the sandvich


I’ve felt bad about not updating the Tumblr as well as streaming/animating more, I’ve been going hard on commission work. I’m alive around Twitter here and there if you want to keep some tabs on what’s going on. Gonna answer a bunch of questions and submissions in the Ask box too!

For now, have this animation practice I did for a stream a while back with a stretchy sandvich.

I went the full 9-yards on a Sandvich.
Bologna, Swiss Cheese, Tomato and Lettace. Lightly Salted and Peppered with touch of Mustard and Mayonase. Between two slices of White Bread and topped off with a Tooth Pick and Olive.

“My belly is full of Sandvich! …and I am coming for YOU!! Ha haha!”
-Heavy Weapons Guy, August 2008.

  • Belarusian: сэндвіч (sendvič)
  • Bosnian: sendvič
  • Bulgarian: сандвич (sandvich)
  • Croatian: sendvič
  • Czech: sendvič
  • Macedonian: сендвич (sendvič)
  • Russian: сэндвич (sendvich)
  • Serbian: сендвич (sendvič)
  • Slovak: sendvič
  • Slovenian: sendvič
  • Ukrainian: сендвіч (sendvich)
  • Polish: Well, this is awkward...
  • Czech: Oh, really... No, Polish. DO NOT.
  • Polish: O U O
  • Polish: KANAPKA
  • Rest of family: ... WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK.

So Miss Pauling came back to her office to find that the team left her Valentine’s gifts. She couldn’t stop smiling and had the biggest giggle fit.

Spy gave her a giant bouquet of flowers, Heavy made her a sandvich with a little heart-shaped toothpick, Medic had Archimedes fly her his Valentine, Demo left her a bomb with a giant pink heart on one side and “You Da BOMB!” written on the other side, Soldier misheard “Leave a heartfelt message”  and just left a human heart, Engie made her a cute little robot holding a message, Pyro made her her own Pauling doll, Sniper was probably late to the party and delivered a cute note in the quickest way possible, and Scout, of course, left a love note that probably has 3 pages worth of spelling errors and cheesy poems

I know I’m late posting this by a couple days!!!


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i dont have a lot of pics on my phone since my dad reset it, but consider these my aesthetic, @marinebiologistjotaro

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Team Fortress 2 is the greatest metaphor for groupwork we will ever have…

there’s a medic who’s trying to keep everyone peppy no matter how hard the task but might lose their shit at the first inconvenience, predominantly bc no one is keeping THEM peppy (except the heavy maybe), so little negativities and issues start to get to them, especially if people start doing stupid shit or leaving everything on the medic type… core of the group bears the largest portion of blame whether they want it or not

the heavy who is ready to tackle the problem head on and take no prisoners but he will provide a sandvich -literal or figurative- for people at random intervals to keep them alive through the process. likes things to be fair, will listen to everyone’ss ideas in turn and then provide a good answer, simple and effective, an amalgamation if possible… tends to surprise other group members. also sometimes just fucking obliterates teammates who are wasting time or saying stupid things…

the must-do-well soldier type, who try to take command and sometimes succeed but mostly cripple themselves trying to be the leader with the perfect plan when really everyone on the team is just fumbling around in confusion as much as he is… will shout encouragement, provide general platitudes, has no idea what the fuck is happening

the clever guy engie who doesn’t want to fucking do anything towards this unless he has to, bc he knows from experience he’d end up doing it all if the team ever realised just how smart he was… and that’s not in the blueprints for this project, pardner! Will dispense insight and information if asked right…

the demoman of groupwork tends to randomly appear and bomb you to damn death with Ideas and Thoughts and Concepts but quickly runs out of ammunition and fucks off again without warning… then return, no matter the plan you’ve formulated, and toss down a rain of metaphorical hellfire in the form of new ideas that may or may not be entirely removed from the main topic… it keeps everyone on their toes, but can sideline or demoralise theose affected…

the scout is the one who is 3000% invested in getting it all bullshitted in under an hour, so they can do something the fuck else more entertaining… maybe they hate the course, maybe they’re energetic/excited for this assignment, maybe they’re anxious and just blitzing through it works for them…. the one who just speeds through their portion of the project and complains when the rest can’t keep up, tends to jump from topic to topic too quick… can be annoying, or a blessing, depends on the situation. usually an oddly positive person

the sniper, the dude that works from a distance… as in, you’re sure they’re part of the group bc they’re getting the emails and responding to texts, but you only see them rarely…. he never says much, but when the guy contributes, it’s usually a bloody brilliant point… and this is the one with the external perspective so important to academia, most often offers to edit/proofreader your final work for mistakes…

the pyro… is the one person in the group who is just sunshine and rainbows until you realise they’re capable of outperforming everyone if they’re so inclined, and they will cut you down in the most adorable of ways, if you argue with them bc they know better, more. sure they’d like to have group cohesion, and this is fun for them, the work and the group combined, but never mistake their gentle complacency about any task given… for anything less than what it is, assisting you all to commit cold-blooded academic murder on the rest of the class’s grades. something about them, even if they’re quiet, makes you listen… bc you feel like if you don’t… you’ll fail

and the spy, he knows exactly what you need to do and how to do it… unfortunately, he’s also the one dude who fucks off to who knows where but his name still ends up on the paper/presentation as if he did all the work, the teachers are all charmed and tend to attribute your blood, sweat, and tears, to this dude.


overall it starts as innocuously as all other things do. you are randomly slotted into a group, different skills and abilities, to see what you can do in a specific task…

and sure, you might start out with a plan, but godamnnit, after the first three seconds something’s on fire, several teammates are dead, you can only vaguely remember your sense of purpose and the timer is ticking down