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Update / Hiatus

          So, this may be my final message for quite a bit. I am not sure, we are supposed to be moving in tomorrow, and everyone wants to be fully packed by tomorrow morning so we can start moving after we all wake up and I get home from work (kill me please it is gonna suck). More than likely, the internet will be off tonight by the time I wake up, but who knows at this point. If so, I want everyone to know that I hope you all have safe days while I am gone, and do not push yourselves. I am unsure when I will be back, could be a day, could be a few months. We are unsure so far…

          I want to say thank you all for the love, and support through these hard days I’ve been having, and giving all the blogs all the love you have. It’s been great, and I want you all to know I will come back as soon as I can. If the internet isn’t off tonight, and we leave it on till tomorrow, I WILL be doing all my drafts and memes I get from here on. So any I get by the time I wake up, and previous / replies as well. I have a draft box of 64 right now, and will EMPTY IT entirely with replies into my Queue when I figure things out if I have time. If not…well…there will be nothing from this blog or any of my others till I get back. 

          Anywho, some memes are queued, and I want to leave special messages here for a few special people who’ve been with me and been the best for so long. 

@bellvdonna / Baby girl, I know you’ve been busy, I know you dont really check your blog, and I do hate to bug you on discord…so I think I’ll just leave this here for you perhaps to see if you come back when I am gone. I love you, my beautiful Kirsten, and hope you are doing well in your classes. I hope you are having good days, and that your life situation is going better. I hope you also have your infested room free of the spiders and get to return to it once more very soon. You’re never far from my thoughts, my beloved girl, and I want you to always know that.

@ryusxnka / Caleb, you’re amazing. I know we barely talk, and to be honest, it’s my fault entirely. I’ve…gotten nervous to message you anymore? You always seem like you’re so busy, and I dont want to bother you. But you’ve been one of the best brothers I could ever have — like we aren’t even related, but you treat me better than even my own siblings did…and it means the world to me to have you around. Thank you so much. 

@rosesofflame / Little Leopard, I hope you’re doing well. It’s been a while since we last talked, and it’s my fault…but know I am never ignoring you. I just — sometimes either am too busy, or forget to reply. I have a short attention span, and you already know that; it’s not an excuse, of course, but I do feel bad. I hope you are doing well though.

@shindera / Big sissy, I love you with all my heart. You are just straight up amazing, and I adore talking to you. I’m gonna miss chatting with you so much, and can’t wait to get back already so I can blow up your box with love and support, as well as lots of meme replies and stuffs! I hope you don’t miss me too much, and that you keep giving Cinder all the love she deserves. Keep being the best Cinder around!

@essentiavitae / Ahri-mun, I freaking adore your blog, and cant wait to return to give Ichi and Ahri more time! Like seriously, they are so cute together. Cute little playful friends, protective of one another, and teasing and just. It’s adorable! I look forward to our threads when I return!

@headgrab / Jill mun I cannot wait to return to our threads either! I need more Ichigo making Jill feel the weakling, protecting her, whereas they both are just fighting for whoever is the true protector of the other! I need more little interactions, more love and support for these two — I need it all in my life! AND THEN I NEED TO BREAK THEM BOTH DOWN! MWAHAHAHAH! Ahem. Anyways. I cant wait, cause when I return, I’ve ideas :3c

          Anywho…that is about all from me for a bit guys. I hope you all have a great day, and If I can I’ll try to be on just one more night. If not though…I hope you all don’t miss me too much.

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I have seen a few people say Phil's mirror is in Dan's room because "Phil gave it to him". Dan has that giant mirror though, you can see it to his right multiple times in the live show! Why would he need another mirror, let alone taking Phil's?! Or that he's "storing stuff in Dan's room because Phil took the smaller room"? That doesn't make any sense to me either!

listen that’s such a dumb excuse there is literally no reason for dan to have three mirrors in his room and the fact that both dan and phil’s mirrors are in the same room (+the moon one obvs) makes it So Obvious that they’re sharing. if it was just phil’s mirror i’d be far more likely to believe there’s another reason but….

also the fact that dan pointed the mirror out to us is what makes me think he’s deliberately hinting at it. like he was talking about what was hanging over the mirror but the fact that he said “-that mirror over there” is just…….hhh

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Does having the same moon as someone increase the compatibility friendship and relationship?

kind of, it depends. if you have the same moon sign as someone, chances are you’ll understand their emotional temperament pretty well and the two of you will be similar in a way but some people don’t like familiarity or think it’s boring/too predictable and some do like the stability that the same moon provides 

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I knew a girl that had the same sun,moon,and rising as you annnnnd she was the biggest bitch ever

LMAO yikes, oh no! I wonder what her other placements were though, wow. I’m sorry you had that experience!

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!

ASTROLOGY: who are you attracted to?

Most people think attraction has to do with sun sign. Everyone’s heard: “If you’re an Aquarius, date a Gemini or a Libra!” This is due to the fact that mainstream astrology does not consider other factors besides your sun sign, and most people believe this. But actually, this is not true, because most of the time sun-sun compatibility has little importance - no more than giving a general vibe that the relationship would give off. Instead, we should really focus on connecting energies between two charts. Read my post here about how compatibility really works.

Here are some common connections that indicate attraction between two people. It says that they must be in the “same sign”, but note that if the two placements are conjunct the bond is even more powerful.

SUN/MOON - 1st person’s sun in the same sign as the 2nd person’s moon:

  • both people feel like they’ve found their other half
  • the moon person looks up to the sun person
  • the sun person helps the moon person shine
  • there is an ease with each other that is very natural
  • both people “make sense” to each other
  • both have a similar attitude towards life

SUN/ASCENDANT - 1st person’s sun in the same sign as the 2nd person’s ascendant:

  • the two people are very similar
  • there are many common interests
  • they both view life in a similar way
  • the sun person likes the energy that the ascendant person naturally gives off
  • the ascendant person feels like they can be themselves with the sun person
  • self-expression is easy and harmonious together

MOON/MOON - having the same moon sign: 

  • this is a powerful, soulmate-like relationship
  • both people feel a sense of security
  • the other person feels “familiar” somehow
  • sharing feelings is easy and natural
  • both are very sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs
  • there is an intense emotional bond, sometimes overwhelmingly powerful
  • one can read the other like a book

MOON/ASCENDANT - 1st person’s moon in the same sign as the 2nd person’s ascendant:

  • both people feel understood by each other
  • the moon person feels at ease expressing their feelings
  • the ascendant person feels understood by the moon person
  • there is a natural emotional connection
  • both are aware of and receptive to the other’s feelings

ASCENDANT/ASCENDANT - having the same ascendant sign:

  • both people feel very comfortable with each other
  • both people sense a similarity in the way that they project themselves to the world
  • both have many shared values and similar attitudes
  • both are attracted to the other’s self-expression

SUN/VENUS - 1st person’s sun in the same sign as the 2nd person’s venus: 

  • the sun person is the venus person’s “type”
  • the sun person feeds off of the venus person’s love
  • both people give and receive much affection
  • the venus person values everything the sun person represents
  • the sun person appreciates the venus person’s expression

MOON/VENUS - 1st person’s moon in the same sign as the 2nd person’s venus:

  • the venus person makes the moon person feel comfortable
  • both care a lot for each other
  • both share a lot of values when it comes to a relationship

ASCENDANT/VENUS - 1st person’s ascendant in the same sign as the 2nd person’s venus:

  • the ascendant person embodies what the venus person finds attractive
  • the ascendant person appreciates the love the venus person gives
  • both are sensitives to each other’s needs and want to please each other

VENUS/VENUS - having the same venus sign:

  • both people are magnetically drawn to each other
  • there is an appreciation for each other’s personal style/aesthetic
  • both sense a similarity in each other’s romantic expression
  • both naturally understand each other’s romantic needs and satisfy them

VENUS/MARS - 1st person’s venus in the same sign as the 2nd person’s mars:

  • there is a sense of romantic chemistry
  • the venus person is attracted to how the mars person asserts him/herself
  • the mars person is attracted to the venus person’s charm and style

These are not the only indicators of attraction (there are many more involving asteroids or other points), but they are the most common ones involving personal planets. And also, having any of these connections does not guarantee a relationship will work out - they just give an indication of a strong connection between two people. There are both good AND bad sides to each of these connections, but here I’m showing the more positive side (meaning the reasons WHY you would feel the attraction in the first place). Having too many of these could potentially make a relationship overwhelming, while having only one might not be enough to keep a relationship going. It’s all about balance. :)

look, fandom as a whole certainly has its own built-in biases and problems that need to be addressed 

but like

every so often i think about all of the deep, nurturing lifelong friendships that only ever happened because one day two internet strangers were like ‘oh hey, we agree on which fictional characters should kiss!’

people who are right now helping each other survive via connections they initially forged by liking the same sailor moon girl or something

the internet is a goddamn garbage pit but it is also a goddamn miracle