the salon i went to omg

SO THIS HAPPENED OMFG ASJNJJDSF I met Rainbow Rowell with my sisters, she signed our books and then we took a pic,,, and omg she was the sweetest and the nicest 💖💖💖

BTS Reaction #1

Reaction to coloring your hair a similar color


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 He would be surprised for sure, he knows you like to change your hair color from time to time but it was really a wild guess for him to see you having the same hair color as him.

*you walked into the room

“OH babe you hair!”, “Do you like it oppa?”

“Yeah it looks good on you, I didn’t know I was the inspiration and it’s truly an honour to have the same hair color as you”

Your hair 


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He would love your new hair color, especially it was the same blonde style as him but he would lowkey scold you because he doesn’t want your hair to be as damage as his. Cause he knows how many bleach it took to make your hair to look like his and he’s just over all worried.

“(y/n), you look AMAZIN but I hope you wouldn’t go this far on bleaching your hair to look like mine. First it’s not healthy for your hair itself and bish you can’t rock it as good as me” *Kiss you on the cheek

Your hair


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He would compliment you lots on your hair, but he wouldn’t over react and just keep it down. Probably teasing you about your hair from time to time and ask you if he was the inspiration behind that flashing mint green hair of yours. 

“(y/n) you’re hurting my eyes” *because the sun was shining perfectly behind you making your hair shine so brightly

“You’re rocking the color bae”

Your hair


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He would ask you to do the L’OREAL commercial, and he wouldn’t stop touching your hair (slowly destroying the fresh curls you just got from the salon)



*After done touching your hair “Now touch my hair” desperate for affection

Your hair


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You never really had a drastic hair change cuz you’re always going with the brownish colors but now that you both went to the saloon together,  you decided to get the same hair color as your boyfriend.

*and it looks like you’re done first 

“Oh jagi, I almost didn’t recognize you for a second”

“Does my hair looks good?”

“It’s looks lovely dear”

Your hair


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He’s inlove with your hair color, seriously he would just pat your head out of nowhere just to feel how smooth your hair is. He would also buy you small accessories for you hair. It delights him to see you having the same hair color as him.

“Ahh we really look like a couple now”

“So when my hair was black we didn’t look like a couple?”

“No! I mean we can be extra super special couple together now!!”

Your hair


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(couldn’t find jungkook in other hair color sorry)

You both never really go for bright colors like the other members. Even if you guys do, you both will always choose the natural colors. Making both of you never really know if one of you change hair color. 

“Oppa, does my new hair color looks good on me?”

*JK doesn’t even realize you changed your hair color 

“Euuu YEs, it’s goood.”

*How can you not see the differences?”

“Sorry babe, I’m blinded by your cuteness* *smooth af

Your hair