the saga of carl carlson


y con esta canción de sigur rós no podía ser mas perfecto.

“We’re not friends … maybe we’re just a couple of lonely guys who sit at a bar and talk about ‘guy stuff’.”

In Defense of: Liking Some of the New Simpsons Episodes


I know, I know. You can’t ever compare to the classic Simpsons, and the show has been driven into the ground. Trust me, I know.

And in no way am I denying that. In fact, I’m one of the millions of people who grew up watching the show. I attribute some of who I am today to this hilarious, heartfelt marvel of (not so) modern TV.

All that being said, it’s episodes like tonight’s The Saga of Carl Carlson that make me feel the need to justify actually enjoying The Simpsons again. That’s why I’ve come up with the three show theory.

(not really a 'theory,’ but I didn’t know what other word to use)

Basically, this theory dissects this long-running show into three separate shows, and measure them on their own merits. (I know this is bull, but … okay, yeah, no excuse 6~9 )

First is Classic Simpsons (arguably, seasons 1-10)

Nothing need be said.

Next is Teenage Simpsons (11-19)

And then we descend …

I think you can guess why I called it that. Awkward, painful, just generally not fun to watch. Sounds like teenage years to me.

And now, we have the bipolar New Simpsons (20- present)

It’s odd. This follows the lead of the Teenage Simpsons, most of the time being just as awkward and 'JUST WHY??’ as its predecessor. But then, every now and then something will come along that makes me remember what made The Simpsons great when it was great. I find the good episodes aren’t the funny ones, but the ones that allow the writers to be real.

That’s usually what made the Classic Simpsons episodes heartfelt on the surprisingly common occasions that they were. Remember the end of Mother Simpson? Lisa’s Substitute? Dog of Death? I Married Marge?

These and many others were the times that the Simpsons felt like real people. Being able to blend those touching moments and real-life problems with over-the-top comedy made it all the more endearing, and I’d even say true to life.

The New Simpsons show has a lot of crappy episodes, but the ones that do hit, remind me of better times.

Anyway, the whole point of the 3 show theory is to defend episodes like The Saga of Carl Carlson, A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again (which, btw, has be re-run WAY too much on Global), and How I Wet Your Mother.

(Also, that one scene in Changing of the Guardian when Homer and Marge are trapped, and think they’re going to die, and Homer writes 'Save her first’ on the glass)