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because when we’re lying in roads i get the same feeling
that gravity will just turn off and i’ll fall endlessly
into something much larger than i am
and i wonder if that’s what it feels like to die and
if i’ll ever understand god in my lifespan
because i want to see god
i want to know what god feels like. [x]

Mollie and Emily’s Tumblr Awards!

All awards are named after the minor characters, ideas, and monsters that Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without

  1. mbf Mollie and Emily
  2. Reblogs only, no likes please!
  3. Winners will be chosen on Friday (January 3rd)
  4. Must be at least partially a Supernatural blog, but multi-fandom is absolutely okay! (We even have an award for it!)
  5. May be runners up based on how many notes this post gets
  6. Must get at least 50 notes or we’ll delete this and pretend it never happened

“The Henry Winchester Award” - Best Icon

“The Balthazar Award” - Best URL

“The Jessica Moore Award” - Best Sidebar

“The Mr. Fizzles Award” - Best Updates Tab

“The Leah Gideon Award” - Best Theme

“The Krissy Chambers Award” - Best Posts

“The Ash Award” - Best Edits/Graphics

“The Garth Fitzgerald IV Award” - Nicest Blogger

“The Ava Wilson Award” - Best Supernatural

“The Charlie Bradbury Award” - Best Multi-Fandom

“The Linda Tran Award” - Best Overall

“The Ben Braeden Award” - Mollie’s Favorite

“The Jody Mills Award” - Emily’s Favorite 

  • A customized graphic announcing you as winner
  • Follows back from both of us
  • A link to you from a page on each of our blogs until our next tumblr awards

Good luck everybody, and happy 2014!


Burn all your  b r i d g e s 
just so that you can build them again
with  t h i c k e r  ropes.

[x] [x]