie so it's a gem! Keep going :-)) ...

I laughed too when I saw her selfie!!! I just about typed a request for a Cait selfie too so I guess the thought works too. What are we hoping for today?? It’s like a list to Santa Clause!!