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The Charleston shooting needs to be politicized. It’s time we act on our gun problem.

The outcry following the deaths of nine people in a church in Charleston is the same outcry that has followed every other mass shooting in recent memory. After Virginia Tech, after Sandy Hook, after Aurora, after Tucson, after Fort Hood, the refrain has been consistent: Stop politicizing the tragedy! And whatever you do, don’t point out the fact that the rate of mass shootings has doubled since 2000. Or that every day, 89 people are killed in shootings across the United States. Or that Americans are more likely to be killed by a firearm than are citizens of any other developed nation. 

We have a problem. Other nations have solved it. It’s time we take their lead.

— Scott Bixby for Mic

sevenfoldvengeance asked:

Lee Boyd Malvo was a black kid and also did a public shooting, only much worse. 10 killed, 3 injured (D.C. metropolitan area ALONE) *17 victims elsewhere*. Know why this has gone unnoticed? Because he's black. Its only racist if they're white right?

Wow, one black kid. Let me ask you something, how many white kids have shot up schools? Too many to count. In fact the most violent and heinous crimes committed in US soil were committed by white males(source) Let me break it down.

School shooting Examples:

University of Texas massacre

Columbine Massacre

Sandy Hook 

Northern Illinois University shooting

Santana High School shooting

UC Santa Barbara(Elliot Rogers)

Stockholm Schoolyard shooting

Westside Middle School shooting

and many, many more.

And on top of that when white people commit these atrocities the cop out(mental illness, depression, afluenza, ) and denial to excuse white violence always follows (source)

Terrorism. Acts of terror in the US are more likely to be perpetrated by right wing white Christian men then any other minority group (source). In fact before 9/11 the worst terrorist attack in US soil was committed by a white christian man. Timothy McVeign. The main terrorist threat in the United States comes not from muslims but from right wing groups and white supremacy groups (source). Also look up Ku Klux Klan.

Terrorism examples:

Destruction of Black Wall street 

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Oklahoma City bombing

Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre

Centennial Olympic Park bombing

Planned Parenthood shooting

IRS suicide attack

Aurora Theatre massacre

Dallas Police HQ attack

Chapel Hill Shooting

Charleston Church Shooting

Genocide. Ask the native americans. Just in case you can’t find one here’s why.

Racism. Do i really need to go there?   

Jim Crow Laws

Japanese Internment camps

Abuse of Latinos


Murder. According to the FBI, when it comes to murder, whites led every other ethnic group. Whites are also more likely to kill other whites (source).

After all these acts of violence and intimidation committed by whites against minorities in the US you deny and project. You call black people violent. You call muslims terrorist. You are completely disconnected from reality and your past.  In case you’re still denying everything i just wrote here’s a video from a former racist telling the truth about white racism and supremacy in the US. (Video)

Ya’ll should be really glad we haven’t retaliated because let me tell you people from other countries around the world have gone to war for far less. FAR LESS! How do i know? I was born in one of those countries. 

The thing is we are still more human then you. After all the wrongs inflicted on black people in this country we still retain our humanity and pride. We still forgive and move on with our heads held high.    

In closing, if we’re really gonna keep score, no other race can come close to the amount of violence whites have dealt to others in the US so don’t fucking try me punk. Consider this a history lesson.

“Inside the chest of every black man beats the heart of a lion and ya’ll are just hyenas.” - onevagabond

Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, at the age of 10 created a horrifying book filled with violence and descriptions of hurting children , which he reportedly created with another boy in his class (who’s name is covered), but the book was never turned in. It was called ‘’The Big Book of Granny’’. The book reportedly has several sections — one with granny jokes and another that describes ‘’granny action figures’’ — and some of them were especially disturbing.                                  

A section in the book titled “Granny’s Clubhouse of Happy Children” contains dialogue for an imaginary TV show that features Granny and her son Bobolicious where the show has a violent theme. In another section of the book labeled “Adventures of Granny,” Granny and her son rob and blow up a bank, and afterwards the son shoots Granny in the head with a shotgun.  

In another story from the “Adventures of Granny” section, Granny is violent toward a young boy. Another tale features a character called “Dora the Beserker” who talks about how she likes to hurt children , and many more disturbing stories.

people don’t buy a bunch of guns and kill a bunch of people because they’re sick. they do it because they have access to guns and they want to kill a bunch of people. the last time i said anything about the gun thing on here i had gun nuts threatening me and i just shut up about it because i got tired of dealing with these people. but i’m even more tired of this. i’m tired of constantly hearing about some piece of shit shooting up a school or a church or a movie theater or whatever, i’m tired of people shifting the blame and making excuses for mass-murdering assholes because they don’t want their precious guns taken away, and i’m tired of that blame being shifted to mental illness which is something i and a lot of people i love and care about have to deal with on a daily basis. i’ve never killed anyone, i’ve never threatened to kill anyone, it’s not fair that i get lumped in with the mass-murderers because some dumb rednecks want to be able to go out with their buddies and drink bud light and shoot at paper targets with obama’s face on them. it’s not fair that innocent people have to die every year and fear for their lives because white men with inferiority complexes want to engage in a stupid childish hobby and give themselves a false sense of security. so fuck you, gun nuts. take your guns and shove them up your asses.

The day before you die you will regret ever worrying about your life instead of thinking of what you want to do.
—  Adam Lanza, replying to an email from her mother. 
Private Message by Adam Lanza

The following is a previously unreleased private message sent by Adam Lanza (username Smiggles) on the now defunct Super Columbine Massacre RPG Discussion Forum, later known as Shocked Beyond Belief.

From: Smiggles

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:56am

I don’t have the persistent sense of fear that you described, but around once every couple months when I’ve gotten arbitrarily fatigued and it’s around 12:00-5:00 in the morning, I have images of distorted faces flashing through my mind. They’re sort of similar to the ones toward the end of the movie Terror House, at about 75:00. When I first saw the scene, I mentally flinched for a moment because of its similarity to what I have imagined in the past. [NOTE: dead link]

On a tangent, this is probably among my favorite movies (although its ending was disappointing). I searched for it after reading an IMDB review, and I eventually found this link. The review said that it was similar to Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Don’t Look In The Basement, both of which have aspects which I enjoyed. I first knew from about 5:00 to 5:30 that I was going to love the movie for its style of atmosphere. I wouldn’t expect most people to enjoy this movie nearly as much as I do, but I’m surprised that it has received so little attention. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I haven’t seen; I’m not interested in that sort of movie) has a similar plot scenario, but this one preceded it by a few years.

About the images- they’re not exactly like the ones in that movie, but that’s the best I can do to display an example of them. It’s not the normal screamer type of pop-up for me; the faces are fairly mundane, and they sporadically rapidly appear without any context and then disappear.

When it happens and I get slightly paranoid over them , I usually go straight to my bedroom and try to sleep; I don’t even bother to brush my teeth first because the bathroom’s window only has partial drapes and I don’t like being around exposed windows during it. It sounds pathetic, but when I get into my bedroom after it happens, I search it to determine that there’s no one in there with me, and then feel better knowing that the only route someone could take is through the closed door. I’ve occasionally felt uncomfortable about looking at the gap between the windows and their synthetic drapes.

On another tangent, what do you think about sunlight? Those drapes haven’t been opened in the last five years, and the drapes in the room I’m in right now have actually been taped shut (to block the gaps from allowing sunlight through) for the same amount of time. I absolutely hate sunlight, along with any artificial light which resembles it.

The few times I see an extremely bleak, dark, and dreary day outside during the morning or afternoon with thick gray clouds covering the entire sky, I get into a good mood and think about how wonderfully beautiful it is outside. Bright, sunny, “cheerful” days are depressing. Nearly every afternoon is miserable for me. Beyond just the normal animosity I have for sunlight, I get exhausted between noon and and sunset when I’m in a room which allows the slightest amount of afternoon light in.

I hate having my skin exposed to sunlight, so I always wear a hooded sweatshirt and full-length pants, even in the hottest weather. The sunglasses I wear are gigantic and almost completely prevent me from seeing any direct sunlight when I’m looking in any direction. I would also wear a full balaclava if it wouldn’t get me profiled as a criminal. They need to make a fashion come-back…

I check this website often:

I intend on eventually living in northwest Washington (probably Seattle.) It’s among the most consistently overcast regions in the mainland US ( ). I always get disappointed when I check the UV index for the day and see how low it is compared to my state’s level.

Getting back to the subject of paranoia- those images were the worst “hallucinations” I had experienced until a couple of weeks ago late one night when I was getting very tired. The incident was so surreal that I only a remember a small amount of the details. Basically, I began to “see” many different things. Although I knew that none of it was actually real, it came as close to being real as it could for me without it being physically tangible. I heard screaming around me, and I had an overwhelming sense that there was someone dead behind me. I kept seeing silhouettes of flickering people everywhere. I felt like I had to cry. The entire ordeal persisted for about fifteen minutes and sort of faded away. Prior to it happening, I had never had that sort of delusional hysteria before. It was possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Thanks to Reed Coleman

I used to have this weird interest with killers. I read books on what they did, what they thought, what they were like. I watched documentaries and dramatizations. I watched the shows that glorified them like Criminal Minds and Law and Order. When major shootings happened I followed them closely. I stayed up for over 24 hours watching live feeds of the chase after the Boston Bombings. I sat refreshing websites for hours after the Sandy Hook shooting. 

It was never with the gross wish-fulfillment/idolization you hear from a lot of white boys. I always thought they were monsters, they were just monsters I couldn’t understand. Monsters who were fascinatingly larger than life.

But as I got older I realized that was only because we had made them that way. They’re really fucking ordinary. As ordinary as their victims, and less deserving of attention. I can’t read those books or follow those news stories or watch those movies anymore. I get nothing out of watching the same five headlines played over and over again on CNN for hours. It just contributes to the worst parts of our culture. It takes every bad deed and puts it on the individual and lets us completely look away from our culture.

I really strongly urge you today to think about that and counteract that. Do not give in and care for the individual. Fuck Dylann Roof and whatever he stood for. Fuck his motivations. Fuck his upbringing. Fuck finding out where he got his weapons. Fuck his mental health. This is a day for a discussion of why black people are targets of hate. Of the role of guns in society. Of the entitlement of white males.

But not the entitlement of that white male. He was a self-righteous asshole and a cog in a machine. If we only look at this shooting we will not be looking at the ways it is just like all of the other shootings before and after. If we only look at his racism we will not see all of the societal racism that birthed it.

If we should humanize or contextualize anyone here it is that church, and the important work they have done.


anonymous asked:

I know that you said you are a democrat, but I was just curious about your own personal opinion about gun control in light of the shooting in Charleston. Also, how much do you think our country will have to bear before we actually get strict with gun control?

Less than three years ago, we experienced someone killing 27 people, including 20 children between the ages of six and seven. I think we passed the point of this country truly giving enough of fuck to definitively do something about gun control a long time ago.

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I'm sorry but this blog is very wrong. I my self am autistic and none of these characters have autism what so ever. Arcade Gannon has depression and the person from parks and reck is just flat out happy because it's part of her personality! Autism is not a trait or something you want at all. It makes you feel alienated and lost. It is the main reason why sandy hook and other school shootings happened. This mental disorder is something that shouldn't be wooed over

literally how dare you decide for other autistic people whether or not they can be happy about something they have been stigmatized for their entire lives, how dare you decide people celebrating their disability is hurting them, how dare you decide how other autistics feel about their disability because YOU yourself have some personal issues, how dare you decide whether or not people can be happy about something they must deal with. i hope one day you learn not to hate your fellow autistics and learn that autism isn’t some piece of luggage that you have to lug around but is something that can bring positivity and happiness to other people, especially when they see blogs like this where they can realize “hey, if a transformer can have autism, maybe its not that bad! i should be happy to find characters i can relate to!”

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