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TVD is a shit show

Like yea sure lets RUIN everything their is about the Salvatore Brothers.

Lets make sure that Bonnie suffers every single time.

Lets demote one ship to promote the other.

Lets make Caroline a love interest every single FUCKING time.

Lets randomly kill characters for shock value.

Lets forget all of our previous plot lines

Basically, just swing it.

Description: The reader is a Salvatore sibling and has been married to Klaus since the 60′s, but their brothers haven’t seen them since the 30′s. They meet again when Klaus comes back and though everyone is mad at the reader they would never leave Klaus.

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“Please Klaus” you pleaded with him.

Sighing he turned towards you “Fine. But don’t be surprised when they slam the door in your face!” he said immediately regretting it. He walked up to you taking your face in his hands “Your brothers would not understand” he tried to reason.

“I don’t need them to understand Klaus, I just need them to live. And me, going over there and trying to develop a truce between them and you, is the only way I can do that, okay?” You hadn’t seen them in over 80 years, and they had no idea that you were married to Klaus. The first time they met, Klaus reigned hell on them, and you only just recently forgave him enough to be with him again. You had convinced him to bring you this time, so you could see them, and tell them.

“Alright. I just don’t want you to get hurt” he said honestly. 

Kissing his cheek and leaving, you drive the familiar road back to what use to be your home. Pulling in, and walking slowly up the steps, memories of your childhood rushing back to you. You knock on the door twice. You could hear someone walking to the door. When it opened you had to repress a smile, knowing what may be a happy reunion would soon turn to betrayal. He stared at you silent shock filling his face. “Hello Stefan” you said quietly. 

You and your brothers had separated in the late 30′s. Stefan and Damon hated what they were, but you embraced it. You had different opinions on how to live, so your left. 

“Y/n” he said quietly, before a smile spread across his face as he rushed forward engulfing you in a hug. You cherished it for as long as you could, knowing it probably wouldn’t last.

Pulling apart he pulled you into the house. “Stefan who is it?” you heard a female voice as a girl comes around the corner. If Klaus hadn’t told you about Elena already you probably would have had a heart attack. Stefans eyes grew as he was ready to explain. 

Raising you hand to him you spoke “Hello Elena. I’m y/n Salvatore” Stefan looked confused, how did you know?

Elena’s eyes widened as she smiled “oh my God, Stefan and Damon have told me all about you” she said walking forward. 

Suddenly the front door opened, turning you see as Damon came in looking down at something in a plastic bag. He didn’t look up until Stefan said his name. His eyes immediately went to you. He stared for a moment before he walked up to you, pulling you into a hug. “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked smiling into your hair.

There it is. The question you were dreading. Pulling away you took a few steps back from them. Looking at them with fear in your eyes they eyed you “y/n? What is it?” Stefan asked concerned.

“I need to tell you two something. Something you to will hate me for” they looked at each other before turning back to you. 

“Klaus?! You’re married to Klaus Mikaelson?!” Damon roared at you. You sat on the couch, waiting for the storm to pass. Stefan and Elena stared at you in shock. “How could you be married to him, do you know what he did to us?

“Yes. I do. And trust me, after I learned what happened, what he did. I gave him hell for it. I even staked him. Though of course he can’t die. But I am here now to try and…create a truce between you two. I’m here to help you”

“Help? If you wanted to help you would have come before when he was killing everyone, trying to kill us! But no, you slept with the devil, and now you are just like him!”  he yelled. 

Standing you looked at him with all the courage you could muster “Damon. I didn’t know. I knew he was coming back here but I had no idea why. I didn’t come because I knew how you would react, I was afraid. And I should have come, I should have stopped him but I didn’t and I’m sorry.” Stefans face filled with sympathy as tears fell down your face “I know you could never forgive me for leaving you two, and you’ll never forgive me for this, but you can’t help who you fall in love with. I thought that you and Stefan would understand that more than anyone.” You finished this with a brief look towards Elena, she understood what you were saying. “I just hope that you forgive me enough to let me help you. I don’t need you to trust me anymore. I just need to you understand that I still love you, even if you no longer love me” another tear fell down your face as you used your vampire speed to get out of there. You couldn’t take Damons yelling anymore. You knew this was going to happen, why did it hurt so much? 

Looking around you were standing in the middle of the woods. “I told you” a quiet voice came from behind you. Turning you saw Klaus walk out of the trees. His eyes full of sympathy. 

“You were listening weren’t you?” you should have known he wouldn’t have let you gone alone. 

He nodded his head “I’m sorry, y/n. I know betrayal from family well. But it will pass” he took your face in his hands.

Shaking your head “I’m not the one that was betrayed Klaus.” You were still angry at him after what he did, but you loved him no matter how hard you tried not too. And you wouldn’t leave him. You only hoped that your brothers would understand that you still loved them. You hoped they would forgive you. Someday. But no matter how long it took, you would wait. 

chapter 16 sneak peek #1, steroline

Stefan and Caroline in the living room.

“Beks, slow down, I can’t—” he slipped into a tired sigh, scrubbing a hand over his ‘here we go again’ expression before curling it around his chin, propping it up. His eyes flickered up to hers in something like remorse. ‘This might take a while,’ he mouthed.

Caroline waved off the apology, sinking back into the armchair and settling in for a bit of work. She flipped her laptop open, legs curling up beneath her, hand fishing out to loop around the handle of her cooling tea mug, fully intending on tuning him out—in fact, she thought he might take the call elsewhere for a little privacy.

But instead he remained on the couch, body pitched forward, elbows propped against his knees as he rubbed his jaw with one hand and held the phone with the other. Unintentionally, she found herself watching him. His thick brows were drawn inward, eyes tapered into a listening gaze, the kind that vaguely pinballed from spot to spot without really focusing on anything in front of it. He looked serious, and for a second she wondered if everything was okay.  

And then he sighed, knuckles slipping off his chin. “Remind me why him texting back ‘lol’ means he’s with Bethany again?” Something appeared to be snapped back in response because he lifted a surrendering hand. “Right, Tiffany, sorry.”

Caroline felt her lips slowly tugging upward, kindling, disbelieving. His sister had called him to bitch about drama. College-y, immature drama, if that snippet had been anything to go off. She felt a tide of amusement rising inside her, at the idea that of all the people she knew, Stefan was probably the least suited to be a teen social guru, but it had an undercurrent of something warmer, too.

A wash of endearment.

Because judging by his reaction, this happened pretty often, and judging by the lack of lull on the other line, his sister felt pretty confident that he’d sit through every word of it, and judging by the fact that they had two other sisters but she chose to call Stefan instead, he was probably the only one who would, and if that wasn’t the most annoyingly Stefan thing ever, she didn’t know what was.

The wry curve of her mouth softened. He was dragging an absent thumb across his lips, eyes thinned into a ruminative peer, seemingly taking the story being told to him genuinely seriously, and on an impulse she knew wasn’t smart at all, she wondered what it was like to have that. The certainty of him waiting at the finish line of a bad day. The reliability of his voice on the other end of the line, patient, sincere, calmly parsing through the bluster to try and understand what was wrong.

Bonnie had always said he’d been something of a rock for her growing up, but it wasn’t until recently that Caroline really understood it. Not only because of the things she’d learned about Bonnie, but because of the things she’d learned about him, how suited they made him to the role. Like the murmuring timbre his voice took on when he was trying to talk you down. Or how effective the steady hum of his heartbeat was as a calming metronome for racing thoughts. Or the uncanny way that every taut, carved out line of him somehow gave whenever he took you into his arms, molding to you, swathing, tensionless, a boneless blanket of warmth.

Before this week, she’d always cast off his whole ‘savior best friend’ role as just another self-righteous thing about him—Saint Stefan, the perpetual ‘aw shucks’ hero, swooping in to humble brag and save the day. Now, though, knowing what she knew, that felt so petty. She was grateful as hell that Bonnie had him to lean on growing up. She couldn’t imagine how things would’ve turned out if she hadn’t.

As if sensing her thoughts, his stare flicked up to hers, and it promptly took on a bemused flicker at the attention. Likely because she’d propped her chin against her hand and had been straight up staring at him for the past two minutes. She straightened up hastily and slipped her hand through hair, trying to play it off as nothing, and the corner of his mouth took on an amused tug at the twitchiness of the reaction.

Thankfully, it only took two seconds for it to dive back into a frown, stare averting. “This is still Bethany we’re talking about or—” a sigh cut him off. “Tiffany, sorry, Tiffany.”

Caroline might be unofficially meeting the first of the Salvatore sisters! Catch up on the fic here.

Steroline + Lexi drabble

A/N: I just wanted to say sorry first because I know I really am a pain in the ass with all these drabbles and actually I’m embarrassed to send you another one. I feel like I’m bothering you too much and I thought of posting it of course saying it’s based on SMA and @ you and giving you credit, but then I thought it didn’t feel right to post it without your consent so here I am lol. 

It’s another headcanon of Lexi and Caroline’s first meeting. I wrote it fast so it probably has a lot of mistakes but I hope you like it (feel free to do whatever you want to do with it, seriously, and if you ever feel like telling me to stop sending you these things, feel free to do so as well lol!)

It was incredible, how one day at work could leave you exhausted. Caroline looked through the window of the taxi and gave a sip to the coffee that her hand was holding. Her phone buzzed in her other hand then and she checked it out.

Stefan – 20:07
Yeah, right
ofc I’ve heard that song, Caroline
I’m not that isolated from the modern world, you know

Stefan – 20:08
You should come visit some time soon
I’ll show you some of my “dinosaour” music
I’m sure you’ll like it, even if you pretend you don’t

Caroline stared at the phone screen with an amused, lips-pursed smile, and then rolled her eyes and shook her head. He was ridiculous.

And she intended to tell him so, as she started to type, but then her fingers stopped and she bit her lower lip.

“Um, wait” she told the taxi driver. “I’ve changed my mind.”

One, two, three times he heard the doorbell.

“Coming” Stefan said as he almost ran towards the door. His eyebrows rose once he opened it. 
“Hey” Caroline said with a little smile. 
“Uh, hey” he said, his face full of surprise. “What are you-”
“No talking” she said right before giving a step forward and grabbing a handful of his shirt to pull him to her so that their mouths finally met.

Although Stefan had gotten used to these sudden attacks coming from Caroline, he was a bit off guard and staggered a little. He placed his hands on her waist and she smiled against his lips, taking this as an invitation to continue.

“First, we’re going to have sex on that couch” she said between heated kisses as she unbuttoned his shirt and walked them toward such couch. 
“Caroline, wai-”
“And only after we’ve finished, you can show me that dinosaur music of yours.”

He chuckled a little but kept trying to draw her attention.

“That sounds great, but you should know that-”
“I said no talking” she giggled, her lips brushing his, and she pushed him down onto the couch.

He fell and she climbed onto him, straddling him with a knee on either side of his hips, and her hands going for the last button of his shirt. Stefan leaned forward, resting on his elbows.

“Caroline, really, listen. I-”

But Caroline ignored him and literally attacked his mouth with her lips and teeth. His mind went blank due to how she bit his lower lip and to the friction between her hips and his.

Focus, Stefan. He really needed to…


Caroline stopped kissing him and opened her eyes immediately as soon as she heard this new unknown voice. She pulled back and peeked out over the back of the couch. A blonde, tall girl was looking back at her with her brown eyes, folded arms and a raised eyebrow.

“Oh” Caroline said nervously, rising to her feet on the floor. Stefan pursed his lips to restrain an amused smile and stood up next to her. “Didn’t know you had company.”

Caroline rubbed her neck and bit the inside of her cheek.

“Yeah, that’s what I was trying to, uh” he cleared his throat slightly and Caroline looked at him, “tell you.”
“Your shirt, Stefan” the other girl said, pointing at him. 
“Oh” he started to button his shirt quickly.

Caroline realized that the girl was holding a spatula, so they probably were cooking before she arrived. She looked at her up and down helplessly. Who was this girl, though? A colleague from work? A friend? Someone he was getting to know? She knew that neither of them had stated that they were exclusive, but… She could not help but feeling a little disappointed.

“I see you two were getting ready for dinner, so…” Caroline looked around uncomfortably before pointing at the door.
“Wait” Stefan took her hand to stop her and she looked at their hands. “Now that you’re here, um, this is Lexi.”

Caroline looked at the girl, surprised.

“Lexi, Caroline. Caroline… Lexi, my sister.”

Caroline wanted to be swollen by the ground.

“Your sister” she repeated.
“Yup” he said.
“Hi” Caroline offered her hand to Lexi with a shy smile and Lexi shook it, her face still full of amusement after having found them on the couch so warmed-up. 
“Wait, Caroline?” Lexi said. “As in Bonnie’s roommate?” 
“Yeah, that’s me” Caroline tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. 
“Didn’t you two… use to hate each other?”
“Used to.”
“We do.”

Stefan looked at Caroline with a frown.

“I mean, did” she said. “We-”
“Not anymore?” Lexi asked, trying to help.
“Yeah, thank you” Caroline said.

Lexi nodded and looked at Stefan from the corner of her eye with a hint of amusement. He caught her look and gave her a don’t you dare make any jokes about this one.

“I just wanted to know if I have to mix the cream with the fried tomato already” she waved the spatula. 
“Let me do it, or we won’t have anything to eat after all” he said.  
“Hah, hah” Lexi faked a smile and then looked at Caroline. “Nice to meet you, Caroline. I’m gonna go to the kitchen so you can keep your study on my brother” she winked at her and turned around. 
“Lexi” Stefan said warningly, though she just ignored him and walked into the kitchen.

Caroline rubbed her forehead.

“God, I want to die” she said. Stefan laughed and pinched her side. 
“Hey, why don’t you… stay?” he asked. Caroline looked into his eyes with a frown. “Join us for dinner. We’re cooking, it can be fun.”
“Uh…” she looked around, a little nervous. “I’m bad at cooking, you know that. And I don’t want to intrude. And-”
“I can teach you” he said, and she raised an eyebrow as response. He rolled his eyes with a smile. “Help you.”

Stefan looked at her with hopeful eyes and she felt her heartbeat quicken.

“Please?” he said. The way he was looking at her was making it very hard for her to refuse. “It’ll be fun, I promise. And you’ll get to know Lexi. I think you’ll like her.”

Caroline looked at him in silence. Her head was telling her to say no, just pick up her bag and leave. Not get involved.

But when his fingers brushed hers and he took her hand again, and he pointed at the door of the kitchen with his head, she muted what her head was yelling at her.

Stefan pulled her hand and led her into the kitchen.

“You’re staying?” Lexi asked when she saw Caroline. 
“Yeah, he used his powers of persuasion” she replied, standing next to Lexi to see what she could do to help. “Those that he uses to make you do something without realizing it?”
“Oh, come on” Lexi groaned and looked at Stefan, who shrugged as he continued his task of cutting the mushrooms. “Don’t tell me you’re showing off again. You’re an ass.”

Stefan chuckled and Caroline could not help but smile at the exchange. He looked at her over his shoulder and she held his gaze for a few seconds, until she realized that she was staring for too long.

“So, uh” she cleared her throat, looking away. “What can I do?”
“Here, grate the cheese while I keep frying the sauce.”
“Consider it done” Caroline said, grabbing the grater. 
“You know, I’m actually in shock. I haven’t seen a girl in this apartment for years. Apart from me, my other sisters and my mom, I mean. You have achieved the impossible.”

Caroline blushed a little and Stefan looked at her from the corner of his eye, realizing the color in her cheeks. It was the first time that he saw her blushing because of something that someone had said. She was not so the kind of girl to get shy, for anything.

He found it adorable.

“Should I put some music on?” he asked. 
“NO WAY” Lexi said suddenly. “I’m not listening to Radiohead again, Stefan. I swear to God I’m not.”
“Oh my God, right!?” Caroline said.
“He’s the worst. It’s like he gets in these emo moods and only listens to depressing songs.”
“Hey, that’s not-”
“He was incapable of distinguishing Sia and Lady Gaga, can you believe?”
“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea that you two get to know each other anymore” he murmured. 
“That’s embarrassing” Lexi said, ignoring his comment, laughing and shaking her head. Stefan looked at them with narrowed eyes. 
“It is. That’s why I decided to burn a CD with modern music for him” Caroline said distractedly. 
“You did?” Stefan asked, surprised.

Caroline looked at him, realizing what she had just said. Her pulse increased a little bit. Maybe that comment had sounded a little too things that couples do like.

“Well, yeah” she cleared her throat and looked back at the cheese. Lexi pursed her lips, enjoying the situation. “Someone has to teach you some important things.”

He scoffed and looked back at the mushrooms. A little smile was plastered on his face.

“I think we can mix the sauce with the cheese already” Lexi said. “Are you guys going to tell me then how the hell you went from hating each other to wanting to jump each other’s bones?” 
“Ignore her” Stefan said. 
“What?!” Lexi looked at Caroline, offended. “I’m curious, that’s all.”

Caroline could not help but laugh and Stefan’s heart jumped at hearing the light sound of it.

“Well, fine, don’t tell me if you don’t want to” Lexi shrugged. “I’ll just have to read the whole story in Stefan’s journal.”
“What?” Caroline said, laughing.
“I haven’t had one of those in years, Lexi.”
“Yeah, sure” she winked at Caroline, who restrained another laugh.
“Why don’t you go start setting the table?”

Lexi rolled her eyes, grabbing the cutlery that Stefan was handing to her.

“He’s such a pain in the ass” she said as she left the kitchen.

Stefan shook his head, looking at Caroline, and she smiled. He put the cut mushrooms with the sauce while she kept watching his movements. She was feeling a sense of peace and calm that she had not experienced in years.

She knew why, though. She still remembered those similar moments at Matt’s house. When she really wanted to fit in and have fun and friendly moments with his family but never got them because his mother and his sister just… did not like her. And mentioning it to Matt only used to make it worse. 

And here she was now, having those moments, having fun with Stefan and his sister, and feeling welcomed and… loved.

“Thank you” she said. He looked at her with a questioning look. 
“For what?”
“Nothing” she shrugged. “Just inviting me to stay.”
“Oh, that means you’re having fun?” he asked with a victorious tone. 
“Maybe a little” she said, scrunching her nose up.

He laughed and they exchanged a look. Stefan’s eyes landed on her lips and her heart raced. He leaned forward slowly as she waited for him to close the gap once and for all.

“What else?”

Stefan pulled back and Caroline looked away while Lexi started to open cupboards.

“I’ll help” Caroline said. 
“I’ll take the plates. Can you look for the glasses?”
“Sure” she said as Lexi left again with the plates in her hands.

Caroline grabbed three glasses from a cupboard and just when she was walking past Stefan, she gave him an intimate, affectionate and soft pinch in the back.

He froze for a few seconds, just hearing her steps towards the living room. He looked up from the pan slowly and then over his shoulder, his eyes set on the door. And if he had not realized it before, he definitely did in that exact moment.

He was in love with her.

GABI: I honestly grinned so hard reading this whole thing - how cute is this!? And GURL. AS IF GETTING PEOPLE WRITING WOULD EVER ANNOY ME. Especially knowing that you’ve been running dry on inspo lately - use and abuse this world all you want! Legit the best thing that could ever come out of it is making people smile/inspired/whatever, so write away! Plus, your drabbles make so many people happy, so it’s like a positive feedback loop, lololol. Anyway, Caroline rerouting the cab and barging into Stefan’s apartment hormones blazing is the most Caroline thing ever, their text conversations were adorable, her and Lexi bonding over how embarrassing Stefan is was perfect, and Stefan’s realization was so cute. They’re such morons, honestly. I feel bad for Bonnie and Damon for having to deal with them but then I remember how dumb they also are and I don’t anymore. They all deserve each other. Anyway, loved this to bits - everyone should absolutely give this the reads it deserves!