the salmons are not pleased

How to be a responsible adult: Maintain at least 1 (one) RL friend that you can call while drunk at 7:30AM to take you to the store so you can buy smoked salmon.

How NOT to be a responsible adult: Buy 2 (two) packages of smoked salmon because they were cheaper than you thought. Then, when sitting alone in your apartment, you can share a whole 1 (one) package between yourself and your dog (the dog barely counts, but she did get like… probably a few pieces. maybe).

I have no regrets.

  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: sally I would like to commission you please name your price for a picture of tristan and diedrik making out
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: I need it to be as sexy as possible
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: there should be some groping
  • Chief Anarchist: do you want it colored
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: yes I want it colored
  • Chief Anarchist: i wont take money but we can go out for steak
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: okay but we would go out for steak anyway
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: I want to actually pay you somethign valuable
  • Chief Anarchist: meat is valuable to me
  • Chief Anarchist: you could give me a whole salmon
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: how much would you usually charge for that?
  • Chief Anarchist: $50
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: I'm not going to buy you $50 worth of salmon
  • Chief Anarchist: thats how much an entire salmon costs
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: but only because it doesn't freeze and keep well
  • impulse-driven murder-hobo: see this is the problem I have nothing of value that I wouldn't already give you anyway
  • Chief Anarchist: <33
more on William “I don’t know how to knock” Poindexter
  • walked in on Bitty listening to a country song and singing to it (Jack told him to try it)
    • “Hey Bitty ca-Oh my God.”  “William J. Poindexter if you tell anyone I’ll bake you into a pie.”
  • managed to walk in on Holster wearing the salmon shorts
    • “Yo Hols- holy shit.” “Please don’t tell Ransom.”
  • walked into the bathroom on Lardo on time it didn’t really end well
  • went to Chowder’s room to work on homework and found him and Caitlin getting it on
    • “But he’s supposed to be the pure one.”
  • has busted in on Nursey jerking it multiple times 
  • he walked in on Ransom voluntarily watching Golden Girls
    • “Please don’t tell Holster.”  
  • Nursey gets him one of those bells you put on cats to know where they are at all times. It was gonna be a chocker but one bruised lip later and they managed to get him to wear it as a bracelet
Clint/Pietro Fic Recs

Figured I’d just go ahead and start collecting all of my favorites in one place. You know, since hawksilver fics—especially really good ones—are so damn hard to find. If anyone knows of any gems outside of AO3, please hook me up!

Verbalised by Salmon_Pink
Words: 1100
Warnings: Daddykink

A single word is all it takes, and Clint’s brain shuts down, his hips taking over.

Time by DustToDust
Words: 1850
Warnings: Major character death

Time hasn’t been the same for Pietro since the experiments, and sometimes mere seconds can last a lot longer than they should.

Sokovia by black_nata
Words: 4500

He’s determined to stay here until the kid wakes up, until Pietro opens his eyes so Clint can grab him by the ears and yell “What were you thinking?” right into his face.

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Photograph by @paulnicklen while on assignment for @natgeo. I was incredibly fortunate to hang out with two female wolves on a remote beach along the coast of British Columbia. They mostly slept all day but then decided to play in the early evening. It was rewarding to go through all of the images afterwards and see details that I missed with my eyes, such as how they splayed their toes wide open so as not to sink into the soft sand. Their speed, agility, athleticism and gentle nature was humbling and an experience I will never forget. To see two wolves chase down a large coho salmon in a river, please follow me on @paulnicklen. Please stay tuned for a story on the coastal wolves of BC coming out this month in @natgeo. With @cristinamittermeier and @oren.lawson. #wolf #nature #wildlife #adventure #beauty @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #gratitude by natgeo

@god @jesus come thru in 2016 and make my only new year wish come true: give me good skin pls. i know im not really a token asker im gay and watch anime but it shouldnt be that hard didn’t y'all multiply fish once? it wouldn’t be harder to multiply healthy skin cells on my face im small i promise. please you did it for the salmons

Arrow 2016 Wishlist

Some things I hope to see coming this year:

- Donna and Thea ganging up to “help” plan the Olicity wedding. They take over and drive Felicity crazy until she threatens eloping with Oliver.

- Felicity struggling with the return of her father. Especially if he is the Calculator. The feelings of abandonment, feeling like she wasn’t worth him sticking around for. Him not being the dad she remembers.

- Oliver ripping the world apart to get Darhk.


- Diggle’s reaction to Felicity getting hurt. Him telling Oliver to go home and shower, he’ll sit with her while they wait for her to wake up. He sits and talks to her.

- Thea and Felicity scenes!!! Seriously, Felicity is engaged to her brother, can they please have a girls night, or just a conversation please.

- More sweaty, shirtless Oliver using the salmon ladder

- Domestic Oliver. Can we see him cooking again. Or bringing Felicity breakfast in bed as she recovers.

- Even though the circumstances were less than ideal, I would like to see Oliver interacting with his son more. Because it was adorable.

- Felicity finding out about Oliver’s son and him lying to her. I want to see her angry, she deserves to be angry. I want them to lay it all out, Oliver’s reasonings, Felicity’s reaction. Everything. 


- Felicity kicking ass and taking names as the CEO of Palmer Tech, soon to be renamed?


- With Roy coming back (!!!!!!!), his reaction to Oliver and Felicity being together and engaged.


- More over the comms bickering.

- Nurse Felicity, patching her team up.

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