the same look!!!! but a diff colour!!!!!!!!


when you have a one night stand with a guy (or think you did) then disappear, only to meet again some time later, and finding out he’s your new boss …


“Ajusshi, Who Are You?”

ayaloveonedirection  asked:

Could you do the aske meme for either taichi kawanishi or semi eita?❤

I’ll do Taichi here and then a separate post for Semi!

First impression

SCOWLY. That’s it LMAO ngl I didn’t have much of an opinion of him at first?

Impression now

I feel like he doesn’t put his all into playing but he’s obviously good or he wouldn’t be on the team? Tendou seems to razz him a lot for being lazy lol. I still feel like I don’t know much about Taichi. He’s pretty grumpy looking a the best of times but HE’S V GOOD LOOKING I’LL GIVE HIM THAT

Favorite moment


Idea for a story


Unpopular opinion

His hair… it’s the same as Semi’s hair but it’s a diff colour??? why?

Favorite relationship

Taichi/Semi (aka i saw a couple so beautiful i started crying)

Favorite headcanon

Uses all those dorky Snapchat filters. Cat ears, dog ears, the rainbow puke one, he knows he looks cute as ffffffuuuuu



he mad

Thanks for asking!!

You know what I dont understand?

this is Ukwon pre debut ok?

Hes changed quite a lot, hasnt he? You can tell even when he keeps the same hair colour

now, this is fucking Jaehyo as a nerdy ass kid god i want to hit him so bad on this photo

Again, quite the diff did he sell his soul to satan wtf

But now, look at Taeil

doesnt he look kinda the same?

what the hell, is like the same exact guy only beefed up and with gauges

Like, he could post this on twitter right now, and I would totally think its legit

Seriously dude

grow the fuck up