the sand trap


Ninety-two days
out of the mental hospital
you told me,
“cool it with the cookies”.

See, to supplement the Klonopin
I cooked up my own cure.

Three slightly underdone
chocolate-chip cookies
taken by mouth each night
with a glass of cold milk
and forehead kisses.

I was trying to bake
back you to life:
to that good old
golden brown.

Remind you what it is
to have sweetness inside.
Convince you to to be alive.
If for nothing else,

The same metal spoon
that crushed the pink pills
under the press
of your numb fingers
now scoops out the dough
into gooey spheres
plopped on the pan.

But the chub was chunking,
you said with a chuckle.
“Maybe some carrots and dip?
I want to start running again.”

That’s the first time I knew
you had moved back into
the home of your body.

Movie night,
indie flick,
Craigslist couch,
lightly salted
sweet potato chips
(sans chocolate).

I am the Little Dipper
and you are the Big.

She’s on the floor now,
the lady on the screen;
she’s committing suicide.
No. She’s attempting it.
There’s a difference.

My breath is suddenly
sucked into the quick sand
-trap of my trachea.

We are both so still and so quiet-
there is a stillness and quietness
to watching any movie,
of course.
But this is different.

This is a nauseating nostalgia.
They will call the police now.
She will stay there for weeks.
By the time she gets home,
the carpet will have been replaced
with eggshells.
The cutlery with plastic.
The locks on the bathroom
door with keys atop the frame.

Just then, your arms
tighten around
the circumference
of my belly
and you breathe
in the hair twisted
down my spine.

That’s how I know
you want to be here.

Some days the shadows are sticky.
Some days you wake up
with cinderblocks stacked
sixty stories high on your chest.

Some days I pull your parts
out of bed, piece by piece,
and assemble them back
into a body. Paste the knuckles
to the palms,
screw the knees to the bend,
shingle the shoulders
into their scaffolding.

Some days it works
and you walk out of the house
breathing mechanically.

Some days I can’t find the “ON” switch
beneath the bruising shadows.
Some days I flip it
and nothing.
I flick it up and down furiously
and you don’t even blink.

Some days lick you limp.
Some days I kneel by the bed
and cry into your toe pads,
begging them to curl
and carry you into your day.

Sometimes I swear
we are playing
Hide and Seek
because I spend all day
searching for you;
even through you’re right there.

Some days it’s all I can do
to push the straw
between your clenched teeth.

Some days your shadow
stands upright and drags
your carcass behind it.

Some days I play a solo game
of Hide In Case You Seek.
Stash all the steak knives
in my sock drawer;
bury the box cutter
in the plant’s dirt.
Count the pills.
One, two, three, four…

How long has it been since
I checked that you were still breathing?

How long has it been
since I took a breath
without measuring its
length, it’s intention,
its air quality
against yours?

Last night I watched you get tattooed;
the white plane of your wrist
reborn in sharp technicolor.

You did not tell the artist how
that very swatch of skin
had once been promised
to another;
another blade that was hungry
to spill hues across your skin;
but only two: red and then black.

As she scratched meaning
into your arm,
you began to leak
with your own pigment.
I watched you bleed
to live and not to die.

That time blood on your wrist
meant you had chosen life.

You just told me
you’re getting your graduation
picture taken this Wednesday.
And next fall
you’re going to the rainforest
to save the sick animals.

Look at you baby,
going places.

But for now,
you are here.
My head is on your shoulder.
I see your x on my map.
What a treasure.
You are here.

May you always choose
to stay.

Dear Netflix,

There was a time that I would scroll past your seemingly generic content, weak and pathetic next to the “real” movies and TV shows that you would house for a short period of time. Then came the time when I would turn to your content for a light-hearted drama with a YA feel-good ending, or a hilarious sitcom like Grace and Frankie. That time is no more. Yes, of course that content still exists for you, I hear you in the back. But Netflix, as you grow and expand, you better yourself. Over just the last two years, your own content makes up almost half of your entire library altogether. And it makes up almost half the reasons I’m sitting on my couch right now, writing you this letter as I watch Arthur lose his fucking mind in Peaky Blinders.Well, would you look at that! Your content is actually way more than half the reason why I’m writing this. You have evolved into quite the storyteller, but you have something that those “real” movies don’t usually boast, which is the gritty, heart-wrenching, and very uncomfortable truths to so many situations that people are facing in real life. I only believe that one movie on this list was not cleverly crafted by you and that was Honey Trap, but you had it in your library and I watched it so I’m holding you responsible, because that one fucked me up for a couple of days and it was a true story, omgwtf. Then I watched Black Mirror, wtf. 13 Reasons Why, which could even lean towards that YA-y feel, which you know, it should because it basically was, but man you didn’t let that last long. I watched Beyond the Reasons, I get it. Kudos to you guys, for real, Kate Walsh, GIRL, YOU deserve every fucking award for your portrayal as a grief stricken mother, you did every real life victim justice, I promise. You achieved everything you went for, making those painful scenes extra long, unbearable, and painful to sit through. 13 Reasons Fucked me up, and that’s okay, it really made me think. And you know what? At 24, I’ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts for more than half of my own life, and that show REALLY triggered me, but then it made me realize how much I would HATE to leave my mother here, a half empty shell, with a constantly tear-drenched face behind my selfishness. But man, that show fucked me up. Then, I watched Burning Sands this morning, no warning, the description seemed pretty mild, I mean until after I watched it and then reread and realized I should have known to stay away. Netflix, you guys, you really know how to bring some real hard fucking truths to light. 13 Reasons Why is basically going to break the internet already, and people are saying that it’s the first time they have ever been exposed to “real” truth like that. Well, I say you need to start watching some other Netflix original content, and fast. You want hard, gritty truth? Start with my little list here of shit that has completely fucked me up or at least shook me to tears. And don’t laugh at me because yes, Grace and Frankie is on this list but you wouldn’t know why if you haven’t watched the second season yet.                                                        

13 Reasons Why

Black Mirror

Burning Sands

Grace and Frankie

Honey Trap

Peaky Blinders

Stranger Things

Alternative Spell Books

Books are the most common media for magic. The portability and ease of stacking spells (and volumes) makes them ideal for many, but there are countless variations. For instance, reptilian witches often carve glyphs into their scales.

Forest sprites on long journeys stuff pouches with painted leaves. The magic lasts until the leaves dry out or are eaten.

Magic users with a technology background sometimes use USB sticks charged with enchantments, often programmed to convert electricity into spell energy.

In areas where magic need be hidden, pencils work surprisingly well and are favored by pixies in human form. Pens tend to explode due to an inherent conflict between magical spells and mundane ink.

Kraken, lacking hands but being spoiled with tentacles, use a water jet-based technique. Spells are imbued into currents of water exhaled from their bodies. They are then gathered up and woven together by the creature’s tentacles and kept orbiting around them until they are called upon for use. This method is often used to duplicate and share spells amongst the leviathans.

Sentient deserts work the wind to carve elaborate glyphs into sand dunes, often to trap or protect creatures slumbering within.

Fun (?) Rey Facts from Before the Awakening

Rey’s section of Before the Awakening starts least a year before the events of The Force Awakens. I’m omitting most of the plot details the story, in case you are inspired to read it, but here’s some stuff that struck me. 

  • The long wrap she wears seems to serve both to protect her mouth (and eyes, at this point, because as of the start of the book she doesn’t have the goggles yet) from the sand, as well as hands when she grabs metal that’s been in the sun for a while, like gloves. 
  • She mentions trading her previous set of goggles for “two portions, barely enough food to silence her stomach for a day”; in the movie, we see her get ¼ portion and ½ portions for various days hauls, so, like, yeesh, Rey. That poor girl is regularly starving. 
  • Most of the scavengers on Jakku work in teams, but Rey never, ever has; she starts interacting a little more with two people over the course of her story & is very very prickly about it at first.  
  • Over the course of her section of the book, she finds a complete ship that no one’s found yet, and her biggest fear is finding a dead body on it; she doesn’t, but she does find a bunch of rations, and a bed, which “was far too soft. She ended up on the floor.”
  • Literally everything she owns is due to her scavenging and trading for it (like the generator she uses to power her little home), or building it herself (the speeder: “She’d had the speeder for years, built it herself as she had so many other things, and as much as she could allow herself a sense of pride in anything, she was proud of that.”)
  • She has workbench where she takes fixes up a lot of the stuff she finds, because “Unkar always paid more for things that still worked.”
  • SHE ALSO PUTS TOGETHER A COMPUTER: “using pieces scavenged from several crashed fighters over the years, including a cracked but still-usable display from an old BTL-A4 Y-wing”, AND finds a bunch of data chips, one of which is a flight simulator. 
  • So whenever one of the (DAYS-LONG) sand storms traps her inside her little AT-AT home, she uses the simulator: “She could select any number of ships to fly, from small repulsor-driven atmospheric craft to a wide variety of fighters, all the way up to an array of stock freighters. She could set destinations, worlds she’d never visited and never imagined she would, and scenarios, from speed runs to obstacle courses to system failures.” She’s been doing this for long enough that she purposefully programs the simulator to throw EXTREME SITUATIONS at her, to keep it challenging, but she’s had so much practice she pretty much aces them.
  • Like, “with a perverse sense of determination that she would not allow herself to be beaten by a machine that she herself had put together with her own hands, she learned.” OH REY.

Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

Jungkook Scenario: Two of A Kind.

Request:  Hola there business partner in crime can I get a sceanio where kookie ts a teen dad and is kid is half he takes his baby to the park where parent judge him for being a dad and his mixd baby

Genre: Fluff / Family

The afternoons were starting to get cold, not enough to keep people inside their houses, but just a light touch of chill on the air that reminded everyone to at least take a jacket before going out. Jungkook let the curtain fall, covering the window through which he’d been eyeing the sky outside to see if the weather wasn’t that gloomy to interrupt his routine.

–Daddy? – a soft sweet voice resounded behind his back and made Jungkook turn to face his two years old son. He walked towards him and crouched to be at Junho’s level, the baby had made his way to the living room, still holding tightly his little blanket inside his fist.

His face was a little swollen from the nap he had just taken and it made Jungkook smile, it was cute, was what it was, there wasn’t other way to describe it. He patted softly Junho’s head and saw him blink a few times.

–What is it Junho? Are you hungry? –

Junho rubbed one of his eyes with his free hand and nodded softly, Jungkook should have known, his nap was longer than normal and his son was used to eat something around that hour.

–Alright, let’s see what dad has got for you– He leaned forward to grab Junho, who instantly opened his arms for his father to carry him.

By now, Jungkook was already used to the way his child felt between his arms, already knew the safest ways to hold him, knew how nice it felt when Junho rested his head on his shoulder. It’d been a journey of learning, and where Jungkook had been once a fumbling and unsure teen, afraid even of the little creature that now depended of him for practically everything, now he was used, confident while holding his baby up and sitting him on the high chair by the kitchen while he rummaged around with developed confidence to pour some water into Junho’s sippy cup and grab the smashed potatoes he’d leaved to cool earlier.

He fed Junho throwing a few airplane effects to make his son laugh, and whenever the baby did, Jungkook felt his heart expand a bit. He would have never imagined he would find himself in this situation, when he looked back two years ago to his life, the person he was wouldn’t believe anyone who told him he was going to have a baby while still being so young himself; yet there he was, pushing another spoonful into his son’s giggly mouth and the person he was now wouldn’t believe anyone who told him he should be having another life.

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snails with extremely dense shells that they use in place of mucus to stick to the sea floor during storms, the shells washing up on beaches after the snails die and creating sinkholes in the sand that trap water and create their own isolated ecosystems

Mini Golf with Monsta X

Originally posted by chiqkihyun


  • A pure comedy of errors at the golfing part
  • So he’s the one orchestrating all of the chaos out of boredom
  • Very fond of popping out of bushes to scare Jooheon
  • Yells “Sir, yes sir!” and makes derp faces when someone is about to putt
  • But runs away giggling before anyone can throw their putters at him


  • You would think this marshmallow is completing Hercules’ Seven Labors
  • Has to hype himself up with a rap and threatens the equipment when he does poorly
  • Gets himself so worked up that he overshoots into the stream
  • Has to fish out his ball with the putter because Changkyun hid the net
  • Thought his high score meant that he won


  • The most competitive little peanut honestly
  • Constantly shit talking on the ride over
  • “We need enough putters for one winner and six losers”
  • Slaps his money down on the counter like he just saved a month’s allowance
  • Gets caught in more sand traps than anyone


  • “Cannot be bothered” is an understatement
  • This boy is lounging in the shade every chance he gets
  • But only because he’s a low-key pro at mini golf
  • Doesn’t compete to win though
  • His only goal is to sabotage Kihyun because it’s amusing


  • Literal cheerleader for every member
  • He just wants everyone to have fun
  • That is until he makes a beeline for the snowcone cart
  • Overdoses on blue raspberry before Shownu can collect him
  • Nearly gets them thrown out with all his excitement from the sugar rush


  • Stops paying attention when he notices the girls playing one hole behind them
  • Tries to impress them by giving “professional” advice
  • Probably does the classic “let me help you from behind” move
  • Gets scolded because Jooheon wants to take his turn
  • Forfeits hole 8 because of the creepy clown windmill


  • Pays for everything while the members run rampant 
  • The only one allowed to touch the scorecard
  • Because he’s the only one composed enough to keep track
  • Wins but treats them all to ice cream anyway
  • Just so happy to have a normalish family outing

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1082

Summary: A girl, with no memory, appears in the bunker, and the Winchester brothers, more specifically Sam, decide to help her.

Part 1 in the Strange Series.

I am happy to announce, a new series!! :D I’m really excited for this series, and cannot wait to see what you all think! Enjoy the first part!

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Thank you all for your continued support- this blog has reached its first milestone of a hundred followers!

Here is a picture tutorial for our wineglass Terrariums, with step-by-step instructions. It’s a really fun DIY project, and the final product is a fantastic gift!

Time needed: 15-25 minutes
What you will need:
A wineglass, a smaller container (must be able to fit in the wineglass), a succulent of your choice, coloured sand of your choice, a small mason jar (for pouring sand), a funnel, and a small card (optional).

1. Transplant the succulent into the small container. Make sure that the container has no holes (can hold water).
2. Partially fill the wineglass with the coloured sand. We have used white crystal sand here. Just don’t pour too much at first!
3. Slowly lower the container with the transplanted succulent into the wineglass, keeping it as centric as possible. You may use a pair of scissors to help you lower the container.
4. Now, using the filter funnel, direct the sand around the container. You should keep the nozzle of the funnel touching the side of the wineglass to prevent the sand from getting on the succulent, and slowly circle it around the wineglass to distribute the sand. You may use the mason jar to pour the sand into the funnel. You may use a card to prevent the sand from getting onto the succulent. Stop pouring once the sand covers the the container/base of the plant.
5. If you have sand trapped within the leaves of your succulent, don’t fret! You may use a paintbrush to help you out here. We use a very fine paintbrush to slowly brush out individual grains of sand.
6. Once your succulent is clean, you may start decorating with ornaments if your choice! You don’t have to of course, but why not?
7. All done!

In order to water your succulent, you may use a syringe or dropper. Press the nozzle of the syringe/dropper through the sand near the base of the plant, such that it touches the soil in the container. As to the amount, bear in mind that this is a no-drainage terrarium. Water only as often as your succulent needs it!

Additional notes:
● Your wineglass should have a wide enough neck to have to container able to go through!
● It’s easier to use crystal sand over very fine coloured sand if you’re doing this the first time, so that it’s easier to start over if you make a mistake.
● If you accidentally pour too much sand, it’s fine! Use a pair of scissors to carry the container out of the wineglass, and pour the sand into another container. Just start over from Step 2!
●If your succulent has dead leaves before you transplant it, make sure you clear them up before they go in the wineglass. It’s difficult to prune them there!
● When it doubt, don’t (water)!
● Of course, you don’t have to use a wineglass. Feel free to experiment with different containers! You can even layer/mix the colours of the sand for more interesting results :)

Do message us if you have any questions- we’ll be happy to answer you! Do tag us in a photo if you actually make this. We’d love to see what you’ve accomplished!

Have fun!