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Bamily Secret Santa for @scifi-scribbles! CoffeeShop AU!Bamon

And special thanks to @bonneibennett for organizing all this!

Merry Christmas Bamily!


Damon felt the familiar tightening in his chest as he watched her walk to the counter, the black and white stiletto heels on her feet clicking against the hardwood floor as she moved.  She had cut her hair since he last saw her; an asymmetrical bob now framed her beautiful face with sleek, soft tresses.  Her green dress clung to her frame as she moved, the color bringing out the golden tones in her dark skin.  

He stared as she ordered her usual breakfast: café latte and a lemon scone with extra powdered sugar. He watched her soft smile as she handed the barista her credit card; saw her frown as the young man shook his head and pointed to where he was sitting in the back of the coffee shop.

Damon could hear her heart begin to race as she looked over at him, confused. The extra beats pumped her blood at a frantic pace though her veins, the smell of her magick overwhelming his senses as she walked over to him.

“So…” she started, a blush coming to her cheeks, “you bought my breakfast?”

“You order the same thing everyday,” he said. “I figured it was a good way to get your attention.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Stalker, much?”

Damon smirked. “A bit.”

“You could have just come over to me and said hello.”

“But then I couldn’t have watched you walk over here,” he replied with a slight leer.

She rolled her eyes, the green in them shining with the light of her dress.  “Well, now you can watch me walk away.”

Damon smiled. “I think I’ll enjoy that just as much.”

Her eyes narrowed, the annoyance in them apparent. “Thanks for the coffee, but in the future – don’t.”

She turned to leave and he stood up quicker than he intended, blocking her path. Her gasp changed to a sigh of irritation as she rolled her eyes again.

“Vampire,” she mumbled knowingly. “You couldn’t just be a normal stalker. You had to be vampire.”

“You got something against vampires, little witch?” At her shocked expression, Damon gave her a look of disbelief. “Oh, come on. You reek of magic.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, her stance haughty. “So is that what this is? You need a witch to do a spell for you or something?”

“Nope,” he said, taking a step forward to invade her personal space. He grinned when she didn’t back up, didn’t back down. He could see the magick sparking in her fingertips, ready to blast him to kingdom come if he made one foul move, regardless that they were in the middle of a crowded coffee shop.

Oh yeah. He liked this one.

“I don’t need a witch to do a spell,” he continued. “I need a witch to sit and have breakfast with me.” He took her magick-charged hand in his– because Lord knew he liked to live dangerously – and brought it to his mouth, ignoring the twinge of pain as he pressed his lips against her knuckles. “Damon Salvatore, at your service.”

She looked angry, stunned, and flustered, all at once. He could hear her heart fluttering like a hummingbird in her chest, could feel the heat and desire awakening in her skin.

“Aren’t you going to tell me your name, Little Bird?”

She stared at him, and unreadable look on her face and Damon held her eyes, unable to look away, the noises of the shop fading into the background. The longing feeling he’d had since he first saw her two weeks ago rose in his body and threatened to consume him.

“Bonnie!” the barista shouted, and she broke the connection, her head snapping in the direction of the counter. “Your order’s ready!”

She looked back at Damon and snatched her hand from his, breathing heavily and backing away cautiously before heading to the counter to grab her coffee and pastry. She was almost out the door before she stopped and looked back at him, and when her eyes met his, Damon smirked and sat back down.

“See you tomorrow, Bonnie!” he called out obnoxiously, giving her a little wave.

The pain vibrated inside his skull, tiny pinpricks of fire and he grimaced and gripped his head in his hands. It stopped right before he could cry out, and when he met Bonnie’s eyes again she gave him a look of triumph and smugness, then headed out the door.

Damon watched her though the windows until she was out of his line of sight.

She was mean. Angry. Powerful. Beautiful.

Yeah. He definitely liked this one.


Bamily Secret Santa: Merry Christmas, @jadeascott!!!!

Here’s a festive peek at Stefan Salvatore’s instagram account this holiday season. You may notice there’s something of a… theme. There ain’t no rest for the fanboy, as you can see. :) 


Stefan smiled at you as he put on his sunglasses “C'mon Y/N, you can miss a couple of days”