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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Starter Sentences
  • You got a badditude. That’s a bad attitude.
  • Motherhood really opens a man’s eyes!
  • Let me check. Oh, it just says no one likes you.
  • I accidentally smiled at you last week and you shined a laser pointer into my eye and screamed “perv”.
  • Every time you talk, I hear that sound that plays when PacMan dies.
  • I have to ask, do you think “awesome” begins with an “o”?
  • I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. It was fine until they went inside a hive.
  • You can’t handle the me!
  • Forget your ex, have meaningless sex. It rhymes because it’s true.
  • You never let me do anything cool!
  • The English language cannot fully capture the depth and complexity of my thoughts, so I’m incorporating Emoji into my speech to better express myself. Winky-face.
  • Almost makes me wanna take things seriously all the time, but then I’m like, “boobs, farts, boobs, whatever.”
  • I feel like a proud mama hen whose baby chicks have learned to fly!
  • Blink twice if you’d like me to mercy kill you.
  • I feel like I’m the Paris of people.
  • My mother cried when I was born because she knew that she’d never be better than me.
  • Here are the rules. No staring at your phone, no rolling in two hours late, no sweatpants, no jeans, no shorts.
  • I’m fine at parties. I just stand in the middle of the room and don’t say anything.
  • The last lady I went out with burst into tears when I told her I was a Gemini.
  • Chop-chop. There’s plenty of embarrassing to do and only a few hours to do it in.
  • Yes, 911? What’s the safest way to set a car on fire?
  • My doctor said that if the bullet was a fraction to the left and two feet up, it would have hit my brain!
  • Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • I mean, why would a death threat be a big deal? Oh, that’s right, ‘cause it threatens death!
  • That’s right! Just kicked Santa in the testicles.
  • It looks like you live on the set of Murder, She Wrote.
  • Did you make the cover of “Hair-Pulled-Back Magazine?”
  • Yeah, but that was before I knew I could get up on this high horse. Love the view up here. Clip clop!
  • Why are you giving candy to a baby in the first place? Don’t give candy to a baby! They can’t brush their teeth!
  • Actually, someone reported that they couldn’t find your head. But we found it; it was up your butt.

Morgan Rielly - 2:00am in Toronto "No Return"

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This series is based off songs from Jake Miller’s album “2:00am in LA

Word Count: 1522

Warnings: Steam / Drinking

No Return / I Wish You Didn’t Love Me / Sleeping With Strangers / Parties / Back To The Start

Tonight, there was a party being thrown at one of your best friend’s apartment. You didn’t party often but you enjoyed the couple times you did. Those times usually being when one of your good friends, Morgan, invited you. You had met him in Toronto when he first moved here. The two of you hit it off immediately and have been best friends ever since.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, bitches! Maybe I haven't scoured your blog as thoroughly as I think I have (I was on your site for like four hours straight one night) but I was wondering if you have any advice for people like me without a lot of money who'd like to start investing? I know it's important to start early and compound interest sounds Hella Sweet™ but I also know very little about stocks and such and don't want to pay big fees to someone I don't entirely trust...have any resources I could use to get educated?

I love you for asking this question. You’re exactly right to be thinking of this stuff right now! Here’s what we have that sort of addresses your situation:

How to Save for Retirement when you Make Less than $30,000 a Year

Dafuq is a Retirement Plan and Why do You Need One? 

Our main advice for you right now is to do this stuff in this order:

1. If the company you work for offers a 401(k) or 403(b), go see your HR person and ask to start one right away. Ask them what percentage you need to contribute to get the employer match, and then work up to that percentage over time if it’s too expensive to pull from your paycheck right away.

2. Once you’re maxing out your 401(k)/403(b), start an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). If your employer doesn’t offer a 401(k)/403(b), skip step 1 and go straight to this step. A Roth IRA will take taxes out of your account NOW, a Traditional IRA will take taxes out of your account when you retire. I recommend the Roth IRA through Vanguard. Just call them and say “I want a Roth IRA.” You’ll have to have $1k to start, and you can invest up to $5,500 per year.

3. Look into a micro-investing account like Acorns. Sign up on their website. This rounds up your expenditures and puts the extra change into your investment account. You can also just throw extra money in it as you please, since the online interface is user friendly. There’s no minimum amount to get started. BUT… the fees are disappointingly high until you’ve got a couple thousand invested. Unlike the retirement accounts above, you can access the money at any time.

4. Get a Vanguard Index Fund. If you listen to the Freakonomics podcast, then you know that index funds are the absolute lowest-risk, lowest-fee, safest way to invest over the long term. DO NOT GET A MANAGED FUND. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY AND ALSO TOO RISKY FOR YOU. An index fund, by contrast, works by giving you a tiny slice of the total stock market. So if you know NADA about investing but you want to start putting money away, this is a great option as you don’t have to go through the trouble of picking individual stocks. 

We’ll try to write a more lengthy post on this topic soon! As a reminder, my darlings, we definitely take requests. ;)


Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) 14/24

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

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So Close to Paradise

The newly weds take off to kick off their honeymoon in the sun! They just have to get there first. Emma does her best to reassure her new husband on his first flight!

Rated M

You can read more of my work here and here

“Killian, we are gonna be fine. People go on planes all the time, we aren’t going to die,” Emma attempted to reassure her pirate who was currently pacing back and forth waiting for their flight to board.

“I know it’s just I don’t understand why we can’t sail the Jolly to our destination?” Hook question.

“Because it would take months to get to Hawaii by ship. Besides it is much safer to fly there than it is to sail there, even if you are the best captain in all the realms,” She smiled stepping closer to him, hoping that the flattering would help calms him worries. Emma could almost see the fear radiating from him. The whole car ride to the New York City airport he was having a panic attack. Emma even offered to cancel the trip if he was this upset about it, but of course he said that he didn’t want to be the reason that they had to cancel their honeymoon.

This would be his first time flying. They were both headed to the island Maui to start off their marriage, and even though Killian spent the majority of his life on the high seas, fighting off danger the thought of flying literally terrified him. She had to do some considerable convincing just to get him into the car on the way to the airport. Emma tried to show him the statistics that proved that flying was actually the safest form of travel but he didn’t listen. Even though he’s been in this world for years now, he still thought that planes were magic flying death traps.

Nevertheless, Emma was still so excited. Not only was she going to get some much needed vacation time lying on the beach, but she was going with the man of her dreams who has now been her husband for a full twenty four hours. Their wedding was perfect and everything she could have dreamed. Of course there were a few bumps in the road (that was to be expected it being Storybrooke), but all that mattered to Emma was that she was marrying her best friend. And she knew that Killian would love Hawaii once they arrived.

They were staying at a four star hotel right on the beach that offered fine dining, couples massages, and some of the most beautiful views on the island. They also rented a boat to explore the gorgeous scenery with. It was the perfect trip, no magic, no villains, no curses. Just the two of them for three whole weeks. But the trip wasn’t going to happen unless she could get her husband on the damn plane!

Emma heard their flight number loud and clear over the intercom announcing that the plane was now boarding. She took her husband’s hand, dragging him to the terminal. Emma could tell he was still in a panic. He was breathing hard and she could almost hear his heart beating in his chest. And their was a faint sheen of sweat covering his face.

Emma knew that his anxiety was also probably due to the fact that he couldn’t wear his hook in the airport. It always made him feel self conscious, like a piece of him was missing. He detested wearing that fake hand. To him it just felt wrong after wearing a hook for decades, but Emma explained to him how off putting her second favorite attachment would look in a high security facility. He finally came to his senses and agreed to leave the hook at home.

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umbrulla  asked:

One of the most frustrating things for me is how people act like the only way to transport oil is by pipeline. Theres no acknowledgement or respect for railroads and truck drivers. How are pipelines supposed to be safer or more reliable than cargo under constant supervision? smh

A lot of people think rail is more dangerous than pipelines, but with bitumen, rail is actually safer (because there is no risk of it exploding).

Georgia Straight: Is it safer to ship bitumen by train?

Elizabeth May: The safest way to ship bitumen is by rail. Now, there are other things that you get doing it that way. There’s probably more greenhouse gases in shipping it by rail. I think certainly there are. On the safety issue, on which they implicitly connect in our brains the notion of Lac Magentic and a fireball killing people in a small community, that accident, that tragedy, did not involve bitumen. We were talking not just crude, but Bakken shale. Bakken shale is bad stuff and enormously inflammable.

Bitumen, on the other hand, solid bitumen, you can try with a blowtorch to try to get it catch fire and you’ll have no luck. And if you had [transport] bitumen [by rail, here’s] how they do it: you have to heat up the bitumen because it’s a solid. You can’t pour it into the train. It’s a solid thing. You heat it up enough to put it in a railcar. And then it cools down in that railcar. It’s not going anywhere until it gets to its final destination when you have to heat it up again to get it out of the railcar.

So you don’t mix it with diluent. You just heat it up. Put it in the railcar. And it goes solid again.

If that railcar were to catapult off a high place and crash into a brook below, it would make a mess of splintered and fractured railcar parts as it broke apart but the bitumen wouldn’t be going anywhere. It would be sitting there as a lump. It wouldn’t catch fire and it wouldn’t blow up.

I don’t think this is a smart thing to do. Why do we want to ship out raw product as fast as possible without getting any value added? But if you were going to do that for some reason, the safest way to do it is by rail.

music festival health happiness and safety tips pt.2 specific drug use

these are very important tips about music festivals, health, safety, and drug use. If you don’t participate in those, that’s fine! But please know that some of your followers may be a person who is doing these things or is thinking about them, so it’s good to pass around.

Music Festival Tips

Specific drugs and what you can usually expect from an average amount of them
- Gram v ounce, a gram is smaller and generally used to measure a powder or rock substance, an ounce is generally used to measure bigger drugs like shrooms or weed.

1. Weed
- Easily the most common drug, weed mellows you out, makes your body feel heavier, and can help you sleep. Beginners start usually at an ounce each, 10$ equivalent.
-What can you mix it with?
Anything, if you’re feeling too up and you need to calm down smoking some weed is a good way to do that, weed is one of the safest drugs you can take.
-When should you NOT smoke?
If you are in the middle of a high on something else and are worried you will pass out, not fall asleep, pass out.
If you feel sick to your stomach

2. Alcohol
- most people are drinking at these events, if they can get alcohol they are drinking it. That does NOT mean you have to though, alcohol will blur your state of mind, make you happier, and get your body moving. As you start to lose the drunk you will get blurrier, irritated, and sleepy.
- what can you mix it with?
Juice, or Gatorade is great for in the drink, but as you consume more alcohol your ability to taste it will go away, be conscious of how you feel.
alcohol is pretty safe to mix drugs with as long as you are not in blackout, but I strongly advise only mixing drugs you have personally done, and earlier that night doesn’t count.
- when should you NOT drink
When you’re extremely high on a stimulant (adderall, cocaine, molly (mdma) are some common examples)
If you thought about vomiting in the last half hour
If you do not know what is in the cup
If you are going to sleep within the hour.

3. Cocaine
All the energy. All the energy at once. This high is very short, most people for their first time will do about .25 grams ~20$. You must crush it to a powder, never do coke that you did not witness be crushed or a trusted friend saw crushed, and snort it. Cocaine is a quick party drug that will pick you up for half an hour and then dump you on your ass.
-what can you mix it with
Alcohol and weed are both depressants, so if you think you need to chill out a bit do that. If not, I leave coke alone because it’s so short.
- when you should NOT do cocaine
If you are already way way up.
If you feel unsafe in any way
If you have never done it before and someone offers it to you, they are trying to help you vibe the way they are. You need to be doing your thing far away from them.

4. Molly or MDMA (pure E/ecstasy)
You need to test this. Undoubtably. there are many many drugs that give the same immediate effects as Molly but will fuck you over. Methylone is the only thing I would safely take that didn’t test as molly because it is so incredibly similar that you barely notice. Molly is definitely going to make you dancey, or at least want to go get up and doing something. You are going to touch people because you will want to feel them. Not all people are going to want to be touched, try to eyeball someone around you that you can clearly tell is on your level, dance over to them and jam. Everything will feel incredible, people like to do the sex during molly, make sure you check in with your sober self during that to make sure that’s something you are 100% okay with. The usual dosage for Molly is .25g which is about 20$.
- what can you mix molly with
Alcohol and that’s really it, anything else and you’ll have a great time but you will regret that great time about two hours later. Weed is also available to chill you out.
- when should you NEVER do molly
Past 1am, if you are considering taking Molly at 1am just wait. Wait about half an hour for that urge to pass because you will be feeling so good for the rest of the night just on what you’re on.
If it’s not tested.
If you have felt out of control in the past two hours
If you have severe anxiety

Acid, shrooms, adderall to come next in part 3.

Please add on your information and experiences so we can keep all of the total party people and future people safe and happy

Voyage, Pt. 1

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Summary: Five years, four friends, three lovers still stuck in the past, two love stories, one ship hundreds of miles away from shore, all set on a voyage that would change their lives from here on out.

Characters: Taehyung, Jimin, (she/her) Reader

Tags: Romance, slice of life, mild angst

Notes: After a terribly long wait, I humbly present my second project: ‘Voyage’! This mini serial is based on my First Love Commemoration Series, and will follow, in more depth, the stories of Taehyung and Jimin and their respective first loves. The serial will be about 3-4 parts long, perhaps five if I’m feeling wordy. With no further ado, please enjoy the first segment of this voyage of a lifetime!

Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, Afterthoughts

          You had hit many milestones in your twenty-four years of life—your first friendship, your first falling out, your first time attending a concert of your favourite band, your first time crying over celebrities who had no idea who you were, your high school entrance ceremony, your first boyfriend and your first break-up, graduation, attending college away from home, experiencing dorm life for the first time, making your first steps towards a career you had no idea if was right for you.  

          Twenty-four years was no small amount of time, but it had felt so short, so fleeting, you blink your eyes and suddenly foot races down school corridors to get a good spot in the lunch queue had felt like eons ago. Even at graduation, the reality of leaving your teenage years behind had not hit you—you hugged friends goodbye, thanked teachers for their guidance, took a tour of the building you spent the most beautiful years of your youth in—and you had left it all behind. In those instances it hadn’t felt so heavy, so irreversible, but when you moved into your dorm and lost yourself on campus trying to get to class, you had realised how small you were, and how gargantuan the world was.

          Adulthood. Four years into college, into your twenties, and that word still sat on your tongue like a clump of wet sand. You’d loll it around, stuff it into the pocket of your cheeks and work around it, but it was always there. You wondered when you would grow to fit the shoes you had haphazardly worn and sprinted in for the past four years, wondered if the transition would happen like a car collision—jarring, instantaneous—or if you’d slip into it unknowingly like a daydream. 

          Then one day you received an email class, and you had faded away from the lecture hall, away from the hubbub of classroom noises and your professor’s lecture on abnormal psychology, and you had found yourself standing at the foot of a very long, long flight of stairs.

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anonymous asked:

Because I've heard many conflicting opinions, I thought I'd ask for your advice. Is it okay to use a slow cooker on skulls at LOW temperatures? Not actually boiling the skull? And if so, what's the safest way to do it? Thanks!

I personally dislike simmering for my own cleaning methods. I’ve never had much success with it and it’s easier for me to just macerate or nature clean my specimens. You get much better-looking skulls with those methods too.

When cleaning a skull you really don’t want to get up over temps around 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit. Most slow cookers don’t go below 190 degrees on the lowest setting. They are made for cooking meat and when meat on bone is cooked, the high temps will essentially dissolve the collagen out of the bone. Now that makes for more flavorful dishes but it’s bad if you are trying to clean skulls because collagen is part of what helps give bone its strength so removing it can cause bones to become brittle and flaky. Those high temps can set grease into the bone too, making it difficult if not impossible to remove later during degreasing.

I know a lot of folks like that method because it speeds the process up a bit and cuts down on some of the mess and odor but it’s a very fine line between cleaning a skull and ruining a skull with a crockpot or slow cooker. If you have to simmer, using a pot on a stove or other heat source gives you a little more control over the temps.

Hope that helps, Anon! Best of luck!

anonymous asked:

Sebastian and Ciel head cannons?

(ノ´ー`)ノ ~☆


  • Since his head is full of historical stories and legends in which he participated personally, he will gladly tell you some of them. The only thing you have to do is ask him about that. However, don’t expect to know which role he was playing in those stories, he probably won’t share this kind of information because he doesn’t want you to hate him because of his previous behavior and choices.
  • He will learn your food taste and always prepare your favourite meals and drinks. Of course, at first they will be terrible so you will have to be patient and give him instructions about your likings so he could improve.
  • Although he will accept your basic human needs and respect them, sometimes he may want you to spent whole night with him so he could show you how beautiful night may be and – in spite of what people say – how alive it is, not less than the daytime. In return, you may convince him to actually sleep with you and he will most likely agree.
  • Sometimes he may be a little awkward when it comes to cuddling but he will often kiss you, knowing that this is one of the human’s favourites methods to show affection to each other. Plus, he can do miracles with those soft lips.


  • He will never, ever let you participate in any of his investigations since it may be too dangerous. Don’t even bother to convince him, he will just get angry and scream how much you mean for him so he doesn’t want you to get hurt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • He will always act way more mature in your presence than he really is. Being gentelman, he will gladly show his high status by buying you presents, letting you use his huge library and talking about the company he is running and its successes. Sometimes it may seem selfish but the only reason to do it is to prove you that he can take care of you everytime and with him you are the safest person in the world.
  • He may take you to a horse trip in the nearby forest and the picnic later, showing you the most beautiful landscapes in the area. A little race will sound as fun also, right?
  • He will let you win with him in the game of chess if only this will make you smile.
A Voice Among the Shadows [LuNyx]

EEEEYYYYY it’s been a while since I’ve written a LuNyx oneshot XD

A continuation of @annaoi​‘s lunyx comic; Shadows in the Garden. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ANN!!

SHIP: Luna/Nyx


It’s her way 
to put trust in the untrustworthy
to love the unlovable
To have faith when there’s nothing left to believe in

Bullets ricocheted against concrete walls. Buildings crumbled to ruins from their once grand structures. Despite with all the noise surrounding them from outside, an air of silence blanketed the interior of an abandoned office where a certain glaive and princess were taking refuge from the dangers of the once jeweled city. Crouched low and behind a desk, the two waited for a sign of safety—neither daring to exchange any form of sound. Not far from where they were, lay the carcass of a dead monster, slain by the very hands of the glaive which now held the delicate hairpin which belonged to the princess.

“You knew what would happen, didn’t you? You knew it was a trap and you still….” Nyx was the first to speak, his voice low in a murmur, eyes never leaving contact with the hairpin in his hands to look up at the princess. His fingers, cut and blistered dug into the tracking device that was hidden within the cherished gift—what a dangerous thing, if only he knew sooner it wouldn’t have come to this.

“It was my choice.” Lunafreya responded, her voice just as quiet. “You didn’t have to come save me.”

Nyx’s tightened his lips. Maybe he didn’t. If he didn’t, all those lives lost would be spared. He would still have glaives to call friends. And yet….

“It was my choice…” he repeated the very words back at her. “It’s my duty to protect you, your highness.”

“I never asked for protection.” Lunafreya said. “I was prepared to accept whatever were to happen to me. I do not fear death—”

“What I fear is doing nothing, and losing everything.” Nyx finished off, cutting the princess’s  short. His eyes wandered back to the hairpin. The sparkling jewel in his hand only weighed heavy on his soul. “I’ve done all I could, and yet I still lose everything…” he muttered lowly under his breath. Easier said than done….

A king’s blade was not forged to weep, yet Lunafreya could see it all. The grief hanged over his head like a shadowing phantom, seeping through his hardened shell of a soldier. It was the same man—the same shadow—she saw that night in the garden, lonely, broken, human.

“I’m sorry…” she  whispered. But she knew well her words of apology weren’t enough to heal his wounds, Oracle or not. “It’s all my fault…”

“They knew what they were putting themselves into. Glaives die everyday, your highness.” the glaive uttered “We know what we signed up for.” A heavy sighed passed his lips, if only it was enough to lift the weight burdening him within. “It’s not your fault.”

“No, it is.” Lunafreya shook her head in disagreement. “Because of my selfish decisions, I cost the lives of your friends. If I could exchange my lives for theirs I would in a heartbeat.”

Nyx scoffed, only barely holding his temptation to roll his eyes. “It’s like I said, your highness. They knew the chances of coming out alive would be slim. They died for a purpose, and that was to keep you alive.”

However her royal highness begged to differ. “One glaive already died for me, Nyx. That’s more than enough to keep me awake at night. And now witnessing more perish for the sake of my protection…” The princess looked up at the glaive. Eye to eye, her gaze which once spoke with tranquility were now painting to him the sorrowful prayers of mourning. “Do you think I want people to die for me?” Lunafreya suddenly questioned. “Am I really worth all these deaths?”

Nyx opened his mouth to speak but only resorted to silence once more. It was as if his voice had left him in that very moment.

“Tell me, Nyx.” The princess asked again.

“Of course you are.” Nyx replied. “You have the whole future in your hands, your highness. Something like that can’t be taken lightly. I was prepared to risk my life for you too.”

“Your life too shouldn’t be taken lightly.” Lunafreya uttered.

But Nyx could only laugh in response—a chuckle, dry and unconvincing. “We glaives…we’ve been forged to fight the battles beyond the wall. Eventually our blades will dull and our time of duty will come to an end. There is nothing much we can live for.”

If reassurance was what he wanted to provide, they did very little in doing so. Even to himself.

“What makes you say that?” the princess asked.

“I…” Nyx stopped. Memories of the past, a distant time in life he had never forgotten began to resurface. “I had a sister once. She was killed when the empire came.” The smell of his home engulfed by hungry flames, the image of his soot and blood covered hands searching for the body of his dead sister all replayed in his head like an old tape, gritty with the sound of muffled screams. “I couldn’t save her…I was helpless then as I am now. I couldn’t show her the future she wanted.”

It happened so long ago, yet the death of his beloved little sister still plagued the man deep in his bones. Seeing Crowe’s cold lifeless body on that table, it only reminded him of that haunting memory. She was another life he couldn’t save, and another promising future he couldn’t keep. She was like a little sister to both him and Libertus. And though she was sick of hearing it, Nyx wished he had said it to her more.

She deserved better. They both did.

The hand which held the hairpin tightened. It’s teeth digging into his palm. He was numb to the pain—but why did it still hurt?

A shaking of the head was the response he received. A small gesture but enough to express the princess’s disagreement. “True power isn’t found by those who seek it.” she began. “It is something that comes to those who deserve it. Your sister wanted you see a future as well. Anyone would wish the same for family they love.” Soft was her voice, but strong were those words.

Nyx shook his head like the princess did. He snickered and a smirk spread across his lips. “You don’t pull any punches, do you?”

A smile graced the Lunafreya’s lips. The sound of his laughter was small, but it was enough. Reaching her hand out, she then placed it upon the glaive’s. “You still have so much to live for, Nyx.” she said. “You can still show them a future. It rests upon your hands too.”

“My hands?” Another scoff sounded from Nyx. “What can I do? I’m nothing now without the king’s magic…” Drautos’ words were becoming a reality. Captain was right afterall, he always was.

“There is so much more you can do even without magic, dear glaive.”

“Not all miracles are made by magic…” Nyx murmured the words oh her own. “Does a man like me deserve a miracle?”

“We all do.” Lunafreya spoke, her voice sounding like that of a blessed prayer. “And I still need you to make it happen.”

“I got nothing to give, your highness.” Nyx grimaced.

“Your voice is all I need, Nyx.”

“My voice?” The glaive’s brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“I need you to keep the tales of the Kingsglaive alive. To tell our future the legends of the fallen.” Lunafreya began. Eyes dipping, she peered at the hairpin still held in the said glaive’s hand. “I’m lucky enough to have something to remember Crowe by. But the bravery of these men, they deserve so much more.” She looked back up at the glaive, her gaze now glassed with a sense of hope. “I want you to be their voices, Nyx Ulric. No longer will you remain as shadows fighting behind these walls.”

“You’re asking for a lot, your highness…” Nyx murmured. “Who would want to listen to an outsider like me?” How could he be the voice for others when he’s voice was lost so long ago. He was just a glaive, a weapon of the kingdom. The only talking he knew now was with blades in hand, not in tongue.

“The growing children, the babes that are yet to be born who will lead our world to a better promise.” Lunafreya continued. “They need people like you Nyx, someone who can lead them down the right path. And that’s something I can’t do alone. Royal, and Oracle I may be, there is no greater voice than a hero like you.”

“Do you really trust someone like me.” The glaive spoke softly, his words a whisper but loud enough for the princess to hear.

“More than anything.” Lunafreya responded “If I can trust you with my life, I can trust you with the future too.”

“The future….” the words of such tumbled across his tongue. It was something he had never thought much for himself let alone for others. Yet, here the princess was entrusting it to him, placing the lives of the growing young and children yet to be upon his blood-stained hands. Nyx sighed, heavy like the last. But he felt a little lighter as if a burden was lifted from his shoulders, giving way to the sense of ease he missed. “Alright then.” his gaze shifted to the princess. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, your highness. I might turn on you.” his smirk widened, a genuine smile he thought he’d forgotten how to pull.

The smile on the princess’s lips didn’t falter. His humour was still intact, even in a grievous moment like this one. “I know you won’t. You’ve made sure that the safest place is by your side. That is more than enough for me to believe in you.” Her hand which she had placed upon his tightened around his fingers—a touch to show her faith to her glaive.

“It’s my job to, your highness…” With the hairpin in hand, he reached over and gently inserted it’s teeth into her golden tresses. However instead of pulling away his fingers lingered, holding her cheek ever so lightly against his palm. Her glow, now marred with tragedy. “I’ll get you out of here soon…” he whispered.

Lunafreya nodded. Placing her hand upon his like before, she laced her fingers with his. “We’ll get out of here.” she responded. “I’m not leaving this city without you, Nyx.”

“You won’t be…I promise.

For a glaive like himself, Nyx knew a promise as such shouldn’t be made. But the princess, she gifted him with a sense of purpose, another chance at life—a voice that had long been silenced.

For the future she had told him.

But for you too, your highness.

He knew the chances of his voice reaching beyond these walls were slim. But even if for a little while, to walk with her side by side one more time…

I wish it’ll be enough…


A Difficult Choice - Part 2


Pairing: Stiles x Theo x Reader

Summary: Stiles is jealous that you spend so much time with Theo despite being told over and over again that his dangerous. And does everything he can to get you to see that Theo isn’t the one for you.

Side Note: I hope people don’t mind that I’m using these gifs again ahaha.

You woke up with a terrible headache, it was probably due to the lack of sleep last night. Every time you tried to close your eyes it all came back in one big flashback, Theo kissing you as well as Stiles confessing his feelings. Your mind wouldn’t shut off and in turn you woke up even more exhausted than when you went to sleep.

While others might love the idea of two guys fighting for her, you didn’t. Because in the end someone’s heart always ended up broken. And that’s exactly what you had to do, you either broke your best friends heart Stiles, or you broke Theo’s heart or the third was to break your own and walk away from the two. It doesn’t matter how many times you go over every possibility in your head, the conclusion is always the same. It always ends with pain for someone and guilt for another.

Dragging yourself out of bed you went to the bathroom to wash up. While you were brushing your teeth, your phone beeped. Spitting out the toothpaste and splashing water on your face, you picked up the phone and Scott had left you a message. It read:

Meet me at the hospital - Scott

Those words weren’t ones you wanted to see flash across your screen so putting your hair in a messy bun, you grabbed the car keys and headed to the hospital fearing the worst. Running through the double doors you spotted Scott sitting on the chairs.

“Is everything okay?” you asked.

He stood up and lead you up the hallway, stopping outside a closed door. “Lydia is here for a check up. Her mum wanted to make sure she was alright after everything that happened in Echien” he explained.

Breathing a sign of relief that it wasn’t anything major and no one was badly injured, you looked around noticing that Stiles wasn’t here, “Where’s Stiles? I thought he would be with you?” you asked slightly confused.

Scott shifted nervously from one foot to another, noticing this sudden movement you gave him a questioning look. “Scott what’s going on?”.

“Stiles is on the roof”.

“What is he doing on the hospital roof?” you asked even more confused than when this conversation begun.

"Theo called him”.

Your heartbeat sped up that much faster when Scott said those words, pretty sure that you already knew the answer you asked anyway. “Why did Theo call him?”.

“I think we both know why” Scott answered.

Leaving Scott behind you felt guilty, but Stiles and Theo alone together wasn’t going to end well. And you just hoped that your legs were quick enough to reach the roof before anything happened that one of them would regret.

“Why did you call me up here Theo?” Stiles asked clearly not impressed.

“I want you to back off, just let Y/N be happy with me” he said.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “ What makes you think she would be happy with you?”

“You had your chance Stiles, but then I come along and suddenly you have to tell Y/N how you feel? We both know why you did it.” he stated, moving closer towards Stiles trying to intimidate him.

“She won’t choose you Theo, pretty soon she’ll see how toxic you are for her and she’ll walk away”.

Now they were nose to nose, “I see someone’s jealous . Your just afraid because she doesn’t give a damn what you and the rest of the pack thinks. That’s why her being with me affects you so much, because none of you can control the way she thinks.”

“You’re delusional Raeken, stay away from her. She deserves better than a failure like you”. Stiles spat those words out like venom.

Theo was getting angry, “Watch your tongue Stilinski” he threatened.

Stiles was feeling cocky and brave, “Or what? If you hurt me Y/N won’t forgive you”.

“She needs a man Stiles are clearly that isn’t you”.

The rooftop door opened and you walked into. Your eyes adverted to the scene in front of you, tension could be felt instantly between Stiles and Theo and what happened next was completely unexpected. Stiles grabbed Theo by the collar and shoved him up against the wire fence. “Stiles stop!” you yelled praying that he would listen.

Of course none of them would stop and in a matter of seconds Theo took the power of control back, and slammed Stiles against the wire fence which he was pressed against not too long ago. “Theo!” you shouted.

This was getting way out of hand and someone was most likely going to get hurt. So now you were the one taking control and stepped in the middle of them two.

“Enough! Both of you need to stop right now”. Both of them were still high on anger and staying in between these two was the safest option, considering they looked like they were ready to tear the other one apart. And fearing that Theo would win thanks to his supernatural advantage, didn’t help the situation.

“What is the matter with you two?” you asked, looking from one boy to the another.

“He can’t have you Y/N” Stiles spoke.

“Speak for yourself Stilinski” Theo replied.

“Guys! Okay clearly this needs to be dealt with, but fighting on a rooftop isn’t the way to go”.

Both of them looked down, this was so much harder than you anticipated. You had no idea how this was going to go, but all you knew was your mind was made up.

“There is no point in being angry at another…because I’ve made up my mind”.

Theo and Stiles turned to you and they were eager to know which one of them you would pick.

“Who is it Y/N, Me or Theo?” Stiles asked you.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you walked closer to the exit. Standing in front of them, while both of them stared back at you. “It’s neither Stiles” you said.

“What!?” they both shouted.

“I can’t choose, and I’m not going to hurt either one of you. Stiles you’re one of my best friends, I can’t lose you. And Theo I’m not risking our friendship, I won’t do it.”

Theo stepped forward and grabbed your hands, “Babygirl listen to me, don’t do this. I know that you’re trying to do the right thing by everyone. But how is this fair when the your the one getting hurt?”. Stiles was looking at you and Theo from where he was standing, his eyes not leaving you.

“Even though I don’t particularly like Theo, I have to agree Y/N. How is it okay for you to walk away the only one hurt?”. Stiles said

“Because I can live with this decision, but I couldn’t live with knowing I hurt one of the two most important people in my life” You glanced at Theo, “Please respect my decision” you said to him knowing full well he was already devising some way to get you to change your mind.

Not wanting to stay any longer, you let of of Theo’s hand and walked through the exit door. You love both of them, sure in different ways but you still love them and there was no way that you could choose even if you had too. It was better off this way, even if that wasn’t true that was what you had to believe in for this to hurt less.

I’ve decided to write an AU fic set in Left Behind where Ellie and Riley never get bitten, and decide to take Ellie’s suggestion of running off to face the world on their own. 

It’s mostly fluff at the moment - I want them happy for a while, so sue me - but it will pick up a bit more next chapter.



“What do we do now?”

“We’ll figure it out.”

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Jaÿ-Z’s TiDAL freestyle

Hov went in during his first TiDAL B-Sides show, spitting a freestyle full of poignant bars that reminded us why he is the King. Shots fired.

“So I’m the bad guy now I hear, because I don’t go with the flow
Don’t ever go with the flow, be the flow
And I don’t need no middle man to talk to my niggas
I understand if you don’t understand, I figure I’m Jigga
That’s where we differ
I take what’s mine, you accept what they they give you, I get you
I don’t take no cheques I take my respect
Pharrell even told me go with the safest bet
Jimmy Iovine offered a safety net 
Google dangled around a crazy cheque  
I feel like Youtube is the biggest culprit
Them niggas pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get
You know niggas die for equal pay right?
You know when I work I ain’t your slave right?
You know I ain’t shucking and jiving and high-fiving, and you know this ain’t back in the days right?
Well I can’t tell, how the way they killed Freddie Gray right?
Shot down Mike Brown how they did Tray right?
Let them continue choking niggas 
We gon’ turn style, I ain’t your token nigga
You know I came in this game independent, right?
TiDAL, my own lane, same difference
Oh niggas is skeptical as they own shit
You bought 9 iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich
Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks
Spotify worth nine billion and they ain’t say shit!
Lucy you got some ‘splaining to do
The only one they hating on look the same as you…
That’s cool, I know they trying to bamboozle you
Spending millions on media trying to confuse you
I had to talk to myself, Hov you used to it
It’s politics as usual!”

Happy Families

Description: Dan and Phil’s little family can be dysfunctional sometimes, but can’t everyone’s? This is just a little explosion of parent!phan because I’ve read so much of it recently and it’s my favourite AU :)

Word count: 3.5k


Out of all the tricky things Phil Lester knew he would have to do in his life, starting a family was not one of them.

Now, don’t get him wrong; Phil loves family life. Undoubtedly, having children was the one thing he knew he wanted to do with his life once he found the right background in which to raise them; once he had found the right level of maturity to look after other dependent life-forms and once he had found the right person to do it all with. Not an ambitious or unique aspiration per se, but it was one that filled his heart with the most amount of warmth when he thought about it. It was the one thing he knew he’d get total fulfillment out of: raising mini humans to be good people.

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Helping Strangers

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Spider Man helps you out after a date gone horrible. This is filling the request from @spiderpparker from the prompts list: “I’m sorry you didn’t know me before this.” Thank you so much for the request, love!!

Words: 1641

Warnings: like a cuss word or two. peter being adorkable. 

Originally posted by qothams

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anonymous asked:

Do you think loki slept with the grandmaster to get in his good favor?

Oh, no! Absolutely not! xD Though, I’d find that amusing if it happened.

Seeing how Loki made a kind of disgusted face when the Grandmaster made doe eyes at him, I don’t think it’s a possibility. Loki’s a guy with standards. High standards. He is a prince, not a whore. I don’t think he’d ever take to bed someone he’s not truly attracted to, and I think he’s not the Grandmaster’s big fan.

I DO THINK, HOWEVER, that he’d flirt with him. And maybe he’d tease that something could happen, but he’d never deliver on the promise. He would lead the Grandmaster on for some time, gaining his favor and trust, while thinking of quickest and safest way to get the heck out of there.

My Princess - Bellamy Blake

Prompt: I’m combined these two okay I hope that’s cool also sorry this is short.
From: anon “Hiii :) here’s a request 😊🙌 The reader is one of the 100 who is really shy but smiles a lot, and Bellamy always treats her really bad at camp until she gets captured by grounders, who torture her, then Octavia and Lincoln help her escape and when she gets back to camp Bellamy like freaks out and apologizes for everything and gets really protective of her and makes her sleep in his tent so he can watch and protect her because he’s securely liked her all along he just never wanted to admit it.”
From: “Hi. I was wondering if you could do a Bellamy imagine? But if your busy it’s okay lol”

Paring: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff, talk about wounds, torture

I smiled as I walked through camp and watched people, maybe being on earth wasn’t the safest but it wasn’t all that bad. I leaned against a tree and saw Bellamy come up ready to speak.
“Hey Y/N you don’t seem too busy would you mind going to go get more water?”
“No I don’t mind at all.” I smiled again and took the buckets from him.
“Thanks see you when you get back!” I walked away into the forest on my way to the lake.
I was walking when I was hit over the head with something and knocked out.

When I woke I saw I was tied to high pole and I was bleeding and I felt overall pain.
“What the hell.” I wheezed realizing I could barely breathe. I squeezed my eyes as I tried to make out my surroundings, it was obviously a grounder camp, the same one they kept Jaspar at, I don’t understand why they’re doing this again I just wanted some damn water.
I looked up at the sky and saw the sun was coming up, I was passed out all night and I felt like I was about to pass out again. I saw a few grounders appear. They started speaking grounder and then came over to me and started cutting me one time each I screamed with each cut. They spoke again and started beating me with a long stick until my passed out again.

I finally woke up again and I was in somebody’s, it was Lincoln and Octavia was standing next to him. I could barely speak and I couldn’t movie so I just stayed quiet and laid in his arms. No one even noticed I was awake until we were finally at camp and Bellamy came running to take me from Lincoln.
“Hey, hey Y/N can you hear me?”
“Yeah.” I managed to cough out.
“Okay good Clarke is going to take good care of you okay, I won’t even leave your side I’m so sorry this is all my fault!”
“No.” I coughed again.
“Yes it is I sent you to go the water alone I shouldn’t of done that I’m so sorry Y/N.“ He cried to me as he laid me down in front of Clarke and stayed by my side as promised.
“Did they inject you with anything? Make you swallow anything?” She ask checking my injuries.
“No just beatings.”
“Okay it doesn’t look like anything is broken, your rib is probably just bruised but everything will heal just fine if you rest, now I’m just going to stitch up these stab wounds and you can go rest.”

Bellamy picked me up and started walking to his tent.
“My tent is that way.” I pointed towards my tent.
“Well you’re staying in mine now.”
"Bellamy it’s fine.”
“No it’s my fault you got hurt so now I’m going to protect you.”
“No buts.”

It was night time and he was laying with me in the tent.
“Do you need anything?”
“For the tenth time no.”
“I’m really sorry this happened Y/N.”
“It’s okay Bellamy why are you so worried?”
“Because I love you.” I was shocked at his words.
“I’ve liked you since I saw you the first day here and seeing you when Lincoln carried you in today hurt me so much, I’m so in love with you Y/N.”
“I love you too Bellamy.” I said letting the words slip, they were true I have liked Bellamy for awhile. He leaned down and kissed me, I grabbed his head and pulled him in closer, the kiss was so pull of love and passion, I actually felt butterflies. When I pulled away he was smirking.
“So would you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked a bit of blush showing through his tan skin.
“I would love nothing more.” I smiled and we kissed again.
The rest was history.

Caged Princess - 2

Yandere Yakov
@angel0sh I hope that this ending is what you had in mind. Warning this segment has suicide triggers. This part kicked my butt. I rewrote it several time, but nothing was pulling it together. I am happy with this and hope that you all will be too. Sorry its so late. I will be posting Yakov’s POV shortly afterwards. @thexgoddessxofxfate, @nitelotus @otomevoltagefics, @hifftnThank you all for sticking with me on this. Enjoy!

Suddenly a hand grabs your shoulder and the person behind you whispered into your ear.
“Did you really think that it would be that easy?”

You gasped and turned slowly, your breath caught in your throat as you gaze into the crystal blue eyes of your fiancee. You feel a spark of fear trickle down your spine. Tears spring to your eyes, but do not yet fall. Confused you search his face, your eyes travel from his posture to his expression and wonder why he does not seem angry. With out letting go of your shoulder he moves from behind you and sits in the seat beside you. As he sits Yakov embraces you, breathing in your scent while kissing your temple with his soft lips. You shudder and wait for him to speak first. A moment later he puts two fingers under your chin and lifts you to face him. As you gaze into him you still only see kindness and love. His expression shows that he is worried and you can’t understand why he is not livid with you.

“_______, why did you run from me?” Ever so the patient prince, he speaks calmly playing lightly with you hair as he awaits your answer. 
“You knew I was going to run?”
“Oh ______, of course I did.” Twirling you hair around his finger.
“W-when….when did you figure it out?” You heart still beating loudly, you panic that you will not be able to hear his answer.
“I knew the moment you asked to visit your parents. See, I have been keeping tabs on them, so I knew they were not home.”
“You’ve been keeping tabs on my parents? Why, why would you do that?”
“I needed to learn more about your parents, their likes and dislikes, family traditions, and anything necessary for me to know to ensure their blessing for our marriage. I was leaving nothing to chance. I love you with all of my soul. You must realize that I cannot live without you.”

“How did you know where I was? Or where I was going?”
Yakov chuckles lightly and his grip on you tightens.
“My dear _________, I always know where you are, plus with your limited funds available and the surroundings of your family’s home, I figured that the bus station would be your best shot and Charles is where your friends are located. Not to mention the locket that you wear, has a tracking device in it, so that I will be able to find you no matter where you are.”
He speaks nonchalantly lifting the necklace off your chest and turning it over. You feel violated and scoff trying to keep your tears at bay as your eyes burn. Loosing your temper you yell at him.
“Why do you have a tracking chip on me? Are you monitoring me?”
Yakov has the sensibility to looked shocked at your sudden anger.
“I have many enemies my love, if one of them ever took you, this would ensure that I would be able to find you.” 

He pulls you close and hugs you tightly as if to convey he last words to you. Yakov bends his head down to touch yours, closing his eyes he breaths your essence in deeply. His next words were whispered with affection and delight.
“I know about the baby, _______.”
You gasp and jolt away from him. ‘How does he know?’
He laughs as you look at him with confusion.
“You wonder how I know? I can read you like an open book. First, you have been getting sick in the mornings these past few days. Second, you passed out, probably from hormonal changes and stress. And thirdly, my love, my staff know better than to try to keep something from me.”
That damn doctor! Just wait till I get my hands on him.’ The tears you kept at bay start to fall, one at a time.
“I…I….I, um…I’m sorr-.”
“Shhhhhh, it’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.” Yakov places two fingers gently against your lips.

He moves both of his hands to your face, holding you still and firm he shifts closer. His voice and eyes turn hard as steel, his tone conveys no arguments and deepens with emotion, “I will not loose you. If I don’t have you, I have nothing.”
“Yakov you’re hurting me.”
The tears that were trickling slowly from your eyes, now flow freely like a waterfall, cascading down your cheeks. Yakov immediately lets go you your face, but his expression does not change nor does he back away. Suddenly you feel a sharp prick on the side of your neck, almost like a bug bite. Turning towards the pain you see a hazy Sergei holding a syringe. Your head starts to spin as you look confusingly back to Yakov. You hold his gaze and the darkness slowly descends upon you until it consumes you, the last thing you see is Yakov smiling down at you.

You try to open your eyes, but they feel heavy and it becomes a burden. Your mind is trying to contemplate the events that have passed, but you still feel hazy and dazed. You cannot gain control over your body and are forced to try to clear your head. Out of sheer willpower you finally force your eyes open, but only about half way. Your vision is still blurry, noticing your surroundings you find yourself back on the plane. The gentle whirring and slight turbulence lets you dimly know that the plane is airborne. You can hear voices around you, but you are unable to pinpoint the locations. A few moments pass and you determine that the voices belong to Sergei and Yakov, but they sound muffled almost as if you were wearing headphones.

“Your highness, are you sure that you want to implement this new plan right away?”
“Yes. As soon as we land take her there immediately and post the guards.”
“How many do you want posted? To keep others out or just body guards?”
“I want two at all times. Make sure to rotate them out. I don’t want anyone to get too close or to gain a deeper attachment than what they already have. She is kind and sweet to a fault and I fear others will allow her to put herself in harms way to make her happy.”
“Understood sir, I will inform them of areas she is to stay away so that she-”
“NO! She is not to leave that room.”
“Your Highness? She is to become a prisoner?”
“How dare you insinuate that she is a prisoner! She will be safest there. I want every access to be barred. One entrance, one exit. You and I are the only ones to be alone with her. Anyone else will have to be accompanied only by myself. There will be sever punishments to anyone, and I mean anyone who disobeys my orders.”
“O-of c-course.”
“Now, do you have that information I sent you to gather before we left?”

You try to sit up. The shock of what you just heard still trying to reach your brain and process the information. You make a moaning sound as you move. You notice that Yakov has quit talking his blurry image appears above you.
“Not now, ________, we are almost home. Sleep.”
Before you can protest you feel another sting on the side of your neck and the darkness quickly envelops you as you drift into a dreamless slumber. 

Moving your head back and forth you start to wake up. Your body feels heavy and your head throbs. You yell out as you try to sit up, but shooting pain fills you with nausea and you fall back onto the bed breathing heavy, trying to control the urge to vomit. The room starts to spin and you quickly close your eyes. You hear the door open and then quickly shut. After a few moments have passed, the nausea calms down and you are able to open your eyes without feeling as is you are going to pass out. Slowly you sit up, your head aches and your body feels sore. You look around the room in confusion and notice that you are in a palace room.

“This must be one of the rooms at Prince Glenn’s home. It looks really familiar. I wonder if all of the royalty have the same interior decorators.” You muse to yourself trying to shed light on a dire situation. Slowly you rise from the bed and make your way over the window, as you draw the heavy drapes back your eyes widen in surprise. 
“No, this can’t be. We are in Sybil. How….how did I get back to Sybil?”
You try to open the windows but find that they are sealed shut. Running from window to window you notice that all of them have bars on the outside and have been sealed on the inside. You run to the door and slowly turn the handle. Finding that the door is not locked you quickly fling it open…only to be stopped in your tracks by two armed guards standing in your way.
“Good Afternoon My Lady.”
“Is there anything we can get you?”
“NO….no, I am just going….to….go for a walk. Yes, a walk. So if you will please move…”
The guards glance at each other with a saddened expression, but when they address you it is with clear distinction.
“I am afraid that we cannot do that, My Lady. Our orders are to not allow any one in or out of this room.”
With a huff you slam the doors shut, feeling slightly guilty knowing that they are just following order.  

As you wrack your brain, you can’t remember anything beyond the bus station. Suddenly it dawns on you that he knows. ‘He knows everything! He knows I was leaving, about my parents…..the baby.’ You look down quickly and yank off the locket hanging around your neck and throw it across the room.
“Stupid tracker!”
You run over to your luggage and start to empty it along with your purse frantically looking for your electronic devices. ‘They are all gone! My phone, my tablet, my computer. All forms of communication are gone……I’m trapped.’ You sink down to the floor in despair, you feel the burning in your eyes as you try to fight back the tears. In that moment your door slowly opens then shuts allowing only one person to enter. Looking up you see Yakov walking over to you and as he drops to one knee in front of you, you slap him as hard as you can.

The loud *smack* reverberates in the too quiet room. You hold your breath waiting for his reaction. He turns his head back to look at you, shock and anger cloud his eyes as he battles internally. His expression slowly softens as he grabs your wrist and plants a small kiss on your palm.
“That, my love, will never happen again.”
His words are sincere, but his tone his gruff as if he is still struggling to control his ire; his eyes sting like ice as he stares you down. You attempt to yank your hand back but his grip on you is too tight.
“Lets me go Yakov! I want you to go away!”
“I am not going anywhere and neither are you. I told you before that I will not lose you.”
“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! You do not own me. You do not get to deiced what I do with my life!”
“On the contrary ________. You are my fiancée and I will devote my life to protecting you, from outside sources as well as yourself.”
He let go of you and you backed away. 
“You need sometime to calm down. I will have dinner sent here for us tonight and we will talk things through. Be careful not to put too much stress on yourself _________, you don’t want to hurt the baby.”
He walks to the door and lets himself out, just as the door closes he turns to you and smiles.
“I do love you. With all of my heart.”

As the days pass, you come closer and closer to loosing your sanity. The only person that you get to see other than Sergei or Yakov, is the new doctor performing his check-ups. A part of you wishes it was the old doctor so you could give him a piece of your mind for giving you up. Staring out the window, you drop the book about proper posture on the floor after reading it for the seventh time. You pull your shoulders back and straiten your spine taking deep breaths. Turning to the bookshelf, you scan the titles for a book you have not read. After realizing that you read them all, your temper flares and you start to rip the pages out and throw the books around the room. Taking the proper posture, you throw it through the T.V. brought into your room. You scream out venting your frustration and ire from isolation. The guards quickly open the door to examine the problem but quickly shut it as they are assaulted with shoes. 

You fight to control your emotions, but the extra hormones are making you crazy. You feel so alone, there is no one for you to talk to, no one to vent to. The walls are closing in on you and start to feel like nothing can ease your pain. You were so happy, then everything changed so fast, you are unable to keep up with all of the jostling emotions that ride you like a roller coaster. You try to find an escape, any escape, but the only one that comes to mind in the ultimate escape, the last escape…..death. You start to tie the bed sheets to implement your plan. As you finish the last knot, you stare at the noose in your hands. Trying to come to terms with what you are feeling, you begin to have second thoughts. If it were just you, you might not have stopped to wonder “what if”. Placing your hand on your still flat tummy, you drop the noose. In your head you know that you cannot feel the baby, but in your heart you can feel the heart beating against your palm. All thoughts of suicide flee your mind. 
“No…no I could never do that. I won’t take your life too. We will figure something out, trust mommy, we’ll figure something out.” 
You push the knotted sheets under the bed for now.

Yakov joins you soon for dinner. As he enters he looks around the room at the destruction you quietly sit in front of the window drinking tea. 
“I see you have had a busy day today.”
You take another sip, refusing to acknowledge him. 
“I see, you’re still not speaking to me. That’s alright my love, I am still here for you.”
He comes up behind you and runs his rough hands down the soft skin of your arms. You feel his hot, moist breath on the nape of your neck, his lips brushing against your ear. You try to fight it, but the urges run from pit of your stomach to the apex of your thighs. Your body begins to quiver and your breaths become heavy. You let out a breathy moan as your eyes roll to the back of your head.
“You might still be upset with me, but I know you still want me. Your body does not lie.”
You struggle out of his grip and turn to face him. 
“No, no you don’t get to touch me. You have had me locked up in this god forsaken room for weeks. The only way you will have me is if you force me!”
Yakov stares at you as you rant, smiling. 
“Finally you speak to me. I have been going crazy missing your voice.”
He slowly approaches you as you back away. In his eyes you have always seen devotion and kindness, but overtime you notice something dark and sinister hiding behind his polite smile.
“You tricked me… tricked me? You tricked me! Everything is always a trick with you. I can’t trust anything that you say. There is no escape from the trap you put me in.”
Yakov moves to the door and speaks to the guards outside before turning to address you again.
“No, _________, I do not trick you. I am protecting you.”
“Oh yeah, what about Asher? You made me believe that he left here alive! He was dead in your, not quite sealed up, dungeon!”
“Ashe got what he deserv-” Yakov stops when he notices something under the bed. He quickly drops to his knees and pulls out the abandoned noose.

“What is this? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Please tell me you weren’t planning on hurting yourself. Hurting out child?”
Yakov looks at with depression, his voice strains with hurt and pain. He runs to you and hold you firmly, yet gently to his chest. You can feel his tears fall on your face. Looking at him, your own heart breaks. You both fall to the ground clinging to each other. He buries his head into the crook of your neck. 
“Please ______, please don’t do this. I am sorry for keeping you in here. I thought it was best. I am begging you, please don’t leave me like this.”
He pulls back and looks deep into your eyes. You can see his soul shattering within and you pull back from him. Confusion shown clearly on your face. You want to run to him and calm his fears, at the same time you want to run through that door and never look back. Turmoil fights within you. Yakov breaks and grabs your shoulders, forcing you to look at him, shaking you slightly.

“I am protecting you. Why can’t you see that? If only you could see the many dangers that surround us at all times. I have just unified Sanct Sybil. I still have many enemies that target you. And now that you are carrying my child, you are in even more danger. I am a soldier, I have been battling enemies my whole life. I don’t know of any other way to protect you. Please help me keep you safe, tell me what else I can do?”

“I have come to terms with your need to protect me. As any man would for his family, but there has to be a line that you don’t cross. Killing someone for insulting me or for a slap is sooooo crossing the line.”
At this moment there is a loud knock on the door followed by Sergei entering with a large folder in his hand. He stops short and looks at you quickly after noticing the noose, visually scanning you for any injuries or proof of any attempts. When he notices nothing he moves to hand Yakov the folder.
“Your Majesty, this is the information that you requested.”
With that he turn and left without another word.

“________, please look at these. Asher’s crime was not just for laying his hands on you, he had plans in place to kidnap and kill you.”
You take the folder and flip through the many pages of details of plans for your demise. You drop the folder and start to shake at the thought that people are making plans to kill you.
“Asher was not the first, Boris Viktor was another. There are a few more that involved you, most were for me however.”
Yakov hugs you from behind and holds you tightly.
“I kept this information from you, because I did not want to frighten you. Which in hindsight, did not turn out so well.”
You laugh out at his comment and turn to look at him. Seeing him in another light, you start to piece together this new information and can see why he punished them the way he did. You might no agree with him, but now you don’t think that he is crazy and out to harm you.

“I thought we said that we were going to be open with each other?”
“________, I know. But I was so scared that if you knew people were planning to hurt you…..that you would leave me. Without you I am nothing. You complete me. What is the point of unifying my kingdom, if not to make it safe for you.”
“Thinking that you were randomly murdering people is what scared me.”
“Seeing this,” he holds up the noose, “frightens me the most.”
“I was not going to go though with it. I have more than just me to think of.”
“It still worries me. Even just the inkling of a thought should be taken seriously. Please, don’t ever hurt yourself like this. It would not end your pain, but pass it on to another. Thinking that this was the only way to escape me, kills me inside. And knowing that I pushed you to this, hurts even more. __________, I am so sorry. Please my love, please forgive me.”
“I will forgive. But this is going to take time for us to build trust again. I love you Yakov, please include me in the future, in our future.” 

You lips find his in a searing kiss that heals and binds your hearts together. His arms wrap around your back as your hands push into his hair. Breaking apart for air, he lowers his head to yours.
“Your room is a mess.”
Laughing, you nod and look around. 
“Yeah, I may have lost my temper this time. But at least I didn’t flip any tables.”
“No, no tables. But I am pretty sure that the T.V. is dead.”
You both start to laugh and you feel at peace again.
“”_________, you have been in this room long enough. It is warm out tonight, lets go sleep under the stars.”
“You want to sleep outside?”
“Well, maybe not sleep.”
Yakov then carries you outside to reaffirm your love for one another.

anonymous asked:

Given that there is no way Jaqen could have gotten captured without his wanting to, do you think his purpose was to recruit Arya all along or what?

No, definitely not. That’s an interesting fan theory I’ve seen a lot of, but it’s implausible. The knowledge Jaqen would have to have in order for this to make sense is absurd. It’d require knowing future events even. If Jaqen was after Arya as a recruit, he’d

  1. Have to know that a NW recruiter, Yoren, was going to go to the Black Cells while he was there- this doesn’t happen all the time and part of the reason it occurred at all is because Ned and Yoren were there at King’s Landing at the same time.
  2. He’d have to know that Arya was going to be taken along with the other recruits thereby giving him access to her. Given that we watch Yoren meet Arya and pretty much no one knew about Ned’s execution, that’s hard to swallow. That’s not even getting into the fact that Arya’s escape from the Red Keep was unpredictable.
  3. And most importantly, it makes no sense that Jaqen/the Faceless Men would seek out Arya as a recruit. Prior to the ending of AGoT, Arya embodied everything that would turn off a FM: A) she’s a girl, B) her age, C) her nobility and place in the world, D) pride of her identity, and so on. Not to mention, how could the FM predict that Arya would be someone they could recruit? Like I love Arya, but she’s hardly wearing a sign that says she has potential to join an elite organization of the most famed assassins at the beginning of the series. Moreover, FM likely target people for recruitment who not only have potential/the skills/intelligence but also have nowhere else to go- that’s not Arya for a while. 

Jaqen was clearly sent to Westeros on some other mission- or some other missions I suspect given that he’s still there. 

“I have to go home. To Winterfell.”
“Then we must part,” he said, “for I have duties too.”

“Jaqen is as dead as Arry,” he said sadly, “and I have promises to keep. Valar morghulis, Arya Stark. Say it again.” ACoK

He implies that he’s on a mission for the Faceless Men to Arya before he leaves. The way he says “duties” and “promises” rather than anything singular just furthers my belief that Jaqen had multiple missions. Jaqen’s definitely still on a FM mission though, we see him through Sam’s POV and he’s definitely up to something. I suspect something to do with the last known copy of The Death of Dragons book that’s supposedly kept in the bottom of the Citadel…

I believe he’s the FM who killed Balon Greyjoy. 

"I dreamt of a man without a face, waiting on a bridge that swayed and swung. On his shoulder perched a drowned crow with seaweed hanging from his wings.” Ghost of the High Heart in Arya, ASoS  

A Faceless Man killed Balon Greyjoy, but it was potentially not Jaqen. That being said, it makes a lot of sense that it could be. Think about it, why would Jaqen want to get captured and “recruited” to the Night’s Watch? The answer is pretty simple- the same reason Arya did. It’s a path to the North that no one (usually, prior to the War of the Five Kings) questions. People used to not interfere with the NW, it was arguably the safest way to travel long distances. The most inconspicuous way to, which would be ideal for someone like Jaqen.

Yoren took the same path to the Wall every time. 

“Been bringing men to the Wall for close on thirty years.” Froth shone on Yoren’s lips, likebubbles of blood. “All that time, I only lost three. Old man died of a fever, city boy got snakebit taking a shit, and one fool tried to kill me in my sleep and got a red smile for his trouble.” He drew the dirk across his throat, to show her. “Three in thirty years.” He spat out the old sourleaf. “A ship now, might have been wiser. No chance o’ finding more men on the way, but still…clever man, he’d go by ship, but me… thirty years I been taking this kingsroad.”” Arya, ACoK

We saw through Arya that the Yoren and co. passed by God’s Eye on their way to the Wall. The path takes them West/North- which is the direction Jaqen would want to go if he was trying to reach the Iron Islands from King’s Landing.

My guess is that Jaqen decided to hitch a ride that (supposedly) guaranteed free food and no second looks from villagers and passerbys. He’d escape around the time that the NW recruits path diverged from where he wanted to go, i.e. maybe the Iron Islands. It’s smart, stealthy, and a way for Jaqen to travel in plain sight without arousing suspicion. 

As for Balon, well, Jaqen disappears mid-ACoK from Harrenhal and reappears prologue of AFFC in the Citadel as the “Alchemist” newly arrived having not even taken the guise of Pate yet. That’s a little under a year of time where Jaqen’s unaccounted for, and Balon is killed during ASoS. It fits well in the timeline for Jaqen. Plus, he’s a FM we already know is in Westeros. Given their presence all over the ASoIaF world and station in the Free Cities, it’s likely that Westeros only has one FM in it at a time.

I think that all FM have coins on their person like Jaqen did at all times and are advised to hand one to a potential recruit. I think they all keep their eyes open for potential. I also think it’s extremely rare that they actually mark someone as having potential. But FM are known for the preparedness, so it’s unsurprising that they would be open to unusual opportunities. 

Arya took Jaqen by surprise. I think he was impressed by her because Jaqen witnesses some moments from Arya that would make him think she has potential. There’s the fact that she doesn’t fear death enough to stop her from running through fire to save him and Rorge/Biter. There’s the fact that Arya took him up on his 3 deaths offer (something I suspect might have been a test given how at odds it is with the FM ideology.) There’s the fact that Arya displayed a great deal of intelligence and manipulation when dealing with Jaqen- the way she wrestled more deaths out of him after 2 had been spent probably impressed him.

“You’re not my friend. A friend would help me.” She stepped away from him, balanced on the balls of her feet in case he threw his knife. “I’d never kill a friend.”
Jaqen’s smile came and went. “A girl might… name another name then, if a friend did help?” 

“A girl might,” she said. “If a friend did help.”

Moreover, Jaqen knew Arya was Arya Stark, and no one else (sans Gendry) in Harrenhal did. That’s a useful trait to have. FM are all about remaining inconspicuous and hiding their identities. At the same time, she also displayed a sense of loyalty/duty, no lust for killing (actually a cool practicality especially in regards to the Weasel Soup,) bravery, ability to work hard while keeping her head down, and other traits that might make Jaqen consider her potential. 

So my opinion is that Jaqen was intrigued by Arya through observation, tested her with the three death promise, and finally decided that she had potential. But the entire thing was unexpected and unplanned on either end.