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Imagine waking up next to your favorite character.

Anna Popplewell is Married?!?!?

Okay guys so i just read that anna popplewell is married to someone named Sam Caird and then i was like WTF and did some serious research.
There are no photos but i found some tweets that confirmed that they married.
And indeed, it was a private wedding on May 14th 2016 and i am still shocked.
I wish the best luck for the couple and yeaah …… Anna Popplewell is freaking married … gosh how they grow up, i am so happy for her 😭.


Part 1 of 4

Song: Writing’s on the wall by Sam Smith

That lyrics just reminded me so much of TUC so I drew this ^-^ Oh, that dude on picture 3 is Henry btw and the rat behind him is King Gorger … ^^’

I’m looking forward to post the second part tomorrow :D


I’m almost a week late to celebrate the landing of our crystal princesses on Netflix, but hey I guess it’s better later than never XD So I thought, why not bringing all the sparkle squad (thanks @kireiscorner) plus the twins for a movie night? They’re all in jammies because it looks so comfy XD And as a bonus, three crossovers with other Netflix series that came up in my mind: Ever After High (man it was about time I drew Faybelle XD), Totally Spies and Xiaolin Chronicles because they have a mighty sisters duo too (it might not be the best loose continuation xiaolin showdown could get, but hey it’s interesting in its weirdness and gave us really cool things such as Tomoko) :3