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I mostly write with fantasy ideas in mind. Do you have any prompts that involve fantasy elements but isn't necessarily a fantasy book?

Hey so I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this, so I’m just going to stab around here and hope I hit something good:

• “Alright, so I just saw a “unicorn” over there by the fair that was obviously just a white horse with a horn strapped to its head. It didn’t even have the right coloring. Some people have absolutely no respect.”

• “Nowadays people want fantastic. They don’t care if you glued the antlers onto a jack rabbit all they care is that the jack rabbit has the antlers.”

• “Maybe now isn’t a good time, but do any of you have the leaflet on how to not die in these woods?”

• The cat meowed, staring pointedly at them and swishing its tail back and forth like it had something important to say.

• Sometimes people had three eyes, sometimes people had none, sometimes people had one. Frankly, it was rude to think they were anything less than human just because they could see the future instead of seeing your face.

• Buses were always interesting places to see just what kind of things were lurking around the streets at night.

• “I would like to formally challenge anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to try to keep a faerie as a familiar to fight me.”

• The same song always started when you entered the shop. It had no noise and nothing ever played, but the same song always started when you entered the shop.

• Swords were almost as invaluable as the pocket guides to inter species relations around here. Particularly if they were magically concealed. 

• The smell rising from the kitchen was sweet. Like potion-gone-wrong sweet.

Like I said: wasn’t entirely sure what you meant by “fantasy aspects”, but I hope these helped anyway. If there’s anything else you want in a prompt, please feel free to let me know!

♒             Love tastes awful

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Title: Love tastes awful

Pairing: Hanbin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Length: ~1240 

Request: Hanbin imagine/scenario where he willingly goes through helping you just bc your right leg is in a brace/cast… (i made it broken instead)

A/N: And this happens when i try to write fluff? idk i’m trying to write more fluffy things these days so here you go. And i would be so happy if anyone requested more Chanwoo, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong, Jinhwan– literally more of the other members except for Double B. I love Double B and writing about them but iKon is a group of 7 members so please give them some more love~ ♥

It had been 20 minutes since you were sitting on the edge of the bed, wondering about what to do because fuck, you really needed to fucking pee and you couldn’t stand up because of your stupid leg that was broken. Yeah, usually you got crutches but since Hanbin had decided to carry you all the way here, they were somewhere in the other room. And Hanbin? He was probably writing songs and producing music which could take hours while you had to pray each second for you to not pee on the stupid bed.

You already felt bad enough for making him cook and take care of you (yes love tasted pretty awful aka his food “at least it was made with love??”), so there was no way that you would call him again. I can do this, you cheered on yourself as you slowly stood up and proudly smiled when you were standing straight on one feet. Wasn’t such a bad idea after all. As you tried to jump to the bathroom, looking like a little kid who was playing some game, you were almost reaching the door when you slipped and fell down, hard.  

Fuck, you cursed for the nth time that day and felt the stinging pain on your back and already broken leg. In times like these you tried to think of something that could lessen the pain like unicorns or shit, yet the pain didn’t seem to lessen and not long after Hanbin came again in a matter of seconds when you seemed to struggle so badly because you were a baby and couldn’t take care of yourself.

“Why didn’t you call me??”, he rushed over and got a hold of your body. Because then you’d force me to eat that soup of yours again, was that even soup?? Okay actually you really loved that he did all this for you but you felt so guilty about it, so you’d rather fall again and slip on your feet– okay maybe not, Hanbin was definitely the better option. “…i didn’t want to disturb you?”, you replied doubtful after he pulled you close to him so that he could support you. “What were you doing here anyway? You need to rest”, he sighed with a tired smile. You never listened to him and did as you pleased, it wasn’t that he minded much, he just wanted you to be healthy.

“Okay ma'am”, his face looked so serious, you couldn’t help but let out an amused chuckle. “Let me just carry you there, princess.” Hanbin carefully lifted you up and you ignored the loud forced sigh that came out of his mouth. Your hand automatically landed on his arm to give it a soft punch, “i’m not that heavy”, “Yeah yeah whatever you say.”

“Stop!”, Hanbin was going towards bedroom when you remembered again why you were risking to fall on the cold hard floor in the first place, “I-i need to–”, you weren’t sure why you suddenly got all flustered, after all he was the one who had seen you naked enough of times. But the way he held you and looked at you, just kinda melt your heart a little bit and of course you ruined the moment by your bodily needs. Hanbin only chuckled, mumbling something like “oh, bathroom, got it”, and carried you back all the way you had proudly jumped earlier before you slipped like an idiot.

After you were finally relieved, both of you were sitting on the couch in silence. It felt weird when Hanbin wasn’t working and was being there only because of you, no laptop or paper in one of his hands. “I’m gonna make dinner, you just sit and rest, okay?” He was about to stand up when you harshly pulled him back. “Take me with you! i’ll help”, “No you–”, “Hanbin, i’m not a baby okay? And are you sure you wanna eat burned rice again?”  

“Okay, i guess you have a point…”, with that he placed you on the kitchen counter while he followed your instructions on how to properly cut the vegetables. “No not like that–”, you told him for the nth time, whining a little because how in the world could anyone be this bad at cutting vegetables. “How am i supposed to cut the onions when i can’t even see anything???”, this time it was him whining, wiping away the tears in his eyes. “Aww, poor baby do you need a kiss?”, you jokingly said and felt a little guilty when he pouted and mumbled a soft no, first this.

“Hanbin… you don’t have to do all this because of me. Just go write your songs or practice, there a far more important things than taking care of me. I have crutches, they work perfectly fine! I feel so bad–”, you were interrupted by a kiss which lasted for only a few milliseconds– a few milliseconds enough to make your heart tingle in excitement, prickling on each part of your body. “Hanbin…”, “Shh”, his hands rested on each side of your legs and you let him in between your legs to pull him even closer. You already lost this argument, no way you could change his opinion.  

“I will take care of you”, he whispered against your lips, as he looked into your eyes and oh how luscious he looked at you right now. You wanted to kiss him again but he stayed still, closing his eyes to find his voice again because he really needed to tell you, “No, i want to take care of you, so badly. I want to be a good boyfriend”, he paused before taking a deep breath, “I really really want to take care of you. Do you know how happy i am that we can finally spend a little more time together? That i can have an excuse to stick by your side, not leaving you for even a second?”

The expression on his face looked so desperate and you couldn’t help but kiss the very top of his nose because how much you hated it when his brows were narrowed like that. “So stop telling me to write songs or something because that’s what you’ve been doing the whole day already.” You never knew that it would disturb him this much, you had thought the opposite that he rather wants to spend his time working since he loved it so much, however you were completely wrong, he wanted you instead. It was a relief in some way, it was the same thing you wanted. Him and nothing else.

“Okay, officer”, you let out lighthearted chuckle and there he was back on your lips, his hands disappearing somewhere in your messy hair to come back at your naked legs, his magical touch connecting with your skin that send tingly signals all over your body. Heavy breaths filled the kitchen and it wasn’t long after when you pulled away confused. “What?”, he asked confused. This smell….

Shit, you cursed again on this day, probably hitting a new record of cursing in less than 2 hours. “The food…”, was burned. “Hanbin i love you but i really can’t eat burned dinner again.”

“You don’t need to, let’s have another dinner instead”, you didn’t miss that dirty smirk on his face when he carried you back to the bedroom. That really sounded like a better idea. Yes, definitely.