the same damn pants

Odell’s leaving Vegas

Where to next? He got the same damn sweat pants on. Someone needs to take this boy sweat pants shopping. First it was that damn sweater. Now it’s the sweat pants. God let us pray


                   he’d been in one hell of a state recently. clothes weren’t the usual suit, he didn’t even touch the closet that held them so clean and tidy. ramsey was only dressed in what could be said was his fourth day of wearing the same damn pants and tank top. he wasn’t even paying attention to how it could be cold or warm, all he cared for was staying in and away from the others. michael had been a little bit more persistent on getting to talk to him and getting interaction but geoff was in one of his moods that made it hard for anyone to get close.

still. he knew michael and michael jones wasn’t one to give up at all.

              ‘ – you’re not getting me out of this place. ‘ geoff was persistent as ever but hell, even he knew that he had to get out of here, that he had to restart himself and get back on track, away from the shit he’d been doing for the past who knows HOW fucking long. ‘….. michael i don’t care how i appear. ‘ he added the last bit for a little bit of effort on trying to make the other stop from saying anything.