the sailor quartet



“We are Sailor Senshi…under the protection of the four
Solar Asteroids. Sailor Ceres. Sailor Pallas. Sailor Juno. Sailor Vesta. Sailor Chibi-Moon…We will be waiting for the day you wil stand alone as a…proud senshi.”


So. Many. Dots. Oh my god. OTL

*ahem* As you can probably tell, we’re reaching the climax of Future Reunion. I’ve got three more pages to go after this, and after that will be the final chapter! I’ve also began a turning point and have begun looking for a new job (I actually really like my current job, but it’s technically a training position and you can’t stay in those forever), so I’m gonna be busy with submitting resumes and hopefully some interviews. I’ll also be taking a class over the summer, so that might cut into my time as well.


The Complete Parallels Masterpost:
- The Leaders (Venus, Kunzite and Ceres)
- The Muscles (Jupiter, Nephrite and Juno)
- The Tacticians (Mercury, Zoisite and Pallas)
- The Summoners (Mars, Jadeite and Vesta)