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What the latest story quests (both the ones we had in 2015 and the ones last week) have revealed, to me anyway, is that there seems to have been a shake-up in the power balance among the Generals. Because in Starshine Legacy, Mr Sands was in charge. But now… after he brought back Katja, something seems to have changed. Because he’s definitely not in charge anymore. If anything, Darko seems to be calling the shots. Maybe the Generals think that Mr Sands has gone soft, wanting to save his grandson. And maybe he has. A lot of people asked in the latest quests “But why couldn’t he do anything, why did Mr Sands need our help to save Justin?” Maybe because Mr Sands doesn’t have that kind of authority anymore. Maybe all this tension and discord that’s already present is going to boil over when they bring back Nihili. Maybe the druids will be all “Oh no they have their fourth Dark Rider, they’re gonna conduct the ceremony” but then we go there and the Generals are too busy fighting each other to fight us. Then, while they’re busy bickering, we go in, enter the Hell Portal (or create our own portal since the Soul Rider’s magic is stronger at the Hell Portal for some reason), head to Pandoria, rescue Anne, and (to be continued cat pops up).

And then we do the Light Ceremony and save the day, yay~

But Dark Core is still falling apart from the inside, and that’s going to spill over into affecting the rest of the world (they’re powerful beings, if they fight, they’re gonna cause some damage). Or their fighting disturbs Garnok. Maybe that’s what caused the Garnok Effect before, actually. Or they join the good side and help to fight a greater evil. I just feel like this power change is leading up to something…

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you just wanna detract from REAL EXISTING canadian jobs at the oil sands instead of FAKE NON EXISTENT global warming. read the book "the greatest hoax" by jim inhofe, the most powerful US senator on the environment. oh wait you dont read books because youre biased.

Nah, I’d rather trust actual climate scientists rather than oil lobbied senators. People will write anything for money. >97% of climate scientists agree that climate change exists and is caused by human activities. I’m going to take their thousands of voices over a lone US Senator.

I read tons of books. I read dozens per year.

Yes, the oil sands produces jobs, but they are short term and are detrimental to the environment, and not just climate change. They are poisoning the water and air; just take a look at the communities along the athabasca river:

Tar sands leave legacy of cancer and polluted water for aboriginal peoples

But whatever, I guess money is worth more than clean water, clean air and the ability to live.


Snow & Sunny’s Bedroom

This is the room I had to redo THREE TIMES b/c everytime I clicked on a bathroom mirror my game crashed! (& I just thought it was the cc until it happened twice more with EA mirrors) & so by the time I did this again I JUST DIDN’T CARE ANYMORE~~~~ lolol

… the walls are a dark blue not black
they look black in these pics….

Americans must not forget the shameful legacy of Sand Creek 

Pearl Harbor. 9/11. Memorial Day. 

These are just a handful of days when Americans pause to remember those lost during wartime or in national tragedies. On these days, politicians deliver speeches calling for patriotism and unity so that the public “never forgets” these painful moments. 

But the current list of days is woefully incomplete.

This past weekend marked the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek massacre, where volunteer U.S. soldiers killed hundreds of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians living peacefully in the Colorado territory. Thousands of Native Americans gathered in Colorado and across the country to pay homage and remember those who were murdered. 

We can’t forget any longer