the same expression


Something I’ve never noticed before.

Watch the little grimace Bucky makes after he says, “But I knew him.” 

And then watch his expression after he says, “My name is Bucky.” 

It’s harder to see in the CACW scene because he’s looking down, but it’s the same expression.

In the bank vault, he has a question… he knew that man on the bridge. He heard the name Bucky and he felt reality as he knew it shift and he’s still trying to lock onto fleeting images in his mind, images he doesn’t know are actual memories. He only knows he wants an answer and is willing to endure pain from a beating to get it. That’s Bucky, quietly, stubbornly, adamantly refusing to be denied.

And with Zemo, Bucky knows a lot more about who he is and what he chooses to call himself, and it’s not James, at least not as this little pissant of a psychiatrist is using it. Again, that’s Bucky, quietly, stubbornly, adamantly refusing to be denied.

Seb knows this character, down to the smallest detail. 

RFA reacts to MC loving psychological horrors
  • Zen: At first he'd be a little baffled and but when he starts watching with you, he'd get extremely immersed in the story and jump when something out of the blue happens.
  • Yoosung: The little bunny would be scared but respects it, he would never want to watch with you though. Somehow you coerce him into it and he jumps at every little thing, especially when the music is blaring or silent. He feels like he could lose his mind if he keeps watching.
  • Jaehee: She would be caught off guard by your hobby but would want to watch with you. It's a bit different from what she usually watches but she can still get behind the good plot and characters.
  • Jumin: He was extremely surprised to see you watching 'those kinds of things' when he got back even if he had the same expression on his face. He would ask if you were planning on doing something bad, you replied no. However you got a bit scared when Jumin said he could relate to the villain.
  • 707: Knew it all along, saw you watching it in the apartment and refuses to tell you what he first thought of it although you imagine he wasn't very surprised due to the amount of jokes he can crack out during an episode of your favourite show.
  • V: He only found out when you told him what your hobbies were and he was a little taken aback but he just gives you a chance to convince him that it's a good genre.
Marisa’s ficrecs: OTAYURI

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! on Ice)

  • This list will only include completed works, which have all been read and approved by me.
  • *** means recently added.
  • (You can check out my other ficrecs here!)

Three Times Otabek Didn’t Call Yuri a Kitten, and Two Times He Did by leoji_is_life (Mature | 999 words)

“Alright, kitten, what do you want for dinner?”

“Borscht,” Yuri answered without looking up from his phone. He finished his text to Mila before Otabek’s words sank in enough to realize he’d called him kitten. He glanced up in confusion only to find Otabek staring at him with the same expression, holding the black kitten he’d rescued last week. Heat crept into his face as he realized his mistake. Shit.

Proud Like a Lion by Lumelle (Teen | 1,562 words | AU)

Yuri Plisetsky does not believe in soulmates.

Perhaps, however, he could believe in Otabek.

On the Verge of Running Into Your Arms by Hitsugi_Zirkus (General | 1,876 words)

“Yurio is a good boy  uh, when he wants to be,” Yuuri said with a smile. “But in all I think he’s not very used to friends and not very… affectionate.”

“Not cute at all!” Viktor agreed, though he was grinning through the insult.

“Just be patient with him and don’t be surprised when he shows his spikes,” Yuuri said, attempting to smooth Viktor’s words over. “Either way, we’re glad you both can get along with each other and be friends.”

Otabek wasn’t quite sure what the two of them meant  Yuri had yet to reject Otabek in any way. In fact, with everything Otabek asked, Yuri always accepted him inside his heart without question.

Melt Me Down by ohhotlamb (General | 2,198 words)

“Do you remember? In Barcelona? It’s been at least three years by now.”

“Of course I do,” Yuri mumbles. “That was when we first started talking.”

Nothing More Than What We Have Now by Ren (Explicit | 2,819 words)

“Just kiss me,” Yuri murmurs against Otabek’s lips.

Otabek’s whole body is drawn tight with want. “It’s never just kissing with you.”

Let That Be Enough by apollothyme (Mature | 3,364 words)

Yuri wasn’t sure when his feelings shifted from friendship to something that ran deeper.

He couldn’t recall the first moment when he looked at Otabek and thought ‘I want to kiss you’, although he sometimes wondered if it came before or after he thought ‘I want to rent an apartment with you somewhere warm and sunny and spend the rest of my life there’. He was sure that it must have come before he started picturing Otabek with him in the shower, although he couldn’t remember when that first happened either.

Mercy Is Not a Courtesy Currently That Occurs to Me by LiviKate (Teen | 3,823 words)

“How is Katsuki Yuuri?”

“I don’t know,” the younger boy admitted. He crossed his arms over his chest. “I texted Viktor to see if the little piggy was over himself yet, but he didn’t respond.”

“You didn’t phrase it like that, did you?”

The silence was very telling.

Admiration in Falling Asleep by calliopinaround (Teen | 4,000 words | AU)

Rooming with Otabek is fine. It really is they’re best friends, Otabek is the perfect roommate, and there’s nothing about each other that they don’t already know to make it weird.

(Except Yuri hadn’t known that Otabek walks around only in his pajama bottoms in the morning, or what he smells like right out of the shower, or that he likes his coffee with two sugars and nothing else, or that he has a knack for losing the television remote regardless of where he puts it, or that he keeps his keys on his nightstand and nowhere else, or that he opens the blinds half-way first thing in the morning to let the sunrise in…)

So it’s fine. It really is. Yuri likes this arrangement, and no matter how many looks Mila gives him, that’s the truth.

He just wishes it sounded like all of the truth.

Golden Days by Ren (General | 4,415 words)

Yuri’s grandfather doesn’t approve of his grandson being whisked away by strangers on motorbikes, so Yuri introduces Otabek to him.

Write My Name on Your Skin by RenaitAbeille (Teen | 4,605 words | AU)

Soulmarks appear one letter at a time, and when Yuri wakes up on his birthday and sees the letter O on his arm, he tries not to wish that it continues into Otabek Altin.

Back and Forth by kiyala (General | 4,840 words)

Yuri convinces Otabek to get snapchat, just to send selfies of himself making faces at Viktor and Yuuri. He gets more than he expected.

A Slow Invasion of the Heart by radialarch (Mature | 5,007 words)

Yuri Plisetsky does not seduce so much as launch a full-on assault.

Punch Drunk (on Those Eyes of Yours) by bonnia (Teen | 5,100 words | AU)

Otabek takes Yuri’s face in his hands gentle, like he always is with Yuri and everything becomes quiet.

(Or, in which Yuri is cursed with the gift of mind reading but cannot hear the one person he desperately wants to.)

Fingers Crossed My Obsession with You Is Tameable by seaworn (Explicit | 5,483 words)

“I think I didn’t quite grasp it. Show me again?” Yuri asked breathlessly.

Otabek bit his lower lip, eyes lighting up in joy.


Have Not. Will Not. by mongoose_bite (General | 5,583 words)

Yuri knew perfectly well that Viktor hadn’t always been a moron; he’d looked up to him for years. As far as he was concerned all of Viktor’s problems stemmed from a single source.

Determined to learn from Viktor’s mistakes as well as his successes, Yuri took the simple vow not to follow in his footsteps.

No matter what happened, he wouldn’t fall in love.

The Naming of Cats by csoru (Teen | 6,075 words)

The photo gets almost drowned out in a sea of others, more flashy. It’s easy to miss, tagged only as #practice. Otabek doesn’t remember following Yuri Plisetsky on Instagram. Maybe his sister did it for him.

One for the Road by Lumieres (Teen | 6,129 words)

Please, take me away —“ Yuri’s text had been so abrupt that Otabek had to glance at his phone once more to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

(Or, Yuri is so focused on his career, he doesn’t notice Otabek slowly falling in love with him.)

Down for the Count, and I’m Drowning in ‘Em by unhookingstarswithoutpermission (Teen | 7,180 words)

“Why didn’t you reply to my texts?” Yuri feels himself ask, and he immediately cringes. He almost expects Otabek to laugh at him, but what he gets is a dead-serious boy who replies, “I’ve forgotten my charger in Kazakhstan”, and he feels like he’s going to burst either into tears or into hysterical laughter. 

“You- you are so stupid.” Yuri’s voice breaks on the last syllable. “I told you, it didn’t matter if you couldn’t make it to my birthday.” 

Otabek lies against the door frame and raises an eyebrow at him. “You don’t want me here, then?”

Sonata in A Major by Lumieres (Teen | 8,035 words)

Yuri is like a meteorite, caught in his atmosphere. If he doesn’t take care of him, he’ll completely burn up, and there won’t be anything left for him to salvage.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Dangers of Making Out with Your Fellow Athletes at Parties by ineptshieldmaid (Teen | 10,215 words)

None of this has anything to do with Otabek, except that Yuri didn’t get Otabek’s number, and so he can’t bitch to him about the whole situation. He makes do with bitching to Mila, who at least agrees that Viktor is impossible to deal with right now.

Otabek keeps liking Yuri’s selfies, but that’s it, that’s the complete and total sum of his communication with Yuri for an entire two weeks. Yuri is not mad about it because there’s nothing to be mad about. They are friends and this, it turns out, is what friends do. Like each other’s selfies and make out at international sporting events. He’s pretty sure Mila’s got at least three friends that fit exactly those parameters.

Endurance and Peach Tea by chapstickaddict (General | 11,447 words)

Yuri hummed. His body didn’t uncurl, but instead of pressing his face into the fold of his legs, he rested it on his crossed forearms. Tilting his face towards Otabek, he looked for the bronze metal. The colorful ribbon snuck into the folds of his jacket, hiding his prize from view. Yuri reached out, and Otabek let him pull the ribbon to bring the metal into the light.

It was beautiful. Heavy and ornate, with the front masterfully detailed. The perfect symbol of success. Yuri flipped it over, admiring Otabek’s name carved along the back.


“Did they spell your name wrong?” he demanded, straightening. Otabek made a noise beside him.

My Soul Is an Empty Carousel at Sunset by dawnstruck (Teen | 13,857 words)

Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.

Anything But Obvious by Tessa on Ice (Explicit | 15,016 words)

Yuri Plisetsky would rather die than ever be obvious.

Somebody to Love by aphhun (Mature | 16,654 words)

They’ve been best friends for four years, since Barcelona. Yuri Plisetsky is positive that he’s thrown it all away in one miscalculated half-drunk instant.

This Never Happened Before by Snow_Falls (Teen | 19,532 words)

Yuri’s never really had a friend before, let alone a best friend. When his feelings begin to change at first he’s not sure what’s happening, does everyone feel so painfully attached to their best friends? Or is he feeling something else for Otabek?

Things kinky spaces offer:

-Room for fetish-friendly sexual expression
-People you know ahead of time share your interests and won’t be jarred by your actions/appearance
-Consenting audiences
-A bunch of people there to look at you

So like… if you only like public spaces there’s something I need to tell you: it’s that you get off on shocking strangers, which is incredibly nasty. Your arousal depends on your ability to force yourself on them visually and get reactions from them. They can look away’ is a very disgusting and flimsy excuse.

If you think ‘don’t do kinky shit in public’ is the same as ‘don’t express your kink outside of your house’ that tells me you know fuckall about fetish.


klance movie theater au where keith just had to fall for the employee whose favourite movie is this terrible lowbudget 80′s sci-fi film called voltron which happens to be keith’s favourite, too

plus he’s cute

fighting fish

…Aw, Yuri is cute in both pics ^-^
I love his expression.. I dunno why he decided to take a pic with the exact same expression!! Still cute thoooo ~

[I found this picture on Instagram (@yurididnothingwrong), and they don’t seem to know the artist. Does anyone know who it is so that I can credit them or something?]

“Mom. Come on.”

“Look at me, Mom.  Mo-om.  Mommy.  Look at my face. Look at how happy I am.  Look at my sweet pudgy cheeks and my adorable button nose and my precious little grin.”

Squishy Baby Henry feels her resolve weakening.  He wills her closer with the power of his adorable squishiness.

“Hah! You grabbed my hand.  You are so taking me home with you.  Behold my wise, somewhat smug but still utterly adorable expression.  You didn’t stand a chance.”


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