the saints cosplay

Get Ready YALLFest—@IreadYA Is Coming For You!

YALLFest is this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited to be headed to Charleston to meet-up with all of the book nerds coming out to this year’s festival! Time to break out the happy dance!

This Saturday, November 11, hang out with @IreadYA for special events and loads of giveaways at our booth ALL DAY LONG! See our booth schedule below and make sure to have multiple tote bags handy—you’re going to need them ;)


Last day of Stan Lee’s LA comic con, and i was able to get a photo op with Charlet Chung a.k.a. AISHA (and! She was really sweet and since not alot of people were lining up today, we took more than 1 pic. She even left her stall so we could take pics without any of the posters being shown 😂

None of my props are here cuz they implemented a no prop gun policy.


My Andromeda God Cloth cosplay, wore it again this year at a gaming con called BRASIL GAME SHOW (BGS) but now the armor has clear signs of wearing, STILL i had fun!